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MissaX – Nadya Nabakova, Brandon Ashton – The Contest HD (720p/

Nadya Nabakova, Brandon Ashton – Daughter tricks Daddy to fuck her

Added: 11/22/17

Includes: NEW Actors Nadya Nabakova and Brandon Ashton, daughter tricks daddy to fuck her, creampie

I used to think, what’s so wrong with a little white lie? My best friend Blair liked to brag about her boyfriend, he’s so handsome, so romantic, and she thinks he’s the one I felt a little jealous when she showed me pics of him on her phone. I bit my tongue, like a good friend, and listened to how talented and smart he was. I told her how happy I was for her. The next thing I know she is divulging intimate details, “he put his hand under my top, unhooked my bra,” she whispered to me, “he felt my breasts and I had my first orgasm just by him touching my nipples!” Oh, goddamn Blair. She told me the following week they were having sex! It “just snowballed” into sex, she gushed. That’s when I let out my white lie. “I’ve got a boyfriend too!” Her eyes lit up in happiness and probably in jealousy too. I know she secretly loves to be the only one in West Valley High with a boyfriend in college.

“His name is Mark,” I lied, “he’s a football player, he’s tall, dark, and handsome.” Blair hugged me with enthusiasm. Her touch usually feels warm and friendly, but not this time, this time it was dripping with false happiness for me. I started to hate my best friend. I know it’s wrong, deep down inside of me I understand it’s not right, but, ugh.. she has a boyfriend, and she’s fucking!? Must she do everything better than me? She’s better at soccer, her skin is like porcelain, eyes are green like mine but bigger and brighter like emeralds, and her hair is raven black, and her body shape is like an hour glass, just like a pin-up girl from the 50’s. She’s better than me, and when she brags about blowing and fucking her boyfriend, it’s almost like she’s rubbing my face in my late-bloomer status, “I’m more woman than you are,” she silently tells me. I stiffen my spine and tell her wickedly, “Blair, you may be better at soccer than me, but let me tell you, ‘I am’ better at blow jobs.”

Blair is typically sugary sweet in her temperament, but my claim to be the best lit a fire of competition within her, “are you sure about that, babe?” Oh, I hate it when she calls me babe, so condescending. “Yep!” Blair brushed her thick hair back into a ponytail, well let’s let the boys be the judge of that, she nodded towards the boys on the bleachers. “What?! I’m NOT blowing random dudes, Blair.”
“No, silly. We’ll each make a video with our phones, a blow job video, and we’ll show it to the guys. They’ll tell us who is the winner.”
In our school, it’s cool to be advanced sexually. It’s not slutty at fact, the most popular girl in our town is just a year older than us and does pornography films already with real porn guys, their dicks as big and thick as a cobra snake! “Alright,” I told her. I tried not to let on that I was literally freaking out. How would I get a boy to let me blow him? I could not let her win, I NEED to find a boy!

Just then Coach Michael came up behind me. He heard the whole thing! He told us that he would be the judge, not to show any boys at school. I looked at Blair, and Blair looked at me suspiciously. We both know that Coach Michael is a notorious perv. He must have read our minds because then he told us, “I’ll give the winner three-hundred bucks.” Blair’s eyes lit up, we’ve both been eying the latest Lise Yvette handbag at the Department Store in the mall. We shook on it, it was a done deal.

I sat in the last hour of class wondering how I was going to find a handsome boy. I needed someone like my daddy. All my girlfriends have the hots for my daddy, He’s handsome, he’s muscular, he’s dark, he’s got big hands so he’s probably got a big dick too. Omigosh, daddy! I’ll blow my daddy and no one will know it.
Watch the story unfold..

Family Therapy – Daisy Stone, Ms Creep – Daddy, I Only Want You HD (studio/81593/720p/

Added: 4/3/17 08:47PM

Daddy, I caught you! I knew you wanted to play with me… Daddy, don’t lie, I know those are my panties. It’s okay Daddy, we’ll keep it a secret. I won’t tell your girlfriend or Mom, I promise… See Daddy, I knew you’d like it. I’ve thought about this for so long… But Daddy, I don’t want a boyfriend, I only want you….

Forbidden Perversions – Liz Rainbow, Ashley Rider The Competition: Mistress Vs Wife FullHD (1080p/

Starring Liz Rainbow and Ashley Rider
Enough is enough! You’ve been caught out. Your mistress, Liz Rainbow and your wife, Ashley Rider, have finally met. They know that you’ve been running game on them for quite some time now. It goes without saying, they are not best pleased. You’re in the bad books. This is a pretty bad situation to find yourself in. Time you used some of that famed charm to see if you can talk your way out of this one. You must be doing something right, because these two women don’t want you out of their lives, they just want you to choose once and for all, your wife or your mistress.

You’re not the best at making decisions, it’s kind of why you ended up in this mess in the first place. How are you going to decide? It feels like a trap. Whatever you say, someone is going to get angry. You have an idea, why not put the ladies through a little competition? A compare and contrast. You can judge the ladies on their assets and make your decision based on a rational points system. Good old fashion metrics to save the day!

Okay, so here’s the deal, Ashley and Liz are game for the competition; they’re angrier with one another than they are with you. They’ll do anything to prove that they are the alpha female here. They take turns showing you what they have. Starting with a striptease, then leading into flashing their breasts, butts, and pussies; Ashley and Liz invite you to touch. When the girls bend over, a twerk-off ensues, my god can these girls work their booties! Then it’s on to oral and Liz challenges Ashley to a deep throat contest; there can only be one winner, who can take it the deepest? Still struggling to decide, you suggest you move into the sex. You take both ladies in different positions. Finally, you find yourself taking turns finger banging one lady whilst you receive head from the other.

Forbidden Perversions – Tammie Madison – Mom Breeds with Son FullHD (studio/83877/1080p/

Added: 3/16/17 6:01am

My baby’s all grown up now. Look at you, about to move out into your own apartment, working a full-time job; you’re no longer my little boy anymore, you’re a man. I’m so proud of you, so strapping and strong. But, darling, I’m going to miss having you around the house. I’m going to be so lonely, this place is going to feel so empty. Having you, my little fella, helped ease the pain of your dad leaving, but now that you’re going too, I’m beside myself. Sweetheart, mommy has a plan – a way we can make sure I’m never lonely – you’re going to make your mom pregnant. Hush now my , don’t protest, you know you want to make mom happy; haven’t you always said that you will do anything for your mom? Baby, drink this and try not to worry, everything is going to be all right.

Good, you’re awake. Now, now, try not to struggle. That’s right baby it’s not possible for you to move, you’re frozen. That was a very special drink mommy made for you, a mixture of Depolarizing agents and Viagra to make sure you’re stiff as a board for mommy. Now, I’m going to milk you for your seed. I want to have your baby. Try not to worry my darling, try to enjoy yourself as mommy rides you.

MARKS HEAD BOBBERS HAND JOBBERS – MHBHJ – Kimber Lee – Faithful girlfriend cheats for 1st time HD (720p/

Added: 11/20/17

Kimber has remained faithful to her loser boyfriend for years! Years of marginal sex and little to no romance. Well, she finally has a chance to have her pussy smashed by a big hard cock and she’s not passing it up!

Sweetmilktits – Help Mommy get pregnant. jerk, fuck & cum son FullHD (1080p/

Peeping son spies on mom and dad fucking

camera peeping son POV- I’ve always wondered what mommy and daddy did once we were all put to bed.Why would they lock their door after for the night…. Hiding in the closet I see mom climb on the bed and long to be with dad after a full day . She’s in her nighty and bottom less. I hear dad ” We finally get our time alone” to mom. I see mom touching daddy and finally putting his soft cock in her mouth to make it hard. Why how I wish that was me, mom is always so loving. I watch as mom goes on sucking dads cock taking it all in making sloppy sounds of pleasure and moaning. Here lips and tongue rubbing on his cock make me twitch in pleasure.Oh no I think mom heard me. I stand still and she forgets about me making a small noise and goes back to dad and takes him in her mouth. I feel so wrong watching but my cock is hard and makes me want to see more and more. Im breathing hard now as mom’s moist mouth in pleasing daddy. Mom stirs thinking she heard something .. I need to be quiet but I cant help myself ..All I wish is that it was me and not my dad. How I want to please my own mom and how I want her to please me. Oh no oh no oh no…Moms staring at me. Oh dads going to ground me for this… Dad-“whats going on?” mom- “nothing” she doesn’t rat me out but she knows im watching her. She continues to love dad but give me glances . Im more turned on then ever. Mom moves and faces her bare ass towards me as she coaxes dad to keep his eyes closed. Is she trying to make me explode in my pants. Dad grabs and spreads her ass cheeks giving me a nice view as I stay hidden in the closet. Seeing mom ride dad is so new I’ve never seen this side of her so dominating and so in control of dad making him her’s but at the same time making me hers as well. She secretly glances at me while having sex with dad staring right into my eyes saying naughty things. Its like she wants to be having sex with me. OHHHH my dad ask her to riding him but facing the opposite direction so he can admire her ass. She’s staring right at me while riding my dad its the most erotic thing Ive ever seen. She has so much power pleasing both me and dad. Slowly she’s convinced dad to call her his naughty mommy… I feel Like im fucking my own mom now. Its me she’s picturing fucking her its me she wants inside her. She urges dad to keep his eye closed so he doesnt see me and pound her from behind… Now its now that mom is staring straight at me giving fucked. “fuck your mommy hard” she yells and cums to me in her mind. I never knew how bad she wanted me. Mom says to dad “since your my son maybe you shouldn’t cum inside me, we cant have you getting me pregnant” dad agrees enjoying the kinky roleplay to dumb to realize she’s using him as a proxy and really wants me to cum all over her. As dad gets ready to cum all over moms face I picture its me and release my built up cum all over myself in the closet. Mom gives me one final glace covered in cum and puts her finger over her mouth making the shh motion

Sweet Milk Tits – Breastfeeding orgasm Drink from mommy’s tits son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/12/17 09:17PM

Mommy gives BJ,Rides & Son cums in Mom

My step son is home for the weekend from school and I desperately want him to relax and put all that homework off his mind. He’s so stressed out, I offer to make him feel better because that’s what mommies are for..we make everything better. Curious at my offer I lure my son into more mature ways to ease his mind. I slowly coax him into letting me touch his penis outside his pant and finally pull his cock out. “im going to put my mouth on it that ok?”I ask. “You do this with daddy”, my good boy ask. Up and down I please his cock that I havnt seen in years. Its a bit bigger then my husbands and Im enjoying taking it in my mouth. I moan as I continue to suck and tug on his penis till he is tells me how good my mouth feels. Oh how I long for his hard cock inside me so I entice him. “you know what else feels good?My pussy”. I know he wont be able to resist his sweet moms pussy juices running down her thighs. Removing my mouth from his cock I slowly hop on his erect penis and take him for a ride. “I think Im going to cum mom”…… Will I let him cum inside his mom

Ashly Anderson – My first sex with Brother FullHD (

Step-Bro Hoses Down Big Titty Step-Sister

I cannot believe that she just walked in on me stroking my dick! And now she wants to watch? She really just wants to sit there and watch me stroke my cock. This is so unreal. Maybe I can convince her to actually help. Her tight, sexy body and that cute face are irresistible…

Yes! I not only have her out of her clothes, but I have her mouth wrapped around me with mom right outside. She works my shaft like a natural even though this is only her second blowjob ever. She’s getting so wet too. Who knew my own sister would have an oral fixation. Lets see what else I can get out of this encounter…

This is by far the best pussy I’ve ever had. She probably shouldn’t mention to her boyfriend that her own brother fucked her little brains out and took her virginity. She is so hot bent over and moaning while I take her. I think to finish I’ll let her ride me for a bit before I ask her to swallow every last drop of my cum. I have to be quick or mom will definitely hear us. We both talk in this one.

Yuffie – Dreaming of my Brother FullHD (1080p/

Fucking Stepsister Mandy After Yoga

Is it true you and my Sister are really breaking up? You’ve hardly been married one year, how can you break up right now? I heard her slam the door shut a few minutes ago. I know one thing for certain, I am not going to go with her. I want to stay living in this nice house. You will let me stay here with you wont you? You like me enough as a stepdaughter right? I’m eighteen and will probably go away to college next year anyway so will you let me stay here until I am ready to go? Don’t make me go live in a apartment with my bitch of a Sister. Tell you what, I will show you just how fun living here with me could be. I know you are going to have certain needs arise and wouldn’t it be nice to walk down your own hall and have them taken care of by a hot little cutie like me? I am so down to getting you off when ever you want dad. In fact, I’ll show you right now what I can do for you. Pull your pants down and let me give that cock some good attention. I’ll bet my bitch of a Sister never stroked you off like I will. All you have to do is just lie there and relax and let me take all the stress away.

Yuffie – Our Sister Was Jealous FullHD (1080p/

Stepsister Slut Mandy Makes Creampie Vid For Hubby

Yuffie is all legs and dripping pussy! She loves sucking cock and is quite good at it too!