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Penny Barber, Ivy LeBelle – Cock Crazed Step-Mommy Just Wants Anal For Christmas HD mp4 (FamiliesTied/

Penny Barber is bustling around the house preparing a cookie plate for her thick dicked step-son to get home for Christmas. Her husband is safely scheduled to return a day late, leaving her lots of time to get all her slutty holes filled and get her round ass punished for all her misdeeds this year with a strict belting and caning. Huge tits bouncing in her Christmas sweater she runs right into a holiday disaster: her step-son making out with his goth girlfriend he brought home for Christmas. Cookies come crashing to the floor as Penny regards her new rival Ivy LaBelle. A curvy perfect body to match Penny’s with plenty of attitude, iconoclast Ivy is having none of Penny’s holiday cheer, and drags her boyfriend upstairs to fuck her in tight bondage, flogging her wet cunt, and spanking her big round ass. Xander takes Ivy to task for thinking she’s superior to his step-mother, but nothing prepares him for when Penny charges right up the stairs and calls him out of his bedroom in a clever bid to get some. He politely tries to stay out of trouble, but Penny get’s right on his cock and tell’s him she needs her punishment. Her handsy bullshit activates a sadistic flare in him, and he throws her over the couch, spanking the shit out of her, belting her ass, and giving her a strict caning. Putting her in tight belt bondage he plows her ass hard and fast, making her scream and cum like a whore in the living room. However, even that isn’t enough for Penny. She waits like a cat for her prey in the living room all night, and eventually is rewarded when Ivy appears to steal some cookies from Santa’s platter. She gives Ivy her Christmas present early: a big metal butt plug to prepare for her step-son’s monster cock. Before she can get fucked, Ivy has to endure confessional, having hot wax dripped all over her tender flesh, flogged off, and made to hold her orgasms back while holding heavy buckets of coal. When Penny is sure this little goth slut is good enough for her step-son, she commences in training her how to take a huge dick in her tight ass, smothering her new step-daughter in her tits and cropping her swollen red cunt until she cums, shuddering and screaming in front of the Christmas Tree.

Butt3rflyforU – Rae Knight – Bad Nightmares But Mommy Helps FullHD (1080p/

Added: 1/16/17 10:00AM

You come in my bedroom because you were having nightmares again. I let you into Mommy’s bed, as you know I always do. I am wearing your favorite satin nightie and you lay behind me, hugging me , hoping the bad thoughts go away. You love spooning…mommy’s ass, mommy’s soft satin and knowing mommy sleeps without panties always makes you feel so much better. This time a little too much better!!! I feel your hard cock pressing against my ass..,,,I can tell my baby boy has an erection.,,and you are growing which means your erections are getting harder and bigger. Mommy is the only one who really knows how to relieve you. You will never go back to sleep poking me in my bare ass crack with this honey…”take off your boxers sweetie and lay next to me”, let me wrap my satin nightie over your throbbing manhood and I will masturbate you honey ….how does this feel? I know this is feeling good, sweetie ,look!!! “Look at your precum leaking through my satin nightie!” Oh dear, this is working….”Let me stroke you a little faster, up around your fat, girthy head”…..OMG baby…here it comes….cum for your Mommy…..,CUM!!!!! Good boy…don’t you feel better!? Now lay down with me and try to sleep…I love you! Sweet dreams! ENJOY!

Kitty LeRoux – Lotion/Oil Fetish New Stepmom FullHD mp4 (1080p/

Added: 4/18/16 03:42PM

I know it’s hard for you that the two of us are so close in age, but I want to be the best stepmom ever. For the sake of your father, who loves both of us very much, how about we work together to make ease the tension? I was just going to go out for a run, but this is serious. Maybe we should get more comfortable with each other… That’s nice, isn’t it? This is so much easier. No wonder you’ve been so frustrated. …I wasn’t expecting this, but watching you is making me feel..frustrated too. Let’s help each other out.

Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Rae Knight – Mommy Is Depending On Me HD mp4 (720p/

Added: 2/6/16 12:00PM

Now that Daddy is not here anymore, mommy needs you to step up and take on new and bigger responsibilities. One of those is giving me your young seed. Mommy has wanted another baby for some time now and you are my new hope! I know you will be the good son I know you are and give me what I need! I love you baby! ENJOY!

Sweet Milk Tits – Mommy & Her Boobies Make Son Feel Better Before Bed HD mp4 (720p/

Mommy’s Wet soapy ass. Ass worship, shaking, and teasing

Mommy’s had a full day and a bath always relaxes me before bedtime. Hot warm water with tons of bubbles to rub on my ass for you. Bending over and exposing my rear to you while teasing you with my wants. I want you to put your face in my ass and worship it. My plump little booty is all yours ass I shake it making clap sounds and move it bath in forth to tease you for some doggy style fun.

Perfect video for anyone who loves to have their face sit on, stimulate some doggystyle, or worship a giant booty.

Sophia Rose – Mom BBW big tits Mom help Mom baby boy FullHD mp4 (American/Las Vegas/1080p/

May 24 BBW Mom craves her Sons cock

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Sophia Rose is a bbw porn star. she gets huge, hard cocks all the time. problem is, there is 1 cock she just can’t stop thinking about..her son’s! she can’t help it, she keeps having these dreams were she’s doing really, inappropriate, naughty things to him. it’s all she can think about! but no one can know! how embarrassing, and shameful. she already feels so guilty about when he was younger and she breastfed him. the way he would suck on nipples turned her on, and made her so wet.she loved feeding him so much, the only reason she stopped was because he got so big all of mommy’s milk. she shakes a little, showing him how close her breasts are close to popping out of her tight dress. letting the weight of them rest upon him. she saw him staring before. it’s ok she doesn’t mind,after all he’s had his mouth on them before. it’s only natural for him to long for the comfort of her tits again. she toys with his cock in his shorts. she knows what she is doing is so wrong, but she has to touch him! she bites her lip and fondles his cock through his shorts. that dream is driving her crazy and she has to do something about it. she gives into temptation and pulls down his shorts. she has to have her way with her little boy.she starts stroking him. she wants to see what he looks like hard, its been so long. she can’t have sex with him, daddy would know..but she can do lots of other nasty things. things mommies should never do with their sons. she massages his cock and balls. she can already feel her mouth watering. she spits on him, and feels him start to grow in her hands. this is even better then her dream! she would burn in hell for the thoughts she’s been having about him. she gives him a sensual hand job,letting spit drool down her mouth onto his cock.she wraps both hands around him, making him super hard. he must like his mommy stroking him. but what she wants to do is take out her gigantic breasts and make his cock disappear in between them. the things she wants to due to him is making her pussy so wet! she sticks out her warm wet tongue and slowly runs it down the length of his cock. er desires have been keeping her up at night. sophia just has to have him in her mouth! oh its so wrong as a mommy, but her son tastes so good! it’s like the best lollipop she’s ever had! she puts him all the way down her throat spitting and drooling. she slaps his hard cock against her gigantic 38 ff all natural breasts. she feels him stiffen in her hands so she pulls her tits out from her skimpy dress. she envelopes his cock between her heavenly pillows giving him the best tit job ever! she grabs her tits and rides them up and down his cock. she never knew her son could feel this good! to top it off, she uses her warm wet mouth to simultaneously give him a blowjob and tit job at the same time! she pumps up and down, keeping her breast rubbing his shaft while her mouth sucks his head. she’s such a naughty mommy but she can’t help it if her pussy gets wet. all these nasty thoughts, and now she finally doing it! she wants to have her son’s hot load, then she will know that she did a good job as a mommy.

Kissinghigh – Mommy Please Stop FullHD mp4 (American/1080p/

Jul 28 Caught by Stepmom

Your stepmom catches you moaning her name as she’s getting out of the shower. Lucky for you, she’s more than willing to help her stepson get off.

Missbehavin26 – Mother`s Surprise on Holiday FullHD mp4 (1080p/

Nov 2

Mothers christmas gift

Script: Son from college visits mom for christmas and stays on her couch. Father is not brought up and assumed to be out of the picture. On christmas eve night mom and her son are having some whiskey and coke and she confronts him about pictures of her she found in his luggage. A lot of pictures from her younger years in sexy dresses or bikinis out at the lake. It’s obvious her son jacks off to pictures of his mom and has a huge crush on her. She tries not to embarrass him and let him know everything is okay. She knows you were always a good little mommys boy that enjoyed cuddling with mom on the couch laying in her arms with her big beautiful boobs in your face. It’s clear he has always thought she was beautiful. They have always been very close. She is secretly excited about this partly due to she being a little buzzed from the whiskey. She tells him she found the pictures earlier and that’s why she wore such a sexy outfit that night – she knew he would be checking her out and taking mental images to jack off to that night on her couch. Well because he’s always been such a good boy she has a special gift for him in her bedroom. She sends him to her bedroom and she secretly goes to change clothes. Cut scene to the bedroom. Son is on the bed and mom enters the room in lingerie (black satin robe?? lingerie underneath?) and proceeds to seduce him. Sex positions – mom rides on top followed by missionary – encourages him to cum in her pussy. preferred clothing (I’ll eventually look through your video previews for clothing ideas) First part of the scene I was thinking something like a sexy, tight fitting turtleneck sweater. When the scene goes to the bedroom she is wearing a black satin robe with lingerie underneath. Requests – most important part is the dirty talk. The phrase “fuck your mother” could not be said enough. Staring into the camera and saying it for 5 minutes would literally make me the happiest man ever however I realize that may not be fun for you! “fuck your mother” and any variant “fuck mommy” “Keep fucking your mother son” etc mommy loves you – you love your mother – you’re such good boy – mommy’s boy – darling – honey – baby Here’s a quick sample dialogue for the finale. Doesn’t have to be word for word but if it is or anything close I’ll be to the moon! Look into my eyes baby. Tell me you’re mommy’s boy. Tell me, say it. Tell me you love me. That’s it good boy. Mommy loves you too. fuck your mother. that’s it, mommy loves your cock in her sweet wet pussy. Keep fucking mommy. you ready son? fuck your mother hard and give mommy all your cum. Cum in mommy’s pussy. Cum for mommy, cum in your mother baby. Good boy

Missbehavin26 – Bath Time with Mommy FullHD mp4 (Canadian/1080p/

Bath suck and fuck with Mom

Its been a long day and mother is tired. I will start running a bath and make ur dinner later…Hey is that u spying on me thru the door ! Get in here sit down and we will have a .talk .wait this feels too good to me masturbate, fuk me in the bath, then we go downstairs where i give u a bright blowjob till you cum over my face mmmm im working hard for that mother of the year award

Amateur Incest Missbehavin26 – Your best friends Mom is so giving FullHD mp4 (Canadian /1080p/

Mar 13 Your Fantasies

It’s a pleasure watch this beauty giving a hot and horny blow job to her sons best friend!MissBehavin26 is such a great cock kisser and her BJ skills are…Guys watch for yourself!!!5 Stars fully deserved!!