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WCA Productions – Helena Price – Mom And Son Share A Changing Room Complete Series FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 4/20/18 10:06am

Im graduating high school soon and my parents wanted to take me on a fun trip, they decided to take me to Orlando. when it came time to leave my dad said he had to work and couldn’t go so me and my mom did the road trip on our own. when we got to Orlando and checked in to our hotel we realized that there had been a mistake and that we were giving a room with only one bed. i went down to talk to them at the front desk and they said since it was tourist season there was nothing that they could do. mom said it was fine and we could just share a bed, she just wanted me to have fun on my senior trip. i asked if she wanted to go to the pool and she said yes and she would go change. i was waiting on the couch for her when she same out in a hot red bikini and said i need to help her put sun block on, she turned away from me, took her top off and sat down on my lap!

i was really hoping she wouldn’t feel the boner i had growing in my pants while i was rubbing sub block all over her back and upper butt cheeks. we had fun at the pool and when we got back to the room mom said she was gonna shower first so i didn’t use all the hot. when mom walked into the bathroom she left the door open a little, i knew it was wrong to look but i couldn’t help myself, mom was just so hot! i crept up the door and watched as mom my strip naked and checked herself out in the mirror, i closed the door when she walked in the shower. mom’s hot naked body was all i could think about the rest of the night. when it came time for bed i was laying down while mom was finishing up in the bathroom, she came out wearing a shirt a panties. so my boner came back pretty quick! i drifted off that night trying to figure out what i was gonna do all week with my hot mom and hard cock!

Goddess Gwen the Princess Boss – Jerking off to pics of your Mom FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 4/5/18 7:46pm

Girlfriend walks in dressed in lingerie surprising boyfriend . Calls him a naughty boy before revealing she has found the pictures of his mom he Jack’s off to and has them with her. She then talks dirty to him encouraging him to jack off in front of her and the pictures. talks non stop of his desire to fuck his mother, cum deep in her pussy, kiss her beautiful face, rub her feet, lick her toes all the way up to her pussy. I want to be a good boy but this just makes me a naughty boy. Sort of in the edge of playful teasing and being a strict domme. JOI while making me think of my mother in all those ways.

Annabelle Rogers – Mommy and Son Almost Caught By Daddy FullHD mp4 [ 1080p/ American / Midwest/Manyvids/2018]

You’re embarrassed, but I admit that I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since you’ve come of age, but didn’t know what to do, and seeing my son’s huge dick in that accidental dick pic has finally sent me over the edge. I reveal that dad and I have had a sexless marriage for years and I’ve been neglected for so long. I’m a horny, neglected mommy that craves her son’s touch. We start kissing and playing with my boobs. Suddenly, I hear dad approaching and rush to put my top back on, but accidentally leave one of my tits hanging out. I act surprised that my tit is hanging out and quickly put it back in (whoops! how’d that get out!?), quickly telling dad that I’m keeping you home from school today because you’re “not feeling well”. Once he leaves we fuck cowgirl.

As we’re fucking, we suddenly hear dad downstairs! I notice he left his phone and has returned to get it. With no time to cover up, we quietly sneak to the master bedroom. We fuck missionary this time with dad just down the hall getting his phone. We fuck as quietly as we can, trying to make sure dad doesn’t catch us, with me trying to contain my moans. Eventually, we hear dad starting to approach the room. We panic and quickly sneak to the bathroom together, where we fool around even more and dad knocks on the door to question us. I quietly laugh once dad leaves. We go back to the bedroom, to fuck in cowgirl. I notice my phone ringing, it’s dad calling.

I’m annoyed at him for continuing to interrupt our mommy/son fuck session and answer, immediately trying to get him to stop calling. He apologizes for accusing us of fucking behind his back. Then, we kiss and I decide that I want to ride you until you cum inside of me. Since dad is getting home early from work we decide to shower up and get clean so dad doesn’t smell the sex on us. We hop in the shower together and get each other all soaped up. Dad knocks on the door surprising us and questioning if we are showering together. I stroke your cock in the shower a bit and we rinse off and mommy tells you how much she loves you.

Nicole Oring – My Big Boy’s 18th Birthday HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 3/8/17 2:00am

It’s so exciting! You just turned 18, and as your mom, I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. I knock on your door and come in to give you a little birthday kiss. As I lean over you, I notice that you seem a little excited. Being a little lonely, and loving you so much, I decide to give you a real big boy kiss. I test your mouth out with mine and soon I have us both turned on. I decide that since you are inexperienced, I would love to give you your first handjob..and your first experience with intercourse. After all, mommy’s are supposed to teach their son’s how to treat a lady! Besides, I have been fantasizing about your beautiful, young cock for a while. Maybe you can even give me your seed and let me be a mommy again!!!

Jackie Synn – It’s Wrong to Fantasize About Your Mother JOI SD mp4 [American / England]

Jackie knows you jerk off thinking about your own other! She encourages you to stroke as she helps you visualize all of the nasty things you want to do to your mom. You filthy pervert – you’re going to cum for your own mom!

Addison Lynne – Cougar wants a younger man SD mp4 [manyvids/USA/Mar 25 2018]

Maggie Green – Mommy cums and sucks your cock HD mp4 [American / USA/Manyvids/720p]

Mmmmm, wow I’m so hot and horny after a long day at work, all I want to do is relax and make myself have a mind blowing orgasms. My pussy is so wet and it feels good good on my fingers..wait, what are you doing in here? Come here, I see you peeking at mommy, you can’t hide from me. Do you see what mommy’s doing, how she’s playing with her vagina and making herself feel so good? Would you like to watch me masturbate and see what a real woman’s body looks like? Come closer, it’s ok. I have a special toy for my clitoris that is going to send me in to ecstasy, it turns me on for you to watch can touch yourself too while you watch. Mommy would like that and you want to be a good boy, right? Ooooh wow, you helped me cum so hard baby, that felt amazing. But I see that hard on still hasn’t gone away and I want to do something about that for you. Let me put your hard cock in my mouth and suck you off, I want to make you feel amazing baby! Lay back and enjoy mommy’s lips and tongue, it’s ok to let it go and cum all over my face.

Mindi Mink’s Playhouse – Mommy`s Pantyhose Fetish FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Added: 6/24/17 6:00am

You go to your friends house to visit and he’s not home but his hot MILF Mom is..She is very blunt about the fact that she wants to masturbate while you watch! You cannot deny the fact that you have been perving on her for years, and she knows it and loves it. She confronts you about your little secret pantyhose fetish…over the years she has had several pairs missing. You admit that you have taken them and you masturbate while sniffing them. She appreciates your honesty and says you can sit there and watch her today while she plays with herself and you can stroke yourself too. She strips down now and shows you she is wearing a pair of pantyhose and the crotch is cut out. She teases you by strutting around and showing off how silky her legs look. She gets out her favorite dildo toy and strokes it and sucks on it while playing with her pussy. She commands you to pull out your dick and play with yourself while she turns around to show off her big ass and sticks her fingers inside of her wet pussy. You are such a naughty boy. She rides the dildo, fucks herself good and cums for you!

Kimber Lee – Taboo Sex Simulation Blackmail FullHD mp4 [American / Miami, FL/Oct 30]

You come home from school and see me laying on my stomach. My skirt is up just a little too high before I notice you’re there. I fix my skirt and ask about your day. I send you to your room to finish your homework when I get a knock at the door. Ugh what are you doing here you know you can’t be here during the day! We could get caught. My husband might find out and my son might hear you! Ok come in, but you have to be quick! I fuck the next door neighbor, not knowing my son was watching me. After my guest leaves, you come into my room and ask to lay down with me, Of course sweetie! Next thing I know, your planning to blackmail your own mother. If I have sex with you, you promise not to tell your father I fucked the neighbor?!

Kathia Nobili – Mommy’s breakfast in bed FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Added: 8/25/15 06:30PM

Good morning my baby boy! Mommy surprise you this morning…not just with the breakfast in bed…but she is dressed in your favorite satin rope and under white satin nighty. And….well….as you were dreaming about your mom all those erotic things tonight…..your cock is rock hard! Yeah….your mom just realize that too! Wow….my baby….again you dreamed about your mommy…some naughty things! You’re lucky now….your dad is not home….so this all day is just our! Let mommy see that treasure you have there my son! Mmmm…..mommy will take car of your morning erection my sweet baby! just taking your cock in my hands…moving nice and slowly…..just the way you like it my baby! Blow you and make your cock wet….and…ready for mommy’s wet pussy….Stay calm baby…mommy will now ride you! Deep inside my worm pussy…is so wet there my son….you made me so! Mmmm……I know….you love my satin….then feel it…..all over you. Let mommy rubbing all your body with that silky satin my baby! Yeah….hold my butt son….cover in satin and push mommy against your hard cock!!! Ohhh….yes…baby……mommy is coming…yes my son! Mmmm…..and now my baby boy….cum inside mommy’s satin nighty! Good boy! Now ….eat your breakfast son….if you want to keep all day with mommy and her pussy….you need to be strong by baby!