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Taboo POV – Skyler Snow – Jealous sister doesn’t want to share my cock HD mp4 [720p/]

I confronted him about fucking that nasty slut and told him his cock belongs to me. She wasn’t lying his cock is so big and perfect. I love the way it fits deep in my throat when I gag on it. He was so hard! It was so fun jerking him off and telling him how mad I was that he fucked her. How it just made me want to suck his cock more. I put his thick shaft between my big tits and jerked him off. I showed him my beautiful ass and then sucked his dick some more. Then put him in between my titties again fucking him with them until he came. I cleaned him up with my mouth like a good loving sister. He better remember that cock belongs to me.

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Eventually Dick finds himself buried balls deep in Whitney’s cream filled snatch. The duo tries to hold the moan, and they succeed in keeping their illicit activities from Whitney’s stepdad. Rosalyn, on the other hand, walks in on the couple in the midst of fucking. She contemplates telling Whitney’s stepdad, but instead ultimately lets herself be seduced in to joining in on the fun. Soon the trio are going to town with Whitney riding Dick’s hardon and Dick prepping his stepdaughter so her pussy is nice and wet and ready to party.

TABOO – Jessie, Maddy, Conor – Family Therapy Session FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

The sexual tension in this Family is through the roof. I can tell that you two girls secretly want to Fuck your Brother and your Dad. It’s obvious”. Jessie and Maddy are appalled by the Doctor’s accusation..but when the Doctor orders the entire Family to strip naked..the girls obey Dad’s instruction to listen to the Doctor. Once the Family is naked, Dr. Blue instructs the males to caress the female’s breasts..then she instructs the females to stroke the male’s cocks..then she tells the two sisters to fondle each other’s Tits!!! The Family is confused.but getting oddly aroused. Dr. Blue increases the tempo of the Therapy by instructing the boys to lick the girls to a powerful orgasm!!

Conor and his Dad get down on their knees and go to town on the two young pussies. Maddy and Jessie both cum…and then the Doctor tells the girls to start sucking cock!! Maddy sucks her Daddy’s cock, while Jessie sucks her Brother’s cock.and then..the BIG Therapy…Dr. Blue tells the boys to bend the girls over and Fuck their brains out!!! Conor and Dad Pound the two girls very hard, as both girls hold hands and take it in the Cunt!!! As a grand finale, Dr. Blue has the boys cum all over the girls!!! Maddy and Jessie are both completely soaked in semen as the session comes to an explosive end!! All four having had powerful orgasms.they sit back down on the Therapy sofa..all visibly more relaxed..and affectionate towards each other. This Family Therapy Session seems to be VERY effective

TABOO – Lylah – My Daughter The Stripper FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Fuck My slut Daughter

She grinds on the customers lap with her sexy ass…before turning around, and…Uh-Oh!!!! Both Lylah and her Dad are shocked to see each other!!! The “Slut” he hired for a private dance turns out to be his little girl!!! After the initial moment of shock.they try to figure out what to do in the awkward situation. Lylah explains that the private rooms are NOT just for private dances..that all the girls that work there are Prostitutes..and they are expected to Fuck the customers, and get all their money!! Lylah pleads with her Dad to not rock the boat and get her they must go through the “normal” procedure. Lylah sucks her Daddy’s cock until it is nice and hard.and then, while gripping the Stripper pole…Lylah bends over and lets her Dad plow her from behind!! Lylah’s Dad ends up cumming in Lylah’s mouth..and she swallows like a total Slut..and then dad reaches into his pants to pay her for her “service

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Daddy, of course is reluctant to oblige her desires..but before Daddy can protest too much..Dillon flips back his blanket, and puts her mouth around his cock!! She now has Dad’s FULL attention!! Since Mom is out of town for the night..Dad lets Dillon continue to suck him..and he is now ready to give her what she wants. Dad Worships Dillon’s feet..her licks her legs..he goes down on her with such skill & expertise that she screams with delight!!! Dad worships her tits.gently..lovingly..he is a MUCH better lover than the Limp Dick Losers Dillon is used to!!! When Dillon has been ravaged like a true Goddess..Dad inserts his cock into her pussy..and proceeds to give Dillon the fuck of her life!!! Dad pounds away at Dillon until he erupts..spilling his seed inside her sweet, young pussy. Dillon is more Limp Dick Losers for Dillon

Robomeat – Zoey Laine,Miles – Dr. Hypo – Hypno Threesomer Porn HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 8/15/16 5:41pm

Zoey goes to see a to help her quit smoking. he explains with a little she can loose those cravings and be healthy with out them. But unknowing to Zoey there is something else up, Miles has actually hired the Dr. to her into being his slave and doing what ever he instructs her to do. He has her strip and start sucking his cock making her his slutty little slave, spitting in her face, gagging her with his big cock. Then he starts the real fun fucking her tight little pussy. she takes it in everyday that he wants like a good slave.

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Amber has a special attraction to male role models. She also has a big booty that looks great bouncing on cock. Enjoy watching her suck her pacifier while getting fucked bareback in her adult onesie, made especially for Daddy’s little girl

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Big Brother Cums Inside two Tiny Sisters – Your Step Sister’s Lingerie SD mp4 2018

I always catch you watching me!! Why can’t you stop watching my every move. What can I do to get you to stop. But quickly before mom & dad comes home.

Missa Ivy Wolfe, Chad White, Scarlett Sage – Night Surprise for Daddy! SD [2018]

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Happy Daddy’s Day 😉 thanks for being the best daddy ever…. here’s some booty shaking and a special surprise just for you