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Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr -MILF683 – Taboo Stories The Book – It is a Mommie and Aunt Thing SD mp4

After the divorce Rachel and her son Brent went on with their lives. One afternoon Rachel was organizing her closet when she found a box high up on the shelf. She took it down to see what was in it. Inside were her ex-husband’s dress shoes, a pair of running shorts and boxer briefs. She took the articles out to toss them away when she saw a book at the bottom of the box. The title made her gasp, Loving Mothers and Sons, Taboo Stories and Secrets of Ncest. Curious, she sat on the bed and began to read aloud. At first she was mortified, but as she read along she became overwhelmingly aroused at the thought of mothers and sons lust for each other.

Rachel Steele Taboo Stacie Starr – MILF934 – Condom Sabotage, Knock Up Mommie SD mp4

Stacie decides to try again to get her son Jeremy to come home. He has been involved in an ncestuous affair with his Aunt Rachel. Until recently Stacie was not aware of the more sordid details of their relationship. Stacie ended up getting involved with a gangbang with her son, nephew and brother-in-law at the last family gathering. She figured that after that Jeremy would be moving back with her. Unfortunately it was business as usual. Jeremy had found full time employment near Rachel’s house and was obviously settled in for the long haul. Stacie told him that after his father died she considered him to be the man of the house. She needed him at home. He apologized but remained adament that he was staying with Rachel. Stacie cried a little and then ran into Rachel’s bedroom. She told herself that she had one choice left. She was going to get pregnant by Jeremy so that he would be connected with her for life.

Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – MILF1087 – Sexy Sisters Retreat My Mom and Crazy Aunt fuck me together HD mp4

Rachel and her sister Stacie were a pair of wild and wealthy cougars with an irresistible craving for young cock. Many years ago they had had a constant supply of it when running a special retreat to help sensitive young men overcome their hangups. At first their work had been innocent – mainly confidential talks and outdoor activities. But when the horny siblings realized that sexual frustration was the real cause of their client’s troubles, they eagerly set about providing the appropriate “cure”. What followed was a blissful period of never-ending stud-fucking for the two MILFs. It seemed to them that they were in heaven. They were making plenty of money, their young men were leaving happy and confident, and they themselves were getting all the great sex they could wish for. But then the dream ended. A powerful local prude got wind of their antics and forced Rachel and Stacie to close their retreat. Over the next few years, the two sisters found it hard to settle for the relative lack of young-man-action in their lives. Then they finally got a break. One day, while sitting at home and battling boredom, they received a phone call from a woman who had found one of their old ads. Rachel was taken by surprise, but she decided to humor the conversation. It turned out that the woman was concerned about her son, Brad. She felt he was too laid back about his future and wished to send him to Rachel and Stacie.

Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr – MILF866 – Saving It For Their Sons Family Group Porn HD mp4

Rachel and Stacie were devastated when their sons, Jeremy and James, were sentenced to six years in the state penitentiary for their involvement in a crime. The women hugged and wept at the judge’s decision and vowed to be strong. Their no good husbands were out of the picture, and it was all done to the mom’s to come good in their support for their young men. Three years later, Jeremy and James were moved to a halfway house on account of their good-bahavior. Rachel and Stacie, meanwhile, had transformed their lifestyles as a way of staying positive and keeping their spirits up. They had gotten better, higher-paid jobs, lost weight and sexed up their image. In their latest letters to their sons, they sent recently taken photos of themselves to show them their new look. The young men were blown away when they saw how hot their moms had become. Stuck in such a boring place, sexually frustrated, they started to have vivid, forbidden fantasies about them.

Rachel Steele Taboo – Stacie Starr – Son fuck Mom in bathroom HD mp4

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My friends mom, Stacie (they lived next door) used to tease and show off to me all the time when I was young. I would go over there and hang out on the floor and watch TV. His Mom would do her housework (dusting, vacuuming, bending over) in just a short, above the knee, pink housedress. When she would dust or vacuum near me, she would bend over in a way that I could see right up her dress. I would throb and get so hard. (I have always wondered if she did it on purpose.) One time, I remember as if it were yesterday, she had to move a big chair to get behind it to vacuum.. she bent sooo far over I saw everything! My heart would pound so hard from the excitement, I could hear it in my head. All I wanted to do was to suddenly reach up and start to finger her right there! Omg.I started to go over there on the pretense of hanging with her son..but it was really to peek ( not tell). I am still friends with her son and I still have a thing for her. I stopped by the other day to see my buddy. I knew he was out of town but acted like it was news to me when she told me. As I hoped she invited me in. She was always cleaning the house and today was no different than any other time. I got a major bonus today. I guess because no one was home she did not bother to wear panties. After watching her bend over several times to get at hard to reach areas I thought my hard on was going to explode. I told her I had to use the bathroom!! I found a pair of her panties in the bathroom and I could not help myself.

Rachel Steele Taboo – Stacie Starr – MILF1483 – Mother Escorts Me HD mp4

Stacie was desperate for money. One day she saw an ad offering an escort position for an attractive older woman. Although she was somewhat shy by nature, Stacie replied to it and ended up getting an interview with the escort agency’s boss, Max. He filled her in on the details of the job – including the fact that she would be matched only with younger men. Her meeting place with them would sometimes be at a corporate apartment belonging to the agency. Technically the young men would be paying Stacie for her company only. However, Stacie herself was free to get intimate with a date if she wished to. The agency considered that her private business. What mattered to them was having a happy customer who would call on their services time and again. Hearing all this, feeling sure she could cope with the job, Stacie presently signed a binding contract that Max had drawn up. One of its most important stipulations was that she could not back-out of any date. She had to give the young male customer the time that he had paid for, and not leave him disappointed with the agency’s service. Barely had Stacie returned home from the interview when Max phoned to let her know she had her first client. The rendezvous spot was the corporate apartment, and Stacie’s roll for the evening was as expected: to provide sophisticated and mature female company to an inexperienced young man. Stacie had no problem with this and was actually very excited about getting started. However, when she turned up at the corporate apartment, she got the shock of her life. The young man waiting for her was non other than her very own son, Joe!

Family Therapy – Alex Adams, Crystal Rush – Mom Shows Me How to Party HD avi [720p/]

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Alex confronts his step mom about her inappropriate behavior while his father is away on a business trip….

Primal Fetish – Rion King, Kennedy Kessler – Hottest Girl in School Under the Influence HD mp4 [720p/]

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Rion has been brother with Kennedy . They alway end up in the same classes so they made it a thing to study together every week. Sister has been dating a total jerk asshole, and she gets a text from her that makes her upset Rion hurries to go make her some nice herbal tea. Sister reallly must need to get a lot off her chest as with every sip she confesses more and more and starts seeing Brother very differently.

Clips4sale Superheroine – Night Force – Arrogant Superheroine Receives Torturous Payback

Night Force has a tip that one of Crimelord Gregio’s most loyal henchman is going to rob a medial office for espensive compounds. With her powes to sense any movement and and to create spheres of force the arrogant superheroine easily beats Romeo down. She is brutal in her questioning and Romeo refuses to break his faith to Grigio, so Night Force breaks all his bones instead


Romeo has escaped prison and word is he plans to finish the last job his boss Grigio sent him on. Night Force is ready, so she thinks. Somehow Romeo manages to sneak up behind her and get a rag over her mouth

Night Force wakes up to find she is hanging in some kind of cave or sub-basement and gets a bucket of water thrown in her face. Romeo is there with two camera weilding goons. She is told that she is going to be tortured and punished for the humilaiton and pain she caused Romeo who now goes by the name Stich. he taunts her with her Force Bracers, without them she can’t focus her powers in any useful way

After some fun groping and taunting NF Stich uses a prod to electro-torture NF all over her body and some of her most sensitive areas then Stich wants to get me “medival” and uses a heavy flogger to whip the helpless heroine. Still mocking and taunting her all the while. NF gets ragged again

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Lexi Lore – Daddy I love you SD mp4 [2018]

Everyone knows that young girls cannot keep their hands off of their stepfathers. That is exactly what happens here, when Lexi Lore starts to have sexual feelings towards her stepfather, Eric John. Lexi lives with the man, so of course, she knows what he likes. She may have even spied on him before. Eric uses his positions of power, and uses the young little vixen so he can be fully pleasured. He gives his stepdaughter his cum, just as she requests.