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Let’s imagine you had a hard day at work and all you want to do now is to relax, so, you take a beer,turn on your videogame and starts to play, wow man this is sooo good at least. bt there is something magical to happen here, you suddenly, start to hear some female moaning coming from your room, and you decide to go there to see what is going on, when you take a peek, you see, no one else than the Dva itself, sucking and fucking with a guy, wow, i bet you are hard now, come on,enjoy your lucky day and watch, how your favorite video game star can fuck in a real life.

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With Space Pirates threatening the Galactic Federation, the Federation Bureau signed orders to bring in elite warriors meant to wipe out all traces of the Space Pirate threat. One of these great warriors was an interstellar bounty hunter named Samus Aran. She was hired to track down a group of Pirates rumored to be headed to the hidden planet in which Mother Brain, the organic supercomputer commanding the Space Pirates, resided. Samus landed on the planet thinking her element of surprise would give her an upper hand, but was sorely disappointed to find it was an elaborate plan to trap Samus and turn her into an alien pleasure slave. Now she has to please Space Pirate cock and take alien cum.

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What’s going on Super Gurl asks to find her son being sucked off by her best friend Wunder Woman. Super Gurl knows what has to be done to keep you from being evil and helps by sucking you off. The two most powerful women in the world pleasure you to make sure you’re never evil again.

Wunder Woman wants to be fucked by your super cock. Super Gurl encourages and helps you fuck her silly. Her large bouncing breasts in your face and tight warm pussy make you explode your load on her pussy. Unable to help herself Super Gurl licks her friend’s pussy clean. This is what it means to be a superhero.

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Cammy is eager to have her cute little butthole played with and filled, but first she wants a nice mouthful of cock.

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let’s get back in time and imagine, you are a young guy on the pokemon times, ow misty is so hot, isnt she?? you are watching the movie and geting horny for her, so, you make a wish and forget about it, so, your wish come true in a dream, and in this dream, you are, somehow, in a house, and you take a peekand what you see, wow,misty sucking and fucking with a guy, so hard, now, let’s make this dream come true again, misty is waiting for you.

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That’s it, I can’t take it any longer. I’m always the one figuring out the mysteries around here yet a certain guy doesn’t seem to get the clues that I want help with my own mystery.
I sent the rest of the gang out to find some clues and solve a riddle all on their own so that I can finally get my Shaggy guy alone. Jinkies its about time!

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You`re the new Doctor in the Ward and today you visit patient Harley Quinn in the white room. Right away she notices you are new and nervous. She easily manipulates you and convinces you to help her escape if she СhelpsТ you out. You canТt help but get so hard at the thought of fucking your patient. She sucks on your cock then you slip it inside her pussy. You fuck her and cum pre maturely. She turns around doggy style and bounces up and down your slippery dick. Theres so much cum and cream now you bust inside her, giving her a huge cream pie. She lets it spill out and then sucks the rest of your cum out in her mouth. Now that she helped you, Harley wants you to get her a nurses outfit so she can escape easier.