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lovelyliv – Demon Girl Gets fucked pt1 – Satan, Succubus, Cosplay Porn FullHD mp4 1080p

lovelyliv - Demon Girl Gets fucked pt1

Starts off with masturbation, then a blowjob, and then hardcore doggy ending in a cumshot all over my ass. this part is mostly masturbation.

Brook Logan – Wednesday Adams SPH – Halloween, Costume, Femdom HD mp4 720p

Brook Logan - Wednesday Adams SPH

You have been wanting to show off your cock to me and all the girls at college, finally its just you and me in a room together! I can be the first who you show off your cock to!! Come on pull down those trousers and let me see it!! You have been bragging about showing it off it must be so big!!! OH MY GOD!!!! What the hell is that!? That is so tiny and pathetic!!! what happend to your cock? did it just not grow!? And you actually want to show that tiny thing off to all the girls!!!! ha ha ha ha ha that is hilarious!!! You do know everyone will know what a baby cock you have!!! Your never going to get laid, having that as your cock!! You will need a dick enlargement if your ever going to want to get laid! ha ha ha Because that cock is the smallest thing iv ever seen!!! ha ha ha No woman will ever want to fuck you!! ha ha ha ha Your dick is useless to all women!!!

Catpaws – Horny Demon Drains You – Erotic Magic, Executrix HD mp4 720p

Catpaws - Horny Demon Drains You

Are you ready to sacrifice your life to me? Haha, just kidding – how COULD you be? I love the art of striptease and seduction, but I love it the most when I can sap you of your strength until you can’t escape, entrance you with my demon sex magic, and drain the crimson liquid from your body for my own personal use… which would be rubbing it all over my tits and ass. Hey, it looks like your life wasn’t a waste after all!

Jessica Starling – Possessed Nun Gets Anal Creampie – Halloween, Religious Porn FullHD mp4

Jessica Starling - Possessed Nun Gets Anal Creampie - Halloween, Religious Porn FullHD mp4

There’s something evil inside Sister Jessica, and it wants nothing more than to seduce and fuck the priest. The demon has a nasty mouth, telling the priest it knows how much he wants to put his throbbing cock inside Sister Jessica’s filthy whore cunt. The demon shows the priest Jessica’s pussy, and begs him to fuck her. The priest is hard and throbbing, but hesitant, which the demon mocks. The demon takes a crucifix and rubs it against Jessica’s pussy, putting it inside her and crying “let Jesus fuck you”. The demon takes hold of a bible and caresses it against Jessica’s tits and brings it down to her pussy, which it makes her hump. The demon exposes Jessica’s tits for the priest, her tits bouncing as she rides against the embossed surface of the bible. The demon then spanks Jessica with the bible, telling the priest she needs to be punished, and that she must be punished with his cock. The priest gives in to the demon and lets it mount his hard cock, riding him while telling him dirty obscenities. The demon then commands the priest to put his cock in Jessica’s ass and to fill it up with his cum. The demon rides the priest’s cock until he cums, and it lets the cum drip out of Jessica’s asshole. But, then, the demon leaves the body of Sister Jessica. She looks to the priest, horrified. “What have you done?”

ImMeganLive – Zombie Girl Hungry For Cock – Halloween, Aliens & Monsters, Apocalyptic FullHD mp4 avi

ImMeganLive - Zombie Girl Hungry For Cock

What I’m going to tell you does not come from Megan. I’m her boyfriend. In fact, I used to be, when she was with us. We had a party the night before, it was an amazing night. I woke up the following morning, my girlfriend wasn’t in the bed with me. So I went in the living room and found her laying on the couch. I found that pretty funny that she was too tired to lay there. It was not funny at all when she was not replying back to anything I was saying. Then I saw her head slowly turning towards me, I was relieved! Then she opened her eyes, they were crispy red, she scared the beep outta me! Then I panicked, and that’s when she grabbed my cock firmly! Then I heard strange voices, like she was possessed or something and she was mumbling “Cocccccck” “CoooOOoocccKKkkk!” I was shocked! It wasn’t my girlfriend no more! I was scared like hell. She went down on her knees, kept looking at me and removing my pants. She then put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like she was after something. She eventually started to mumble “Cummm” “CuUUuuMmmm!”.This THING would never let me go until it gets what it wanted! I was freaking out! I was not even able to get completely hard, I HAD to give it my cum or else…I don’t know what would happen! When it got every drop of it, it seemed satisfied, I started to hear those voices again….it calmed itself. I slowly took the opportunity to get the h3ll out of here!

Elouise Please – Witches Cast A Spell For Cock – British Horror Porn HD mp4 720p

Elouise Please - Witches Cast A Spell For Cock - British Horror Porn HD mp4 720p

Lily and I are two very advanced witches, but we don’t seem to be having much luck on tinder… every guy we meet is just SO bad in bed!! Dating for witches seems to be really hard work, so we decide to take matters into our own hands as we cast a spell to pull off the cocks from some nearby guys to use for ourself. Why even bother with the whole man, when you can have just his penis?? We both summon a cock and use them exactly how we want them, thrusting them in and out of our tight holes.

Twothornedrose – Daphne Meets the Demon in the Dark – Adult scooby doo Video

 Twothornedrose - Daphne Meets the Demon in the Dark - Adult scooby doo Video

Categories: bdsm, rough, butt, redhead, daphne scooby doo, daphne, tied up fucked, huge cumshot, monster fuck machine, gagged, halloween, face fuck, bad dragon, creampie, costumes.

Size:829 Mb

Transformation fetish MollySilver – Priest Becomes a Vampire HD mp4 720p

Transformation fetish MollySilver - Priest Becomes a Vampire HD mp4 720p

I’m a catholic priest, recording my thoughts during a dark time. You see, I’ve been having these very strange, very….blasphemous dreams lately. I don’t feel like I can confess these dreams to anyone. I should know by now that it’s the devil trying to lure me into acts that break my vows, that betray the Lord. With god’s help, I’m staying strong, praying all day and often all night. There’s a virus going around our small village, turning people into monsters. I see them every day at the hospital, and I can’t help them. Now I’m feeling strange myself, after being bitten by a patient. Something is changing within me, despite my resistance, despite my prayers. I’m obsessed every night by my thoughts, and by the desire for raw meat that causes me to sneak away to restaurants for a taste. Lights flash red, and a shock goes through my mortal body. I gasp, and feel at once that everything has changed. I try to stop it, I cry out as the vampire invades my body. Something stirs within, and it feels right. I’ve become a sexy, hissing, vampire female. I touch my beautiful pale skin, caressing my new form, and enjoying it. After my first k*ll I’m ripe with desire, dripping with lust. As I crawl towards the camera, you can see my sharp fangs and the torrent of a red river spilling from my mouth. I cover my bare chest with it, my new body, and set out to explore the rest of the monastery.

Gaberiella – Velma Loves BBC Monster Cock – Adult Cosplay, Nerdy Girls FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Gaberiella - Velma Loves BBC Monster Cock

Not everyone knows this but Velma is a freak and will do anything to get her scooby snack to cum! But her favorite thing is to wear a buttplug and then let a monster she kept locked away from the gang fuck her. Velma moans jinkies so loud and screams so that everyone can hear her and how much of not a book worm she is.

NataliaGrey – Wild Witch – Demon, Halloween Porn HD mp4 [720p/]

NataliaGrey - Wild Witch - Demon, Halloween Porn HD

You have agreed to perform the Dark Ritual with Morrigan (Dragon Age) and impregnate her with demon spawn!