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Mom’s Boy Caught and Taught – Paintedrose FullHD 1080p

Mom's Boy Caught and Taught - Paintedrose FullHD 1080p

Mom calls you up to discuss her missing panties and porn found on your PC. She is surprised but decides to let you smell the panties up close so you will stop taking her panties. She puts them up close in your face and shows your her shaved slit. She asks you if you’d like to taste it. Mom teases and shows you her ass and asshole too. Get your face in there dear…Next she wets your dick with her mouth and tells you to stick it in doggystyle! Her asshole in your face while she rides your dick from behind. She tells you Good boys don’t cum too fast and to slooow down. Mom turns around and teaches you what a creampie is. Custom Video. Virtual Simulated Sex! Dildo slightly visible.Focus on POV Fuck and dirty talk!




Eva is grounded…but she wants to go out to a Party. Step-Mom is not home…and Eva thinks “maybe”….just “maybe” she may be able to convince Step-Daddy to let her go. Step-Dad is in his room watching a hockey game on TV, when Eva….all dressed up to go out….comes in and begs him to let her go. Step-Dad pays no attention to Eva….as he is focused on the game….and she initially gives up. Eva, however….knows what Step-Daddy “likes”…and she returns to his room a few moments later….wearing only her bra and panties. This time….Step-Daddy notices her!!! Step-Dad is mesmerized by the site of Eva in her underwear…and when Eva strokes his crotch, and offers to play with his penis….suddenly step-daddy isn’t watching the game anymore!!! Eva starts to suck Step-Daddy’s cock, and offers to even swallow his load if he’ll let her go to the Party. Step-Dad tells her that she will have to do “more than that” to persuade him………..knowing that her pussy is absolutely delicious….Eva offers to sit on his face!!! Step-Dad eagerly accepts that offer…and Eva lowers her beautiful ass onto his face. After licking her for a few minutes, Step-Dad tells her that she can go to the Party if she’ll let him fuck her. She’s come this far…..and Eva doesn’t want to turn back now….so she agrees to let him have intercourse with her. Step-Daddy fucks Eva really hard, and then absolutely soaks his little girl by cumming all over her tits. Step-Dad is happy…..and Eva can go out. Eva Knows What Step-Daddy Likes!!!

Primal Fetish Carolina Sweets – Sweet oral cream pie and Extended behind the Scenes Hookup FullHD 1080p


Carolina is very ver sensual, she knows just how to use her soft mouth and hands, she doesn’t rush at all and she is very happy to let me finish in her mouth.

Skirt Tease For Step-Daddy – Miss Celia FullHD 1080p

Skirt Tease For Step-Daddy - Miss Celia FullHD 1080p

Custom Request: “I want you to be my bratty step-daughter. This time returning from the shopping after purchasing skirts, you decide to torment your step-dad by trying some of them on, twirling around and having fun, flashing your panties at him. After a while you sit down opposite him, with your legs slightly open and tell him he is such a loser he can jerk off to the little triangle of material he can see and that’s all he gets. You encourage him then on 1 you tell him to stop because that’s disgusting, step-daddy doesn’t get to cum.”

First Time Inside Mom Impregnation – British Family Sydney Harwin FullHD 1080p

First Time Inside Mom Impregnation - British Family Sydney Harwin FullHD 1080p

This video is a continuation of “Little Dick For Moms Mouth”, taking place a few nights later, where mommy calls you to her room again to suck on your balls and tug on your cock, but this time she wants you to experience full on sexual intercourse with her. She is apologetic as she fucks you, but explains that she just can’t help herself when shes around you.

Moms Bull Your Bully Sissy Cuck Son – American PaintedRose FullHD 1080p

Moms Bull Your Bully Sissy Cuck Son - American PaintedRose FullHD 1080p

Mom (Stepmom) has a new boyfriend and they have been sneaking around. Mom decides to tell you and when she tells you it’s your old bully from school you can’t believe it! How could she? Mom’s a hot and horny cougar MILF and he use to make your life miserable and now Mom wants you to be friends? You agree to try for Mom. He comes over to take YOUR MOM on a date. What the hell, his dick is hard in his pants! So disrespectful. Mom asks if he needs taken care of! She tells you to watch so that maybe you will start wanting a girlfriend. No way! After a bit of her blowing him, Mom notices how hard you are. Mom guesses that you like Big Daddy Dick. Mom tells you to watch how a real man takes charge and face fucks her. You’re stroking. This dude pops a LONG and BEAUTIFUL Multiple cumshot in your moms mouth and a HUGE pile on her tits. Mom tells you to get a taste for this dick by eating the cum off of her tits! Mom says they will consider training you as their Sissy if you do good in Cuck Training! This is a Custom Video.

Cum Assaulted by son over and over – American ScarletEllie FullHD 1080p

Cum Assaulted by son over and over - American ScarletEllie FullHD 1080p

I got an awesome custom video request. He wrote me as follows “The premise of this video is a son repeatedly assaulting his mother with surprise huge cumshots, there will be a few different scenes where she gets covered with her son’s cum. The first scene starts from the son’s point of view, peeking into your room from inside your closet. You walk into the room and start to change your clothes. You try a few different tops and change bras, all in view of the closet. During this time your son makes a few noises, but you just dismiss them as the pet messing with stuff. Eventually you decide to check your closet for something to wear, you kinda announce to yourself that you are going to look in there. You open the door and exclaim in shock as you see your son and you cover yourself (you have some pants on but just a bra on top). Before you can say anything else, he starts cumming, you are again shocked and trying to block the cum coming at you but are failing. This scene ends with you just kinda standing there cum covered, dumbfounded, and speechless. The next scene starts with you resting in bed, and the pov of your son walking into your room, he just stands over your bed for a while, then your covers start to get pulled down, revealing your nude tits. You don’t wake up, you just kinda turn and move around in your rest some, then your son starts cumming on you while you are still resting. After finishing his handy work he exits the room, it cuts to you waking up in the morning confused and progressively more confused as you realize that you are once again covered in your son’s cum. The third scene starts with you on the flooring scrubbing and cleaning, you are just kinda thinking out loud about how dirty it is, and you are begrudging because of your son’s behavior. You are on your hands and knees and have on a tank top and some short shorts, and while you are cleaning your butt is kinda in the air. The pov will be from behind you as your son approaches and covers your ass with a huge load, you are shocked, and turn your head to see what is happening and catch a stray rope to the face, you turn back around to avoid anymore headshots, and you start admonishing your son for his actions. The final scene starts with you in the shower, it changes to your son’s pov as he enters the bathroom. You stick your head out to see who is there and ask him what he is doing. He says that he just needs to brush his teeth, you say that is fine and that actually you need to talk to him. You tell him you are disappointed in his behavior lately and that he has to stop this or you will need to take some drastic measures because this is all too much to handle. All this time you don’t realize that while your head is sticking out of the shower that your boobs have also become visible. You embarrassingly realize the mistake and close the shower curtain and finish your talk while finishing your shower. You finish your lecture by telling your son that you still love him but this behavior has to stop. You finish talking, but as he is leaving you ask if he can grab a towel and bring it to you. As you open the shower to accept your towel you are instead welcomed by another monster load, this is the biggest one yet, as you back away you sink back into the shower because you have nowhere to run. Afterwards you just sit there covered in cum accepting your new fate.” I just had to share it with you. enjoy!

Mom Succumbs To Your Impregnation – MizzErotique FullHD 1080p

Mom Succumbs To Your Impregnation - MizzErotique FullHD 1080p

Lots of taboo talk. Mom realizes you’ve been stealing her pantyhose and upon finding out your secret, she dominates and seduces you ripping off her pantyhose and having kinky sex with you in them. She begs you not to cum but upon climax she asks you to impregnate her.

Not Exactly As Planned Mom Son Roleplay – American Kelly Payne FullHD 1080p

Not Exactly As Planned Mom Son Roleplay - American Kelly Payne FullHD 1080p

Mom’s getting ready for a date night out with her girlfriends. She’s looking for her top in the laundry and can’t seem to find it. You start staring.watching getting closer and then pull up her skirt a bit.. Uh what are you doing? Mom brushes it off and continues getting ready, you continue to watch her get ready . until she sits you down and starts asking you. why are you being so clingy? You tell her how good she looks, and she’s flattered but doesn’t expect what happens next. your attracted to your mom and make it pretty obvious about your desires. OH. Mom is taken back. well, theres porn. and girls and. she has trouble finding the right words. Of course she finds you attractive it’s just a boy your age. and I mean. I can’t I’m your mom. You show her how hard you are. she’s very surprised. and tries to make you stop. She tells you she has to go, and tells you to go watch porn. When she comes home from her girls night, she’s a little tipsy and you hear her on the phone with her girlfriend. you sneak to her door and crack it open.. watch her undress and enjoy yourself as you watch her grab her vibrator and pleasure herself. You almost get caught and sneak off. but come right back only to get caught. What are you doing!? You convince her to let you lay with her, but then notice she’s a bit out of it from the night out with the girls and from her recent orgasms. you pull her close and start fingering her before she can stop you. take out your cock and shove it inside her. Shes overwhelmed with pleasure and really starts enjoying your cock. Cumming deep inside her you encourage her to use her vibrator afterwards while you watch. you want to see how it works.

Blackmailed By Her Step-Son Vika Borja – Sex Mex FullHD 1080p

Blackmailed By Her Step-Son Vika Borja - Sex Mex FullHD 1080p

He was supposed to watch her, and he ended up fucking her! Vika plans to go out to a party as soon as her husband goes on a trip, without taking into account that her stepson is in charge of watching her and not letting her go out. They reach a sexual agreement in which everyone benefits.