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As soon as we got back from the gym, I told him I wanted him. I pulled his shorts down and slid his cock in my pretty brace-face mouth. Slurping on him like a big girl. It made him so hard. He tasted so good. I took my clothes off and showed him my perky young niece titties. It made him even harder. Then I stroked his cock and rubbed it on my nipples. Spitting on his cock I rubbed it in between my tiny titties. Then sucked his cock hard while I deep-throated and gagged on him. Then mounting right on top of him I slid his fat cock inside my tight young pussy and fucked him like I knew he wanted. I rode his old dirty uncle cock until he was about to cum, pulled him out, jerked him until he came all over my hand. I can’t wait to fuck him again.

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This might be the most Twisted…..most Taboo Family Album ver assembled!!! This little Girl, Christelle not only Jerks-Off her Brother….she goes all the way with her Brother!!! If that’s not enough….Christelle also Jerks-Off her Uncle Mickey….and she Licks her Aunt Michelle’s Cunt!!! In this Bizarre/Twisted Family Album, you get the scenes : “Taboo Handjob” “Aunt Michelle’s Pussy” “Brother Fucker” “Fuck You Sis” “My Sister’s Ass” “Aunt Michelle” “My Sister’s Feet” “Sisterly Handjob” & “Uncle Mickey”.

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She said that she is the “cool aunt” and not stuffy like my stepmom. Little does she know, they have more in common than she thinks. Me! She told me to lay down and showed me her amazing tits. Then deep throated my cock hard and long. It felt amazing. She sucks cock just like her sister. What a great family! Rubbing her firm mature tits as she gagged and drooled all over my dick. Licking my balls and I came deep and hard in her throat. I wonder if mom and auntie would be down to hang out when my dad is gone sometime?

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I ordered an escort over the phone and when she shows up, it is my Aunt Alexis. I am surprised, but she looks so hot. She tells me it is okay and she wants to give me a great sexual experience. She sucks my cock with her amazing mouth, then I get to fuck her and cum in her pussy!

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Uncles Gives Niece Orgasm Part 3 – Auntie Caroline is in the shower so Jane sneaks into hers and Uncle Wade’s bedroom looking for the Hitachi Magic Wand. She is having a sleepover at their house and wants to make herself cum. Uncle Wade comes in to find her in his bed. He wants her to be quiet because her aunt is in the shower, but Jane wants him badly. He tells her to get undressed and suck his cock which she does while using the vibrator on herself. Then she wants to fuck him. She gets on her back and opens her legs to take his big cock. He wants to see her big ass so he turns her around and fucks her doggy where he creampies her then tells her to get dressed and get out of his room before her aunt finds out what has happened.

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Your naughty step aunt comes over, she wants to get to know her nephew! And that means suck fuck and let you creampie her! I suck your cock POV and then let you titty fuck me, I lay back to feel your cock enter me then ride you till you cum inside me, showing off of my leaking creampie pussy after.

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My uncle let me stay at his house. He’s not my real uncle. He’s my stepmom’s brother. I don’t know him that well, I’ve only met him a couple times growing up. He is so sexy! I love older men. I waited until his wife left and then I told him I had fantasized about him when I was younger. Now that I’m all grown up, I told him I wanted him! I see the way he looks at me. I took off my clothes and showed him my sexy body. My full sexy titties. I could see him getting hard in his pants! This was going to be fun!
I pulled his cock out and slid him in my warm mouth, stroking and jerking him. He played with my hard clit while I pushed him to the back of my throat. His big cock tasted so good. I’ve wanted this for so long. Then jerking and pulling on his big uncle dick he exploded all over my perfect titties. I’m pretty sure I’m his favorite niece now. I know he’s my favorite uncle.

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She called me in her bedroom when my uncle was gone and told me she heard about my grades and could tell I wanted to fuck her. She got naked and just started sucking my cock. It was everything I had fantasized about. Jerking me off telling me to relax and be a good boy and she will keep sucking my cock. She rubbed my cock in between her big firm tits and stroked me hard. Then spit sucked and milked my cock while asking me “who’s my good nephew? Who’s my good boy?” until I came all over her tits. My grades are going to be great for the rest of the year!

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Rachel and her sister Stacie were both divorced and lived together. They often had their nephew over to visit because his mother was very strict and he needed to get away during the summer. Rachel and Stacie kept their appearances up and their figures. Scott had a buddy over to shoot pool, Rachel and Stacie offered to make lunch for the boys. Scott’s friend made a comment on how hot his aunts were and how he would love to bend them both over and fuck them. Scott defended their honor and was disgusted with his friend’s comment. He quickly changed the subject. The next few days Scott began to notice how hot his aunts were.

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My stepmom’s sister is a fucking hot big-titted milf. She recently got divorced ad moved in down the street. She stopped by while my parents were gone and showed me what a dirty slutty older woman she is now that she is divorced. I guess my uncle never fucked her and she just asked to see my cock. It was so weird and hot.
She pulled my cock out and then got naked for me. Showing me her huge perfect tits and fingered her bald pussy for me. She was so thirsty for young cock I had to help her out. I mean, I’ve been jerking off thinking about it for years. She pushed my hard cock down her throat, it was like I was dreaming. I love nasty slutty older women, they give the best blow jobs. Then she straddled me and fingered her pussy while she jerked me off. Then she spread my legs and licked my asshole, it was amazing! Then she jerked and sucked my hard cock until I exploded. I love that my aunt is our new neighbor.