KimberleyJenner – Son fantasised about his Mom all time FullHD 1080p

 KimberleyJenner – Son fantasised about his Mom all time FullHD 1080p

Stepmom Fuck – Son`s Fantasies

You’ve always fantasised about your hot milf step mum.. ever since your dad married her. Shes so sexy and such an obvious slut, always flirting with you. What would happen if you guys finally got to be alone together? Would it be just a harmless flirt? Or would you end up fucking mummy hard on the floor while everyone was out?

LatinSandra – My Dominant Mom want fuck Me FullHD 1080p

LatinSandra – My Dominant Mom want fuck Me FullHD 1080p

Custom: You’re yelling at me because the house is a mess and I didn’t clean as you ordered. “I’m your girlfriend, not your mom!” you shout before stomping off. I find you on the phone in the kitchen. You’re talking to one of your friends about how what you came home to and your plans to go out and find a stud who can distract you. I tap you on the shoulder and you tell your friend you’ll call her back. “What?” you ask, ready to yell again. I show you my phone’s screen and your face goes blank. I have a hypnsis program on my phone and the lights and sounds quickly reprogram you. I lower the phone and you look at me. “Yes, honey,” you smile. “I understand now that you want me to be your Mommy.” You look down at what you’re wearing. “Why am I dressed like a slut?” you ask. “I’m going to go change.” You come back in a more conservative outfit, with a blouse that shows some cleavage, a pearl necklace, jeans, and heels. “That’s much better,” you say with a smile. You then talk about how you’re sorry for yelling earlier. You understand that I want you to be dominant and address you as “Mommy.” You then show off your body and talk about all the ways I’m going to be a good boy. You notice that I’m incredibly hard so you bend over and show your ass off in your tight jeans. You say that it’s okay to jerk off and to cum on the back of Mommy’s jeans. Once I’m done, you tell me it’s time to be a good boy and clean Mommy’s jeans.

LatinSandra – mommy is getting her pussy satisfied FullHD 1080p

LatinSandra – mommy is getting her pussy satisfied FullHD 1080p

The Dumb Son

My after sex hair? And why am I wearing this outfit in front of you son? Well if you weren’t so dumb, literally, I wouldn’t have to be over at your college fucking your Dean, Coach and Professors to ensure that you pass your classes. See this is the way it works, in order for you to play football I fuck your coach but to play football you must pass your classes so I fuck your professors and to make sure this stays a secret I fuck your Dean and I love it! I don’t care if the word is out and all of your classmates laugh at your and bully you because they know the only reason you pass your classes and play sports even though you aren’t the brightest bulb is because your mommy fucks your professors, Dean and Coach. Oh and I will soon add a few of your classmates to the list, you know the smart ones that can help you study. My dumb and wimpy soon gets bullied but hey at least your mommy is getting her pussy satisfied and you get to pass your classes son.

Kelly Payne – Mom gots a massive squirting orgasm FullHD 1080p

Kelly Payne – Mom gots a massive squirting orgasm FullHD 1080p

Mom Strips For Your Best Friend

You call your mom letting her know you completely forgot to plan your best friend’s bachelor party. Mom suggests just taking him to a bar. You ask her if she’ll strip for him. Mom’s thrown off a bit… yes she used to strip but that was years ago and isn’t it kind of weird to have your mom strip for your friend? You tell her he’s always had a crush on her and ask her please. She agrees and gets ready telling you to let yourself in when you get there and put him in her room and she’ll take care of the rest. She is dressed to impress! Wearing her sexy high heels, cat ears and sexy black lingerie. She turns on some music and slowly starts teasing and stripping. At the end of the song she asks if you would like a lap dance. She continues to tease you and rub on your hard cock through your pants. You suggest a little more… maybe a happy ending. She laughs, thinking your joking. Aroused and feeling incredibly sexy and desirable she easily gives in and starts sucking your cock. (VS BJ switching into Dildo POV BJ) She continues to enjoy your hard cock and then pushes it between her tits and lets you titty fuck her for awhile. Your friends mom gets so aroused she can’t take it any longer, she needs to feel your cock deep inside her wet pussy. (Virtual Sex POV switching into Dildo POV) Your both about to cum when her son, your best friend walks in the room. She tries to find words as she was so close to orgasm, and you simply shove your cock back in her. She pulls away a moment as she notices her son’s boner and her own son implies he wants to play as well. Taken back a bit, she pauses and considers this… until finally giving in as you and her son convince her. You continue to fuck her white she sucks her sons cock, then watch her get fucked by her son while you stroke your own cock. He cums inside her and now it’s your turn. you pull her back towards you and start fucking her again watching her tits bounce as she cums all over your cock. After you fill her pussy with more cum she pulls away and brings herself to a massive squirting orgasm. After a moment of ecstasy, she starts to come down from her orgasmic high and it dawns on her what she just did…

Mom Fucks Her Sons Bully – Kelly Payne – Virtual Family FullHD 1080p

Mom Fucks Her Sons Bully - Kelly Payne – Virtual Family FullHD 1080p

Mommy Kelly has made a deal with her son’s school bully, you’ve agreed to leave her son alone as long as she agrees to fuck you whenever you want. You heard through friends it’s her son’s birthday today and she’s having a party for her son. You call and invite yourself, and tell her to wear something revealing and sexy. She tells you no, so you remind her of all the messed up things you could easily start doing to her son. She agrees and when you arrive she even shows you she’s not wearing any panties underneath her skirt. When it’s time to sit down to eat, her son and parents join you both at the table. You decide it’s a great opportunity to shove your fingers deep inside her pussy and bring her to orgasm right in front of her son and guests. She tries her best to maintain a calm and normal state but struggles. As guests make their way into the room near the kitchen you tell her to get under the table and suck your cock. She does as you say but you nearly get caught. Afterwards you tell her you want to fuck her right there in the kitchen with all the guests nearby. (POV VS with Dildo) She reluctantly pulls up her skirt and climbs onto your hard cock. again so close to getting caught you tell her to bend over and fuck her hard and deep from behind while her ass bounces up and down on your cock, covering your cock in her cum. You stop and tell her to finish you off on her knees… you want to cum on her face. You drench her in your cum, completely covering her face, tits, and clothes. Leaving her alone to figure out how to discreetly make it to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Let Mommy Help You – Empress Meow – fauxcest FullHD 1080p

Let Mommy Help You - Empress Meow – fauxcest FullHD 1080p

No need to feel embarrassed that mommy caught you touching yourself. I only want to show you the proper way to do it. A big boy should know how to have a big orgasm and to last long as well. Good thing mommy knows how to do this best! You should learn all you need after a blowjob and fucking. But you can still ask mommy to help you again whenever you need me.

Family Boxxx – Cadence Lux – I shot my load deep inside my Step-Sister SD mp4

Family Boxxx - Cadence Lux - I shot my load deep inside my Step-Sister SD mp4

So there I was spying on my step-sister again. Every day at the same time she video chats with her boyfriend who is overseas. At the end of their conversation, she always gets half naked and plays with herself so her B/F can beat off. I know it’s wrong to watch, but my step-sister is so fucking hot I can’t help it. Today I decided to film her with my phone so I could jerk off to it later on. Unfortunately, my best friend Ricky freaking tried to call me while I was filming Cadence and she busted me big time. At first she freaked out, covered herself, and yelled at me. But once she saw how hard my cock was for her, Cadence immediately turned off her laptop and uncovered herself. Well I guess she was over her Long distance relationship because next thing you know my step-sister was sucking on my balls. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and I stuck my throbbing hard on into her juicy wet pussy. I didn’t last too long though, because it felt so good. I shot my load deep inside my sisters CUNT while she came all over my dick. After we were finished she made me promise not to tell anyone what happened.

I Say Yes – Pepper Hart – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

I Say Yes - Pepper Hart - ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

Guda comes home to his less than receptive partner. He tries to make advances on his sexy little package of a woman, but Pepper just won’t give in, not even conceding a blowjob. Having enough rejection, Guda uses his time stop watch to freeze her. This time, yes. He maneuvers his now helpless, and unable to decline lover to remove her phone from her hands a device long standing between them and their sex life, and replaces it with his cock. He pushes it between her fingers and gets hard from the feeling of her frozen fingers rolling over his shaft. Picking her up and bending her over the chair he inspects her sexy little ass and spreads it open to taste her. His tongue works in and out of her pussy lips getting her nice and wet for his intruding cock. Standing up, he fucks her from behind thrusting his ramrod into her non-consenting cunt. He bangs away at her before unfreezing her just long enough to get a glimpse of what was happening to her, gasps and moans escape her mouth just momentarily. He lays her on the table and fucks her harder and harder, finally bursting inside her. He unfreezes her, and his distraught girlfriend shocked by what has happened stumbles away.

Amateur Boxxx – Crystal Rush – My Brothers Hot Russian Wife is Sex Robot FullHD 1080p

Amateur Boxxx - Crystal Rush - My Brothers Hot Russian Wife is Sex Robot FullHD 1080p

Ive had the suspicion something is up with my brothers new russian wife. She is just….. i don’t know how to put it. I think she might be a robot, seriously. I might be going crazy. Only one way to find out. I waited till my step-brother was gone and stop by to say hi. With the help of a special frequency module device I was able to use it to put her in a mesmerized state. Im not big on science or technology, but i think it put her in a reboot state. Russian Sex Robots, this is awesome. We all know what we would do with a russian sex robot. She didn’t mind following my commands or taking my load.

American Family – LittleSquirtles – Virgin Christian Girl Rough Deep Throat FullHD 1080p

American Family - LittleSquirtles - Virgin Christian Girl Rough Deep Throat FullHD 1080p

Being the good little Christian she is, Debbie finds herself in a bind when her long time boyfriend, Mark, heads off to college, leaving Debbie back in high school. Like most relationships, Debbie really tries to make it work! But things get a little rough when Mark comes back from college and wants to fuck!! Poor Debbie doesn’t know what to do: follow the beliefs her parents raised her on in saving yourself until marraige, or to just suck it up and please her boyfriend’s needs. After school one day, Debbie heads over to Mark’s house and is ready to give him everything he wants… but it’s much more intense than she ever would have expected…