Primal Fetish Joclyn Stone, Rion King – Mom Eliminates Distractions part two HD mp4

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Joclyn gets a hold of Rion’s phone and it looks like some dirty little slut from school is sending him pictures and texts that mean Rion is about to break the deal they had. Joclyn is very firm and won’t let Rion leave for school until she makes her point

Primal Fetish – Joclyn Stone, Rion King – Mom Eliminates Distractions part one HD mp4

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Joclyn is just tired of Rion’s bad grades. She wants him to have a good future and he is too distracted chasing girls to focus on his studies like he should be. Of course boys his age need to constantly release “pressure” so she can only think of one solution. She is going to make a deal to be sure he gets everything he needs from her, and he won’t waist time chasing silly little girls his age.

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Mom and Dad have been so annoying lately! They promised I would get a car for my 18th birthday, but they still haven’t bought it for me! I totally deserve this car – I’ve kept my grades up in school, I haven’t missed curfew, my room stays perfectly clean… What more do they want from me??

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Mandy, some of my all time favorite videos are your “Lost Bet” and “Pervert Brother” videos and I would love to commission another from you where your brother is spying on you while you are masturbating. This time he watches for a few minutes until you hear him bump into the door while he is trying to get a better look. The key to this one is that you are masturbating in your parents bed, drinking and using your moms dildo! So right away he lets you know you are going to do something for him or he is going to tell mom and dad everything. I think having him start with his obvious foot fetish, and then moving further along, you admit you have wanted to find out if all the rumors from other girls about how amazing he is sexually have you very curious. Do what you do so well and I think end with him cumming in your mouth would be perfect!

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Part 3 — Mom has been really anxious about her next date with her new boyfriend. I don’t think she’s gotten any dick from him yet and she’s really nervous. She was talking about it in the kitchen earlier and I thought nothing of it until she came in wearing some see-through stripper dress — SUPER revealing wow. Then she demanded I help her calm down by making her cum with my mouth. She blows off some steam, I learn to eat pussy from Mom. It’s a win-win

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Daddy and brother found out I am a camgirl! They totally set me up! They baited me by having my brother jerking off int he living room for me to catch. They knew I would try to blackmail him and I did! But in the middle of fucking and sucking my brother, daddy walked in! Lyttle did I know, they had cameras set up and ready to go! They caught every bit of my naughtiness. Watch as they pass me back and forth and fill me with cum

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Margo Sullivan & Kevin Cockner — Margo walked into her room just as her son was cleaning the ceiling fan like she had asked him to. While talking to him, she noticed that his shorts were baggy and gave them a tug. She asked if anyone had been that close to his dick before, then asked if mommy could give it a lick. It wasn’t long before it was hands on sex ed

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A role play video where I downloaded a program that took control over my mind and made me completely obedient. This of course was put to use, and I first got instructed what to do, then got fucked hard and creampied. Anjee

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The Girls Ivy and Olive are watching the game with rock and are completely un interested in the game. They only want rock to buy them more beer. He shows them his new watch he just got. Discovering that this isn’t just a normal watch but on that has special powers It has the power to freeze the two girls. Rock quickly realizes the girls are only there to use him, so he decides to use them right back. He undresses them touching them all over. Then he slides his cock in there mouths. He goes back and forth between fucking there open mouths. then sets them up to fuck their sweet young pussies. Using them like his personal fuck dolls he gets exactly what he wants.

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You’re not really sure why she keeps hanging around but once she takes off her towel to dry her hair, you start to beat it faster. Lucky for you, she’s in the giving mood as she asks if she can suck your cock. You’re not one to turn down such an offer so your sister gets on her knees and goes to town. Every so often she tries to talk, but her mouth is crammed with cock. She pops your cock from her mouth to ask about the upcoming dance, family vacation, whatever, in between long strokes into her tight and talented throat. You watch your sister slurp and worship your cock, building you up to an intense orgasm. She makes you promise not to cum on her face this time, “I don’t wanna have to take another shower!” and you happily oblige, unloading a thick load onto her waiting tongue. She slurps it all down before laying back and quickly masturbating, licking her own juices from her fingers before standing. “Maybe I’ll just make pasta and sauce?” she muses, “yeah, that’ll be easier. Alright, later!”