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The Devil In My Daughter

My little Daughter was growing up so fast. She was changing so much but something else was going on. Something not of this world. It started with her being distant and I just thought that was normal girlhood stuff but then it became these long far off gazes to nowhere. Then the weird talking started. Like a different language but one I had never heard before. An old language. Also she became abnormally sexual and explicit. Which is fine except it was towards me. Her own Mother! I had done some research and found out she might be posessed. One night I woke up and there she was. She took off her nightie and started towards me then started convulsing and speaking the Devils words! I knew what I had to do. I must fuck the Devil out of my Daughter!

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When My Uncle Fucked Me On The Balcony

I Wonder Who Was Watching

Dear Diary,

When I got up the next morning my uncle was on the balcony. I was still turned on from the night before so I went outside to join him. I sat on the table and spread my legs to tease him into going back inside.

Uncle Jay buried his face in my pussy right there on the table where anyone could see. His lips and tongue fund my clit swiftly and had me moaning loud. After he made me cum I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth not caring who might see.

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 Just To Get Me Alone I Think My Uncle Lied

Later that night when Uncle Jay was in bed I snuggled up next to him under the covers. I felt him put his arm around me so I teasingly moved it to my breast. Next thing I knew Uncle Jay was sucking my nipples and rubbing my panties.

Before long my uncles head was buried between my legs and I was cumming hard. Uncle Jay laid back then and let me suck his hard cock. We moved into a 69 and I came yet again.

By then I had to feel him inside me so I climbed on top and straddled my uncles cock. We made love for what seemed like hours before Uncle Jay blew his load all over my belly. Thats when my uncle made me promise to keep it a secret…… Since he lied first I’m sure it’s ok to break that promise just a little.

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 FFeZine Taboo Pink Bikini

Bikini Taboo ‘DADDY’S GIRL’ has got a new BIKINI and she wants DADDY dom to notice her wearing it, and tell her how pretty she looks in it, how tight and revealing it is on her slender body, how delicious it is as the bottoms cling to her privates following the contours of her ripe little cunt and ass. She knows he’ll like that and how it will make him feel, and she knows that he will want to peel them down and lick her ass hole as he fingers her button, and that will make her feel all sexy and wet, so she’ll enjoy sucking his loving cock making it hard a rock to stretch her tight hole. After all who could resist a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ in a new pink bikini

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Taboo Perverted Filthy Daddy Joy

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Resistance, irresistable, petite nubile sexy, oh my I’m so perverted, but my cock is so hard looking down on my girl, she’s young firm, supple and I bet tight, not like that bitch of a mother of hers. Fuck it my cocks kiliing and she’s such a fun loving girl, I’m sure she’ll be a real slut, god damn I’d love her to be my fucking whore. Fuck it I’m going for it I’m gonna touch her, fuck yea I’m gonna fuck her tight cunt like the whore she will become.. oh my that is so perverted and basically the fantasy depicted in this video, so just enjoy it’s only a fantasy…don’t do this at home. wmv version

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Kinky Taboo POV Fantasy Sex, slim, petite much younger ‘Daddy’s Girl’ gets to ride older mature cock in this intimate kinky taboo ‘extreme dream’. Enjoy her sweet petite charm from your ‘point of view’ as she rides your cock, front ways and back, watch with delight as her tight pussy takes you all the way in again and again as you take your taboo pleasures comfortably in control of her nubile body. Indulge in taboo fantasy knowing these are not illicit pleasures and she is old enough to perform for you. Revel in the delights of the 30 year age gap between her pink wet slit and the cock it rides. Marvel fascinated as that 50 year old’s spunk drips out of her much younger ‘fuck hole’ covering your spent cock in thick spunk. Then turn her round again and admire her lovely peachy ass with your cum still clinging to her well fucked pussy lips…and then enjoy her all over again.

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Erin Electra , Matthias Christ - This stepmom fucks her stepson everyday

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