Stepmom gets stuck and has sex – Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

Stepmom gets stuck and has sex - Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

Her stepson was learning to juggle and she was really proud of him, so when he dropped one of his practice balls under the shelves she was happy to offer to get it for him. only thing was after she got the ball she couldn’t get herself out! she was stuck! She got her stepson to take off one item of clothing at a time to see if that would help her get free, but nothing helped. She was totally naked, and now she was horny…., and stuck. Her stepson should really just have sex with her now and maybe that would wiggle her free?

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:19:56
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Stepmom helps her stepson study – Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

Stepmom helps her stepson study - Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

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Resolution: 3840 x 2160
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Size: 1.38 Gb

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Stepmom helps stepson cum – Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

Stepmom helps stepson cum - Erin Electra FullHD 1080p

He was away at college and the stress had been building. He just wasn’t used to the pressure. the fellow classmates that wore short skirts…..and the studies! so many tests! So, in desperation one day he decided to video call his stepmom to see if she could help. It was a little embarrassing, and there wasn’t a lot of privacy in the dorm,….so he got under the sheet and gave her a call. She seemed to think it was probably a build up of semen……apparently it’s a common problem….. So she talked him through it and got him excited with her wonderful kitties out on camera for him and got him to cum! Then, months later, during the holidays, He came home to visit and was masturbating in the bathroom one morning, as usual, when his stepmom came in and started suck his dick while he was sitting on the toilet! And they had sex right then and there in the bathroom!

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Virtual Porn kristinaxxx – Daddy blackmails me to show tits SD

 kristinaxxx - Daddy blackmails me to show tits SD

The video starts with POV of my Dad sitting on his bed, I enter the bedroom wearing a gym top and a little bit sweaty. I tell my father that I am back from the gym and now I am going to take a shower cause I have plans to meet my friends at the mall, mom is not home so I ask my dad to take me there, but he is not in the mood for taking me, so I start begging Dad to take me, and I move a little bit my gym top to show more clevage, Dad tells me that he has an idea but I can’t tell my mom, I am happy now and I ask father about the idea, but he says he wants to touch my boobs, I am shocked and I can’t believe my father asked me to do that. I say that is wrong and things like that until I agree, so I get close to the camera and try to squeeze my boobs with the top without showing my hands, trying to act like my father is doing it, after that father asks me to show him my boobs without removing the top, same I am shocked and I can’t believe so I start dirty talking saying how bad is it, finally I do it, and after that now he wants to suck them. I can’t believe it but I really want to go to the mall so I agree, I get close to the camera acting like he was doing it, while doing it my father asks me to spit on my own boobs so he can taste my spit on my tits, I am disgusted but I do it anyway until he asks me to kiss him on the lips (here I do a virtual kissing with a mouth close up) and then he asks me to spit on his mouth I am now this far so I don’t have an issue, after doing that my dad asks me to give him a hand job, I don’t want to but I do it (pov like if he is laying on his bed and I am laying next to him but with my face very close to the camera). My father tells that he loves my breath smell next to his face since I am a young girl, but now he wants me to have a little breath play close to his face while I am doing a virtual hand job without showing any dildo, only the movement, until I act like if he cum so I get up quickly and say “hope you can take with my friends now” and I go.

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Robomeats Melody Jordan – Bad Brother Timestops Good Sister SD

Robomeats Melody Jordan - Bad Brother Timestops Good Sister SD

Melody is in her room reading when her br0ther, Max, comes in. He asks her how school is going, and she tells him about her classes, he asks if she is interested in any boys, and she tells him that she is nervous, and hasn’t even kissed a boy yet, he offers to teach her how and she agrees. After a couple kisses, Max leans in and grabs her boob and Melody tells him that she is not interested in that, so Max activates his timestop watch and she freezes. He plays with her and exposes her boobs, then restarts her. Melody tells him that she is not interested in going any further, and that he needs to stop, so he stops time again. He goes even further and lays her down and starts playing with her pussy, then he makes her frozen hand finger herself. Then Max opens her timestopped mouth and starts to fuck it, then lays her back down and fucks her till he cums inside of her. *Explicit Sexual Content

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Cum In Auntie – Vera James Xx FullHD 1080p

Vera James Xx - Cum In Auntie FullHD 1080p

Did your mom send you over here to check on me? She’s the best sister and you have been a wonderful nephew! I am going to be fine though! I promise. It’s just a divorce. One that has been coming for a long time and MUCH needed. I know, I know I should date again but it just seems exhausting. Of course you can tell me a secret, honey. You can tell your aunt anything… Wow, I didn’t expect that! I’m giving you THAT huge boner right now?? Oh geez. Maybe just a handjob, right? That’s not too bad… Enjoy! Xo, Vera J

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Taboo Heat Cassidy Luxe – Step Moms Friend Truth Or Dare Parts 1-3 FullHD 1080p

 Taboo Heat Cassidy Luxe - Step Moms Friend Truth Or Dare Parts 1-3 FullHD 1080p

Dare You To Keep A Secret-

Cory Chase is excited that her friend, Cassidy Luxe, is coming to spend the weekend at her mansion! Cassidy arrives wearing hot pink shorts with a matching tank top. Cory walks Cassidy down the hallway to the guest room. Cory leaves the room and Cassidy decides that she’s going to lie down and rest. Cassidy strips out of her clothing and lies down on the bed completely naked. A few moments later, Cory’s step-son, Luke Longly, walks into the guest room. He didn’t know that his step-mom would be having any friends over this weekend, so he was surprised to find Cassidy in the bedroom that he normally stays in! Cassidy asks Luke if he wants to play a game with her, and they decide to play Truth or Dare. Cassidy dares Luke to have sex with her and to not tell his step-mom. Cassidy lies down on the bed and Luke starts to rub her clit. He is inexperienced so he asks her if he’s doing it correctly, and she says ‘yes!’ She wants to suck his cock, so she starts to give him a blowjob. She hops on top of his cock next, and she rides him in the cowgirl position. She lies down in the missionary position and he continues to fuck her pussy. They’re both trying so hard to be quiet so that Cory won’t hear them! She flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke keeps fucking her pussy from behind. They hear a noise outside of the bedroom door and they get nervous that Cory is going to come in, so they stop what they’re doing…

Make Me Good, Daddy – Derrick Pierce, Lulu Chu FullHD 1080p

Make Me Good, Daddy - Derrick Pierce, Lulu Chu FullHD 1080p

Stepdad Derrick (Pierce) is sternly confronting his stepdaughter Lulu (Chu) about her bad behavior, namely her desire for more than just fatherly love from him. Her repeated response of “Because I wanted to” doesn’t cut it with daddy. Lulu apologizes and pleads with him: “If I listen, if I’m good, will you, can you try to love me?”. Derrick resists but does concede that if she listens and does what she’s told he will return to the subject later. Later on, while she’s dutifully putting away all the dishes in the kitchen cabinet, he calls her over and announces: “You’ve been such a good girl, I wanted to give you a little reward: a kiss, but you can’t tell anyone”. Lulu is thrilled, and it turns out to be a French kiss, but stepdad insists that’s enough -no second kiss. She flirts to no avail, as he slaps her behind and sends her off to do chores.

That night, a dejected Lulu confessed to daddy that she broke her promise and told a girl (who she’s never even met) online about kissing him. Derrick is disappointed in her failing to obey him, and Lulu’s solution is to ask him: “Just punish me”. He answers her with the revelation that he was about to reward her for good behavior but that’s canceled. Lulu gets down on her knees to beg for forgiveness, pleading: “Daddy, I want to be good -you can make me good”.

Beside himself, Derrick says: “You’re crazy -you don’t even know what you’re doing. You should be seeing somebody your own age”. She responds: “You’re the only man who’s ever excited me, daddy. I hate my mother”. “I love your mother”, he insists, but she says: “Why can’t you love both of us?”. Derrick orders her to go back to her room, but much to Lulu’s surprise, changes his tune: “Stop! Close the door and lock it”. Lulu lets a hint of a smile creep across her face, as her back is still turned to him.

“There can’t be any more slip-ups, no mistakes. If you do, I’ll leave you” is his ultimatum. “How can I prove I’m obedient, daddy?”, she asks. “I want to make you a good girl. You want to show me your tits, don’t you?”, he says, giving her orders, followed by a request of the topless girl to give him a lapdance. “You want to see my cock, don’t you? Why don’t you take off those panties and show me your pretty, little pussy?”, he asks. Lulu obeys without hesitation. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
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Truth or Dare Pt.2 The car ride home – Korina Kova FullHD 1080p

Truth or Dare Pt.2 The car ride home - Korina Kova FullHD 1080p

This is a continuation of Truth or Dare, its been 2 days and I come into your room in the morning to let you know that your father is really upset as there was no hiding what was done with sending that pic of me covered in my sons cum, but I let you know I will still be there at your basketball game and eventually your father will forgive us. I am there cheering you on at the game and when we are driving home I pull over and say you deserve a reward, I tell you that the other night released my inner slut and I start stripping and grabbing your cock, I get aggressive and I’m very excited to have your cock again, sucking and fucking you wild in the car and trunk of the car I am the perfect mommy slut, you drain your cock all over my face when the phone rings, its your father and he is pissed that we are late. This video is heavy on the taboo talk and play and was shot in 3 different locations with lots of virtual sex and all POV

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:25:18
Size: 932 Mb

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Truth or Dare Taboo Mom and Son – Korina Kova FullHD 1080p

Truth or Dare Taboo Mom and Son - Korina Kova FullHD 1080p

My newest Mom Son Taboo video, this was a custom and his name is used, but I am relaxing on the couch and call you (son) and your father into the living room to watch out favourite show Game of Thrones, when suddenly the power goes out and Dad decides to just head to bed, when I turn to you and ask if you (son) will wait it out and see if the power comes back on, but I need to hold your interest somehow and remember that when I was in college and had no TV me and my friends would play truth or dare, so at first its innocent but quickly changes to more and more daring sexual acts until we can not fight it any longer, I jerk and suck you, then dare you to make me cum, laying back I enjoy your hard cock in missionary making me cum we have to be quiet with your father in the other room, I now tell you to lay back and I climb on top ridding you hard and dirty talking I decide to dare you to cum all over my tits, but you can’t help but give me one last dare, you dare me to send you father pictures of me covered in your cum, I never give up and loose a dare! This video is heavy on story building and is a slow burn with lots of build up and taboo talk, shot all in point of view this is a solo role play video and if you like this scenario its a must have xoxox Love Korina

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:20:00
Size: 751 Mb

aincest – 42704 Truth or Dare Taboo Mom and Son HD 1080p.mp4