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She tells you that she can’t risk it anymore, letting you two explore each other, because she’s afraid someone might find out. “Our parents would be so upset,” she tells you. It’s true. But you have feelings for your sister, and she has them for you too. When you came back, you were expecting to do all those things again, but now she’s trying to push you away.

“No, no…I knew when you came in that this is what you wanted, but we can’t,” she smiles. After trying to persuade her, she caves in, “Okay, okay…just a handjob.” As your sister begins touching your cock, she gets turned on. “I missed touching your cock,” she says in a sweet, seductive tone. “I love it.”

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She’s noticed the rug burns on her step-daughter’s knees, just as her grades started to slide. This curvy and athletic MILF is a believer in good schooling and getting her ass filled with dick, so she decides to kill two birds with one stone. She offers Seth deal: she’ll teach him how to fuck if he leaves her sweet Dolly alone to study. Seth agrees, on the condition that he gets the chance to advocate for his faith, which involves rope bondage and orgasm control play with his dick in her ass. Tied to the family dining room table with no where to hide, Dee is fucked into many squirting orgasmic confessions, paying for each fountain of squirt with a zapper and crop.

Clothes pins tightly clamped to her nipples and clit are not enough to stop her from cumming over and over again, while Seth rails her ass, so he decides she needs some lessons from her sweet little daughter. Dolly comes home to find her step-mother tied up with an electrified butt plug in her ass and her youth minister’s cock in her slutty cunt. Seth invites her to convert her mother to their little game, and Dolly takes to it immediately, pressing her wet pussy on her mother’s face and electro-tormenting her mother’s asshole every time she cums without permission. Dolly licks the cock clean, fresh out her mother’s ass and chokes on it, drooling and thanking her mommy each time. The rest of the day is spent in sinful pleasure, with Dolly riding reverse cowgirl and deep throating cock while Dee is made to lick her cunt like a new, true believer.

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He obeys and finds her in the bathroom in her bra and thong. Totally on the prowl now, Alana sinks to her knees and pulls out Jason’s boner so she can start sucking him off. He may deny it, but it’s clear he wants to bang his hot stepmom. Pulling out her tits so he can admire them, she keeps peeling off her clothes until she’s naked and bent over the counter. With her big ass in front of him, Jason isn’t about to deny her invitation to fill her with cock. Relocating to the bedroom, the duo explores all the different positions Jason has fantasized about. He bangs his stepmother’s landing strip snatch as she holds her legs apart while staring up at him. Then she gets on her hands and knees to take a doggy style pussy pounding. When she climbs onto Jason’s fuck stick, Alana rides him like a stallion until she cums! Back in her original position with her hands holding her thighs apart, Alana watches with big bright eyes as Jason pulls out to cover her belly and twat in cum.

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Part 1
Nathan has a date tonight, but mom won’t let him have the keys to her car. She gave him a list of chores, and he’s barely done half. Mom tells him he isn’t getting car access until he finish that list, and she won’t let Nathan’s “slut” date come over. Nathan’s sick of arguing. He’s getting laid tonight no matter what. And if he can’t get to his slutty date to take care of that, well he’ll just have to fuck the slut right in front of him.

Part 2
Dee’s trying to head out to work, but she can’t find her purse. Her son pops in, holding the bag tauntingly in the doorway. Nathan doesn’t want her to forget just who’s in charge in this house, commanding her to strip. Even though she still feels awkward to say the least, by now Dee’s learned there’s no room to refuse. She knows Nathan is going to get his way no matter what. And as she runs out to work with a dripping, cum-filled pussy, she knows it’ll all happen again when she gets home.

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I feel so guilty… you should be out with your friends, not stuck inside helping me… Lay down? No, no, I couldn’t ask you to… Oh alright. But only if you let me say thank you after, in any way that I see fit. Promise?? Here, let me pull up my dress a bit, should make it easier… mmm… What is that pressing into me… it’s hard. Is that your phone? My goodness where did you learn to move your hands like that…ohhh, yes.

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So I confront her in her room about the photo and she denies that it’s her. So the only way to find out is for me to lift up her shirt and find our

myself. Which she refuses and becomes uncomfortable that her mother is touching her like this. I try and spank the slut out of her but since she likes it I decide the only way to punish her

is to treat her like the true slut she is. I show her mommy’s titties and we kiss and play with our boobs. Then I use a vibrator on her and edge my slutty daughter to orgasm. There is no

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i had just gotten up for school and all i could think about was my sexy mom’s perfect body and i knew i need to play with her some more. i found mom in the kitchen and i just flat out asked her if she could help me cum again before school, she nearly shocked when i asked her. mom looked scared and made sure dad was still in his room. she said no and that yesterday was a one time thing. i begged and told her that i did better and school and she agreed that i did good on a quiz yesterday. mom got a serious look on her face and told me to wait till my father leaves and then she would meet me in my room. when dad was gone mom came into my room wearing a short bathrobe, she said we needed to figure something else out because she didn’t have time to rinse the lube off her butt like yesterday or she would be late for work. i hesitantly asked her if she could use her hands and she agreed! after a few minutes i got mom to loose the robe and so she jerked me off wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

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I know you and my mom have been fighting like mad and I know you under a lot of stress so how about this, I’ll do you a little favor every now and again if you do me one.
It’s simple really, I’ll make sure to keep you happy and satisfied if you don’t tell my mom when I skip out on school.. deal? Trust me Daddy you want to say yes.