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Time to get up and go to class sleepyhead. I wish you could stay here playing with Mommie all day but it is time to get that cute little butt out of bed. Maybe a few little kisses on these red undies of yours will help motivate you to get up. Well part of you is up at least! I might have enough time to suck off my little darling before his bus arrives but you can’t expect me to make you cum every morning before school. I do think it is sweet how you just want Mommie to play with your cock all the time. Tomorrow you better take care of your morning wood yourself but for today you can lie back and enjoy your blowjob from Mommie.

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When I agreed to help you get your new start-up off the ground I did not realize I would really just be subsidizing your wanking time! Yes, Mommie has checked your browser history and she knows you are playing with yourself when you should be working. I guess Mommie is going to have to sure her little entrepreneurs cock gets the attention it needs in a more timely manner.

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So your sis has been complaining a lot recently about how long you take in the shower. She had some pretty graphic theories about what you are doing in there and honestly we both know she is right. You are taking up her shower time so you can masturbate. Don’t be embarrassed, all boys play with themselves but it is very inconsiderate of you to block your sis from using the bathroom just to jerk off. I did not come here just to tease you, sweetie, but to offer solution that you might like better than stroking yourself in the shower. If you promise to be speedy in morning so your sis can take her time in there then I will make sure you get to cum every morning before school. Doesn’t a blowjob from Mommie every morning sound better than fighting with your sis?

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I am so excited to take my special little man out to the strip club tonight. I bet you are just as excited to have all those pretty girls sitting in your lap right in front of Mommie. Are you all ready? Don’t worry about getting hard, sweetie, the dancers understand that happens sometimes. If you really are too nervous about cumming in your pants then maybe I should make sure you cum right now so you won’t be so excitable. Just a quick blowjob from Mommie and then you will be all ready for your first lap dance.

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So you need to ask Mommy for a favor, huh? You want the keys to the car for a night out with your friends. Well what kind of favor are you willing to do for Mommy first?

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Daddy, I know it’s your wedding day, but I need to talk to you. Why am I wearing this white dress? Well, I know that traditionally, it’s reserved for the bride but I have something to give you today too…
See, I know why you’re marrying that awful woman. You think she’s so special. So perfect. Like no other woman you’ve ever been with. But I’m here to tell you the truth Daddy. The truth is, your little girl is just as dirty, and then some! Yes, I know why you’re marrying her. You think she does it harder, dirtier, sluttier than anyone else but really, it’s me. I’m your dirty cunt slut, and today I’m going to show you how. Every inch of my throat filled with your cock, gagging and choking on your cock then sliding it into my ass so I can taste my dirty hole off my Daddy’s dick. I’m such a stupid dirty slut, Daddy, and nothing will ever change that. No stupid wife, no awful stepmother, will ever change what a filthy whore I am for my Daddy’s cock.

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Tattoos: Cherry at the bottom of her back; key above the wrist of her right arm.

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Aiden Valentine is on a new medication that can have the side effect of sleep walking. So Fifi Foxx and and mom go to check up on him but are under doctors orders to not wake him up. POV He fucks his mom and sister.

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Nicky is horny when he sits down beside his sister. He is already naked, boner in hand, and begins touching his sister while she studies. Fifi is unfazed as this is common in her family. Whenever dad and brother are horny, Fifi lets them use her body to get off.

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“We gotta have a roof above our head, right?” she’d say, trying to manipulate me into feeling bad. And I’d do it…last month, the month before, and the month before that. She’d have every excuse in the book, and she knew she could count on me.

But she wasn’t the only one. My sister had barged into my room, begging for money to go out with her friends. “She has a job, I don’t even have a job because I’m in school. How am I supposed to make money?” my sister whined.