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The beautiful Light Ray is shocked to come home to her equally stunning doppelganger, Dark Ray. It seems the dark master has created a super-powerful clone of her. Before she can process the incredible event, Dark Ray opens her pouty lips and emits a noxious cloud of poison gas, dropping Light Ray instantly.
To celebrate their dastardly victory, the master allows his submissive pet to suck his big, long cock. She does so hungrily, eager to please her evil master. Dark Ray gazes up at him adoringly as she does her best to take in the full length of his shaft. The master further rewards his slave by bending her over the sofa and railing her from behind, taking in the sight of her big brown booty.

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Cocky heroine Ninja Girl follows a tip to a location to retrieve a special stone. Upon arriving, she realizes she’s not the first. Already annoyed that she had to take her Sat and work, she makes quick work of the thief and goes one step further, forcing him to strip and wait for the cops. She retrieves the stone and thinks nothing of the humiliating predicament she left the thief in. Weeks later, she finds herself face to face with Rashi, a villain whom she put away years ago.

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Olivia Lee – Captain America – Falling To the Eye of the Watcher HD mp4

Captain Patriot is meeting with Director Mark Watcher the head of Oculus, a new secret organization dedicated to watching over America’s interests. Captain Patriot is eager, since the one agency previously fought for has fallen into chaos. Watcher Directs her attention to the All Seeing Eye, which is the symbol of the Organization, and it totally captures the Captain’s Attention. Then the director begins to explain the need for unquestioning obedience, and CP becomes reluctant, and then outraged when Watcher makes an obscene demand. CP gives a speech about what she stands form, and takes a step to storm out in righteous indignation, until Watcher issues a command word…

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This is cosplay to Rei Ayanami from anime Evangelion. This vid includes anal and pussyfuck scenes but more anal, a lot of blowjob and ass to mouth. you will see my fav poses (doggy, riding, missionary and cool angles) at the end I get super big facial and show you a result.