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LittleReislin – Good Morning, Daddy! – Creampie Incest HD avi

LittleReislin - Good Morning

Filling in for mom – Holly – Taboo-Fantasy FullHD mp4 1080p c4s

Filling in for mom

When Holly’s Mom goes away overseas for 6 months….Holly has to Fill In For Mom!!! Dad sits down with her, and goes over the list of duties Holly must inherit. Holly is anxious to begin her new role….so immediately after having the Daddy Daughter talk…she goes to work vacuuming the living room. At dinner time, Holly makes Dad’s favourite….roast beef with potatoes….and she even baked cupcakes for dessert!! Dad is very impressed so far…and tells Holly that her roast beef was even better than Mom’s!! At bedtime, however….Dad drops a bombshell on Holly!!! Dad explains that each night at bedtime….Mom and Dad usually make love…..and since Holly is Filling In For Mom…she should take over this chore too!!! Holly is reluctant…but Dad convinces her that it is perfectly normal for her to assume this new role. Holly gets her shorts off, and Dad can’t believe how smooth and tight her tiny little pussy is!! Dad eagerly licks Holly’s young cunt….and Holly even climaxes! Dad proceeds to fuck the stuffing out of little Holly….and tells her that this shall become a nightly event. Holly asks if Daddy sometimes wants to stick it in her bum hole too…..and Dad seems interested…….

Club Tug Alyssa Hard – She Made Him Cum HD mp4 [720p/2019]

She Made Him Cum

Theres no better way to be awakened than with a handjob. Alyssa Hart’s step father knows this because its how the teen chooses to wake him up every single day. They have no business engaging in this kind of thing but he doesn’t care so she doesn’t care either.

Lola Fae – Daddy`s Big dick Crush My SD mp4 2019

Daddy`s Big dick Crush My

Lola Fae is concerned that her stepdad has not been feeling well, and she wants to help as much as she can. Luckily, she knows exactly what to do to make her horny stepdad feel all better…

Squirting Is The Best Medicine

Pee Family – Cory Chase, Kara Lee – One Two Pee HD mp4 720p

Pee Family

Today was a fun day of drinking grape juice, fucking by the pool and swallowing some pee. Before going out to the pool, Mom wanted a fresh drink of pee. She was so thirsty from her workout this morning that she took the pee from the cock… Outside… Daughter Kara is waiting for Dad to come out and give her some dick. Dad came out quickly and gave her the daily dose of the D! Next is a all the vitamin P she can swallow with Mom…Cory Scene Two Cory is standing above Kara outside by their swimming pool, and they are both completely naked. Cory says it is now time for her to try and pee on their daughter!! She wants to give it a try and see how she likes it. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this! Cory tells her daughter. A little bit of pee drips out, but she is too nervous to let all of her pee out on her daughter! So, Kara and her mom end up sitting down by the pool enjoying a glass. . Dad stands over them and begins to pee in his wife’s mouth first and then he pees in his daughter’s mouth next. After he pees in Kara’s mouth, she makes out with her mom and the two of them swap Luke’s pee back and forth in each other’s mouths. When they’re done, Luke starts fucking his daughter on the outdoor sofa again. He dumps his huge load on top of Kara’s face and in her mouth; his cum is everywhere!! ALSO bonus footage featuring Cory peeing on Kara for the first time at the very end!!

Manyvids Jessie Wolfe – Daddy Tease and Denial 4k mp4

 Manyvids Jessie Wolfe - Daddy Tease and Denial 4k mp4

Watch daddy tease and deny me. Getting me close to orgasm, then stopping and tickling me. Over and over until he allows me to cum all over his cock. Thank you Daddy

Manyvids Savannah Fox – Making my step daddy into my cuck FullHD mp4

Making my step daddy into my cuck

Savannah is stuck home for the evening with her lame stepdad Jimmy. He is so annoying and always trying to do weird bonding stuff with her. She promised her mom she would stay downstairs and watch a movie with him instead of disappearing into her room as usual. She agrees to watch a movie with him but she has already seen pretty much everything. Her boyfriend keeps sending her pics of his dick making it hard for her to pay attention to Jimmy. Finally she agrees to watch the movie and settles into the couch. As they get comfy Jimmy’s hand accidentally touches Savannah’s chest. Embarrassed he pulls away but she tells him its not a big deal, this loveseat is tiny! She sits on the opposite side and kicks her legs up on him. As the opening credits come on, Jimmy starts rubbing the inside of her thigh! Savannah points it out, embarrassing him further. Her stepdad is such a loser. She can see right through him so she decides to play a trick on him. She tells him she knows how they can be closer, that they can have secrets between them, Just like how he kept it a secret she snuck out last week. But he can NOT tell her mom, she doesn’t want to get grounded again. She tells Jimmy that she sees the way he looks at her when he thinks no one is watching. He wants her..and she loves her boyfriend but she has been looking from someone older..more experienced. She tells him that she has seen some pretty kinky porno’s and wants to try that freaky stuff. But her boyfriend is to pussy to do it with her. Unable to believe his ears, Jimmy stampers out that he’d love to give her some guidance.

Bad Daddy POV – Dakota Skye – Give Daddy your ASS FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Give Daddy your ASS

Daughter Is In A Lot Of Trouble

Dakota thinks she is going out tonight but my little whore isn’t going anywhere until she gives up her ass! I don’t care if she is sad or scared.. to bad. that’s what happens to sluts that look like her. So who better to teach her the streets the her Step dad. get on your knees whore and do what you do best

Veronica Valentine – Little Latina Daughter fucks her hung stepdad FullHD mp4

 Veronica Valentine - Daughter fucks her hung stepdad FullHD mp4

Veronica Valentine’s stepdad gets a call, it turns out she’s flunking out of college. He goes to confront her about it, only to catch her in the middle of a masturbation session! She really doesn’t want him to tell her mom about this problem, so she decides if he keeps his mouth shut, she’ll get her mouth coated in his hot load!

Ariana Marie Strip Club – Orgasm abuse FullHD mp4

Ariana Marie Strip Club - Orgasm abuse FullHD mp4

Ariana Marie has been hanging out at the strip trying to get a job and never suspected her stepdad would be there. Guess mom is not taking care of business as well as she thought! Well Ariana still fears her mom will take away her financial support if she finds out so she does what she does best, manipulates her stepdad into not ever telling, besides he will be in pretty deep you know what if his wife finds out where he has been hanging out. Ariana knows dad is always staring at her and her feet, so she gives him a nice, slow sexy footjob and handjob and lets him have a taste of her sexy toes.