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Femdomempire – Lexi Sindel – My Boyfriend is Home Part 2 – Strapon Domination HD mp4

Sissy gets taken in both holes by Lexi and her boyfriend. As sissy sucks the boyfriend’s thick hard cock, Lexi takes his ass with her strap-on. “If you want to remain our bedside pleasure pet you will lean to pleasure both of your owners at once.” This sissy will learn to do anything to please its owners.

Mommy like Dominated HD mp4 [720p/]

Mistress T Mom Uses Son For Her Pleasure

This is a very special vid for all my Mama’s boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I’m training my son to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our son! Filthy dirty family fantasy!

Primal Fetish – Ariel Grace – Owned By The Baby Sitter Hand Job HD mp4

You and your wife just came home from a fun night out, and she went in the bedroom and almost immediately. You go to relieve Ariel, who has been baby sitting your . She starts to tell you she’s going to be needing twice as much money as you’ve been giving her. She sees the way you look at her and how you have a boner as soon as she starts posing herself provocatively in front of you. She has you wrapped around her finger, and she’s going to get everything she wants from you. She owns your cock.. and your wallet.

Huge strapon in his ass – Mistress Amanda – STRAP ON SITE FullHD mp4

There is never a single occasion when the slave doesn’t try to beg Mistress Amanda to stop making him suffer and let him go. Hovewer he knows, tha Amanda won’t do such a thing, instead she is going to laugh at him and make him suffer even more. Now she is pushing her very thick strapon forcefully into his ass, despite his attempts to crawl away from her. He gets a few spanks too, because Amanda doesn’t like these tricks.

Patricia MedicalySado, Pou Fosc, Anna – Enclosure and Teasing – leather belt, Male Sub

With my friend’s help I take the slave out of the box in which he’s been shut away in the dark, in total silence, unable to move in his rubber suit. I decide to measure his resistance to masturbation, as I love messing with him. I start to mess with him, to do so I bind him in the bondage chair and squeeze him hard to take him to the edge. Not satisfied with this, I bind him in a much more uncomfortable position in some other favorite furniture and continue masturbating him, plus with my friend’s help, until I get tired. He mustn’t shoot his cum, I’ve warned him of that.

My Boyfriend is Home Part 1 – Female Domination,Bondage HD mp4

Mistress Lexis sissy maid has been behaving, and at times sissy slaves need the firm hand of a man to help put them straight. When Lexis boyfriend comes home, she informs him that their sissy slut was misbehaving. On her hands and knees, the sissy is employed as a footrest for the owners while they negotiate a punishment. The couple decides their sissy will need to be physically disciplined for her actions. While Lexis boyfriend is submissive to her, he actually enjoys humiliating and degrading sissy guys, especially if Lexi joins in on the fun.Sissy bends over and pulls up her skirt, exposing her pale unmarked ass. Lexi starts her punishment off with a riding crop, but it is not long until her boyfriend needs in on the fun, penalizing the slut with a leather strap. The pair take turns with a tail whip on sissys buttocks. When enduring the most dominant couples punishment, sissy squeals like a bitch. However, sissys ordeal isn’t yet completed, as the boyfriend is worked up in the punishment and also strategies to use sissy to satisfy his urges…

ClubDom – Anniversary Cock Hole Fucking FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Mistress Crystal has had so much fun celebrating her slave-anniversary by beating her slave mercilessly. Now its time to give her slave his reward. Mistress Crystal has her bitch bound on the bondage bed. His cock is already rock hard as Mistress Crystal explains to him that she is about to fuck his pussy hole with her metal sounds. Mistress Crystal begins to stroke his cock before stretching out his pee hole. She turns around and positions her naked ass and pussy above his face as she continues to fuck his dick with her sounding rod. He can’t take much of her sitting on his face while stroking and fucking his cock. He explodes with an orgasm while Crystal laughs at her slut. Now Mistress Crystal is satisfied. She locks her bitch up in his cage as she smokes a cigarette, telling him that she has even more planned for the next month!

Brook Logan – Brook Tiff Chloe Joining The Bad Girl Group SD mp4

I am on watch for Tiff, so she doesn’t get caught smoking from the teachers or see us missing our lesson! Were always such bad bitches!! And love it!!! Chloe the college goody girl comes along and wants to join me and tiff!! But there is no way!!! some one as good as her can join our group! We don’t like good girls!!! She just wouldn’t fit in our group being mean and bad! Unless she passes our little test! Which she agrees to do, as she wants to become a bad girl. She follows us, and we have a little surprise for her.. she has to get completely naked and take 2 nice strap on cock’s from myself and tiff ha ha ha Her pussy gets so creamed up as i carry on fucking her and Tiff fucks her mouth with her strap on! Ha ha its so fun, just seeing her take it!!! She passes at the end and we let her join our bad bitch group.

Sweetfemdom – Bunny Colby, Lance Hart – EvilBunnyColby Vs Superman FullHD mp4

Evil Bunny Colby has been using her magic swinging watch to seduce and have her way with all the powerful men of Metropolis. Superman finds her in her evil lair and starts to take her in when she pulls out the watch.

He laughs at first and tells her to do her worst, but is quickly taken under her power.
She tells him “When I snap my fingers, you will be powerless over my seduction, and you believe that you need me to kick you in the balls in order to take me down…”

She snaps, and Superman gets uncontrollably horny. She lets him feel up her perfect body. Superman demands that she kicks him hard in the balls. The seductress giggles, then goes to town on his super balls. He gets harder the more she kicks.
Later on, Bunny Colby has the man of steel on his knees. He still thinks he’s taking her down, but the power of her swinging watch has all the control.

She tells him, “When I snap my fingers, you will desperately want me to fuck you with this strap on. You’ll believe that the only way to take me to prison is if I fuck your ass hard.”
Superman gets up and demands that she fuck his ass. She giggles and shoves it in him. Bunny revels in her conquer of the strongest hero in the world while she fucks his brains in in a few positions.

Kimberly Kane & Bianca Stone – OOOWWW MY BALLS – The Game Show FullHD mp4

The only game show where you can win cash prizes for being pummeled in the nuts! If you answer every question correctly you win, it’s that simple! However, if you don’t the punishment is a swift punch or kick in the balls, OOOWWW! Our host is the lovely Bianca Stone and our cruel contestant is Kimberly Kane! Our victim, I mean second guest is a loser who answered an ad for a dating show, Jay ‘Wimp’ West! Are we ready to play OOOWWW My Balls? YAAAASSSSS