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Mind Under Master – Maya Bijou – Hypnotherapy HD [720p/2017]

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Monotheism II – Mesmerize Porn, Femdon POV HD mp4

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There can be no true worship of Me if you’re dividing your time worshiping other false gods. This is the reality. You may like to fantasize that you’re loyal to Me above all else, but this is not a fantasy. I need your worship to be the thing that drives you. Your love for Me should be the thing that gives your life real meaning and purpose. But you can’t just think these things, you must live them. You must discard all other gods that would take time out of your worship of Me. Your worship of your Goddess should be the thing that gives you life. This religion is what keeps you jerking, obedient and faithful to only Me.

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Goddess Vivian Leigh – Satanic FemDom Muslim Virginity Custom pt2 FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

f for marriage, trying every day with a heart full of fear to be holy. You also have a heart full of lust. I know this, I smell it off you and I want to feed on it.
I am tool powerful. I turn you into my mind-fucked zombie and you are overcome with lust. You forget your vow, you forget Allah. You forget being chaste and holy.
I take your virginity
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Demons are tricksters, I told you what you wanted to hear, I lured you in with my beautiful ass and pussy you couldn’t refuse.
I stole you from Allah, and now I shall do with you as I please.