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Primal Fetish – Nadya Nabakova – The Contract HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 7/22/18 12:24 pm Primals FANTASIES

Primal’s Taboo Sex – Jade Jantzen – Brother`s Sex Doll – Limp Fetish HD mp4

Jade’s brother offers her something (harmless) to drink and since her parents are gone for the night she decides “why not”

Now Jade’s Brother carries her totally limp body up the stairs. he strips her, plays with her, teases her, and uses her mouth and pussy while carrying her around

He finishes by filling her sleepy mouth and then tucking her in.

Primal Fetish – Katrina Jade – Vampiric Night Feeding HD mp4 [720p/]

When you wake up, a beautiful woman is in bed with you. Long fangs show as she smiles. You want to believe this is just a dream, but she assures you that it is very real, intensely gazing with supernatural, piercing pink eyes. You cannot resist.

Primal Fetish – Raven Hart Teacher Mesmerized – School Fetish HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 10/16/17 06:32PM

I stay after class to talk to Ms. Hart because she gave me an F on my paper about how woman’s minds are more susceptible than men’s. She’s a horny cougar that loves to show off her tits, and if she thinks she’s going to fail me or call my parents and tell them what I said- she has no idea how weak her mind really is. But she’s about to find out.

Primal Fetish – Ashley Adams, Rion King – New Assistant receives Behavioral Modification Chip SD [2018]

Mr King has brought his assistant Ashley in to meet with a scientist looking for investors. The scientist wants to demonstrate a new “communication” device that will make cell phones obsolete. Rion asks Ashley to help with the demonstration. The device has some interesting alternate uses that Mr King is VERY interested in trying out. After a quick tutorial, the scientist leaves Mr King and his assistant to get…familiar with the device

Karma RX – Brain Drain Annihilation – Burden Relieved FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Added: 3/8/18 7:25am

Scene Two: Burden Relieved
On the edge of consciousness Karma looks down at her pussy being fucked by a hard merciless cock. It drills into her and makes her body quiver. Gasping and moaning Karma is used like a sex doll. Controlled by the chemical soaked rag and the strong arms of her captors.
Brain Drain puts Karma’s head between her legs and forces her to lick Brain Drain’s pussy. They use her, fucking her again and again until she cums and breaks. Now she’s just a slut to be owned by Brain Drain. A perfect revenge.

Cory Chase, Karma RX – Brain Drain Annihilation – Solace in Retirement FullHD mp4

Added: 3/6/18 7:25am Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

Scene One: Solace in Retirement
A strange man with a has just broken into Karma’s house. After giving her powers away to Cory and transforming her into Brain Drain, Karma just wants to live a normal life. But Brain Drain wont let her, not without some punishment. Brain Drain’s powers wont work on Karma but a strong henchman will do the trick.
He puts a chemical soaked rag over her face and lifts her up to the table. Karma’s helpless as he strips her tight clothes off and gets her ready. I want her to feel everything” Brain Drain sneers. She licks Karma’s wet pussy, exploring her body, before they bring her into the living room. Helpless and weak she can’t stop the henchman from fucking her mouth, or Brain Drain from using her pussy.

Primals Fantasies – Alex Coal, Dee Williams, Adriana Maya – Inquiry HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 12/14/18 5:53pm

Meeting room, with a stars and stripes flag on the wall. Three congresswomen are seated on one side of a large table with folders/notes in front of them. Representative JACKIE BARNAM is sitting in the middle, with Representative SELINA ROYCE sitting to her left and Representative MARIANA SOTO sitting to her right. They talk among themselves about preparing for the witness. Dialogue can be ad-libbed along the lines of ‘he’s a tricky operator’, ‘we need to nail him on his answers’, ‘did you SEE the reports about his smutty parlour, disgusting’, ‘when we’re done, he’ll have no business left’, etc.

Chloe Carter & Dixie Comet – What Is My Purpose – Freeze Time, Real Doll FullHD mp4

As Dixie is still questioning her code, Chloe announces that her purpose is pleasure. Dixie tersely informs her that pleasure is not her purpose, she is to be a secret agent. When Chloe is still infatuated with her pantyhose and pleasure, Dixie grabs the remote control so she can power Chloe off and fix whatever is wrong with her but Chloe grabs the remote away from Dixie and tosses it across the room. She grabs Dixie by the neck and insists that she give her pleasure. Dixie is completely helpless against the superior strength of her invention and so she grabs a vibrator and puts it between Chloe’s legs to try to give her the pleasure she’s demanding. Dixie vibes Chloe for awhile but Chloe becomes frustrated with her and grabs the vibrator to use it on herself. Once she has control of the vibrator, Chloe begins pleasuring herself and when she finally has a huge orgasm, Dixie takes advantage of her distraction to find the remote and power her off. Robot Chloe powers down and freezes where she was as Dixie begins to figure out what went wrong with her code.

Entrancement – Michelle & ToniLou – Living Doll, Training Slut Training HD mp4

This was a fantastic shoot with two absolutely gorgeous ladies. They both responded brilliantly to every suggestion I gave the pair of them, and we shot so much footage that I had to split the video into two parts.

Part One’s brilliant, and gets my Directors Choice award. Part two’s a bit more of a leisurely pace, but if vampires dolls or fembots are your thing then you’ll definitely enjoy seeing ToniLou remote controlled by the Robot-Command-Soundboard(TM) on my phone.

Part One is heavy on Hypnotic Phenomenon, Stageshow Skits, Slavegirls and Mindlessness, Part Two is heavy on Alternate personality play, as Michelle becomes first a Vampire Mistress, then an Inventor, whilst ToniLou plays the vampires unwilling victim, followed by a highly convincing stint as Michelle’s robotic creation: ToniLou-Bot.

For foot fans, there are bare feet throughout.

Michelle the Hypno Puppet
Vampire Mistress Michelle