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What Happens in Hotel Room – Angel The Dreamgirl – nylon fetish 4k

What Happens in Hotel Room - Angel The Dreamgirl - nylon fetish 4k

The young maid is doing her work today, this is her 3rd working day, she is a beginner, she is cleaning a hotel room from a very influential man. His deal fell through and so he got nk and come into the room while she cleaning it. The maid decided that she needed to hurry and leave. But the man decided to have fun with the maid. He was persistent and strong, he began to grope her and kiss her pussy. She could not allow him to, but also could not say “No, stop.” She enjoyed, this was her first time a man kissed and caressed her pussy.She did not know what to do at that moment, or scream or slap him, but it was too late to stop, his huge cock was inside her wet pussy. She forgot about her work and just enjoyed how he fucked her.

543 Hot Barista in Heels – Angel The Dreamgirl – foot fetish, foot worship FullHD

543 Hot Barista in Heels - Angel The Dreamgirl - foot fetish, foot worship FullHD

Then maybe the camera come back and show you making the coffee, the customer is staring at you. You catch him looking at you and he turns away very quickly. She doesn’t think anything about it and concentrates on making the coffee, he starts fantasizing about her.

Can you add a dream effect at this stage to show this? From customer’s point of view, this time he’s looking at her again playing with her shoe, she catches him again, only this time she’s smiling flirtatiously. Once she’s made the coffee she walks over to him and puts it on the table. “I’m sorry Manny, but we’ve run out of milk. Is that ok?” you say with a teasing smile on your face. “Yes that’s fine.” He says. “Ok, enjoy your coffee!” you say, you then turn and start to walk away. And then you stop and turn around, you walk up close to him and you ask him “Would you like a blowjob with your coffee instead Manny?” with a smile on your face.

The camera nods saying yes. You then take off your hat and apron, kneel down, undo his trousers and start giving him a blowjob. At some point, I would like a camera shot from behind where you can see your gorgeous ass in tight jeans, the shoes with maybe the soles showing and you can see your head bop up and down. At some point camera comes back to customers point of view. You stop giving him a blowjob, and you ask “Would you like a footjob with you coffee as well?”.

Group Hypnosis Porn Sessions SD mp4

 Group Hypnosis Porn Sessions SD mp4

SuperHeroines Adult Movies – Batwoman & Huntress Poison Lovers feat. Kendra James & Veruca James HD

Batwoman comes to with the uncontrollable urge to fuck the first thing she sees and that so happens to be her fellow hero Huntress. The two heroes entwine together as if they are fighting but instead of violently punching each other they are passionately clawing at each others clothes. Batwoman overpowers Huntress and lifts her skin tight costume exposing her milky white tits. Starting there the bat kisses and licks her way down until she has her friends bright pink pussy exposed. Huntress moans in pleasure while Batwoman teases the sweet crevice between her legs. This is something the two of them have always secretly wanted, but never thought would actually come true. The red bat’s finger slides slowly in and out of the glistening pussy, feeling the soft wet hole contract with pleasure. Once she feels that she has primed her enough she begins to suck at the sweet juices dripping down the heroes thighs like a honey bee sucks at a flowers sweet nectar. She buries her face deep in the her fellow hero’s cunt while the vigilante cries out in pleasure. They’ve both forgotten that Poison Ivy is somewhere getting her kicks as she watches the two of them. The sexual tension builds to a boiling point when Huntress finally finds a strap on cock hidden in the greenhouse sex dungeon. Batwoman receives Huntresses stiff member in her pussy with pleasure. This situation could not get any hotter as one hero rides the hard dick of another, grinding her pussy up and down in excitement. They both build to a massive orgasm that somehow breaks the spell of Poison Ivy’s seduction serum. Huntress is mortified when she sees she has Batwoman bouncing on her lap. She screams for the detective to get off and pushes her down. Batwoman snaps out of it and sees what she is doing. The two heroes look at each other swearing they will exact their revenge on the villainous , one vowing to make sure she never gets out of Arkham the other saying she plans of making the prison cell a little smaller and under six feet of dirt!

Cumming in my secretary’s shoe II – Angel The Dreamgirl – real spermshoot in shoe HD

 Cumming in my secretary's shoe II - Angel The Dreamgirl - real spermshoot in shoe HD

Scene 1:

After a while, Alice had to leave a bit earlier so she exits the house. She puts on the dry shoe first and then proceeds to put on the other shoe that is full of cum… As she pushes her toes into the shoe she felt something wet inside her shoe, She had a cute expression in the face (Not Shocking expression, More like casual reaction to feeling something wet in her heels) and proceeds to look down at her foot and wiggles her toes slightly in her shoe to feel the inside of her pumps. She takes her foot out of the shoe and we can see her toes are all cover in cum as she wiggles them a bit in the air… She picks her pumps up and looks inside a bit but suddenly gets a notification on her mobile phone, its the taxi notifying that the car has arrived. She quickly puts her wet heels back on and stumble out of the area to get to her car.

The Groupie – Chad Alva, Bunny Colby – Mind Under Master FullHD avi

The Groupie - Chad Alva, Bunny Colby

Tags: Bunny Colby , Nadya Nabakova , Chad Alva , submissive dirty talk , mantra , sex slave , titjob , blowjob , collar , begging , succubus , power reversal , doggiestyle , reverse cowgirl , cowgirl

Rockstar Chad Alva could have picked any groupie he wanted, but he chose Bunny Colby. So when she makes him cum to quickly he realizes she needs to be put in her place. He bends her over his knee and makes her repeat “Master should be savored, his pleasure delayed until he’s ready to cum” SMACK, “Again”. He fucks her all over his penthouse apartment making her say it over and over again until he’s finally ready to reward her. — The next day he’s late for a recording session but his new slave Groupie is on her hands and knees with a collar around her neck, begging to pleasure him again. “Let’s see how long you can keep me hard tonight” he says before allowing her to suck his cock. Soon that isn’t enough and he needs to get back inside her pussy, he pounds her into submission, sticking his fingers down her throat as she thanks her master. But when he starts getting close to humming she pushes him onto his back, she knows that master’s pleasure should be delayed. “Good slave” he tells her as he sucks on her tits. “My body belongs to you master. My tits, my pussy, my ass….even my spit” she says before letting a long string of drool fall into his mouth. Something inside him wakes up with renewed energy and they fuck again. She rides him and promises him everything she has to give. As the sun sets he’s finally ready to cum and she begs for it like a good slave. And as he twitches from the ecstasy she crawls up his body and lets another string of drool fall into his mouth. He feels his cock coming back to life as she once again begins to suck him off. — Who knows how may days it’s been but Chad is now the one wearing the collar as Bunny tells him “Its feeding time” he eagerly opens his mouth as she spits onto his waiting tongue. As he lays there helpless to the pleasure she tell him everything. How she’s draining him of his life and that he’ll soon be no more. How she’ll move on to his manager after there’s nothing left of him. She taunts him as she rides faster and faster.

Hypnosis Foursome Sessions – Services Your Morning Wood HD mp4

Services Your Morning Wood - Hypnosis Foursome Sessions HD mp4

Shazaam – Enslaved by the Enchantress – Alex Coal, Pierce Paris – Primal’s Disgraced Superheroines HD

Enslaved by the Enchantress

Billy Batson is working at a museum for school credit and is excited about the new exhibit featuring artifacts surrounding an ancient Sorcerer Goddess. Miss Moone, the resident expert on the topic is fascinated by the history, but doesn’t believe in the tales that the woman in the statue actually walked the earth, until something inside the statue calls to her. Since the day he first said the magic word, Billy has seen a lot of things, so a dark explosion and Miss Moone being replaced by a woman surrounded by black energy isn’t enough to make him panic although her being half naked makes him uncomfortabley uncomfortable. At first the Enchantress laughs at Billy’s questions, and his discomfort, until she senses the incredible magic power inside him, and will do ANY thing to get it for herself.

JWTies First Time Handjobs – Maria Jade – Suckem Strokem Sexbot 22 HD 1080p

JWTies labs has created a whole series of sexbots designed to please the hand and mouth aficionados. In order to assure the highest in AI quality all models undergo a rigorous testing phase in our quality control department. Todays model #22 nicknamed Maria is run through all her programs and does a bang up job from command protocols, oral satisfaction and orgasm delivery just the way we like it.

Freshie Juice – Vampire Mesmerized to Cum – BBW, Halloween HD

Vampire Mesmerized to Cum

This was a custom! Reach out to me to order your own! Freshie Juice is a Queen Vampire and You are a Vampire Hunter/Slayer. You’ve tracked Freshie to her lair, where she has been expecting you. Before you can react, she whips out a vampires talisman and puts you under her spell. She says she knew you were going to be here, and that the only thing you’d be staking today would be her pussy. Freshie rips the cross/stake (which strangely resembles a dildo) and mocks you with it. She says, “You’d like to put it here wouldn’t you Hunter?” Running the stake between her breasts. “How lucky you are to see a Vampire cum before you die, what a treat” Freshie starts jerking off with your stake while you are frozen and under her control, your cock throbbing watching this evil vampire Queen fuck herself. She’s telling you how good your stake feels deep in her super natural pussy, how it’s so hot, it’s throbbing, it’s, it’s ON FIRE! Freshie rips the stake from her pussy and tastes it. Something is amiss. She demands to know whats in your belt and rips out a vial of a holy water. She attempts to finger the holy water out but that only makes things worse. The pain is insurmountable! The vampire had been tricked all along. You the Hunter, knew you’d fall under her spell, and you also knew the Vampire Queen was a huge slut. Your plan practically wrote itself, and as such, you had already prepared to reverse the talisman and take control of the Vampire Queen! She begs you to take mercy on her, and grant her one final cum, before you send her and all the vampires of the world to hell. You happily oblige her, and control her body to jerk off. Once the vampire Queen has her final orgasm, the burning pain of the holy water returns and she begs the Hunter to slay her! “Send me to hell!” She cries as she plunges the stake deep within her chest (super amazing 3-4 shot spit take) and you watch the Vampire Queen fade from this world. The world is safe once more, and the Evil Slut Vampire is defeated.