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Addiction – limp soles – Son put in a trance his Mom FullHD mp4

Son put in a trance his Mom

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Mom wearing a sexy outfit, is put in a trance and made to obey her master. She is controlled to take off her shows and socks. She then sits blank and lets you worship her soles. She then gives you a blowjob and footjob. You tell her to [email protected] and she does. You strip her clothes and then may her lay on her stomach while you lick and fuck her soles. Eventually, you cum on her soles.I want it to be a combination of both pov and 3pod but mainly 3pod.

Son’s Remote Control – Sydney Paige – Fifi Foxx Fantasies FullHD mp4 1080p

Son's Remote Control

This clip includes: Sydney Paige, mom/son, POV, young son is excited to show off his new invention – a remote that mind controls mom & puts her in an “x-rated” mode, magic control, she becomes sultry & seductive and wants nothing more than to get her son off, mom snaps back into reality and is horrified & embarrassed at what she’s doing, she tries to cover herself up, embarrassment, embarrassed naked female, ENF, mom flirts with son & compliments him, dirty talk, striptease, she invites him to touch her perky tits, virtual tit groping, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, she wants his cock inside of her, virtual sex, missionary, son fucks mom, he continues to control her using his remote, son creampies mom, taboo, MILF, older woman, cougar, female training, remote control, girl controlled, blondes, brainwashed, woman following orders, commands, obedient slave, submissive sluts, momma’s boy, trance, family sex, fauxcest, transformation, fantasies, sound effects

The Black Kanary vs The Syndicate – London River, Cory Chase – Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures FullHD mp4 1080p

The Black Kanary vs The Syndicate

Date Night Ruined

D.A Laurel Lantz and her girlfriend, Cory, have just come home from a wonderful date night! They are wearing short dresses and high heels as they sit down together on the couch and start to make out with each other. Cory starts to slide her hand up Laurel’s dress when two men walk in to the room with weapons! They order Laurel and Cory to take their clothes off and kiss each other in front of them. They are both so scared, but they listen and do what the men tell them to do. “Give us lap dances!” the men insist. Cory gets on the taller man named JMac’s lap and Laurel gets on the other man named Luke’s lap. After a few minutes, Luke demands “Get on your knees!” Both girls get down on their knees and the girls suck the men’s cocks separately but next to each other. While Laurel is sucking Luke’s cock, she notices that he put his weapon down on the couch beside her; She bites his cock and quickly grabs the weapon! JMac then grabs Cory’s head and holds it down on his cock with his weapon pointing at her head while Laurel is holding the 1911 straight at Luke. “Put it down or I’ll shoot your friend!” JMac tells Laurel. Luke ends up grabbing the 1911 away from Laurel… then he bends her over the couch and starts to fuck her pussy and ass back and forth. At the same time, JMac makes Cory get in the doggy style position and he fucks her pussy next to her girlfriend. Luke makes Laurel switch between sucking his cock, fucking her pussy and fucking her ass. Then JMac makes Cory switch between sucking his cock and fucking her pussy next to Laurel and Luke. Luke gets up for a moment and comes back with his camera phone in his hand. He starts to snap some photo’s of them all naked together! Both men end up cumming all over Laurel and Cory’s faces, and then Luke snaps another photo of them with cum dripping down their chins. “Why don’t you drop all of your cases against any families!! Don’t forget I have this evidence!” Luke says to D.A Laurel. She agrees, and the two men walk out laughing…

Angel The Dreamgirl in 540 Bad Behavior – tights fetish , pantyhose/stockings FullHD avi

 Angel The Dreamgirl in 540 Bad Behavior

Angel hangs up the phone without realizing that Mark is approaching him from behind. He grabs her by the neck with his right hand, preventing her from escaping.

– Mark: Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. Before we have fun for a while.
– Anegl: Let me go, bastard.
– Mark: I bet you’ve never fucked your boyfriend like you’re about to do it with me.
– Angel: I’m not going to fuck you, son of a bitch.

ROBOMEATS – Penny Pax and Miles – Frozen Time, Mesmerize HD mp4 720p

 ROBOMEATS - Penny Pax and Miles

Deep Tissue Massage
He lays her down on the table and pounds her frozen pussy, then fucks her standing up, then lays her back on the table for some more fucking

ROBOMEATS Trisha Parks – Mesmerize, Limp Fetish HD mp4 720p

ROBOMEATS Trisha Parks

The Wedding Planner
Just a test run for further mischief. He time-stops her several times, each time posing her, removing her clothes and exposing her most intimate areas. An open mouth is like an invitation to shove his fat cock inside, the warmth and wetness causing him to groan in pleasure as she is unwittingly used. He tastes her lovely bare pussy, savoring the soft smoothness of her spread labia; it looks like someone got a Brazilian for the honeymoon. He has to feel what it’s like and crams his hardness up inside her, probing places that only her husband is supposed to go. That’s only half the fun, though. The other half is unfreezing her in various compromising positions and watching the shock and confusion play inside her mind. Horrified to come back to awareness with Fernando’s face shoved between her milky thighs, tongue lapping the soft, sensitive petals of her womanhood, she recoils as if her were an electric wire. It only gets worse, as he brings her back to the normal time stream with his throbbing manhood filling her mouth, its taste on her tongue, nose buried in his musky pubic hair. Is it any better when she finds herself on her back, legs spread, tits exposed and Fernando’s hardness stretching her out from the inside? Her frustration is almost overwhelming, as he plays with her, using her as his own personal sex toy, and she is helpless to stop any of it. He just taunts her with comments suggesting that all of this was her idea. It’s finally her feet that do it. He props her soft soles and elegant ankles in his lap and jerks himself to orgasm, his creamy ejaculate coating her feet in warm stickiness. She once again is unfrozen, disgusted at acrid smelling mess all over her. She doesn’t know exactly what happened, but she fires Fernando on the spot. It’s a good thing he already took his fee.

Primal Mesmerize Porn – Melissa Lynn – Hypno Influence HD avi 720p c4s

 Hypno Influence

Primal Fetish clips – Domination Nia Nacci – Masseuse becomes his Next Girl HD avi 720p

Masseuse becomes his Next Girl

Nia asks her new massage client the usual questions before getting started but his answers start becoming inappropriate. She is going to end the session and go to the spa manager but, Nia starts reconsidering his requests one by one until everything seems reasonable. She even agrees to start doing house calls, after all it makes more sense once he explains it.

Cory Chase, Jmac – Dark Super Gurl vs The Revenge Crew SD mp4 clips4sale

Dark Super Gurl vs The Revenge Crew SD mp4 clips4sale

Scene One: Fucked Silly

Scene Two: Unwanted Stimulus

Scene Three: Kryptonite Shocker

High Frequency now has his new pet where he wants her. Weakened by the Kryptonite Necklace and the Sonic Blasts from High Frequency, Dark Super Gurl must submit to his every command…Today is different, he does not want sexual pleasure he wants answer. HF uses his high tech Kryptonite infused shocking device to get all the answers out of DSG…Every wrong answer is awarded with a new and more powerful shock!!!

ROBOMEATS – Lily Labeau, Eric – Pet Sitter Timestop FullHD mp4 1080p

Pet Sitter Timestop

Lily loves taking care of Eric’s cat, but she’s unaware of his time stopping watch and its magical power. What starts as a normal conversation becomes a confusing nightmare for Lily, as both her clothes and her dignity are slowly stripped from her. First, Eric freezes time and plays with her pretty feet, before draping her leg suggestively over his lap. Lily awakens, shocked to find herself in such a compromising position. That is only the beginning. Next, she awakens, leaning back on the couch, legs spread wide and panties clearly on display, as Eric taunts her by telling her that she suggested they have sex. She looks frantically around, desperately seeking some explanation, only to be frozen again and reawakened with Eric’s dick inside her. Nothing seems to make sense as she finds that she has no control over keeping any of her clothes on, or her client’s dick out of her over stimulated cunt. He laughs as he covers her in his goo, awaking her to her shocked and slime covered state, completely bewildered as to what just took place.