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MKeros – Arielle Aquinas – Just Friends SD mp4

MKeros - Arielle Aquinas – Just Friends SD mp4

Warning – Mind Control

Gorgeous Arielle Aquinas is venting about her relationship to one of her best friends. Her boyfriend is a dick and she just can’t find a good guy. Her friend tries to show he cares but she reminds him she wants to stay just friends.

That’s when he pulls out his experimental mind ray. He uses it to make her flirty and horny until she is seducing him and is begging for him to fuck her.

Arielle gets some good friendly dick and ends up getting filled with a huge creampie.

Then the mind ray starts to wear off. Suddenly she can’t understand why she was so eager to fuck her good friend.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duratio: 00:23:54
Size: 215 Mb

aincest – 39863 Warning Mind Control.mp4.mp4

Let’s See The Goods – Shavelle Love, Mary Jane – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

 ROBOMEATS Shavelle Love, Mary Jane - Let's See The Goods FullHD 1080p

MaX is horny and decides to browse the Lingerie Model on-demand app again. This time a pair of lovely models catches his eye. He orders the girls via the app and waits for them to arrive. While time on his tablet, he notices a new app called “Timestop”. He decides to download it. Maybe it’ll work on these sexy models…

Mary Jane and Shavelle arrive in their sexy lingerie, but to MaX’s disappointment, they have strict no touching policy and refuse his request to strip for him. He remembers the timestop app and tries it on the girls. To his delight, the girls freeze in place! He tests feeling up their tits then un-freezing them. They don’t notice a thing!

Determined to get his money’s worth, MaX goes to town on the frozen lingerie models. Exploring their exquisite bodies and sticking his hard cock into their pussies and mouths. He takes his time stripping and posing the girls, relishing in his new godlike power.

After testing the limits of his libido and imagination, MaX cums hard while plowing Shavelle from behind. He quickly and clumsily repositions and redresses the girls. After reassuming his original spot on the bed, MaX unfreezes them. Shavelle and Mary Jane blink at each other in a disoriented daze. They slowly snap out of it and assume everything has proceeded normally. They don’t suspect a thing, even with a few garments out of place! MaX waves good-bye as they leave. He thinks they deserve a big tip!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:25:38
Size: 591 Mb

aincest – 39591 See The Goods.mp4

Epic Timestop – Olive Glass – ROBOMEATS HD 720p

Epic Timestop - Olive Glass - ROBOMEATS HD 720p

Olive has just gotten home from Max’s office, which is great, because a monster pussy wedgie has been annoying her the whole ride home. Once through the door, she sits down and hikes her skirt up to see her undies pulled up so high that the crotch has disappeared, jammed up into her cunt, hidden by her smooth labia and grinding into her clit. It’s almost as if someone had dressed her hastily, but she can’t remember anything like that happening. She’s only been out of the house once, to go to Max’s office, but now that she thinks about it, he was acting pretty weird. Picking up her phone, she calls him to confront him about it. Max isn’t surprised by the call. While she was over, he used his timestop app on her, and had some fun. He knew he should have redressed her more carefully. Luckily, his app works remotely. Activating it to re-timestop Olive, he waits until she’s no longer talking on the phone and then goes over to her place. He’s happy to see her, sitting still as a statue, because now he can have more fun. He wastes no time in removing her clothes, freeing her meaty, round boobs and exposing her juicy, bald pussy. Wrapping her soft, dainty hand around his stiff cock, he moves her wrist back and forth, enjoying the feel of her fingers sliding over his manhood. He plays around with changing her facial expressions, as well as posing her hot, nude body, but there’s only so much a guy can take before his throbbing erection demands release. Pushing her into a sitting position, he molds her lips into the perfect blow job shape. Then, grabbing a handful of her hair to control her head, he face fucks her, savoring the warm, wet feeling of her mouth. Laying her on the couch, he spreads her legs wide and shoves his cock into her defenseless cunt. He takes his time, fucking her in one position, before switching to another, mauling her ample sweater meat and using her as his own personal fuck doll. Soon, her tight pussy works its magic on Max’s thick shaft and he feels it explode, pumping out a sackful of ball juice, while he’s buried deep inside Olive’s clueless, snug hole. He realizes what a hassle it was getting her dressed the first time. He certainly doesn’t feel like doing it again. Fortunately, the timestop app comes with a feature, as well (what will these developers think of next?). Max programs her to believe that she is possessed by a demon, and that she needs to seek the help of the Ghostbusters. He waits until he is long gone, before he unfreezes her, still naked and freshly fucked. She is horribly confused at first, but then remembers the demon that possesses her and rushes to the phone. I’m sure Dr. Venkman will be more than happy to help her.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:19:08
Size: 223 Mb

aincest – 39483 Olive Glass Epic Timestop.mp4

Amateur Boxxx Artemisia Love – Italian MILF Mesmerized By Angry Postmates Driver 4K 2160p

Amateur Boxxx Artemisia Love - Italian MILF Mesmerized By Angry Postmates Driver 4K 2160p

Johnny is just trying to make a living in these harsh times. In the afternoons after Virtual School he’s been moonlighting as a Postmates food delivery driver. Usually the tips are pretty good but today they have been lousy. After a smokin Hot Italian Milf stiffs him he decides to flip the script. He goes back to his car and grabs his Mind Controlling Orb that he stole from his cousin who works for NASA. His cousin was bragging how he bagged a ton of chicks with it, so Johnny figured it mike work getting good tips. He knocks on the Hot Milf’s door and she answers it angrily, She threatens to call the Police but then Johnny turns on the ORB and has her stare directly into it. Within seconds she is Mesmerized and under his complete control. Watch as Johnny the Deliver Driver has his way with her. He plays with her tits while she jacks him off, then she sucks o his cock and balls. After that he fucks her and shoots his load deep inside her fat pussy. When he is finished using her as a sex robot he tells her to give him a huge tip and he hauls ass out of the door. Twenty seconds later the Hot Milf comes out of the trance and has no idea why she is laying naked on her couch.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duratio: 00:19:00
Size: 947 Mb

aincest – 39430 Mesmerized By Angry Postmates Driver.mp4

SexySherryStunns – Mesmerizing My Son in Law FullHD 1080p

SexySherryStunns - Mesmerizing My Son in Law FullHD 1080p

Sherry just isn’t sure about her son-in-law, Miles… He’s kinda macho, and according to her daughter, he has terrible taste in underwear! So she figures to maybe see if things are as bad as she says they are and lures Miles over before she gets home. She confronts him about his ugly boxers, but he is not hearing any of that! he is much too proud to even listen to any of the garbage. But before he can walk out, Sherry has pulled out a pendulum and begins to mesmerize Miles, and soon he is putty in her hands. Listening to her every word, soon he is stripping out of his ugly underwear and into the sexy banana hammock underwear that Sherry prefers. She snaps her fingers and Miles is surprised to see what he is wearing, and tries to figure out what is going on and get dressed, but as quickly as he comes to, Sherry snaps her fingers again and he is back in his trance. She rubs his cock through his man panties and he is starting to get hard. She knows she has total control of him so she makes him flex is manly muscles and do a sexy dance for her. She kisses him and feels his hardening cock more, and and Miles is in his own little world. She makes him get down on his hands and knees and kiss and worship her feet. He is totally under her spell. Sherry is having fun with him now, and she makes him strip out of his white banana hammock man panties and put a sexier pair of red ones on. She commands him to smell his man musk from the white pair as he rubs his cock though the red pair. This turns Sherry on more than she thought, so she has him give her a sexy lap dance. Things are getting a bit more out of control than she had planned, but she can’t stop now. Before she even knows what she is doing she pulls his big hard cock out of his man panties and begins to suck his cock! She takes his dick nice and deep into her mouth and teases him. He groans as she blows him. She has some expert cock sucking skills and before long he erupts a seriously massive load into her hungry MILF mouth. Does she swallow it? No, she stands up and snowballs it into his mouth. He takes all of it, and it slowly dribbles into his beard and down his macho stomach. She can’t believe how all of this has gone down, but by now she realizes that her new son in law might just be perfect for her daughter. She snaps her fingers again to awaken him from his trance, and this time he is different. Not being such a tough guy, but he is nice and respectful and can’t quite figure out what the taste is in his mouth… He just can’t quite figure out why his is undressed, and is embarrassed , but completely oblivious to what had just happened, much to Sherry’s delight!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:26:09
Size: 744 Mb

aincest – 39347 Mesmerizing My Son in Law.mp4

Primal’s Mental Domination Michael Masters, Tristian Summers – Ouija Board – Skeptical 18 Year Old Baris FullHD 1080p

 Primal's Mental Domination  Michael Masters, Tristian Summers - Ouija Board - Skeptical 18 Year Old Baris FullHD 1080p

Tristan is a barista at a local coffee shot that Michael goes too everyday. She’s noticed him reading books on the supernatural and started to tease him about it. He told her he didn’t like her negative energy and was going to leave and she worried that she was gong to lose the big tip he leaves every day so she let him talk her into trying a Ouija Board after work.

The spirits move Tristan and it’s pretty obvious that they favor Michael quit a bit

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:49:34
Size: 3698 Mb

aincest – 39340 Tristian Summers Ouija Board Skeptical 18 Year Old Baris.mp4

Simulated Forced Sex S.I.F.T. Part Two – a Luciafilms Custom Film Part 2 FullHD 1080p

Simulated Forced Sex S.I.F.T. Part Two – a Luciafilms Custom Film Part 2 FullHD 1080p

This brutal Part Two of the S.I.F.T Tournament features both the semi-final battles and final battle of the arena! The four remaining participants go head to head for reasons of mischief, duty, fandom, and violence. Dreams and bones alike will be crushed, and in the end… only one will be Champion. If you didn’t see Part One, make sure you do!

-Strong Heroine
-Weak Hearoine
-Obliterated Heroines
-Mind Control
-Lots of Low Blows!
-Throat lift
-Hurricane Spin
-Hair Pulling
-Body/Face Hits
-Back Arches
-Eye Gouging Lift!
-Partial Nudity
-Light Blood
-Simulated Forced Oral
-Simulated Forced Sex
-Cum on Face

-Huge thank you again to our patron for this fantastic collaborative project.
-A prologue for Imperiled “Voltage”, and how she became collared in the first place.
-A Mad Scientist uses her bioengineered cohort to capture Wondrous Woman and turn her into her personal plaything.
-Part Two of Frequency
-An original Coco movie that is going to be bonkers!
-A mini-series of peril shorts hyper focusing on specific perils.
-Now that the weather is warming up, we might revisit the Hunter film hinted at a while back before the cold and rain ruined our ambitions!-

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:44:15
Size: 1626 Mb

aincest – 39261 Lucia.mp4

Part One from Steve Noir’s Feargirl – Faye Rocket vs Spider FullHD 1080p

Part One from Steve Noir’s Feargirl - Faye Rocket vs Spider FullHD 1080p

Happy with the launch and reception of my new site, I’m going back and giving a little love. I am releasing a 3-parter (FAYE ROCKET VS SPIDER) that came out of my call for McKenzie customs earlier in the year, and I’ll be promo-ing it here one part at a time.

I am also doing a different sort of Custom Call Out this month, basically looking for retro-scifi and TREK-like peril works, for SPACE AGENTS, another project by the Amazon Arrow creator and friend of mine.

FAYE ROCKET (McKenzie) has a past that changes every time she tells it (usually under duress). Is she a rogue Elite? An outsider, trapped within the Panopticon? Or another of the ‘characters’ that the creators have peopled their labyrinthine experiment with?

To the cyborg SPIDER, she is merely “Unauthorized”, and therefore in big trouble…This video features belly and breast punishment (punching and tazing), AOH bondage, partial (upper) nudity, 2 kloro XO’s, throttling, ragdolling and heavy groping, and a debooting.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:51:37
Size: 1567 Mb

aincest – 39260 Faye Rocket.mp4

Benefits of Insurance – Lea Lexus, Verronica Kirei – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

Benefits of Insurance - Lea Lexus, Verronica Kirei - ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

Bikini babes Verronica and Lea are in their living room dancing and posing with each other in their new sexy bikinis. They love how each other look in their sexy new beach wear. A door to door life insurance salesman stops by and immediately engages them. They sit on the couch to listen to their salesman’s pitch but he has something else he would like to pitch. He passes them their flyers and gets into it… their bikinis that is. Using his timestop watch he uses the magnificent technology to freeze them, just playing with them at first, pulling their breasts out of their tops. When he unfreezes them they are confused and disoriented but they continue to take in his schpeal. And take it in they will.. He takes his time with them, playing his game of cat and mouse manipulates their frozen bodies to fit his pleasures. He fucks Lea, and then posing her so she is eating her girlfriends pussy, continues laying his pipe in her pussy as Lea’s mouth bounces off her clit. Making a pile of their bodies on the couch he finishes off inside Lea, his cum filling her. Setting them back up, but smugly certain of his watch’s capabilities, leaves them naked.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:21:33
Size: 610 Mb

aincest – 39259 Benefits of Insurance.mp4

Couple’s Therapy – Nikki Brooks, JMac, Cory Chase Jerky Wives FullHD 1080p

 Couple's Therapy - Nikki Brooks, JMac, Cory Chase Jerky Wives FullHD 1080p

Scene One – Remote Training

Cory and her husband, JMac, have been having a lot of marital issues lately. JMac decides that the two of them should go to a marriage counselor to get some guidance. The main issue that JMac has with Cory is that she refuses to have sex with him… ever! Cory doesn’t see a problem with this, but JMac can’t take it any longer. They explain this to the and she tells them that she uses some experimental methods of treatment, but they are usually effective! She takes a remote control out of her desk and she hands it to JMac. Without fully explaining what this magical remote does, she instructs JMac to simply point the remote at Cory and say “freeze!” He does as he is told, and Cory suddenly stops moving and speaking. The explains to JMac, “Now all she can do is listen!” The starts to unbutton Cory’s blouse, and then JMac points the remote at her and says “undress yourself!” Cory takes her blouse off and then she slides her skirt down to the floor. She pulls her bra and panties off, and JMac points the remote at her again and says “bend over!” Cory bends over on to the ‘s desk and JMac starts to rub her pussy with his fingers. He pulls his pants down and gently slides his hard cock inside of her.

The is sitting next to them while he fucks his wife and she is taking notes on the whole situation. The decides to unfreeze Cory and she immediately starts to freak out! “What are you doing to me?! Why are we naked?!” she cries out. The freezes her again, and Cory stops complaining. “You can take the remote home with you, but make sure you don’t the remote!” the tells JMac while he is fucking his frozen wife. The unfreezes Cory again, and she starts yelling and complaining about being fucked by her husband again. “Freeze!” the says, and Cory stops speaking. The instructs JMac to cum inside of his wife’s pussy, and that’s exactly what he does… Once he is done cumming, they unfreeze her again. Cory jumps up and yells “We are getting a divorce over this!!” and she storms out. JMac grabs the remote control and chases after her…

Scene Two – Home Remote

Cory and JMac have just returned home after their couple’s therapy appointment, and Cory won’t stop screaming at her husband! JMac is tired of his wife screaming at him over every little thing, so he decides to take advantage of the remote control that he has! He picks the remote up, points it at his bitchy wife, and yells “freeze!” He instructs her to take her blouse and bra off first. “You’re so much better when you’re quiet!” he says. Then he gets her to take her skirt and panties off. With the help of the remote, he gets Cory to spread her legs in the middle of their bed and masturbate until she makes herself cum.

“Be flexible!” he shouts, as he moves her in to the missionary position. He licks her pussy up and down before shoving his big cock inside of her. She just lays there, moanly gently, while he fucks her robotic self. “Your pussy is so fucking good!” he moans. He lifts her up and puts her body on top of his, in the reverse cowgirl position, and he fucks her pussy even harder now. Then he flips her over in to the doggy style position and pounds her from behind. “Now get on your knees on the floor and let me cum on your face!” he says in to the remote, and his wife does exactly that. After cumming all over her face and her glasses, he unfreezes her. She immediately goes back to her usual yelling, “JMac!! Oh my God, you came on my face?! We are getting divorced!” He freezes her again and goes off to take a shower…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:34:05
Size: 1029 Mb

aincest – 39115 Cory Chase in Couples Therapy HD 1080p.mp4