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Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue – The Intern Needs Dick – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

Rachel James and Javier Lovetongue - The Intern Needs Dick - ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

The Intern walks into her bosses office, barefoot. Hes trying to run a Fortune 500, he cant have someone unpaid intern looking like a cheap waiting to give him a hand job in the back of his car. He gets so frustrated with her attitude he just freezes her with his Timestop Watch.

He poses her face and body in humiliated and sexy positions, unfreezing her to her own dismay. He slowly strips her, moving her around his office until he finds the right position, on her back, her mouth open on his desk. His quickly throws his clothes off and rams his dick down her frozen throat. He unfreezes her and, confused, she tries to back away, but he quickly freezes her again. He goes down on her while he positions her fingers to squeeze her own nipples. Satisfied he spreads her legs and fucks her on his desk, laying her on her side and eventually bending her over. He sits down in a leather chair and uses her latticed sweater to force her mouth down onto his cock. He unfreezes her and pounds his dick down her throat until he cums in mouth.

Alina West and Rock – Prison Switch – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p c4s

Alina West and Rock - Prison Switch - ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p c4s

Rock is locked up. Hes trying to be real sweet so he can get out early on good behavior. One of the guards is really cute, so he flirts with her. He asks her to bring him some books later. But shes skeptical and doesnt really want to help him out. Thats not really her job. He keeps her engaged, trying to talk to her to distract her. Hes got something up his sleeve literally.Its a magical watch. He secures it on his wrist, and starts to moan loudly. Saying hes in pain and needs help. She comes to his aid. She unlocks the cell and goes in to help him. Just as shes leaning down to try and help him up, he slaps the watch on his wrist. She freezes immediately. Now he can have some fun with her before his ultimate plan to escape. He removes her uniform, fondling her and caressing her beautiful, soft skin. Why is she a prison guard? Shes hot! Now that shes naked, he shoves his cock in her frozen mouth. Its so soft and warm. Oh how hes longed for a womans touch. Holding her head in both hands, he watches the swing of her ponytail as he fucks her face. Hes ready to fuck her now, so he flips her on her hands and knees and spreads her knees wide on his cot. He fucks her from behind as a long string of drool hangs from her mouth, swinging with the pounding motion of his cock. Then he grabs her and places her on top of him and fucks her while shes on top. Hes about to cum so he stuffs his hard cock back in her wet mouth until he cums on her face. Damn, that was worth what he had to do to get that watch. And this is about to make it better. FREEDOM! He puts on her guard uniform, and zips the orange jumpsuit over her hot body, leaving her in the cell and walking to freedom.

The Horny MILF Next Door – Dixie Comet – Dixieland Fetish FullHD 1080p

The Horny MILF Next Door - Dixie Comet - Dixieland Fetish FullHD 1080p

The sexy MILF next door, Ms. Comet, has promised you a donation to your college fund and when you go over to her house to collect she invites you inside. She leads you to the living room and tells you to have a seat while she goes off to collect your check. You can’t help but notice how hot she looks in her tight jeans and slouchy socks as she walks off to fetch the money. When she returns, she hands you a check and tells you she thinks you’ll be quite pleased with the amount, but when your reach out to take it from her, she pulls it back and tells you that first she wants something in return.

Dixieland Fetish – Dixie Comet – The Bimbofication Solution FullHD 1080p 2020

Dixieland Fetish - Dixie Comet - The Bimbofication Solution FullHD 1080p 2020

When a horny mad scientist finds out his cold-as-ice wife is not actually frigid, she’s cheating on him with her tennis instructor, he decides to take matters into his own hands and use his secret research to transform her into the brainless, blonde Bimbo of his dreams who will fuck him whenever he wants and fuck whoever he tells her to. After trying out his new dumb slut for himself he sends her off to whore herself at the strip club and bring him all her money so he never has to work again.

Dixieland Fetish – Scientist’s Mind Control Revenge On Bitchy Boss FullHD 1080p

Dixieland Fetish - Scientist's Mind Control Revenge On Bitchy Boss FullHD 1080p

Later, at the end of the day when most of the building is empty, he lets himself back into Ms Comet’s office carrying a box of his personal belongings. She is surprised to see him and jokingly says she thought he would be gone by now, since he’s useless and unnecessary. He says that before he leaves he just wanted to give her a piece of his mind. She stands up and cockily leans over her desk toward him telling him she doesn’t care what he has to say. Just then, he quickly pulls a spray bottle out of his box and sprays her in the face. She leans back shocked, cursing him and threatening to call security as she tries to fan the gas from her face. He calmly puts down the box and leans into the desk saying, “what I wanted to tell you is that I think you should shut the fuck up and take off your blouse.” She immediately goes from bitching at him to “mmmphh mmmpphh-ing” with her mouth tightly closed while she unbuttons her blouse and removes it. She is shocked at what she’s doing but she can’t stop. He laughs as he sits on the sofa in her office, now knowing that the secret spray worked. He tells her to come over and give him a sexy lapdance. She starts to walk over to him but he stops her and tells her that on second thought, she should walk over to him like a chicken. Much to her humiliation, she cocks her arms and flaps her wings as she walks to him like a chicken. When she reaches the couch he tells her to open her mouth… because she’s going to need it pretty soon. She opens her mouth and returns to cursing him and demanding he stop whatever he’s doing. He tell her to continue her sexy strip tease and then when she’s naked he tells her to grind on his lap like a stripper. She does so, bitching and cursing at him the whole time until she is giving him a lapdance as he gropes her tits and rubs her pussy. She can feel his dick getting hard against her ass and she is appalled when he tells her to get on her knees and put his cock in her mouth but there is nothing she can do no matter how hard she tries to fight but follow his orders. She reluctantly sucks his cock until he decides it’s time for his revenge. He makes her bend over the couch and slides his cock in her pussy from behind. Even though she can’t help but get turned on by his dick plunging in and out of her, she continues to bitch at him through her arousal until he decides he’s had enough and it’s time for the final part of his plan. While she continues to bend over the couch, he walks around and puts his dick back in her mouth. While her mouth is open with his cock sitting on her tongue, he sprays her once again with the secret spray and orders her leave all of her boss duties and responsibilities to him and that from now on she should just feel comfortable being a bimbo slut who lives to suck cock and please him. Her expression changes as she fully transforms into her new role and suddenly is surprised to find a cock in her mouth. Sucking cock is her favorite thing so she greedily goes to work like a pro. She happily slurps his dick and begs to have it back in her pussy. He sits back on the couch and lets her climb on top of him and slide his dick back in her soaking pussy. She bounces on his dick until she makes herself cum and then begs for his jizz. She jumps down and suck and jerks his dick until he cums in her mouth. Afterwards he tells her that she better hurry to make it to her meeting with the President and that she should tell him that things aren’t going to work out as planned. He also tells her to make sure she gives the President a big kiss when she sees him and to also make sure she doesn’t wash her face first.

Nate Liquor and Ashley Lane – Office Sex Slaves Part One – Pepper Kester & Dixie Comet – Dixieland Fetish FullHD 1080p

Nate Liquor and Ashley Lane - Office Sex Slaves Part One - Pepper Kester & Dixie Comet - Dixieland Fetish FullHD 1080p

In Part Two of the series, Detective Kester has taken a leave of absence from her position at the Chicago PD to go searching for her step-sister Ashley who went missing mysteriously. She tracks her movements to a job interview at a design firm registered to ‘Wainwright Holdings LLC’ and goes to investigate which is what brings her to Nate’s door. He invites her in and listens to her story. She shows him a picture of her step-sister Ashley and he says that he hasn’t seen her, and she’s very pretty so he’s sure he would’ve remembered. He adds, however, that his assistant Dixie is the lead in all employment interviews so she might remember. Luckily she’s in the office that day so he shows her to her desk.

Transformation fetish Dixieland Fetish – Genie Dreamin FullHD 1080p 2020

Transformation fetish Dixieland Fetish - Genie Dreamin FullHD 1080p 2020

When Nate finds an old bottle at the junk shop he thinks it will make a great gift for his Aunt’s curio shelf but when he tries to polish it up, something bizarre happens and Genie Dixie pops out of it in a puff of smoke. He can’t believe his own eyes but she assures him that she is in fact real and so is the fact that he is now her master and entitled to three wishes. His surprise is replaced with excitement as he tries to decide what to wish for. Suddenly it hits him, “Duh! What does everyone use their first wish for?! A million dollars, of course!” With a nod of her head and a flash of smoke he suddenly finds a large bag full of cash in his hands. Nate can’t believe his wish actually came true and is so distracted by planning what to spend all his money on that he completely forgets about his second wish… and the Genie. Not one to be ignored, sexy Genie Dixie does a little hip-swinging dance over to him and plops herself down right on his lap. Caught off guard, Nate finally notices that his genie has a bangin body and beautiful face to match. He gets a sly look on his face and informs her that for his second wish he would like her to be his Sex Servant. Genie Dixie doesn’t bat an eyelash at this intrusion and is in fact eager to please as she stands and nods her head making her clothes disappear in a magical puff. Standing before him now naked, she quickly gets to her knees and pulls out his cock while telling him that “Master’s wish is my command.” Genie Dixie give him a world class blow job, sucking and gagging on his cock until it’s nice and wet. She then climbs on top of him and slides his dick in her pussy, bouncing up and down on it with her nice tits in his face. He flips her over to be on top and pounds her pussy until he finally shoots his load inside her. As he gets off of her she scrambles to hold his jizz inside her pussy as it tries to spill out. As he sits back and pulls on his clothes she asks him if the sex was satisfactory. He exclaims that is was fantastic, the best sex he’s ever had. In fact, he says, her pussy was so tight and perfect he could fuck her for the rest of his life. With that comment he has fallen into her trap and with a nod of her head and a puff of smoke she replies, “your wish is my command, Master.” When the smoke clears he is surprised to find her in a wedding dress and him in a suit jacket and tie. Noting his confusion, she explains that if he wants to fuck her forever they need to be married. After a very quick and otherworldly ceremony they are pronounced man and wife as she kisses his shocked face. He tries to explain that this is not what he had in mind but instead she informs him that they will need to get a bigger house. When he asks her why she nods her head again in and one last magic puff she suddenly is 9 months pregnant and patting her belly. “For our growing family, of course!” she replies with a smile as he holds his head in his hands.

XXX Multimedia – Aiden Valentine , Kitty Catherine – Time Stop Watch: Kitty Catherine Frozen and Fucked HD 720p

 Kitty Catherine Frozen and Fucked HD 720p

Aiden Valentine has several personal assistants to help him with day-to-day tasks. Kitty Catherine is on-call today while he is traveling. He calls for his young assistant Kitty to help him with something. She goes to his hotel room to meet him. He’s got a cool looking watch on the table, which she quickly grabs and places on her wrist without asking him.

Here’s the thing about the watch. It’s not just an ordinary watch. Like… Aiden spent a lot of time working on this watch. Because it’s special, okay.

I Say Yes – Pepper Hart – ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

I Say Yes - Pepper Hart - ROBOMEATS FullHD 1080p

Guda comes home to his less than receptive partner. He tries to make advances on his sexy little package of a woman, but Pepper just won’t give in, not even conceding a blowjob. Having enough rejection, Guda uses his time stop watch to freeze her. This time, yes. He maneuvers his now helpless, and unable to decline lover to remove her phone from her hands a device long standing between them and their sex life, and replaces it with his cock. He pushes it between her fingers and gets hard from the feeling of her frozen fingers rolling over his shaft. Picking her up and bending her over the chair he inspects her sexy little ass and spreads it open to taste her. His tongue works in and out of her pussy lips getting her nice and wet for his intruding cock. Standing up, he fucks her from behind thrusting his ramrod into her non-consenting cunt. He bangs away at her before unfreezing her just long enough to get a glimpse of what was happening to her, gasps and moans escape her mouth just momentarily. He lays her on the table and fucks her harder and harder, finally bursting inside her. He unfreezes her, and his distraught girlfriend shocked by what has happened stumbles away.

Amateur Boxxx – Crystal Rush – My Brothers Hot Russian Wife is Sex Robot FullHD 1080p

Amateur Boxxx - Crystal Rush - My Brothers Hot Russian Wife is Sex Robot FullHD 1080p

Ive had the suspicion something is up with my brothers new russian wife. She is just….. i don’t know how to put it. I think she might be a robot, seriously. I might be going crazy. Only one way to find out. I waited till my step-brother was gone and stop by to say hi. With the help of a special frequency module device I was able to use it to put her in a mesmerized state. Im not big on science or technology, but i think it put her in a reboot state. Russian Sex Robots, this is awesome. We all know what we would do with a russian sex robot. She didn’t mind following my commands or taking my load.