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Scarlett and Kasad – Mom, Son and Daughter play Strip Freeze HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Family LostBets Game Episode 571

The game is Strip Freeze, where the object is to stop a bouncing dot in the green area, which forces your opponent to let you strip her, while avoiding the red area, which costs you a garment. I think that perhaps brace-faced Kasady didn’t understand these fairly simple rules, as she started out by just pressing the button whenever. She eventually realized the error and started playing for real, but not before her mistake has cost her several articles of clothing. Will the correction save her from the fate of the loser, or will it be too late? The answer is: too late! She does manage to strip Scarlett down to her bra and panties, but that’s it. It only takes about 4.5 minutes before the loser is naked and at Kevin’s mercy.

Kevin starts by telling to loser to get his dick hard, but all she does is spit on it and jerk it clumsily. With this girl, you have to be specific, so eventually Kevin tells her to put her damn mouth on the thing. The winner grabs the back of the loser’s head and pumps it back and forth to show her how it’s done.

Annabelle Lane & Kristen Kraves – I Love My Mom’s Girl Dick FullHD mp4 [Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ca/1080p/2018]

Annabelle Lane and Kristen Kraves star in this ultra sexy film about a step mother who just cant resist sex and her step daughter who cant get enough of her mom’s girl dick.

Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase, Kara Lee in Brain Drain Steals my Daughter FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

“Come here” Brain Drain commands her new pet. It’s so easy to capture them while they sleep. Kara obeys, touching herself and giving every thing she has to her new mistress. Her young sexy body is Brain Drain’s forever. Spreading her legs and touching herself. Moaning and cumming again and again like a good little slut. Her innocent body will do anything Brain Drain says from now on. The perfect puppet to be owned and used.

Ally Evans, Nina Hartly – Step Momma, Nina, Plows Through Allys Meaty Twat HD mp4 May 22, 2018

Before sending Ally off to college, Step mommy, Nina, wants to make sure she is ready for her first girl on girl experience. What better way to teach her than to actually be her first lesbian fuck! Watch this horny MILF teach her step daughter how to eat pussy right!

Rio Blaze – Like Mother Like Daughter 26 FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Added: 5/21/18 9:43pm Taboo MILF Loves Young Cocks

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This week Mia and I had another fun date with TC. We loved sharing his cock so much that we had to do it again the next day! He is so good at fucking both of us and making sure we both cum before he lets out a huge load. I really love sharing a cock with my daughter and I thought I loved sucking cock more but I’m finding out she’s even better at it than I am! After being fucked so good Mia and I got down on our knees to suck, stroke and then jerk his cock until he finished and shot out his big load all over out tits and face. We are going to try and get to Phoenix so we can fuck him as much as possible!

Taboo Handjobs – Claire Heart, Darryl Hanah – Mom help Daughter make Handjob her Brother mp4 FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 2/12/13 11:10AM Mom teaches virgin daughter to give a handjob

She suggested I give him a hand job to show him I care about his release and yet enables me to keep my virginity. Problem is I don’t know how to give a hand job. I have such a great mom, she offered to show me how to give my boyfriend a hand job! If it was ok with him of course. He agreed quickly and we made our way to my mom’s room. She asked him to start stroking himself so we could see how he likes to be rubbed. We were looking for his stroking rhythm. She directed me exactly how to make my boyfriend feel good enough to forget about my pussy. I started stroking nice and slow with my saliva spit on him to make his dick slippery. She told me a trick to a hand job that I didn’t even know, which is to massage the base around the balls. She says his sensations travel all the way inside his body not just in his penis.

Elsa Jean, India Summer, Charles Dera – 18 Year Old Shy Girl is Fostered and Fucked by Overbearing Parents mp4 2018


CUT to the middle of the night. The camera opens on an ECU of Jamie’s face as she slowly wakes up. She lays on a small mattress at the foot of her foster parents’ bed. As her eyes flutter open, the camera leans out to reveal Daddy Ron and Mama Mary fucking on all fours on the bed above her. They don’t realize she is awake and she overhears them dirty talking about her. She lays, eyes peeled and nervous, as they fuck inches from her for a few intense minutes before she closes her eyes again to try and drift off.

CUT to several hours later. Jamie is screaming as Mama wakes her up. Startled and sweaty, the girl looks up to see the foster mother very concerned. ‘You were having a nightmare, sweetheart!’ She says, clutching her tightly. Jamie can’t remember if what she saw a few hours earlier was just a dream. ‘I’m scared … can I stay with you?’ she asks. Mama suggests she share the bed with her new parents. When she pulls back the covers to tuck Jamie in, Mama exposes Daddy Ron. He is lying on his back naked, with a half-erect penis, staring calmly at Jamie. She averts her eyes nervously and lays down close to Mama. There is a long silence.

‘Do you want to know what I do when I’m scared?’ Mama says quietly. Jamie shakes her head no. ‘I cuddle up to Daddy Ron … like this!’ She puts her arms around both Jamie and Ron and pulls them all together to create a family sandwich. Jamie can feel Ron’s penis brush up against her leg and it makes her feel very funny. She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. ‘Daddy is big, isn’t he?’ Mama continues, smiling. ‘You should touch it and see how big it can get!’ Jamie doesn’t know what to do. She is incredibly nervous but also strangely turned on. She has never been so close to anyone before and looks deep into her foster mother’s eyes before slowly nodding. She reaches her hand down and wraps it around Ron’s shaft. Mamma kisses her forehead and looks over at Daddy Ron, smiling, before putting her own hand down and wrapping it over Jamie’s. Together, the women slowly jerk him off. Jamie’s breath quickens as she gets excited, wedged between the couple. Sensing her new daughter’s quiet enthusiasm, Mama then instructs them both to perform fellatio on him. After all, the Fosters believe in traditional family values where the man of the house deserves to be taken care of. BGG sex scene. Throughout the sex, Jamie is shell-shocked but consents to everything her foster mother asks her to do, wanting to please the overbearing parental volunteers and not being able to explain her own sexual curiosities. Daddy Ron ultimately cums on her stomach, as Mama sucks it up and spits it back into Jamie’s mouth like a baby bird.

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TABOO – Daddy fuck all Mom, Daughter and my little Sister FullHD [1080p/]

Michelle is in her bedroom, waiting for her Husband Mickey to return home from a Business trip…..when her two Daughters, Melony & Lisa come into her room. The two young girls had previously asked their Mom, if they could watch her have sex with their Dad…….as the two young girls have never seen sexual intercourse before. Michelle agrees to ask their Dad when he arrives. When Mickey returns home, and finds his two Daughters waiting in bed with his Wife….he knows something is up….but he is shocked when the Family makes their request!!! After the shock wears off….Mickey agrees to fuck Michelle in front of Melony & Lisa. His two Daughters take off his pants….and get his cock hard…..and what follows is what can only be described as…..a Massive Taboo Orgy!!!! Melony licks her Sister’s Pussy…..Lisa licks her Sister’s Pussy…..Mickey licks Michelle’s ass…..Mom licks both Daughters……Dad licks Mom’s Pussy…..Dad fucks Mom….and finally….Little Lisa Jerks-Off her dad, until he cums all over her Mom’s face!!! As her Mom lies there….covered in cum….all over her face…..all in her hair….Lisa says “That was fun….maybe we should have Family day every week!!!”.

TABOO – Mom Made Us Lesbians FullHD avi [1080p/]

Added: 4/22/14 5:00pm

When the principal calls to report that JC and Vanessa have skipped school..again.Mom is furious! When the girls arrive home, mom calls them into her bedroom, and one at a time, orders each of the girls to drop their pants and go to the spanking bench. The spanking bench is at the end of mom’s bed.and mom puts each of the girls over her knee for a good spanking. Once the girls have both been decides that their punishment is not decides to really teach the girls a lesson they won’t forget!! To the horror of the orders them to get completely naked..and make-out with each other!! They both protest as mom grabs JC by the scruff of the neck, and shoves her face into Vanessa’s Cunt.and makes her lick Vanessa! Then mom makes the girls kiss each other passionately on the lips.Mom makes them finger each other to explosive mutual orgasms!!! This is a punishment that the girls will not soon forget. By the time mom gets finished with her two daughters.they are full blown lesbos

Anya Olsen, Cherie Deville – Mothers Day Massage SD mp4 [MomsTeachSex/2018]

It’s Mother’s Day for Cherie Deville, and all this busty mom wants to do is get herself off. When her kids interrupt her lingerie-fueled masturbation session, she accepts their gifts graciously. Anya Olsen gives Cherie jewelry while Alex D. gives her a voucher for a massage. She gives them both a hug before sending them away so she can finally cum.

Later that day, Alex sets everything up and tells Cherie that her masseuse has arrived. Little does his stepmom know that Alex is watching her take off her bra and thong, and that he’s the one who is running his hands all over her soft skin. When Cherie responds positively to the brush of her masseuse’s hands against her pussy, Alex takes the opportunity to play. He doesn’t notice Anya watching him, but he’s in luck because Anya likes what she sees and wants in on the action. When Anya climbs on the bed to feast on her adoptive mother’s snatch and tight anus, Alex whips out his hardon to fuck his stepsister from behind.

The kids switch it up so Alex can slide into his stepmom’s snatch, which prompts Cherie to finally look behind her. She punishes them by telling them they will do whatever she wants them to for the rest of the day, starting with them kissing each other. Now that they are puppets to Cherie’s will, Anya and Alex let her call the shots when it comes to sucking and fucking. Cherie is generous enough to ensure that both girls get plenty of orgasms before they work together to make Alex cum. Once Cherie gets a mouthful of jizz to snowball with Anya, she sends the kids off to clean up and make her a nice Mother’s Day lunch.