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Love My Roommates Big Ass – Anastasia Rose, Madisin Lee – Fell-On: Fetish Factory HD

 Love My Roommates Big Ass

Madisin has been gaining weight for some reason. One day her roommate Anastasia was looking for her purse when she noticed how big Madisin ass has gotten. She could barely fit into her pants. Her big ass was spilling over. Madisin said that guys love girls with big butts that’s why she is gaining weight. Anastasia was turned on and wanted to see for herself why guys love a big ass. She asked Madisin if she could put on a strap on and see her big ass work her dildo. Madisin teased Anastasia and slowly pulled down her pants to reveal her huge ass while face sitting Anastasia. Anastasia was so turned on and when Madisin started riding her dildo, Anastasia knew exactly why guys love a thick girl with a big ass.

Teen Lesbian Is Coerced By Girlfriend Into Straight Threesome With Father – Whitney Wright, Paige Owens HD 2020

The girls slip off each other’s shirts as the action gets steamier and starts to lead to sex, with Bruce still watching at the door, as Whitney fingers and eats out Paige. Soon, Paige begins to encourage Whitney to try a dildo. She’s reluctant but eventually agrees, even though she still seems a bit weirded out that it’s shaped like a dick.

Bruce nods with approval from the doorway as Paige uses the toy on Whitney. She tries to enjoy it, but eventually Whitney finds it too weird and tells Paige to stop, asking WHAT is going on??

Bruce steps out from the shadows and says he can be the one to explain. Whitney is shocked by his sudden appearance, panicking and trying to cover herself up. Bruce explains he is using dirt he has on Paige to coerce her into following his instructions – including luring Whitney here for sex.

Step Daughter’s New Boyfriend – Cherry English – LaceyStarr HD mp4

Step Daughter's New Boyfriend

Mom and Daughter love – Angela White, Skye Blue FullHD mp4

another life part 1

Mommy Wants A Turn With Slutty Daughter – Kimberly Kane, Jay Taylor FullHD mp4

Mommy Wants A Turn With Slutty Daughter

This is the last time I hear my daughter getting fucked wrong by my stupid husband. I’m her mother and I’m hear to pass on my experience to her. I know how to fuck WAY better than my loser husband and I’m going to show my slutty little daughter how it’s done and end this madness in my home. She’s never been stretched right, my husband is lacking down below, so I’m going to pound her deep in her little pussy and stretch her out properly. But not before I beat her ass for fucking my husband behind my back! Oh’ yes…There will be so many lessons learned today. Like eating pussy properly and how to thoroughly humiliate and cuckold a man into submission. Lesson begins now!
Clip starts off with Jay Taylor giving her father a blowjob and getting fucked in doggy position before Kimberly Kane (mother) walks in and catches them fucking. She then makes her husband watch as she has sex with Jay. She sits on Jay’s face and makes her lick her pussy before she puts on a strapon and fucks her in missionary and doggy positions.

Bettie Bondage – Your mother has always valued physical touch – threesome Taboo stories FullHD mp4

Mom Teaches You to Fuck Your Little Sister . For as long as you can remember, she’s made you and your sister “hug it out” every time you have a disagreement. And you have to admit, it’s made your relationship with your sister stronger. You can get over any agreement, just with a hug! So when your mother tells you that she wants to teach the two of you something – something that has to do with being a loving…a physically loving family member – you trust her completely…until she tells you two to take your clothes off! It seems a little…weird, right?

Group Taboo – Bettie Bondage – Double Trouble Mother-Daughter Fucking FullHD mp4

Double Trouble Mother-Daughter Fucking

The effect that daughter of yours has on you is quite obvious. There’s no hiding an erection that big! At first, your wife is a little flabbergasted by your reaction to your own daughter, but she’s no fool. And she’s no prude! Besides, it’s just a little fantasy, right? A harmless fantasy, with your wife blowing you while she talks about how tight and horny your daughter is! Totally fine.

Mommy little girl taboo tgg rough fuck – Luna Sapphire, Sophie Ladder FullHD mp4

Mommy little girl taboo tgg rough fuck

My Mommy, Sophie Ladder, fucks me roughly for over an hour in this hot transgender girl on cis girl sex tape. We start making out on the couch and Sophie begins to put her hands around my neck and her fingers in my mouth. Then, she pulls my panties to the side and eats my pussy, making her little girl moan. She starts to fuck me in missionary and dirty talk to me. I call her Mommy while she pounds me deeply with her nice big cock. Mommy controls my body completely, putting me in all different positions including doggy style and fucking me from behind while lying on our sides. Mommy tells me that I’m her good little girl and she can do whatever she wants to me. She continues to hold her hands around my neck and kiss me with her dick deep inside me. She makes me say “Thank you Mommy for fucking me.” After more than an hour of passionate Mommy Domme and babygirl sex, Sophie cums hard inside me and gives her little girl a cream pie.

Roxy Cox, Brook Logan – Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut FullHD mp4

Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut FullHD mp4

Roxy the mom walks into office and her daughter Brook is waiting there on her first day, looking bored, playing with her phone. Mom tells her she is finally going to learn what work is really about and start being a productive member of society. Daughter scoffs and tells her mom to stop boring her but Roxy suddenly pulls her up by the hair and grabs her by the throat. “I’m not your mother here, I’m your boss, do you understand?”, “you’ll treat me like your boss and do exactly as your told like a good girl. Mom inspects daughter. First looks at face and tells her to be trashier, slaps her, e.t.c. lifts skirt, feels tits, tells her boobs are too small. Compares to her own big tits and gets them out. Mom stuffs daughter’s bra so she looks like a proper bimbo. Mom turn daughter round and bends her over, spanks her ass. Pulls her panties off and tells her to never wear panties to the office, her job here is to be used for other people’s pleasure so she should always be wet with no panties. Mom pushes a butt plug into her ass – stuffs panties her mouth and rubs her clit as she moans. Mom tells her she’s ready to test her daughters holes to see how well she’ll perform in her duties. Daughter complains but panties in her mouth are muffling the sounds. Mom lifts her skirt to reveal a harness and attaches a big dildo as daughter complains. Roxy gets Brook on her knees and shoves her strap on into her mouth, making her suck and gagging and getting it nice and sloppy dripping onto her tits. Grabbing her head and pushing it deeper and deeper down her throat. Mom tells daughter she is ready for a real challenge and strips her off naked except for heels, attaching a body harness & choker and spanking her with a paddle. She bends her over to face full length mirror and fucks her pussy from behind while pushing her mouth onto toy stuck to mirror for DP. Close up on Brook taking that cock from behind and seeing it stretch her. Mom tells daughter she has done better than she expected and now she’s loosened up, she might just be good enough to be the new office slut, but it’s time to prove it to the real boss. Mom pushes the daughter forward to meet boss’s cock. Daughter’s ass is arched up in the air in background as mom fucks her from behind while daughter sucks on bosses cock in foreground. Mom gives JOI telling her boss to use her daughter’s mouth and eventually tells the boss to cum in her mouth, cum drips out onto floor and Brook plays with it.

Bunny Colby ,Serene Siren – naughty mommy-daughter lesbian play FullHD

 naughty mommy-daughter lesbian play

I wake up to a woman laughing. It was just last year when my mother passed away, not even enough time for the grass to grow over her grave and my dad is already dating another woman. I hear a song playing, it’s my mother’s favorite song, and I hear the woman laugh again– she sounds so familiar. I get out of bed and I open the door, the music is louder, the scent of my mother’s favorite recipe wafts through the air. I pass by the coat rack and see her favorite scarf, pink silk, still fresh with her perfume. I see her sitting, her famous thick blonde hair, her petite frame. How is she here? I must be dreaming. I hear the sound of my father talking, and I reach out and touch my mother’s hair, she turns around my heart sinks. I feel as if I’ve been knocked on my ass, out of my warm and comfortable dream, the idea that my mother could still be alive. The woman is an imposter, she smiles, she is beautiful, but she is not my mother. But there is something about her, she’s so similar to my mother, I can’t hate her. There’s something that keeps me lingering by her door, something that beckons me to be so bold as to open it. I want to be by her. I want her to hold me. I want her to kiss me. I want to feel comforted. I want her to be mine.