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Bunny Colby ,Serene Siren – naughty mommy-daughter lesbian play FullHD

 naughty mommy-daughter lesbian play

I wake up to a woman laughing. It was just last year when my mother passed away, not even enough time for the grass to grow over her grave and my dad is already dating another woman. I hear a song playing, it’s my mother’s favorite song, and I hear the woman laugh again– she sounds so familiar. I get out of bed and I open the door, the music is louder, the scent of my mother’s favorite recipe wafts through the air. I pass by the coat rack and see her favorite scarf, pink silk, still fresh with her perfume. I see her sitting, her famous thick blonde hair, her petite frame. How is she here? I must be dreaming. I hear the sound of my father talking, and I reach out and touch my mother’s hair, she turns around my heart sinks. I feel as if I’ve been knocked on my ass, out of my warm and comfortable dream, the idea that my mother could still be alive. The woman is an imposter, she smiles, she is beautiful, but she is not my mother. But there is something about her, she’s so similar to my mother, I can’t hate her. There’s something that keeps me lingering by her door, something that beckons me to be so bold as to open it. I want to be by her. I want her to hold me. I want her to kiss me. I want to feel comforted. I want her to be mine.

Mommy teaches her Daughter how to handle cock – Silvia Saige, Carolina Sweets FullHD mp4 1080p

Mommy teaches her Daughter how to handle cock

Carolina Sweets thought she was all alone in the house with her big cock boyfriend, so they start fooling around. But little does she know that her hot milf stepmom Silvia Saige is there and watching the whole thing! Carolina storms out and Silvia starts fucking her man while she’s gone! She comes back and is horrified at first, but she warms up to the idea and decides to let her stepmom show her how to REALLY please her man!

C4shalloween19 – Ashley Fires , Mint Rose – The Devil In My Daughter HD avi 720p

The Devil In My Daughter

My little Daughter was growing up so fast. She was changing so much but something else was going on. Something not of this world. It started with her being distant and I just thought that was normal girlhood stuff but then it became these long far off gazes to nowhere. Then the weird talking started. Like a different language but one I had never heard before. An old language. Also she became abnormally sexual and explicit. Which is fine except it was towards me. Her own Mother! I had done some research and found out she might be posessed. One night I woke up and there she was. She took off her nightie and started towards me then started convulsing and speaking the Devils words! I knew what I had to do. I must fuck the Devil out of my Daughter!

Jerky Wives Cory Chase, Vanessa Cage – Seduced by my step Mom HD clips4sale

Seduced by my step Mom

Mother teaches slut Daughter a first sex lesson – SheenaR – Bound Orgasms FullHD mp4 1080p

Mother teaches slut Daughter a first sex lesson

I even stole this red whore dress. As I am getting the window open my mom comes in! Fuck! She caught me! Again. She yells at me, tells me what a slut I am. How I need to stay focused but I am worried about my pussy and how I am going to cum next. She told me she is going to teach me a lesson, and not to be a whore anymore. She puts a ball gag in my mouth and bounds my hands behind my back. She makes me spread open my legs and she gets the Hitachi, turns it on high, removes my thong, and puts it on my clit. I am begging her to stop! I tell her I promise I won’t be a slut anymore! She told me she is going to stop once I cum. I don’t want to, I beg her, please mom no! She tells me she won’t stop until she f o r c e s it out. I rub my pussy harder on the vibrator until I get all my cum out. Then mommy turns like a switch. She loves me again. She hugs me and tells me to go to bed. Mila Von Mayhem

Manyvids SheenaR – mom teaches teen about sex FullHD mp4 1080p

mom teaches teen about sex

Never really had a mom to teach me about things like makeup, my time of the month, and well.. sex. But ever since my dad married Jenevieve I have been learning about all the things a mother would teach their daughter! Well, I am dating this new guy and he is pretty experienced… that is a problem because I am a VIRGIN! So I ask my step mom what I should do. She told me she thinks I need to know what it feels like to have a cock inside of me before I let him fuck me.

It’s not my daughter’s fault of course – LaceyStarr FullHD mp4 1080p

 It’s not my daughter’s fault of course

British Taboo – The motherfucker

When my daughter brings home her new girlfriend to meet me, you can imagine my surprise when a young lady I knew all too well walks into the room.. I mean, how was that silly girl to know that her new lover and I were once an item? How sweet though, they still think that love is such a wonderful thing and plan to sneak off and share some naked time together, but my plan is entirely different. I have an old score to settle with one, and a valuable life-lesson to teach the other. This will get messy!

TiffanyDoll – Mom and Daughter Taboo Stories FullHD mp4 1080p

Mom and Daughter Taboo Stories

Facesitting with my stepmother

I’m sometime a bad girl, well actualy all the time and my stepmom Ania gets very upset with me. Today I didn’t want to put down my telephone when we had to go out. She was very angry so to punish me she started to sit on my face. First with her panty on and then she took it out to make me smell her wet pussy. She rub her cunt on my nasty face until she cum hard

Mandy Flores, Barbie Bailey – Mother Daughter Love FullHD mp4 1080p

Suckling on mother Mother Daughter Love

Barbie comes home from a long jog. She calls for her Mother..she’s hungry from her workout. She goes upstairs and finds Mother reading on her phone. “Hello honey, have a nice jog?” Barbie just nods and plops down on the couch next to Mother and begins to pull down Mothers tank top strap. Mom knows what Barbie is after and allows her daughter to suckle from her tits. Mandy never stopped breast feeding her daughter Barbie. She felt it was not only a bonding experience for them but the best nutrients she could give her even at a older age. Next scene shows how Mothers milk and suckling also acts as a comfort food when Barbie breaks up with her boyfriend, whom she loves and Mother comforts her…Mandy Flores

SkinTightHotties in Fucked & Dommed by Her Stepmom – Leather Fetish, Lesbian Domination FullHD avi 1080p

SkinTightHotties in Fucked Dommed by Her Stepmom

Originally sold as two separate videos (“Dominated in Leather by Her Stepmom” and “Fucked in Leather by HerStepmom”;), get ALL the action in one go here as the temperature keeps rising from start to finish! TABOO meets LEZDOM IN LEATHERS featuring 2 of the most sensuous girls on the planet… When Dominatrix Jasmine catches her step-daughter masturbating in her SKINTIGHT LEATHER PANTS, all hell breaks lose! Jasmine is also in the tightest of tight leather pants and they both look amazing. Honour begs to be trained as a domme… Things get extremely hands-on as stepmom Jasmine bends Honour down and FINGERS HER PUSSY through the tight leathers. Pussy whipped, paddled and fondled again and again, the tight leather strains and creaks to the girls’ sexual desires. Honour even gets to spank her stepmom, before she is back to being dominated by Jasmine, having her leather-clad crotch LICKED OUT and a TABOO SCISSORING that gets them moaning in harmony and soaking wet inside! Down come Honour’s leather pants just enough so Jasmine can finger her bare pussy. Now, with Honour bending down obediently, Stepmom Jasmine FUCKS Honour with a strap-on! The tight leathers turn them both on so much as you’ll hear. And that’s when Honour sets to work with her lips and tongue on her stepmom’s leathers!!! CONTAINS SEX AND EXPLICIT NUDITY