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I was getting ready for a date the other night. My dad was gone, I came out into the front room and my stepmom told me how handsome she thinks I am. She told me that she wants to make sure I don’t get anyone pregnant. She said a way to keep that from happening his to make me cum before I go on a date and fuck anyone. I don’t know she felt like she had to do it instead of me. But, whatever. She’s hot. She told me she asked dad first. Not sure if that is true. But honestly I’ve came to her so many times. It was just the first time she was actually there for it.
She laid me down on the couch and got butt-ass naked. They tits my dad bought for her are fantastic. She fingered her mommy pussy. She told me to let my date blow me but not fuck her. She stroked my cock and told me how good I was going to do in college. How sexy I am and what a good boy I am. She said that my cock is hers while she stroked me hard and consistent. Stroking and pulling on me saying “Do you want to go on this date?” until I blew my load all over her pretty hands. I think my stepmom really cares about me.

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Natalie Brooks is having a great time at college, and she wants to share all the fun she has been having with her loving stepbro. He picks her up in his car, and she tells him all about it. It turns out, her favorite part of the whole thing has been the flashing! Of course, when Natalie gets home, she tells her mom a whole different story. But when she and her stepbro finally get a minute alone, Natalie assures him he has nothing to be nervous about when it comes to college. She shows him all he needs to know by offering him a helping hand like she used to. She pulls out his cock, and boy has it grown! She spits on it and goes down for a sloppy, slobbery blowjob. Then he admits his cock right into her tight collegiate slit for some rough cramming before the cum test. Finally, he makes the grade by cumming all over his stepsisters face. Too bad mom found out in the end!

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Stepmom and son’s fucking late night after party

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My Hot Step-Mom and Step Sister

Lucas has a problem. He can’t stop jerking off. He’s doing this so much that it’s disturbing the family dynamics. So much so, that his step mother, Cherrie Deville, and step sister, Chloe Cherry, came up with a plan to help him out. Instead of him jerking his dick next time he needed to, his step sister would assist him in unloading that load. At first he was reluctant, so every time they caught him in the act, his step sister would be called over to suck him off. Eventually Lucas got used to the normality of the situation, so he would just show up naked ready for his step sister to blow him. However, this particular day things escalated to the next level Cherie asked him if he would like to stick his cock in his step sister’s little pussy. He instantly agreed. As his step-mom watched on, she decided to join in the fuck and have her step son fuck her too. Lucas shoved his cock in both his step-mom and step sister’s pussies in several different positions before busting a giant load for both of them to share.

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Hormones are raging in the house, Mom caught his son sniffing his sister’s panties and also caught her daughter watching her brother while he comes out of the shower. She decides it’s time to end this obsession they have for each other, she calls a family meeting and explains them, she knows they are attracted to each other and the best way to handle this is facing it, they must have sex, after all, they are a family and have to support each other. Mom starts by teaching her daughter how to suck her brother’s cock, then he penetrates her sister’s pussy in many different positions while Mom supervises him and makes sure to end squeezing the last drop of his son’s cum into her daughter’s mouth.

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Harmony Wonder loves messing around with her step brother, Ricky Spanish. Doing everything from spying on him while he showers to bothering him as he tries to do his homework. This particular day, She snuck under the table at breakfast and decided to suck his cock. Once he noticed, he went along with it, trying not to make it obvious to their step mom, Lexi Luna, who happen to be behind them. Eventually, the step mom got closer to him and started hitting on him, not knowing what was going on under the table. She lured her step son to the bedroom. There, she got him to eat her asshole out. Soon after Harmony walked in and they invited her to join. Ricky fucked his step sister and step mother all over his step mom’s bedroom. All culminating with a giant load all over both of their faces.

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Zac Wild stands in the entranceway of his family home. He is excited, holding a couple sheets of paper in his hands. ‘Hey, Mom! I got accepted into college!’ he calls as he runs through the house. He finds his step-mother, London River, in his parents’ master bedroom, her back to him while lifting her shirt over her head. Zac doesn’t want to make an awkward moment even more awkward, so he calls to her to let her know he’s there. She turns around, mostly naked but not embarrassed as she greets her step-son. He apologizes for barging in and she dismisses it, telling him that it’s fine. She curiously comments about and gestures to the papers in Zac’s hands. He excitedly tells her that he’s been accepted to college that fall and they hug in celebration.

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My stepmom is so annoying. All I want to do is watch the game, and she has to come into the TV room and spoil my fun. She wants to teach me because she promised my dad she would, but she is definitely not a teacher. She is teaching me stuff about anatomy on paper, but we all know that anatomy is a subject better taught in person. At least she understands that much. She shows up in her lingerie and then lets me touch her breasts so I have a good idea of what they feel like in person. Hope my dad does not walk in!

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Mom Finds Out Dad is Gay On Halloween

She asks me if she thinks that SHE turned him gay? No, my mom is SO fucking hot, especially dressed up like a slutty witch. I can’t stop staring at her tits. She is perfect. I tell her she is beautiful and if anyone could turn a gay man straight, it’s her. I touch her and tell her it’s okay. She is noticeably turned on and frustrated. She hasn’t been fucked in a long time. I hear her masturbate all the time. I know this is my chance. I touch her more and she says no but I know she needs this. Eventually she sees my cock getting hard and gives in. I can’t believe I’m fingering my mom! She is so tight and wet. She sucks on my cock and let’s me have my way with her! She cums over and over! I want to get her pregnant! She always talks about having another member of the family and this time I am taking matters into my own hands. I cum deep inside her and hope that it works! It could be the best trick or treat ever!!!

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My Mother got stuck in a chimney and I can`t Resist Mother stuck in the fireplace offers sex to her stepson to get free