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In Dreams – Brooklyn Chase – HouseoFyre HD 720p

In Dreams - Brooklyn Chase – HouseoFyre HD 720p

Brooklyn restlessly tosses in bed, her legs tugging at the sheets. She senses that the sun has risen. Laz brings her a cup of coffee and awakens her with a sweet kiss. They make love, enjoying one another’s bodies, thrusting & writhing in pleasure. They both come to a beautiful climax and lie together basking in the afterglow of beautiful morning sex.

Junior Controls Mommie Part 2 – Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Junior Controls Mommie Part 2 - Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Junior spanks mommie long and hard making her tell him all her dirty slutty secrets. After long He wants to see her spank herself. Commanding her to do so mommie sahrye does it eagerly with no hesitation. Mommie Then Begs Jr to fuck her she is so hot and horny from the spanking with his thick young hard cock. Jr doesn’t miss a beat. Thrusting himself into mommie is something hes punished himself many times for fantasizing about and now is his chance. Sliding into his mothers slick dripping wet tight cunt Jr pounds away from behind. Mommies hot red ass bouncing on this throbbing dick is going to make it hard to keep from cumming. Mommie throws her ass back like a girl half her age taking JR close to the edge. Before Jr can blow his load he informs mommie that he is close to coming and mommie make her request “PLEASE NO JR! CUM ON MOMMIES FACE!” Commanding her to her knees mommie begs and encourages JR to release all over her face and jr does not disappoint. Letting go he explodes a HUGE hot white thick LOAD right on her surprised face! Jr immediately puts himself away. Then Releases mommie from his control with the instructions that she is oblivious of what has occurred or of the CUM completely covering her face. Mommie gets right back into laying into Jr for his choices in life and Jrs apologizes for his misbehaving and tells mommie he will be better!

Hot Milf Seduction – Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase – Jerky Wives HD

Hot Milf Seduction - Melanie Hicks & Cory Chase – Jerky Wives HD

Scene One: Two people to fuck

Cory is surprised to see Melanie getting her big tits felt up. thought it was just going to be your husband” Cory says nervously not expecting to have sex with the wife. get what we want” Melanie replies and right now they want Cory’s hot body. They begin to feel her body, making Cory moan, the couple delighting in their new toy.

me herehe husband whispers to her and has Cory suck his cock while he sucks on his wife’s huge breasts. He slides Melanie over to his dick and she rides him hard while Cory touches her. want to taste it” Cory moans and sucks the cock, fresh out of her pussy. He fucks Melanie from behind, pushing her face into Cory’s pussy. Both girls moan harder and faster until they both cum from being used.

Surprise For My Son – Helena Price & Madisin Lee – Fell-On Taboo Passions HD 720p

Surprise For My Son - Helena Price & Madisin Lee - Fell-On Taboo Passions HD 720p

I have been experiencing a dry spell lately. I cant seem to get any pussy and I am not really attracted to younger girls or girls my age, so I called an escort agency for two hot Milfs. I could not wait for them to arrive! They finally arrived but when I opened the door, man, I was surprised to find my step-mom and her best friend. My step-mother told me not to call the agency and not to worry, her sexy mature friend Marilyn, would take care of me. She took me to my room and started sucking my dick. She invited my step-mom to watch and before I knew it, they were both sucking my cock. Wow! This is amazing. Marilyn started riding my hard cock while my step-mom sits on my face. They both trade turns and then they take turns bending them over in doggy style. Right when I am about to cum my step-mom sucks it out of me and then cum swaps with her friend. Damn, that was so hot, I feel so much better now! Themes: Taboo, Milf, Fantasy, Blowjob, threesome, fucking, doggystyle, cum eating, cum swap, swallowing

Smothering Her Son With Love – Alex – Ashley Fires Fetish Clips HD

 Smothering Her Son With Love – Alex - Ashley Fires Fetish Clips HD

Step-Mom came home from a long day at work to find her lazy step-son Alex taking yet another nap on the couch. She looks around to find the living room an absolute wreck! The floor was littered with stinky shirts, shoes, and booze bottles! That’s it she thought to herself! She tries to wake him up but Alex is not responding until she kicks him with her high heels! She begins to yell at him about the state of the house. He tells her to get off his back, that it was Sunday and he deserved to relax today! Step-Mom had to remind him again that it was Monday and he should be at work! She walks around angrily picking up his mess when she turns around all of a sudden to find Alex sniffing her ass! WHAT THE FUCK? What’s wrong with you she says! Right then and there she knew she would have to start being more in charge before things became out of control! “If you are going to try to smell Step-Mommy’s ass then let’s do it!” she says. Step-Mom grabs her step-son and shoves her butt in his face! It’s time for Step-Mommy to teach her step-son a lesson on keeping things clean around here! Step-Mommy smothers him with her ass until he can’t breathe numerous times. She also smothers him with her wet pussy. When she feels he has learned his lesson then she makes him lick and worship Step-Mommy’s perfect asshole!

The Cumplete Step-Mommy Step-Sister Series – Goddess Stella Sol and Queen Jennifer Marie FullHD

The Cumplete Step-Mommy Step-Sister Series - Goddess Stella Sol and Queen Jennifer Marie FullHD

The must have series featuring Queen Jen Marie and I as Step-Mommy and Step-Sister. you get verbally humiliated while wanking. you are denied, you suffer CBT, and get a mind fucking inferiority complex throughout it all. Don’t miss this decadent 6 part series.

Junior Controls Mommie Part 1 – Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Junior Controls Mommie Part 1 - Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

However, this is the first time, he’s ever allowed himself to let those thoughts sink in. He debates with himself on whether or not he should push his experiment further. He ultimately rationalizes that he should push forward for the sake of science, but it’s obvious that lust is his true motivator. He now commands Mommy to return to cleaning the room while talking to him as she normally would. However, now he wants her to do it in a sexy way while being completely oblivious to how she is acting and Junior’s reactions. She goes back to cleaning and talking, but now she is clearing making a show of it by lifting her skirt up above her waist to seductively expose a skimpy thong, stretching and bending at the waist to pick up items, squatting down and spreading her legs, bending down in the “head-down, ass-up position”, crawling, etc. The whole time Junior is following her around enjoying the show, even occasionally reaching out to cop a feel and commenting on Mommy’s luscious body. However, in Mommy mind, she is completely unaware of how she is acting and believes she is simply cleaning and lecturing Junior as he listens quietly. At this stage, Junior decides to try something more brazen. He commands her to straighten up and return her clothes to a normal state. While she is still in a trance-like state, he asks her to tell him her most intense, deepest fantasy. Without hesitation, she responds, “Mommy wishes she could act like a slut”. Junior laughs at the irony, considering the contrast to the conservative, “type A” image that she obsessively tries to project. However, he decides its time to grant her wish. He tells her that soon she will hear music that will make her feel the uncontrollable urge to twerk and shake her ass. He tells her to snap out of her trance and act normally. She begins to lecture him as usual, but then Junior begins to play the music Mommy begins to feel the urge to show off her ass and appears confused and concerned. At first, she appears to resist the desire, but soon she is lifting her skirt over her waist again, twerking and shaking her ass for Junior in a variety of positions. Soon she is completely lost and relishing her exhibitionist show. As Junior notices how she is enjoying herself, he decides to ask her, “Is Mommy enjoying acting like a slut for her baby boy?” Without hesitation, she replies “Yes, Mommy loves acting like a slut for her baby boy!”

Enchantress Sahrye – I’m a Jealous Mommie SD

Enchantress Sahrye – I’m a Jealous Mommie SD

Dominant mum raised her son to be her sex slave. He was raised a good mommies boy. Took care of everything for her including her sexual desires. Mommie has caught her son looking at other girls and must punish him and get him back in line. Mommie puts her son on a leash, calls him names like a naughty boy, bad boy etc, spanks him, makes him beg for forgiveness, and promises her that his mommie is his Queen. Mommie then gets on top of him and fucks him and finishes missionary. Throughout make me say things out loud like mommie I promise to be a good boy. You are my queen etc. You tell me to be a good boy for mommie and fuck your mum. Make me say something really dirty to mommie while I cum. Talk about how I shouldn’t be a bad boy. To be a good boy for mommie and fuck my mum. Get back in the good graces of my queen and be mommies sweet, darling, honey, sugar… Pet names like that.

Home For The Holidays – Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Home For The Holidays - Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Son visits mom for the holidays. She confronts him about pictures of her she found in his stuff. Asks if he jacks off to these pictures (how she reacts is something that can be discussed. Shocked, she knew all along, she’s had secret desires for him too etc.). She invites him to rest in her bed. Extra details / questions. I was thinking initially she confronts him wearing a tight sweater, something sultry for Christmas time. When she invites him to her bedroom it’s a cut scene and son is already on the bed when mom enters the room now wearing lingerie.

Straight A’s For Mommie – Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

Straight A’s For Mommie - Enchantress Sahrye 1080p FullHD

You have just come home after a semester away. Turns out you failed literature. I asks if you miss the bedtime stories I used to read you. I can tell you get aroused. I am mad/ upset with you for failing and take control of this situation. I thinks the girls at college are the problem. I tell you mommie is the only girl for you, I have you unzip my dress to reveal my sexy lingerie. I lay you down to read you a story. I gets on top and make you fuck mommie I can tell how much you like it and encourages you as you bend me over and fuck me doggystyle slamming into me over and over my juice dripping down your young hard cock. Turning me over you slide between my thighs with my legs over your shoulder. Pumping me full over and over i tell you to be a good boy at school but come home to be a naughty good boy and fuck your mother. As you cum deep inside me i know youll be mommies good boy.