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Pristine Edge – Relax Son your Mommy here FullHD mp4 [1080/2018]

Persuading My Stepson Through Relaxation

Well look who it is! My favorite and only stepson. I think this is the first time you and I have ever been alone together. Maybe I can show you a little trick. Just keep your eyes focused on me. Stare at me. Just relax and keep looking. Listen to the soothing sound of my voice. When I snap my fingers you will have no choice but to listen to my every command and desire. I must admit that I never loved your father. I have always been more fond of you. Now I want you to stare at my body while you play with yourself. You can finally see my tits now too, which I always see you gooning over. Take it in slowly. I know you want my body. You may start to devour my pussy now. Suck on my clit and watch me squirm. You are making my pussy soaking wet. I want to wet your cock with my mouth now. Its so fat and so big. I want you to fill my pussy with it. This feels better than I could have ever imagined. I am going to reverse straddle you now so you can watch my ass while I bounce on your cock. You can fill my pussy with your sweet cum now, I am about to orgasm too. That is the best thing I have ever felt. Remember, this is our little secret!

Virtual porn – Natalie Wonder – Mommy Investigates Her Baby Boy’s Unusually Big Boner HD mp4 [720p/]

You’ll only be my little bbaby boy for a short while. Before I know it you’ll be grown and not want your mommy to take care of you anymore. Mommy sits with her bbaby and plays with him. She tickles him…gives him raspberries on his little soft tummy. Mommy loves making her little boy happy. Playtime is the best time. Suddenly mommy notices her boy starting to touch his privates. He plays with his little cock…his little balls. Awwww baby likes touching his little cock. It feels good, right?’re really tugging on it hard! Okay bbaby no more. You’re too little to be doing these things. Hmmmm. But…maybe…let mommy play with it for you instead. Let me take it out. Let’s see your little cock. Do you have an impressive little cock for mommy? Mmmmm let’s see. Oh…Oh My…it’s…growing..? Getting harder!? No, that’s not possible. You’re too little. But your boner is getting so big! So unusually big…for a little bbaby boy like you. Such a big, growing boner on my little bbaby boy. Mommy’s going to have to investigate…

Virtual Incest – Mindi Mink – My Mom Is A BBC Slut FullHD mp4 [1080p/American Porn/2018]

She tells the boys she loves a good facial and lets her sons friend cover her face with his hot cum. She asks her son if she looks sexy with all that cum on her face. She excuses her sons friend and promises more for her son. She tells her son to fuck her like he has a big black cock. With his friends cum still covering her face, Mindi climbs on top of her son and starts to ride him… as she rides his big cock, she tells her son that she is going to find 5 big black cocks to fuck tonight and she wants her son to think about it all night and maybe someday, she will allow her son to watch her get gangbanged by a bunch of big black cocks. She cums all over her sons cock. She asks him to get behind her and fuck her hard because all the black guys she fucks, LOVE her big, thick white ass. He starts to fuck her from behind… she loves it! She confesses that she really gets off the best when getting plowed by big black cocks, letting them explode their cum all over her face and deep inside her pussy. She has him pull out and he covers her still cum coated face with even more cum. He not only covers her face, but he also covers her wedding ring in his cum… Mindi licks off the cum and tells him she is going to go out and get fucked really hard by a bunch of black cocks.

XXX Multimedia – Sandra Luberc – Put a Baby Inside of Me – Impregnation HD [720p/2018]

After a heavy night of drinking, a blond, Russian beauty guides you into her small bedroom. At the bar, she seemed overly eager to get you back to her place, and without question, you Tipsyenly follow to see what she has planned.
Her sweet, Russian accent is soothing in your inebriated state, and she smiles shyly at you. “I know you can help me,” she says in her broken English. “Put a baby inside of me…please?”
Before you can respond, she teases you with her petite, flawless figure, “Just cum inside of me.” The Russian beauty slides her finger into her mouth and twirls her long, blond hair. “I want you,” she says with her thick accent, and your cock twitches.

Natalie Wonder – Mommy/Son Virtual Porn HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 2/25/18 10:34pm Fucking Mommy On The Floor Quickie lll

I love passionately kissing you like this baby. I’ve been fantasizing about you being on top of me this whole week. Mommy’s been so horny for your cock. Listen, I think daddy’s on his way home from work. You don’t mind having a quickie with mommy, right? Mommy needs a nice quick hard fuck on the floor every now and then. We’re really going to make these wooden floors creak! Mmmm I feel your hard dick up against my pussy already. You’re such an eager boy to fuck your mommy. Good boy…now stick it in…stick it inside me…fuck mommy real hard. You’re the only one who gives it to me so good. I’m always thinking about it. Stick your dick in me. Ohhhhh baby…yessss more…harder. Mmmmm now slow down. Give it to me nice and slow. Now fuck me hard again. Mmmmm take your cock out and rub my plump, horny clit with your cock. Mommy’s going to cum all over you. Now finish fucking me and drain your hot load inside me…I wish we could stay like this forever…

Natalie Wonder – Mom rides Son POV Virtual Incest SD mp4 []

Share The Gift Of Your Cock WIth Mommy For Mothers Day

Mommy always taught you to share. Especially with those who are less fortunate or going through some tough times. You are very blessed to have such a special body part.. And mommy is extremely lucky to have a wonderful son who has this very special body part. Although right now mommy is the less fortunate one. Your father left us, I’m single & I am always so horny. That’s why you need to share yourself with mommy. Share that gift you have been given, with me & my warm pussy.

Premium Incest – Natalie Wonder Clips – A Mothers Sudden Uncontrollable Urge SD mp4 []

Mom is in a very special mood today. She went to the doctor yesterday & got a medication for her mood. Today she feels like she can do anything! As she walks into the living room mom sees her son laying on the couch, relaxing underneath a cozy blanket. Her son looks especially good today. Mom keeps getting strange, warm waves throughout her body. It must be the new medication. Wow, she didn’t think it would have such a great effect. Little does mom know the medicine is just beginning to kick in.

Natalie Wonder Clips – Moms Naughty Confession and Her Horny Pussy SD mp4 []

Mommy has a confession sweetie. It’s really bad and I hope you are not too upset with me. I’ve felt so lonely & unwanted lately especially since your father left. So last week when your best friend came over, and you weren’t’ home, well, we ended up doing some bad things. I had sex with your best friend sweetie. Oh my gosh please don’t be angry with me! It felt so good but afterwards mommy felt so guilty! I just couldn’t keep this secret from you any longer.

Incest video series – Any Time You Want Even When Daddys in the Room SD mp4 2017

I’m a woman of my word… AND I take my role of motherhood very seriously. Honey, it’s just as I said when you turned 18: in this house, fucking your mother is as natural as saying “hello!” You just let me know when the urge strikes you… even if I’m barely awake and still in the bed in the morning, even if your father’s right here in the room. But… I’ve never… a blowjob?! Well, I… I never have with your father and… I never will. But, since you’ve asked… just because I’ve never granted that wish of your father’s, well, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to go without. Just be patient with your mother… this is my first time. And, honey, of course I’ve never heard of a 69! But for you…

Natalie Wonder – A Mothers Forceful Entry – mommy son orgasm SD mp4

Mother Son POV Virtual Sex

Mom hasn’t slept at all. The sun is up & it’s early morning. She has a long day ahead & NEEDS to get some shut eye. Her pulse is fast & feels anxious. She knows just the perfect, satisfying thing that would make this feeling go away. But it’s so wrong. Using all those strange men for sex was wrong. But it was the only way she knew how to cope from the divorce. Meeting all those men almost every night & having sex with them was her escape. As good as it made her feel she knew it was risky. Luckily she sought help from a therapist & now she hasn’t had sex for almost a month. But tonight, her hormones are really raging. Mom needs to satisfy this craving. A craving for cock. Her son is still asleep in his bedroom. She needs it, bad. It will calm her anxiety & she will finally get some sleep. Mom is desperate. Her son will have to understand it’s for a good cause. Good sons help their moms all the time. This is no different. Mommy is in need of her boy’s cock right now. It’s the only logical thing. She doesn’t want to relapse on having sex with strangers again. Her son will understand. He better, because mommy’s craving cock & she will ABSOLUTELY NOT take no for an answer.