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597 Sweetie Nurse Surrender To Me – Angel The Dreamgirl 4k 2160p

597 Sweetie Nurse Surrender To Me - Angel The Dreamgirl 4k 2160p

Every day you are checked by a doctor with a young nurse. She is so sweet and beautiful. You are happy when you see her every morning. On this day off, the doctor did not come to you, and a young nurse is looking after you alone. She wears tan stockings and pretty lingerie underneath her medical gown. You let her check you before you put your hand on her tits.
Of course, she couldn’t expect such a turn. The nurse asks you to stop, but you cannot hold back, especially since no one can interfere.
You start touching her nylon legs and then kissing her lips. She resists, but after a while, she will open to you and ride on your huge cock. She hasn’t had sex for a long time, and she needs you.

Kathia Nobili – You love my feet so desperately be my feet lover c4s FullHD 1080p

Kathia Nobili - You love my feet so desperately be my feet lover c4s FullHD 1080p

I let you to serve me today! Yes…you can be close to me…me…and my feet! You love my feet so desperately….just to be close to them is like a whole world to you! Well…..I want you on your knees….right! My bare feet just touching your face….smell them….one by one! I’ll sit on your cheats and play with your face…with my feet…only with them….my sole pushing against your face! Make love to my feet! Worshiping your goddess’s feet….lick them and kiss them!…Goos boy….Now …I want you to take me! Yes….make love to me…be my lover!!!Right now….right here!!! Penetrate my hot..juicy pussy and make me feel the pleasure….I want to have a huge orgasm with your cock! And for the end…..last pleasure…cum all over my feet! I want to play with your cum….on my feet!

Trained By Mommy – Princess Violette FullHD 1080p

Trained By Mommy - Princess Violette FullHD 1080p

come closer, little girl – I’m going to teach you some lessons that are mandatory. I know you want to be taught my me. I know what’s best. Im going to teach you how to please cock. You will listen and obey.

Cheating teacher persuaded to fuck – ImMeganLive FullHD 1080p

Cheating teacher persuaded to fuck - ImMeganLive FullHD 1080p

I’m the teacher and you are the student, we have had an affair going on for a while now. My husband is out of town again. I have invited you to my house and we spent the whole night fucking. I wake up first and start to get ready for school. You have a morning wood and want more sex. You find me in in the bathroom, I just showered. I am in a bath robe you tell me you want more sex. You pull my robe open to see my body but I playfully decline and insist that we both need to go to school. I then changed room, when I bend over to pick up my outfit for the day, you move up my robe and thrust into for a little bit! I like it, but insist that we need to get going. I put on bra and panties and go into the living room for breakfast where you bend me over again and fuck me more on the couch while I talk about the ring and my marriage. Then I’ll be on top of you and be sure to comment that I am the hottest teacher at school and then doing it in the hallway. I really like it but worry about being late. I move away and finish getting dressed in my outfit. You mention that we have never fucked in front of the fireplace and finally convince me to finish having sex with you. You open my blouse and take my breasts out and for you to suck on them. Then fucking me doggystyle and standing too. I’ll also talk about how you a student is fucking his teacher and how I am cheating on my husband who is away. Then you are going to stand and carry fucking me and cum inside making us both climax, cum dripping out of my pussy down on the floor. I then finally realize that we are running late and need to go to school right now!

Naked Twister! – Alura, Alice – Jerky Girls FullHD 1080p

Naked Twister! - Alura, Alice - Jerky Girls FullHD 1080p

Alura and Her Step-Daughter, Alice are playing their regular, weekly game of “Naked Twister”. It’s something they do every Thursday Morning. The Step-Mother/Step-Daughter team begin to play the game….right foot red…..left foot green…..right hand yellow etc etc etc….and find their two Naked bodies tangled in very provocative positions….which, of course, lead the two Girls to get frisky with each other!!! Some kissing….some pussy play etc etc etc……and then….in walks the Pool boy!!! The two Girls have been waiting for the pool to be ready, so they can go for a swim….but Alura has a better idea….”Hey Pool boy….do you wanna play some Naked Twister with My Step-Daughter an I??”. He is hesitant…because he has other pools to get to…but the two Girls get their way, as they simply strip him of his clothes…and push him out onto the Twister matt!! Now there are three Naked bodies playing Twister!!! The two Girls notice that the Pool boy has a GIANT cock…and it seems to be growing, as the Game progresses!! When Alura and Alice see the growth of his Big Black cock…they decide to abandon the Game….and Attack the Big Black cock!!! The Step-Mother/Step-Daughter team both devour the Big cock until Alura empties the contents onto Alice’s Tits!!!! Naked Twister will never be the same….

I Have A Fever – Dixie Comet – That Bondage Girl FullHD 1080p

 I Have A Fever - Dixie Comet - That Bondage Girl FullHD 1080p

Dixie’s made herself comfy for her nap and sits on the edge of the bed. She pulls out the pills but discovers that the pill is empty. A look of terror crosses her face so she lays down to try to calm herself. A look of pleasure crosses her face and she slowly turns to look toward the door. She leaps out of bed and seductively walks down the hall toward the repairman who is cleaning up. He stands to greet her, surprised by her appearance and asks if she’s feeling alright. She leans in close to him and runs her hand over his chest. She says she has a fever…a certain kind of fever and when it comes over her she can’t control herself. He asks if there is anything he can do to help her. She says yes and grabs him by the collar. She drags him toward the bedroom and throws him on the bed. She jumps on top of him, straddling him and leans down and kisses him deeply as his eyes open wide in surprise. When she pulls away she grabs a piece of rope and tells him to restrain her. She rolls off of him and on to her stomach with her hands behind her back, begging him to tie her up. He complies and ties her wrists together. When her wrists are tied he sits her up on the bed and she begs him to keep going and tie up her chest and arms. He grabs some rope and gets behind her but instead of tying her chest he starts teasing her, running his hands over her breasts and body. She reacts to the pleasure of his hands as he leans into her from behind and whispers in her ear. He tells her that he thinks the only thing wrong with her is that she’s really horny and that he’s happy to tie her up but he definitely knows what else she needs. She nods her head yes and he smiles as he begins to tie up her chest. When her chest is tied he lays her on the bed and unzips his pants. He puts his dick in her face and teases her with it before putting it in her mouth and letting her hungrily suck it. After a bit, he sits her up and shoves her panties in her mouth and wraps tape around her head then he pushes her back down and spreads her legs. He licks her pussy to get it wet, making her moan with pleasure and then slides his dick in. He fucks her with her legs wide then puts them together and ties her ankles as he continues to fuck her. He then flips her over on her knees and fucks her from behind until he cums in her pussy. He gets dressed as she lays on the bed with his jizz dripping out of her and then grabs some more rope and crotchrope hogties her to give her something to keep herself entertained. He leaves the room and lets her struggle a bit but returns with his written estimate and leaves it next to her on the bed, telling her that he’ll be back in a few hours to see if she’s ok with the estimate and if she needs any other ‘work’ done.

Double Fucking Anniversary – Meana Wolf c4s FullHD 1080p 2020

Double Fucking Anniversary - Meana Wolf FullHD 1080p 2020

Clip Contains: You surprise your girlfriend with some new dick. She’s hesitant. She wants to fuck him so badly, but she doesn’t want to be a bad girl… doesn’t want to make you jealous… but you can see that look in her eye. She wants to be fucked. She wants more dick. **Cuckolding. Hotwife. Threesome. MMF. Bull. Double Blowjob. Double Facial**

Things haven’t been great with your girlfriend over the past couple of months. She’s restless… bored. She tries to be good, but you often find her looking at other guys. You know she would never cheat on you. She’s too perfect for that. But you know she needs more than what you can give her. So you decide to give her an anniversary present she’ll never forget… you know what she needs better than she does, and she won’t be able to say no once his cock is in her mouth… He waits for you two to return from your date… hiding in the shadows. She blindfolds herself for a night of kinky sex and when the moment is right you switch places… she doesn’t even realize. It’s too late to turn back now, she gives into her slutty desires and takes the hard sensual fucking she’s been wanting for so long.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Angel The Dreamgirl – Would Your Wife Hire a Sperm Nurse for You 4k 2160p 2020

Angel The Dreamgirl - Would Your Wife Hire a Sperm Nurse for You 4k 2160p 2020

Her passion built as his 9-inch swollen cock penetrated her womanly treasures – gently forcing its way deep into her – spreading open her thick vaginal lips, sliding against her clitoris and filling her fully. She loved the outward pressure on her vaginal walls and feeling his cock tip pressing against her inner-most and deepest private womanly tissues. Her breathing quickened, tingles of ecstasy vibrated all through her body, her eyes tried to fixate on the spinning room around her, she gasped, bit her lip, and her sensual core totally relented to mind-numbing ecstasy, nerve tingling spasms, twitches, tremors, and orgasmic contractions. Her spinning world slowed down, she took a deep breath, sighed loudly and collapsed into a heap of 100% true spent woman. But she was not fully satisfied, she did not feel his warmth squirting deep inside her – he could not cum.

You will be a very good step-son-in-law… Do come and see me more – Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD 1080p

You will be a very good step-son-in-law... Do come and see me more - Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD 1080p

Angel, here is what I want
Outfit: white sleeveless knit & black pantyhose & high heels Hairstyle: formal updos with blunt bangs

Script: Angel is an elegant lady who is also sex addicted. She is meeting with her future step-son-in-law William for the first time alone in her living room and find him to be very sexually attractive to her. (give close-up views of her face, neck, breasts, legs, feet and other body parts during this scene.) She starts to seduce him with flirty eye contact, languages and then touches his penis with hands and legs. She then walks up behind him and pull his dick out of his pants unexpectedly and gives him a hand job from behind (kiss ears and rub balls at the same time). Angel’s step-son-in-law can not resist the seduction and let her do what ever she wants to him. Angel performs massive blowjobs & handjobs(POV) in every position she knows and always has indecent smiles on her face since she really enjoyed it. She also teases him with her beautiful legs and feet white giving blowjobs. (please include as many blowjob positions as you can)

569 Nurse`s Secret Teasing Touch – Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD 4k 2020

569 Nurse`s Secret Teasing Touch - Angel The Dreamgirl FullHD 4k 2020

She will take care of you, just relax. The best nurse to come to you on call. A cute nurse puts on her hands latex gloves and begins to tease you slowly, she knows that to get a huge puddle of your sperm on her latex gloves she needs to tease you properly, slowly and sensually. Angel puts a condom on your cock and give some blowjob. This turns her on and she likes to play with your cock.
Her gloved fingers deftly masturbate, caress your cock. She wants it to get even bigger and so she uses the vacuum on your hard cock.
Angel pumping, pumping and pumping your cock and it’s getting sooo bigger, it’s already grow to the top of the vacuum. Oh yes, this is what she wanted to see, now she teases you a little more before removing the vacuum. You are very excited about this and want Angel to touch your cock again. You want to feel her touch when she wears her latex gloves…..