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To Come or Not to Come That’s for Your Choice to Decide – Female Masturbation, Jerk Off Encouragement [404p/2018]

Do you want to come or be denied? This time, it’s your choice… without KNOWING which you’ve chosen! It’s a very simple game: pick A or B. There are two versions of this video, both exactly the same EXCEPT for the ending. In both, you’ll watch me tease and strip slowly while I encourage you to make your cock feel oh-so good. I’ll drop my sweet little panties and bra right in front of your face and… well the rest depends on which video you choose. Will I let you come? Will I deny you all together? Will I count you down to a delicious orgasm, beg for you to come on me, and reveal my sexy naked body? Or… NOT. Either, way, if you come before I permit you, you must ruin your orgasm for yourself. The rest… well, that’s up to your intuitive ability. Buy one video, and take your chances. If you’re unlucky in life and denied your orgasm, you can always return to buy the other video… if you think you deserve it. Or buy both at once, and randomly choose which to experience at one time or another, always teasing yourself with the unknown outcome. So, which video will you choose?

Getting Inside Her Head Goes Too Deep – Trash Talk, Uniform SD [404p/2018]

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It’s just another day on the beat, just a quick check into a local household for a perpetrator known for criminal activity. She doesn’t appear to be home so… I’ll have a look around. What a dump… what a life this woman must live. Poor thing, I almost feel sorry for her. She must be desperate: no family, no money, selling herself on the streets. I need to figure out a way to get in her head a bit, see if I can determine where she might be now and what she may be up to. Ah, these trashy clothes left on the ground will do. If I put them on, I know I can get into her own mind and possibly discover just what she’s up to…. I’ll be showing off my detective skills soon enough! She strips out of her uniform and puts on lingerie.

flashing, natural breasts, nipples – Droppin’ These Big Ol’ BODACIOUS Titty-Licious Breasts! HD mp4

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I know what you like… Lucky you. I LOVE giving you exactly what you want. Now, sit back, relax, and let me smother you with my tits… I’m going to drop these huge, natural breasts and

large nipples RIGHT ON YOUR FACE. I’m going to drop them so many ways, you won’t know what hit you. WARNING: you may get dizzy, your cock may get harder than it’s ever been, you may lose all sense of self-control.

Taboo Diaries – Lexi Jaxson Broke At The Mall HD mp4 [720p/2017]

Added: 7/4/17 2:10am

Lexi Jaxson was window shopping at the mall when a well dressed older gentleman sat down next to her. After some small talk she is offered a chance to interview as an intern for some extra money and she agrees. Jack brings her to the van to meet his partner and the head to the office. When Jack informs her the position is basically servicing both men Lexi almost changes her mind. The flash of cash in front of her quickly brings her back around and before long shes fucking Jaack in the back seat while his partner drives. The guys switch off after a few miles then they pull up to the office. The guys spit-roast Lexi in the back of the van until someone walks up on them. The tree of them move the party inside and lexi ends up getting a massive load on her face and one her ass too. Once they’re done the guys rush Lexi towards the van but leave her behind as Jack throws a 20.00 bill out the window.

The Edging Consultant – big breasts, lace, professional slut FullHD mp4 [1080p/American/2018]

Added: 6/11/18 1:41pm

Didn’t the company tell you I was coming? I am the final part of your interview …a test in a way. To see if you’re the caliber man they’re looking for. You *didn’t* read the fine print on

that waiver you signed? Oh my, you must have been very desperate for this job. That contract forfeits all rights to privacy, more specifically… of your body. And your cock. They need to

ensure you’re the type of man who can withstand an immense amount of pressure… who can endure intense stimulation without… succumbing too quickly. That’s where I come in. Oh yes, my job

is to make you cum as quickly as humanly possible. And I am very, very good at my job. Oh my, this hard already and I’ve barely even touched it! You’re going to have to resist for as long as

possible if you really want this job. Luckily for you, I love cock… and I have all the time in the world to draw this out.

Cali Carter – Subject 23: Tested & Terminated – Medical Fetish FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Cali Carter – Two hot Milf Tested Big Dick FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

The scientists continue in a sterile fashion & take turns having sex with you. Olivia is clearly taking perverse pleasure in observing your reactions to the “stress”. Cali goes the extra mile, deepthroating you & showing off her ass while she rides you, pounding your cock into her pussy. These too are very dedicated to their work, making notes on their clipboard while tormenting you.
Technician Cali milks your cock until you cum into her mouth, then she spits the “sample” into a test tube. Before you’ve fully recovered from the shock of the unexpected orgasm, Olivia explains that the fluid in the IV isn’t saline, it’s a paralytic which is slowly stopping your heart from beating. Unfortunately, the University wouldn’t sanction their sexual experiment, and they can’t have you alive to protest or invalidate their results. They plan on getting very rich off the experiments & won’t have you interfering. The truth of your situation begins to sink in before you feel yourself slipping away into oblivion.

Tara Tainton – You Just Come to Mommy – Jerk Off Instruction, bare shoulders SD mp4

Oh, my poor darling. I know you only come to me when you have a question about understanding girls. Why are you so tense when you’re about to go on a date with your girlfriend, honey? Because she’s a tease?! Now, why would you say that? Oh… so, she doesn’t want to… go ALL the way… until marriage. Well, honey, that’s perfectly understandable… but I know that young men need… ATTENTION… too. Honey, you just need to relax. You know Mommy will take care of everything. Just lie on my bed, darling, and let me give you a nice, long, relaxing massage. You’ll be so rested; I’ll work out every knot, ball of tension, and HARD spot. Just concentrate on Mommy’s warm, soothing hands, the motherly touch you trust your worries to, and I’ll make sure you know just who to come to whenever you’re just so tense again.

British Milf Amy Wynters – Jerk Off With Mommy HD mp4 [720p/Manyvids/2018]

You come into mummys room with an erection. We’re both A bit embarrassed & I ask what caused it, you say you were watching mommy get dressed. Its flattering so i ask you to show me & I’m astonished by how lovely & large your penis is. I tell you i’m going to show you how to stroke for me & as i do this i get so aroused i start to touch myself too. If we only touch our selfs it can’t be wrong especially when it feels this good. Kink Family Porn

Virtual Porn – Amy Wynters – Jerk Off To Mom Tits HD mp4 [1080p/ British / Kent, UK/2018]

I’m looking in the mirror applying my red lipstick checking out my sexy red lingerie, tan stockings & black heels when i notice you spying on me. I didn’t expect you to be up so late & I tell you i have a ‘friend’ coming round so that is why i’m all dressed up. You think mummy looks so pretty tonight you can’t help but stare at my large nipples you can see through my top. I take you to bed to tuck you in then i say I’ve noticed some sticky wetness in sheets & i think its time we had the ‘talk’. I tell you not to be embarrassed we all do it! I ask what you’ve been jerking off too & you can’t help but blush as you look at my big natural tits. I soon realise the effect they have on so i show them to you whilst I ask you to show me how you’ve been touching yourself.Its clear to see you’re doing it a bit too fast so I offer to guide you through a jerk off session whilst looking at my lovely juicy boobies. Jerk off to moms tits like a good boy.

Manyvids Helenas Cock Quest – My First Proper BIG BLACK COCK GANGBANG! HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 7/30/18 With My Creampie Eating Cuckold Husband In Chastity!

Finally after an intense fucking they started to cum! One of them shoved his Big Black Cock up my butt and pumped his load deep into my asshole making me cum as his hot jizz coated the inside of my rectum!
Of course, I quickly had hubby ready to get on his knees and clean my ass out for me before some more interracial fucking! Next, another BBC unloaded into my pussy. I pushed it out and my disgusting husband ran over to eat it out! UGGG! Thats as close to my pussy as he’s ever going to get since Im done fucking him after this! Yup, eating black mens jizz out of my pussy and ass is all the sex he’s ever going to get with me, hahaha!!!