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POV Incest Joslyn Jane – Viagra Mix Up With Friends Hot Step-Mom Complete Series FullHD 1080p

POV Incest Joslyn Jane - Viagra Mix Up With Friends Hot Step-Mom Complete Series FullHD 1080p

WCA Productions

Part 1

I was staying at my friend Jason’s house with him and his family while my parents were out of town on a business trip. it was awesome since me and Jason grew up together and his step-mom was like a second step-mom to me. it was also great because if i wasn’t able to stay there i would have had to have stay at my grandparents house and that would have been boring. on my first day there jason was working his part time job and Mr Jane was still at work too. i found Mrs Jane or Joslyn since thats what she preferred i call her. i thanked her again for letter me stay there then i asked if she had any thing for a headache and she told me to go check her bathroom medicine cabinet, i found some pills that looked like aleve and took 2. about a half hour later i started to feel worse and told her about it, she asked what pills i took and i showed her the bottle. she told me that they were her husbands Viagra and she freaked then when i told her i took two she got even more panicked! since she was a nurse i was super worried but the headache was getting worse. she told me to take some regular aleve which she gave me then to drink water and go lay down. another 30 minutes later i went back to her told her that i was feeling worse and no matter what i did my erection wouldn’t go away. she told me to sit on the couch and she would be right back. she came back in the room a few minutes later with a towel and a bottle of lube, she told me i need to masturbate and she would stay with me to make sure everything was ok. i asked her if she really needed me to masturbate in front of her, since i was her responsibly while my parents were gone and since she was a nurse it was probably best that i do it in front of her. after we both promised that we wouldn’t tell anyone including Mr Jane and jason i was so embarrassed, we got started! the idea of having my friends hot step-mom cheer me along as my stroked off if front of her was so hot, i came so hard and her eyes never left my cock! she told me the viagra could be in my system for a few days and if i had anymore problems i should come see her right away!

Pep Talk – Meana Wolf FullHD 1080p

Pep Talk - Meana Wolf FullHD 1080p

Your confidence was shot. If you couldn’t convince your shareholders to invest in the future of the company, you were gonna lose everything. The worst part about it is that your wife always chooses these moments to start a fight. She can’t stand weakness. Your finances were tanking and she demanded that you fire your assistant. Of course she want’s you to fire your hot little assistant. She was just jealous. Meana actually supports you, unlike your wife who only tears you down every chance she gets. God damnit, you’d like to bend your hot little assistant over your desk and just fuck her stupid. But you’d never do that… you were too good a man for that… you’d never betray your wife…right?

Vivian Cox – Sucking Off My Son’s Bully POV Custom FullHD 1080p

Vivian Cox - Sucking Off My Son's Bully POV Custom FullHD 1080p

Mister Cox Productions

A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian’s son has been bullied lately by a big bad bully named Jake. Jake has come over to the house a few times looking to bully her son, so Vivian has got to know Jake a little bit and thinks he’s actually kind of sexy! Following Vivian’s recent divorce Jake has also become quite a bit of the handyman around the house, coming over to fix things if Vivian ever needs help. Vivian decided since he’s always coming over for one reason or the other that he should go ahead and have a key to the house so he can come over whenever he wants to do handyman work or slap her son around. Vivian doesn’t mind that Jake is such a bully; she likes it when he comes over to the house looking for her son to bully around and doesn’t find him, because when her son isn’t home to get bullied she gets to be the one he bullies…. With his huge cock! Jake shows up at the house looking for Vivian’s son to slap around but he’s not home so Jake decides to cuckold him. Jake video calls Vivian’s son to let him see how he bullies Vivian with his cock!! Vivian welcomes him into the house, leads him over to the chair, sits down and begins unbuttoning his jeans and rubbing the bulge in his boxer shorts. Vivian looks at her son on the video call and says “It’s totally OK that Jake came over, I love sucking his big cock…. Aren’t you proud of mommy”! She continues to suck his cock while her son watches and asks Jake to have a seat on the chair…. She continues her sloppy blowjob, sucking on his balls, spitting and rubbing on his huge shaft before hitting his cock all over her face and lips while making sure her son is proud of letting Jake bully her instead of him. He stands up and begins to face fuck her until he provides her with a nice facial covering of hot jizz!!

Mommy & Bully Punishment – Lucy Spades 4K 2160p

Mommy & Bully Punishment - Lucy Spades 4K 2160p

Mommy has HAD IT with your behavior. First she heard you were creeping girls out at school, and even worse; one of their athletic black boyfriends had to smack you around for it. Thank GOD he’s always there to correct you! Mommy thinks you need to apologize to your bully for being such an awkward little loser, so she called him over. Now you’re getting discipline from ALL angles. Eye popping positions, a dirty creampie cleanup, and a total punishment that will make your balls ache!

Blazed Studio Mandy Rhea – Banging My Best Friend’s Step-son FullHD 1080p

Blazed Studio Mandy Rhea - Banging My Best Friend's Step-son FullHD 1080p

Taboo Family Affairs

What do you do when your best friend tells you she saw her step-son Johnny’s huge bulge when he was changing? If you’re the hot milf next door, you invite him over to see for yourself. That’s exactly what Mandy Rhea does. When Johnny arrives she grabs his hand and brings him to her bedroom. Mandy unzips his jeans telling him she needs to verify what his stepmother told her about his manhood. She’s pleased to see her bestie was correct and starts blowing him. Mandy climbs on top and slides him inside her. Johnny’s cock is so thick, her pussy makes a popping sound when he pulls out. She bangs the hell out of her new fuck boy and even lets him give her a messy creampie.

Hubby’s Gone Anal Creampie Sofie Marie – Yummysofie FullHD 1080p

Hubby's Gone Anal Creampie Sofie Marie - Yummysofie FullHD 1080p

Sofie’s hubby is running errands for her, and she is desperate for a big dick fucking, so she calls Spike to get her holes pounded! They quickly get to fucking and then Spike slides his dick in her ass, and Sofie is hot for the sensation, especially when he fills her ass full of cum!

Family Therapy Alex Adams, Anissa Kate – The New Girlfriend FullHD 1080p

Family Therapy Alex Adams, Anissa Kate - The New Girlfriend FullHD 1080p

Your mom’s best friend comes over and surprises you in your room. She tells you that your mother and her have decided it’s time for you to have a girlfriend…

Secret MILF Napping Sex Party – Luke Longly, Cory Chase FullHD 1080p c4s

 Secret MILF Napping Sex Party - Luke Longly, Cory Chase FullHD 1080p c4s

Cory is applying for a new job position, but it’s an unusual one. She meets with a man in a suit and he hands her a clear drink. He tells her to drink the entire thing, and her eyes start to close within seconds! She wakes up a little while later wearing a red dress and black pantyhose. She is lying down in a bed and she has no idea where she is. The man in a suit tells her that she is going to be used as a sex object by him and all his friends today. All she has to do is just lie down on the bed and allow all the men to have their way with her! The man in the suit undresses her and starts to worship her feet. He licks her nipples and he rubs her pussy with his fingers. He takes his hard cock out and he starts to fuck her pussy while she just lies there. He continues to fuck her pussy until he cums inside of her. He leaves the lying there on the bed as cum drips out of her…

Comforting the Neighbor for Christmas – Ms Helena Price HD 720p

Comforting the Neighbor for Christmas - Ms Helena Price HD 720p

Ms Price, the hot MILF neighbor, has been recently divorced and how nice of her neighbors to send cookies over! The neighbor’s son’s ideas involve a lot more than cookies. This might be his only chance with her! Lucky for him she is lonely and indulging pretty heavily for the holiday…

Step Family JOI – Evelyn Payne, Cory Chase – Kinki Cory HD 720p

Step Family JOI - Evelyn Payne, Cory Chase – Kinki Cory HD 720p

Cory and Evelyn are both wearing black one piece lingerie, as they tell you to get down on the floor. These two Goddesses make you stay down on the floor, because you aren’t worthy to come up yet! You watch these two Goddesses kiss each other and rub each other’s pussy on top of their lingerie. They slowly pull their tits out from under the lingerie, and they pull on their nipples. Cory tells you to keep stroking your cock, but that you’re not allowed to cum just yet! You aren’t worthy of cumming yet! Evelyn spits on her natural tits and you start to get even more turned on. They keep bouncing their tits up and down while you watch them! Then they lie back on the couch and they spread their legs in front of you. They pull their lingerie to the side and they spread their pussy lips for you. You start to imagine how your cock would look and feel deep inside of both of these MILF’s pussies! They start to count down from 10, and when they get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum for them! They keep finger fucking their pussies as they tell you that you can finally cum! They even tell you that after you recharge, they might be down for having a threesome with you…!