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Tara Tainton – Your Sister Caught You! But Maybe That’s Not Such a Bad Thing HD mp4 [720p/2018]

What?!?! My little brother jerks off to porn mags!??! Whoa! I’m telling mom and dad! What? You don’t want me to? Hmmm… well, MAYBE I won’t if… if you finish what you started: right here, right now, IN FRONT OF ME. Of course, I mean it. Don’t I always? Do it – jerk it – or I’m gonna tell mom and dad about your pervy fetish! So, uh… it’s boobs you like, huh? No wonder, considering this household’s full of big breasted women: like me…

Cutie Kayla – Homewrecking Hairstylist jerk off encouragement, cleavage teasing HD mp4 [720/2018]

You are hard as a rock and your wife is just outside of the bathroom. And Kayla is really acting flirty and starting to say things you never thought you’d hear her say! She’s flaunting her tits, getting her shirt wet so that it’s see-thru. Kayla is talking about your hard cock, encouraging you to jerk off underneath the towel she has covered you with. Kayla compares herself to your wife, explaining to you that there’s so much more to be enjoyed in life….like her big tits! Why settle for your wife’s nonexistent tits and her flat, curve-less body when you can have a real woman like Kayla? A real woman that actually enjoys fucking, sucking, and pleasuring a big cock like yours. Stop settling for half-hearted blow jobs and lazy, missionary position sex. If you want to start experiencing real sexual satisfaction, all you need to do is sign yourself over to Kayla. Kayla will own your cock, balls, and every load of cum from here on out. That doesn’t seem so bad, right? So, give in and give Kayla that cum!

Clips4sale Porn – Mommy Tara Stop and Go as the Deck Decides Your Fate SD mp4 2017

Added: 4/11/17 05:55AM

We both love a good challenge… especially when I’m the one controlling YOURS! Now, get that cock out, have your hard-on ready… it’s time to play. I’m in a spunky mood… are you?? I’m layering on the flirting, the fun, the TEASE… oh, how I enjoy TOYING with you. Meanwhile, it’s the cards that determine just how long you get to stroke before it’s time to STOP. Hand after hand, I’ll randomly draw, and you’ll stroke along as I count your handful of seconds to ecstasy. No coming until the very end!

Meana Wolf – Gangbang Cuckold FullHD mp4 [1080p/]

Added: 2/12/16 12:10am

“I couldn’t do it babe…I couldn’t bring myself to pick one of them…so I picked four”. You tell her to keep going. She can see your cock getting hard. She then proceeds to tell you about the insane night of debauchery she had with 4 hot, hung, horny, handsome men. She tells you in great detail where each of them touched her…penetrated her…and where each one of them came. “I’m sorry baby…I just wanted it so badly. I wanted it more than anything…You forgive me right?”
Clip Contains: Your wife sucks and strokes your cock telling you about the raging hot gang bang she arranged. She tells you all the different ways she took 4 dicks inside of her and you can’t help but get turned on by every little detail. She doesn’t seem to be sad or remorseful at all… maybe it’s because she loved it so much…maybe it’s because she’s such a cock hungry, sexual deviant… maybe it’s because she knows deep down… you fucking love it.

Jerky Wives – Luke Longly, Cory Chase in Beat Cops – No Exit – Rites of Passage SD mp4 []

Added: 9/29/17 2:30pm

Scene One: No Exit

Scene Two: Rites of Passage

Categories: HANDJOBS, BLOW JOBS, BLONDES, TABOO, cory chase, ass to mouth, anal, cumshots, milf, blonde, blowjob, taboo, beat cop, beat cops, luke longly, rape porn, hardcore free video

Format: mp4
Resolution: 720 x 480
Duratio: 00:18:20
Size: 275 Mb

MHBHJ – Cumshots Galore – Top 50 Clips4sale Clips FullHD mp4 2018

Jackie Synn – Mommy jerks off disabled Son – Cumming Dildo, BBW Mom FullHD mp4 2016

You poor thing, you’ve managed to break both of your arms and one of your legs in a sporting accident – now you’re stuck in bed for the summer. Luckily, mommy’s home to take good care of you. She’s been waiting on you hand & foot, even giving you daily massages to ease your pain. Today she’s wearing a very low cut dress, you can’t help but to stare at her big breasts – they’re right in your face as she rubs you down! You haven’t been able to jerk off since your accident so you’re super horny, and the sight of your mother’s cleavage in your face gives you a massive boner! You pray she won’t notice, but of course she does. Luckily, mommy’s very understanding. She tells you not to be embarrassed, it’s a natural reaction to being touched. She also notices you staring at her boobs… mommy just wants to help you relax and would do anything to make you feel good. She knows you have urges and that you can’t fulfill them on your own at the moment, so she lends you a helping hand by pulling out her massive milk boobs and starts pumping your cock for you. She talks to you, encouraging you to cum – you can’t hold back for long. Soon you are spunking a huge load all over your mother’s hand, you shoot so hard you even blow all over her tits! You’re such a lucky boy to have such an understanding mother. She cleans you up and tucks you into bed, mommy will be back later to help relieve more of your stress.

MHBHJ – 10 amazing cumshots in one clip – Blowin’ Loadz FullHD 2018

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Nicole Oring – My Big Boy’s 18th Birthday HD mp4 [720p/]

Added: 3/8/17 2:00am

It’s so exciting! You just turned 18, and as your mom, I want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. I knock on your door and come in to give you a little birthday kiss. As I lean over you, I notice that you seem a little excited. Being a little lonely, and loving you so much, I decide to give you a real big boy kiss. I test your mouth out with mine and soon I have us both turned on. I decide that since you are inexperienced, I would love to give you your first handjob..and your first experience with intercourse. After all, mommy’s are supposed to teach their son’s how to treat a lady! Besides, I have been fantasizing about your beautiful, young cock for a while. Maybe you can even give me your seed and let me be a mommy again!!!