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Russ made a terrible mistake!! He took WAY too much Viagra!! Three or four pills instead of one!! He has the most persistent, angry boner you can imagine!! Desperate….he asks his Baby Sister Lucy for some “help” in getting rid of it. Lucy laughs at him….and says “I hear that, when you have a Viagra overdose like that….you can keep cumming several times…and that the ejaculations become very painful”. Russ just wants her to help relieve the situation in some way…but he is obviously not thinking clearly….and when Lucy says that she will only help him if he agrees to let her tie him up…..he foolishly lets her!! BIG mistake!!! This mean little Baby sister is about to get even with big Brother for ALL the bullying he ever did to her!!! Lucy proceeds to Raip him….and force him to cum three times!!! Lucy starts by sucking and jerking his cock until he cums. He thinks that’s the end….but oh boy…it’s NOT!! Lucy then mounts him and starts fucking him. H protests…so Lucy shoves her panties into her Brother’s mouth to silence him. Lucy rides him until he cums a second time. Then Lucy climbs off….and with her undies still shoved in his mouth….she yanks out a painful third laod with her hand!!! This baby Sister doesn’t just get mad….she gets even!!!

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Gemma and her Brother Conor have not been getting along at all….so their Parents have sent them to see renowned Therapist, Dr. Ciara Blue for counselling. The two Siblings can’t even manage to behave themselves in Dr. Blue’s Office….as they begin to bicker back and forth right in front of the Doctor. Dr. Blue has seen this problem before….and she easily diagnosis it…’s quite common when young girls look like Gemma…’s called “Hot Sister Syndrome”. Dr. Blue explains this to the two feuding youngsters….she tells them that Conor is simply jealous, and aroused at the same time by his Sister’s beauty. Dr. Blue explains that there is an “easy cure” for Hot Sister Syndrome….but to the horror of both Gemma and Conor….it involves both of them removing their clothes!! Once the two youngsters are naked, Ciara tells them that in order to cure Hot Sister Syndrome, the two of them must suck and fuck each other!! Gemma and Conor initially refuse to have sex with each other…but when Dr. Blue threatens to report their disobedience to their Parents…the Siblings decide to give it a try. Gemma sucks her Brother’s cock…and soon learns to enjoy it….she comments that it is much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Conor licks his Hot Sister’s Cunt….and then, under the watchful eye of the experienced Therapist…the two Fuck each other’s brains out!! Sure enough…once Conor cums all over his Hot Baby Sister….they seem closer already!! Another successful Therapy session!!

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Logan gets a graphic….and unwanted lesson on the mechanics of “principle” & “interest” as they apply to Loan Agreements!!! Here’s the situation. Logan doesn’t get paid until the following Friday….but she wants money today because the new phone she wants to buy is on sale…and she is afraid if she waits until her payday….the phones will be sold out. She has already gone to Mom and dad to ask for a Loan, but they turned her down. Desperate…..she turns to her older Brother Doug. After she explains her situation…Doug sees an opportunity to exploit his attractive Baby Sister!! Doug agrees to Loan her the money….with the understanding that she must pay back the “principle” next Friday when her paycheck comes….but he must collect some form of “interest”!! When Logan asks what kind of interest he wants….Doug has a list of demands she must agree to….or the Loan is off! He wants the following….a) a blowjob b) to lick her cunt c) to fuck her and d) to ejaculate on her face!!! Logan is dumbfounded by her mean older Brother’s interest in her body….but desperate to get the phone….she agrees to his list of demands. Doug gets Logan to initial and sign each section of the agreement. Once all the paperwork has been signed….Logan gets on her knees and begins to suck. As per the agreement, Logan removes her pants and lets him lick her cunt next. As he is licking her cunt, Doug asks his little Sister if he can also lick her asshole…but Logan is starting to get savvy….and she points out that licking her asshole is NOT in the signed agreement…so she denies his request to lick it!! Next up….Doug mounts his Baby Sister and gives her a good Pounding…and then, to finalize all the terms of the agreement…Doug unloads all over Logan’s face!!!

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Young Alice is having her weekly visit with her Priest, Father Chad. When Father Chad asks Alice what is new in her life….Alice confides to him that she is “insecure” about her breasts. She asks the Father if he could please look at her breasts….examine them….and give his opinion. Father Chad is initially reluctant….telling Alice that he, of all people, is not an expert in the Alice convinces him, however, to look at them. Alice removes her school girl top, and shows her young boobs to Father Chad. After a few moments, Alice realizes that Father Chad has a massive erection in his pants. Alice offers to “help him out” with his “situation”…..and starts to take his pants off. Father Chad reminds Alice that his Vow Of Chastity prohibits Vaginal Intercourse… as she had done for him once before (“Sodomized By Father Chad”)….Alice offers her asshole for the Father to Fuck!!!! Father Chad Pounds young Alice in her ass until he gives her an anal creampie!! “Thank you for Sodomizing me, Father Chad” Alice says with a Taboo smile.

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Skylar is out past Curfew….again….third time this month….and all the guys in the household are aware of her tardiness!!! Both her Brothers, and her Dad know the rule….”If you are late coming home 3 times in one month… have to Take It In The Cunt from a family member”. All the guys are anxious to administer the “punishment” to the wayward Skylar. When Skylar does finally stumble in….she has obviously been drinking….and is unaware of the time. When Dad and both Brothers remind her of the Rule….Skylar begins to whine and complain. “Rules are rules Skylar” dad explains….and the 3 guys begin to argue about who shall be the one to give it to her. After a few moments of squabbling, they decide to settle it with a round of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Dad wins!!! The two boys dejectedly head for bed, as Dad takes his pants off and tells Skylar to start by sucking his cock. The tipsy young girl obeys. Skyar, as it turns out is quite a cocksucker!! A Deep Throat Specialist!! Skylar begs Dad for a “plea bargain”…..”Can you please just cum in my mouth Daddy so I can go to bed….Please don’t make me Take It In The Cunt….”. Dad is insistent, however that rules are rules….and forces Skylar to be impaled by his now rock hard cock, and makes her ride it!!! Skylar cries as she takes the punishment, screaming out that none of her girlfriends have to “Take It In The Cunt” when they come home late…..but Dad keeps Pounding her!!! After Dad has given Skylar a good humping….he makes her take his load into her mouth….and then allows her to go to bed. Hopefully she has learned a lesson.

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Uh oh – Mom caught you stealing her panties! She’s been missing panties, and suspected that you were being a little pervert with them – and she was right! Her own step-son jerking off in Mom’s panties. Your father is going to be pissed and send you to military school if you don’t straighten up.
Your stepmom is so hot, you can’t help but be hard when you’re around her. She notices, and tells you to lay down so she can see exactly what you’re doing with her pretty lace panties. She takes your cock out of your pants and tells you how much bigger it is that your fathers. You can tell she’s enjoying running her hand up and down her boy’s hard dick. She takes off her blouse and matching bra to let you gawk at her perfect natural breasts.
You’re ready to blow any minute, but Mom’s not done with you yet. She wants you to look at her ass while she jerks you off. Your lucky dad gets to fuck that ass, and you want to cum all over it. She keeps stroking and teasing you until finally she straddles your hips and milks out a huge load of semen all over her hand. You’re lucky mom can keep a secret or you’d be packing for military school by now.

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Sweetie, is that you? Oh, dear, you are sleepwalking again. The medication is not working. Oh my goodness, you are sound asleep. I do not want you to hurt yourself, come, oh, goodness. You are hard as a rock. No wonder you cannot sleep. You are sexually frustrated. That is why you have not been sleeping. Those stupid doctors do not know anything. Well, I am just going to have to take care of it for you sweetie.

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Watch me tell my brother how when i was on his laptop i came across his porn… Brother/Sister Porn and it made me a little wett.. So i say how about we try it for real record our own brother sister porn, I run my tongue around my brothers dick before begging him to fill his sisters pussy up with his cum, He fucks me hard till i drip creamy cum before filling his sisters pussy to the brim, i then squeeze it all out and lick it all up… Brother/Sister Creampie Perfect

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Added: 6/12/17 5:01pm

Glad you’re finally home son, I’ve been waiting for you awhile. I’m glad to see the new place is working out for you and I think we should celebrate. Mommy needs you inside her today really

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Daddy’s girl was stuck at home all alone today while she waited for you to get back from hanging out with your friends. She HATES when you leave her alone so she doesn’t waste a second

convincing you to stay and give her attention! She wraps her pretty pink lips around your hard cock sucking and staring with her gorgeous eyes. You try so hard to make it last but you know

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