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Daddy, just take a break and play with me.. I’ve been watching you, you’re not even doing anything. Don’t be silly Daddy, you didn’t mean that. You said the same thing last time. I can see you’re already hard… Okay Daddy, but I’ll be in my room doing yoga if you change your mind….

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MILF Alexis Fawx, Tyler Nixon (POV), mom/son, Tyler Nixon is throwing a party while his mom is out of town, has a plan in case she comes back early, he will shrink his friends so Mom doesn’t see them, friends shrink & hide, Mom comes back & is suspicious about her son having a party behind her back, starts finding Tyler Nixon’s tiny friends & tortures them, crushes, stomps, taunts, eats whole, vore, foot fetish, pantyhose/nylon, mom is irrational & angry because Tyler Nixonhas lied to her, Tyler Nixon cries for her to stop, Mom k!lls all of her son’s friends, shrinks Tyler Nixon (POV) down & eats him as punishment as well, mouth fetish, swallowing, digesting, tongue fetish, teeth fetish, taboo, special effects, sound design/effects

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It was Saturday morning and i was trying to stay in bed all day until my mom walked into my room. she told me to wake up, she said since i was still grounded i needed to come with her. i tried to argue but in the end i kinda wanted to go and see what fun we would have this week in the changing room. i had my hands over my eyes while mom was changing, i asked if she was almost done. she asked why and wanted to know if i was having my “problem” again. she was just wearing her panties and a shirt but im sure she knew i was peeking. so i just dropped my hand down to my rock hard cock and squeezed it. mom just rolled her eyes and got the lotion out of her purse. she put a few drops in my hand and told me to hurry up while she kept watch. after a few minutes she asked if i was almost dine to which i said no. then she really shocked me and she walked over and dropped down between my legs and grabbed my dick. mom started stroking like a pro, i came all over my moms sweet hands and then we got dressed and left. i cant wait for our shopping trip next week! This is part 4 of Mom & Son Share A Dressing Room, it stars Helena Price. this is a taboo handjob scene

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Here is the Season Finale Cliff Hanger you have all been waiting for!!! We promised there would be big news in the Miller Household….and we weren’t lying!!! After trying unsuccessfully to keep their Twin Siblings away from each other….Mr & Mrs Miller decide that they can’t win!!! The Parents give in….and let the Twins Get Married!!! That’s right….a Brother & Sister Marriage!!! With Mom and Dad in the Wedding Party….The Reverend Sullivan performs the Ceremony. With Mom and dad looking on….the Vows are read…..and Reverend Sullivan pronounces Daniel & Danielle “Brother & Sister…Husband & Wife”. Reverend Sullivan then says “You may now Fuck the Bride….Your Sister”. Mom holds Danielle’s train for her as she unzips her Brother’s pants to perform the Ceremonial Cock Sucking at Reverend Sullivan’s alter. Mom and dad blow bubbles and Mom throws rose petals as the Twins celebrate. After Danielle has Sucked her Brother’s (Husband’s) cock…Reverend Sullivan calls for the Matrimonial bed to be brought in…so they can consummate the Marriage in front of Mom and Dad. Daniel pumps away at his Twin Sister’s (Wife’s) pussy….until he cums inside her….prompting Mom & Dad to squeal with delight at the creampie inside Danielle……praying that it contains Grandbabies!!!!!

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It’s Brad’s Birthday, and it’s time to celebrate!! Mom has a Cake…The whole Family sings “Happy Birthday”….and then it’s time for presents. Brad opens a variety of exciting gifts from his Mom and Dad….including a new phone!! All focus then shifts to Baby Sister Alora. All wondering what Alora got her Brother. There are no more packages visible on the coffee table. Alora tells the Family that she has a confession to make. Her part time after school job at A&W laid her off….and she has no money. Not wanting to let her Brother down on his Birthday, however….Alora spreads her legs wide open….right on the Living Room sofa…and in front of the whole Family announces that she has decided to give her Brother Brad the gift of….(and these are her words)….Young Cunt”!! Mom and Dad are so pleased that Alora would give such a personal and thoughtful Gift to her Brother!! As Mom and Dad enjoy the Birthday Cake…Alora takes her older Brother upstairs to her room, and lets him enjoy her body as a Birthday Present!! Alora Sucks her Brother’s cock..and then lets him have his way with her….Fucking her like a Rag Doll. Brad’s cock is big…and it hurts Alora’s tight, young Cunt…but she is a real trooper….letting him Pound away at her, and enjoy his Present. Alora even lets him unload in her mouth….and she swallows it down. Then they go downstairs to re-join Mom and Dad for Cake.

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Mandy and her Brother, Mitchell are hanging out in the Family Room. Their Parent are away for the weekend….and they are chillin’. Mandy is reading a book….and Mitchell is watching TV. There is nothing good on TV….and Mandy tells her Brother about a Documentary she saw a few days ago……that talked about some cultures….(she couldn’t remember if it was in Africa….or Alabama lol)….where it is common and acceptable for Family members to have sex with each other. Mitchell scoffs at the idea….he tells her that even if two Family members WANTED to have sex with each other….there is no way that a male could get an erection for his Mother, or his Sister. Mandy disagrees….she thinks that a healthy male could…and would get an erection from being stimulated by a female….regardless of who the female was. Mandy, who actually thinks what she witnessed in the Documentary was kinda “sexy”…..decides to challenge Mitchell to a Bet. “Tell you what….let me play with your cock for 2 minutes….if you’re right….and it doesn’t get hard….I’ll do your chores for you for 3 weeks. If, however, it does get hard….you have to have sex with me”. Mitchell is shocked by the odd proposal from his Baby Sister….but sure that he will win….he agrees to the Bet, and pulls his pants down. Bad move Mitchell!!! Within SECONDS……basically as soon as his Sister touched his cock…it was standing at FULL Attention!!! Mandy smirks at the site of her Brother’s huge erection…not having to work very hard at all to induce it…and begins to take her jeans off….”A Bet is a Bet…you have to Fuck me now….”. Mitchell pays his debt….he Fucks Mandy until he fills his Baby Sister with a massive amount of sperm.

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Every night after Supper…..Lila has her Bath Time. She enjoys playing with her Rubber Ducky and splashing around in her bubble bath. Sometimes Dad will drop by and give Lila a hand…..washing her back for her etc Tonight, Dad is helping Lila with her Bath Time….and unfortunately…..tonight, things got a little carried away. While washing Lila’s bum with the face cloth….Dad gets aroused….and gives Lila’s bum a little kiss. Lila, playfully asks Daddy to join her in the Tub. It doesn’t take long after Daddy and Daughter are sharing the Tub together, before Daddy’s penis ends up inside Lila’s mouth! After playing with her Rubber Ducky….Lila is anxious to play with a new toy!! When Daddy’s penis gets very, very hard….he sits down on the edge of the Tub, and invites Lila to sit on the erect penis. Lila rides up and down on her Daddy’s penis….and then Dad bends her over….and gives her a really hard Pounding from behind!!! Daddy ejaculates all over Lila’s back, and her bum….and then he washes the mess off for her, with the face cloth. Lila goes back to playing with Rubber Ducky. Lila’s Bath Time was an adventure tonight!!!

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Description: Stepmom called me into the laundry room to scold me. She said she was not my maid, but she was definitely hot enough to be! She accused me of wearing dirty underwear too. She made me strip down and put those stinkers in the laundry. She even threw her panties in there since they were kind of moist as well. Once the load was all set up, stepmother helped me set up my own load by stroking my cock and rubbing it on her cunt. Before I knew it I was fully inside her and she was bragging about how good I made her feel.