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You play a cheap hooker in high heels, thigh high stockings and miniskirt and tube top, who shows up to the John’s house. He gives you a very small amount of money and tells you to get on your knees. You study the money and are very disappointed and complain. He unzips and pulls out his cock and tells you to do your job, whore. You give him a hand job, while rolling your eyes, shaking your head like you’re really disgusted with the whole “date”.Then he tells you to start sucking his cock. For the whole handjob and blowjob you look like you totally hate it, and he calls you a stupid whore now and them. Finally he blows a load on your face while you look like you can’t wait to get out of there. It’s such a humiliating and miserable experience for you from beginning to end!

Primal Fetish – Anna Bell Peaks – Attorney Lays Down the Law – Mesmerize hot Slut HD

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Anna Bell is trying to sue a company for sexual harassment and REFUSES to take the good settlement her lawyer worked his as off for. Even though she wore skimpy clothes to work, hit on the boss and was caught fucking in the the copy room her lawyer still fought for her. Now she wants more money. Instead her Attorney lays down the law

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Catwoman sneak up on the bedroom of the bad man. She grabbed him and tied to a chair, bad man so helpless. And now the catwoman will do whatever she wants. She taper her sharp claws, she was going to devour bad man. But first, she will suck all the juice out of him. Catwoman will torture him to enjoying every moment and savor every drop his sperm

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Quinn has always known how to use her “assets” now she has her sights on getting a huge sexual harassment case against her newly wealthy young boss Mr. King. To catch him in a compromising situation, she dawns slutty outfits that go well beyond a casual Friday.

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Brother hypnosis Sister and rape her in all Positions

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Part One –

My Mom and I are out at the movies. As I’m reaching over for popcorn, our hands touch. I thought it was an accident, but when it happens again, I realize she is looking at me and smiling like she wants me. I think this can’t be real, but she keeps biting her lip while she’s looking at me and opening her shirt up more and more. Before I know it, she starts rubbing her foot on my leg while her high heel is dangling off her toes. When she finally moves the popcorn away from in between us and puts her feet on my lap, I know I’m not just imagining this. My Mom wants me.

Part Two –

I sneak into my Mom’s room while she’s sleeping. After our time together at the movies, I can’t get the thought of us being together out of my head. I start groping her all over and she doesn’t wake up so I keep going further and further. When I open her legs and slide my hand towards her pussy, she finally wakes up confused and whispers, “what are you doing”? I start touching her pussy and put my finger over her mouth and begin to pleasure her until she finally gives in.

Primal Fetish – Cassidy Klein, Lucas Frost – Securing Project Funding – Daddy`s Girl HD

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Malcolm does nothing to interfere as Victoria’s program enthralls her further. After masturbating against him and humping his leg like a bitch in heat, she pulls him to the floor. She just can’t get enough of him! She needs more. Victoria can’t pull his pants off fast enough, eager to get his cock in her mouth.

Primal Fetish Riley Reid – Training the Nurse Medical POV – Mesmerize, Hypnosis Slut HD

Night Shift RN Riley has a lot of technical training as a nurse, but her new patient makes sure she is trained for perfect bedside manner.

After just a few nights, she is automatically taking care of every possible need.

Bettie Bondage – Feminist Mind Control Mommy HD (720p/

Your sister and her friends are all radical feminists, against sex work and pornography. You know because they have their stupid meetings at your parent’s house. Her friend Bettie, though, is really cute. You’ve decided that you want to turn her – make her be your slut, pay her to suck your cock and take your cum and beg for more. You’ve decided to use a magic control meditation video to mind control her into it. She tells you about how she can’t be mind controlled because she’s a strong, independent woman. No sooner does she say that then she starts to get a little flirty. You make her flash you her tits for a dollar, then taking off her shirt. She’s getting really slutty as she takes off the rest of her clothes, bending over and telling you how much she wants your cock. She sucks and fucks your dick while she tells you how she’s always wanted to be a total slut, sucking dick and taking cum for $20. She takes your cum across her stomach and tits, rubbing it in while telling you about how pissed your sister would be if she found out…just as she walks in! She tells her all about your dick, asking if she wants to clean her brother’s dick off before your sister storms off.