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This encounter started when i was in 13th standard and he was in second year of engineering collage. Let me introduce my family. In my family there are 5 members. I, sister, my elderbro, mother and father. I am good looking girl with fair body, big ass, long hairs till my ass, and a maintained figure of 32-24-34. I am not proud on my killing beauty but anyone can fall in love with me.My father had his job in Texas so he comes twice or thrice in a year. My relation with Anshu was not so strong or we can say it was little bit bad.It was because of me,because i use to harass him a lot,argue with him,we have disputes or we fight with each other(not physically).

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Part One:

I come in the living room and my sister is watching some stupid yoga video while working out. I grab the remote to change the channel and as soon as I do, she freaks out! She starts screaming at me and fighting me for the remote! We somehow end up on the floor and she pins me down and all the sudden freaks out even more because she realizes my dick is hard! Before she can say anything, I flip her over onto her back really quickly hoping maybe she’ll forget, but then she says “your dick is kind of hard”. I go to get off of her, I can’t believe I got a boner for my sister! How embarrassing.. But then, she says it’s OK, and pulls me back on top of her!! I had no idea my sister was like this..

Part Two:

I wake up to my sister laying in my bed next to me. She must’ve snuck in while I was sleeping. I notice she’s wearing nothing but a thong and my shirt. I ask her what’s up and she says I’ve been avoiding her. I mean the other day was amazing with her, but she is my sister. She starts to slide her hand down to my dick and I grab her hand and I tell her no, it’s weird, and I have a girlfriend. But she says she has this “issue” she hasn’t told our parents about. She’s just.. horny- all the time. She says the other day was nice, and we live together, and she can’t have the whole town knowing she’s a slut. She just wants to fuck me. And keep it a secret.

Amateur Clips By Sexy Fantasies – Taboo Blow Job and Cum Down Back of Throat as MILF Wearing Nose Clip and Sunglasses Cleans Home of Son (720p/

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A hot MILF is sitting in her car and is in the driveway of her son’s home. She is talking to her husband telling him she is there and he tells her to stay for a few days. She says she only wants to help her son clean up his home and then she is going to leave. However, after she finds out her son has a gift for her, she thinks she might just stay longer after all.

She enters her son’s home and it is a mess. Not only is it messy, but it stinks and she gags at the smell. He gives her a nose clip that she puts on and she tries to balance her sunglasses on there at the same time.

She scolds her son for the mess as she starts to tidy up. He apologizes and she then tells him she wants the gift her husband spoke of. He tells her it is in the bedroom and she follows him there. Once there she sees more of a mess and says she will not take her nose clip off as she starts to clean up.

She asks for her gift and as she is looking around the room for it, wondering what it might be, she looks his way in shock. She asks why he is getting naked and he replies it is so he can give her the present. She figures out fast that the present is his cock and while she is hesitant at first, she is impressed with how big her son’s dick is. Taboo thoughts run wild.

She then says fuck it and has him come over to her. In his POV she starts to give him a taboo blow job and handjob. She loves how big his cock is , but hates the smell of the house so she keeps on the nose clip, even though it makes is a bit tough to get in deep breathes. He asks his mom to suck him no hands, and she does just that.

Amateur Clips By Sexy Fantasies – Taboo Surprise Facial as MILF Helps Relieve Son With Hurt Hands With Handjob and Blow Job HD (720p/

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A hot MILF is in the kitchen when her son walks in and starts to talk to her in his POV. It is small talk, but he talks about how his hands are still hurt. Mom says she has seen that he has an erection when she helps him shower and then lets her son know if there is anything she can do to help, he need only ask.

Later, he walks in on his mom as she is changing. She turns around and quickly covers her big tits up. When she asks what is up she finds that he wants to take her up on her offer of doing anything to help and he asks for help reliving himself. Mom then gets down on her knees and starts to give her son a handjob, but in a very plain and non-sexual manner.

The taboo action is awkward for the MILF and she tries to make small talk as she gives her son a handjob, still covering her big boobs with one arm. Suddenly, he asks if she can use both hands. She thinks this might not appropriate as it will show her breasts off. He reassures her that it will be okay and she reluctantly agrees.

The son then goes on the ask if mom would use her mouth as her hands fell good, but they are rubbing a bit. She thinks about it for a moment and tells him it is only due to his circumstances that she is agreeing to do what she is going to do. With that she starts to give her son a taboo blow job. It is almost as if she has never given one before and when he starts in on the oohs and ahs, saying how good it feels, she looks up at him in a nonchalant manner and says she is happy he is enjoying it.

After a bit more dick sucking he is built up and on the edge. Without warning he starts to cum all over his mom’s face, giving the MILF a taboo cum facial which is the last thing she is expecting. He then apologizes over and over again, and she says it is okay, just warn her next time. She then excuses herself to go into the bathroom where she starts to wipe the dripping cum off her face while talking to herself about how she can’t believe she just did that with her own 20 year old son.

Adrian Maya – My first time with Daddy HD (720p/

Daddy’s Little Girl: Adrian Maya

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Daddy’s little girl is all grown up, there’s something she wants & she knows how to get it.
Adrian is home alone with her father & it’s the perfect time to use her new-found sexuality to woo him into getting her a new car. It all starts so innocently… asking her father if her skirt is too short, rubbing oil on her legs. But then her flirtations become obvious… asking daddy to rub oil on her ass… taking off her skirt. It’s obvious what she wants, and though her father tries very hard to resist her, eventually his dick takes over & he just can’t help himself.
Adrian sucks her daddy’s cock & when she mouths off to him he smacks her right across the face. But she’s a saucy little girl & loves the smacking, egging him on to do it again. She deepthroats his cock. Then things get serious & the fucking starts. She begs daddy not to stop. She begs daddy not to tell mom. She whines & moans, then grinds her juicy ass all over his cock, twerking until he can hardly take it anymore & has to bust. It’s not until daddy cums all over her that she finally reveals what she wants. “Now can I have that car daddy?”

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The hot MILF from… Taboo Surprise Facial as MILF Helps Relieve Son With Hurt Hands With Handjob and Blow Job … is back in the kitchen when her son walks in and starts some small talk. He tells her his hands are still hurting and wonders if she would once again help him relive himself. She agrees, but says this time she will only use her hands as she does not think her mouth is appropriate.

Mom leads her son into the living room and has him sit on a chair. She then starts to give him a handjob in his POV and feels awkward so she starts in with the small talk. He loves the way it feels and voices that, but does talk back to her with idle chit chat.

Mom tells her son that last time he made such a mess on her when he came on her face without warning so she wants to take her shirt off just in case. With that she takes her top off to reveal her big tits in a sexy bra. She then gets back to the handjob.

As good as her son is feeling he asks is she would use her mouth again. She is once more reluctant, but does give in as she wants to finish this good deed for her son. So, she start to give her own son a blow job, but looks like she has never given one before.

He is really loving the way the blow job is feeling and lets out moans and groans of ecstasy. In fact, he gets so lost in his sexual pleasure that he forgets to warns his mom about his pending cumshot and ends up cumming in her mouth.

She coughs, gags, and spits, with the unexpected cum in her mouth. She does her best to keep it all in and swallows it down. She then tells her son that a little warning next time would be good. Though she was not expecting the cumshot, she is not mad, and flashes a loving motherly smile to him to let him know it is okay.

Taboo Family Affairs – Desi Dalton – My Mother my lover HD (720p/FamilyLust/

Desi is the bitch mom that no one would ever want. She bitches and yells at her son Brad all the time. He finally gets fed up and tells his dad what a cunt she’s being. Good thing dad knew how to handle things…
Desi is a total bitch to her son Brad and he’s really not happy about it. He’s just about had it with her, so he tells her he’s going to go complain to his father about her abusive behavior. She replies that his father won’t do anything to her and that she runs the house. Brad complains to his father but his dad says not to worry and that he’ll take care of everything. The next day his mother is mysteriously gone, but comes back a few weeks later really nice and caring. Brad comes back home and sees a note on the table for him that says, “Son – I’m gone for a while, but don’t worry, I took care of your mother’s attitude issues. She won’t be causing any more problems. Enjoy your time alone with the new mommy. Dad. Brad is confused, but then he walks into the kitchen to see his mother wearing a very sexy outfit with high heels and cleaning up the kitchen counters and stove. He walks in confused and says “mom?”, and immediately she stands up straight and turns around with a big smile on her face.

She asks how school was, and he asks her what the note from dad is all about. She says that after he spoke to his dad about mommy’s bad behavior, he brought her somewhere to make her an obedient, caring mommy. He doesn’t quite understand, and asks how long dad is gone for. She says she doesn’t know, but not to worry about that, and that it’s time for him to have some fun with his new perfected mommy. He asks her if she’s feeling ok, and she says she feels better than ever. She tells him what exactly happened to her with a huge smile on her face. Turns out she was brought by his father to an attitude boot camp where she transformed into a mommy whose only purpose is to satisfy her son’s desires. Brads mom tells him shell be right back. She calls him into the bedroom and explains that his father will be gone for a while, and that he programmed her for the specific purpose of satisfying his sexual fantasies.

She can tell he’s starting getting aroused, so she squats down in front of him, pulls down his pants, and asks him if he is ready for mommy’s mouth around his massive cock. He says yes, she smiles, says “good boy,” and starts to blow him. Afterwards she gives him a tit job, and lets him fuck her in multiple positions until he comes in her mouth in on her face. She swallows and savors his cum, telling her son that he has the best cum she’s ever tasted. As she sensually touches his cock and body, she asks if there is anything else mommy can do for him at the moment. He says no, but that he really likes this new mom situation. She smiles and says that becoming an obedient mom was the best thing that ever happened to her, and that she looks forward to being his slut every day for the rest of his life.

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This is a true Incest story. It is the story of my first incest experience with my Mother and Aunt. It happened when I was 17 years old, my Mother was 47 and my Aunt 49. I hope everyone enjoys the story. If you do, I will be sure to add more later on. I just wanted to get this one off my chest to see how it goes.

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You married the Italian woman…yes…right she is hot, she satisfied you in bad…in sex….but…there is one thing, you wish….something you couldn’t have, never… forbidden…is taboo!!! But every day is stronger and stronger….your lust!!! You can get rid of her…that small tits, that little girl small, the way she smile to you….and how she looked you…..teasing you……how she sits on your lap…so innocent. But she feels it…she feels how your cock pumping in your pants… is getting hard. You can’t think of nothing else… want her….you want her more then anything else……YOUR STEPDAUGHTER!!!! ……..And then is happened… afternoon……home just two of you….only you and your little daughter…..OH …look at her….lying down on the floor, that pretty little ass… must be today!!!! Her is come the surprise…….she wants you….she wants you too… feel your swollen cock in her pretty little mouth!!!! Here is your time…..just give it to her….give to your little slut all your semen……make her eat you…..all of you!!!!! ( IN ITALIAN LANGUAGE )

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Daddy had just turned fourteen last month and with the onset of puberty came a very healthy curiosity about sex. He had discovered that by peeking in the windows of his neighbors, he was able to learn a great deal that wasn’t included in Dad’s ‘birds and the bees’ speech, and certainly wasn’t part of his Sex Ed curriculum. But now he had been caught. He pulled his younger Daughter into his room and gently shut the door.

My brother saw me and my daddy last night…..he saw how my daddy took my sweet pussy…….and now…….my brother wants the same. Evening before we went to sleep, he come to me….and …..auuuu…start to fingering my pussy and talk to me like to his little slut…..he wants to feel my wet pussy and taste the pussy juice….from to night…..every single night! He wants to fuck my little pussy and cum all over my face….all over me….I had to do what he wants……to keep it as our sibling secret !!!

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My stepsister Sophia has been bullying me ever since my dad married her mom and now that I have a video of her masturbating to porn I’m gonna finally take my revenge on this bitch. She has no way around it. I want her to suck my big dick and fuck her and boy, what a pussy she has. Watch me teach my slutty stepsis a fucking lesson and give her a mouthful of cum. Yeah, like I’m gonna really delete all the dirty pics after this. Keep dreamin’!