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Regan is a new step mom and is in charge of getting her loser step son to school on time. Regan runs into her step sons room and demands he wake up. Regan pulls off the covers and sees his cock rock hard and a pair of her pantyhose. Regan is furious but she knows her husbands counts on her to get this little loser to school. Regan knows he wont be able to go to school with an erection so she grabs his cock. Regan knows he must have a thing for her pantyhose and feet so she wraps her nylon soles around his cock and jerks it with her nylon soles. Regan’s breast pops out of her top but it seems to make her step sons cock that much harder. Regan makes him explodes his load and yells at him to get up and get dressed for school.

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Karen has always wanted the best for her Ricky, she sees him moping on the couch and sits down to talk to him. He is awkward about telling her what is wrong, but, him and his girlfriend had sex and…well he doesn’t think he did very well. Karen can see her son’s confidence is crushed, so she helps him get it back

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Your mom comes barging into your room, complaining about all the dirty clothes in your room, threatening to disallow you from having friends…so you turn on your mind control machine. You’ve been dying to try it out! Immediately, her mind blanks. You can see it in her eyes. You program her to take her tits out – you’re so sick of her complaining, you’re going to shut her up. With your cock. Deep, deep in her throat. You make her call you master, getting her on her knees and throat fucking her into a tear-streaked, gagging, drooling mess. You give her a thick, deep throatpie and watch as she gags and drools your cum all over herself. What an improvement.

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She comes home to find her brother wanking in her panties. What happens next… Well watch and find out!! POV Style

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I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you? Something is just… in the air, on a night like this. Everything just sizzles, like there’s some new energy. Everyone’s in costume, everyone’s acting out their alter egos… it’s as if – on this night – we’re supposed to be different, DO THINGS we wouldn’t normally do. Know what I mean? Can you feel it? I want to show you something… I want to see if… if you feel what I feel…

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Your sisters are going at it again…they keep fighting…but what about? They fall silent as you approach and Puck, your older sister, turns to smile at you. “Have a great day, lil bro! See u later!” She walks out and Cattie pouts at you…she caught you ogling Puck and she hates that u pay so much attention to her! “You practically eye fuck Puck every damn time you see her! It’s like you wanna fuck her or something…” she sneers, wiggling her ass and scowling. Later that night, something incredible happens…you get up to something warm and wet stirring… Cattie, your troubled little sister, is gagging on your stiff dick!

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Your Dad is away again, and I can’t wait to play with you. I told my best friend Becky about what we have been doing together, and she was shocked, but not totally surprised. You DO look like your Dad when he was 18, when we used to date in high school. Let’s have fun, baby. Fuck your StepMom, fuck me on the edge of the bed where I fuck your Dad….when he can actually get his dick hard. Thank God for you! Oooh we are so bad…!

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It’s the last day before Madisin’s husband comes home and she knows it will be the last time she can be with her stepson. Madisin pretended to leave so her stepson would think he was home alone. Knowing how his mind thinks, she knew she would find him with a hard on. She sneaked into the house and changed into a satin nightie and found Freddie jerking his cock in her tub. Freddie was surprised to see her and tried to leave, but Madisin had other plans. Come, just one more time before your father gets home. This will be our last chance for a while since you will be going back to college. Please, Freddie, I need you she said as she stroked his cock. He agreed to one last time and Madisin put his hard cock in her mouth and started stroking it with her tongue and her big ass in the air. She then got on Freddie’s cock and started riding him on the side of the tub. She fucked him hard knowing it would be their last time and Freddie cream pies her again. As they said their goodbyes they were interrupted by the door and footsteps. Quick, get out Freddie, he ran as Madisin stayed behind to make sure her husband fucked her, just in case she was pregnant.

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Now we finish with Mouna programmed as fully obedient robot. Answering her Master’s every command. We have her pose and then have her vacuum. Now we activate her Blow Job Programming, first very mechanical, then imitating a “porn Girl” then she is told to get ready for master to cum, and she replies “robot ready to receive masters cum” and then she goes back to sucking until master cums and fills her mouth which she displays and swallows.

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Lance comes home to find his girlfriend sitting around doing nothing, as usual. Day after day she does nothing to help out, and she doesn’t even go to work, she never wear anything sexy and it’s been a long time since she took care of his needs

Finally Lance has had enough, and with the help of a special product he ordered on line things change…

“Yes Master, I am your obedient slave”