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Three weeks of non stop facetiming with Ashley has been a dream. He never thought someone so hot and funny would be attracted to him. Bound to a wheelchair he’s lost all his confidence with
There she is standing in front of him, just as perfect as he imagined. She walks into his house and drapes herself over him. She’s going to give him everything he thought he could never have. Letting him touch her perky tits as she makes out with him. She slides down between his legs and sucks him off making him feel how amazing a blowjob can really be.

He lays on his bed still in shock. Can this really be happening to him? He feels like it’s a dream as this hot girl takes off her shirt and models her form fitting lingerie. “This is me in real life” She whispers, sliding into bed with him.

She does all the work, grinding on his dick and getting him hard. Taking off her clothes she presses her pussy into his face and sucks his cock. He could lick her pussy forever, everything feels so amazing. She spins around, his wet hard dick ready to have sex for the first time. She fucks and sucks him, giving him the time of his life. He feels himself getting so close to cumming. With a smile Alissa turns around and takes his load into her moaning panting mouth. “Oh my god Ashley” He moans and falls completely in love with her.

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Our son Levi Cash has his friend Paul your student that blackmails you all the time. Has been invited to your house for a movie. Scene starts with all three of you sitting in the couch watching a movie. Levi Cash decides to sit in front of the TV and you let him since it’s his birthday in two days. That’s when Paul takes out his dick, your still mad that his blackmailing you, but you give him a wet sloppy blowjob. The sex scene i don’t want that much talking, just you getting fucked hard and once in a while your checking to see that Levi Cash didn’t turn around.

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Sister very much offended him while he was little. They grew up. Sister remained without hands. And now, the time has come for revenge. Parents left. He stayed to watch over his sister. He remembered her all. Brother took advantage of the sister could not resist, he pulled out his penis and put his sister in the mouth. She was not long resist. It was the best blowjob of his life. He thrust so deep that from her mouth drooled. He came to her face. He humiliated her.

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He grabs her by the ear, and jerks her into the hallway, demanding that she open her bedroom door. Fifi whines, but opens the door, and he pushes her inside. She looks up, completely pissed, “God, what’s your problem!?” Dad tells her to take off her bookbag, then explains to her that she has a dirty mouth. He continues to say that if she doesn’t want to clean her mouth out, she is going to use her filthy mouth like a whore does. Fifi gives Dad a confused look, and he proceeds to explain that whores have filthy mouths. He drags her down to the floor, firmly gripping her ear, and orders her to take off his pants. Fifi is hesitant, but Dad commands her to suck his cock. “No! That’s gross!” Dad is strict, and eventually, Fifi has no choice but to put his cock into her mouth.

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Jess has got some new sexy lingerie ready for her date tonight but first she shows it off to her daddy to see what he thinks and he likes it a lot so much that his cock is hard and ready to be sucked so jess is ready to tease and suck her daddys big cock and before long shes getting fucked hard and then her daddy finished by cumming all over her wet cunt.

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Jess thinks she home alone so decides to watch some porn and play with herself but before long her brother walks in and catches her so he says he wont tell mum if his sister jess sucks his cock jess isnt very impressed as it her brother but she agrees to suck his cock and then he wants to fuck her so she reluctantly lets him fuck her and then the spunks all over her face and agrees not to tell mum.

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Dear Diary,
When I woke up the next morning my uncle was gone and there was a note on the door. I threw on my robe and started putting away dishes so I could make breakfast. My uncle knocked on the door not long after I was done and my heart started racing.
I let him in and we started messing around right there in the kitchen. He laid me on the counter and ate my pussy for breakfast then bent me over the counter. Uncle Jay pounded my pussy and pulled my hair making me cum hard.
My pussy clenched in orgasm and my uncle exploded inside me again. There was so much cum dripping out I’m sure he filled me enough to get pregnant. What will I do then?

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When Dad finally comes in to scold the restless Girls…..The Girls beg Dad to please let them Jerk him Off!! Dad is sick of this Jerk Obsession the Girls have….but he also needs them to get to sleep….so he reluctantly agrees to let the two Jerky Girls Masturbate him. The Girls giggle and laugh as they play with Daddy’s cock. Taking turns Stroking, the Girls Force a big erection from Daddy….which makes them giggle even more. Baby Sister Alaina is in control of Daddy’s cock, as it spews cum….just what the Girls wanted. What happens next, however, was totally unexpected!!! Little Alaina kept Jerking Daddy’s cock after he came….and to the surprise of all three….15 seconds later…..Daddy came again!!!! Brooklyn squeals with excitement….”Alaina!!!!…….you made Daddy cum twice!!!!!”. Dad is completely worn out by the energetic young Girls….and thankfully….the Girls are worn out too….and both Sisters peacefully fall asleep right away.

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Lucas wakes up to a horrible terror that he will never forget!! His two Sisters, Ashley & Summer are apparently….in “Heat”… they have decided to satisfy their salacious sexual desires on their own Brother!!! On a Saturday morning….with their Parents gone shopping….Ashley & Summer sneak into their Brother’s room while he is sleeping….and tie him down. Their intention is to Raip their Brother. Once Lucas, who is still asleep is firmly tied down….Summer begins to suck on his cock. Lucas wakes up to find his Sister Summer sucking his cock, and his Sister Ashley pinching his nipples. When he asks his Siblings what the fuck is going on….his two Sisters casually explain that he is going to be by them. The girls take turns Force-Fucking their Brother and Ashley finishes by taking his Seed into her mouth. Lucas has been emptied of his semen against his will….and his two Sisters, having satisfied their sexual needs…are free to go on with their Saturday!!