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Mommy Fucks Step Son And His Friends

Fill all 3 of mommy’s holes with your friends

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Mother Says Edge First Then Cum

Hey stepson. We have the house all to our selves for the night. You know what I want to do. I want to play with your big, rock hard cock. I want you to cum in my mouth. I need to taste a really big load from you so first I’m going to edge you over and over. I want your balls to be really full when I finally let you cum. I’m going to suck, lick, stroke and tease your cock and balls until you’re twitching. Then, when I’ve tasted your pre-cum over and over, I’ll give you a cum countdown. I’m going to lick your balls and show you my tits until I get to one and then you’re going to unload in stepmommy’s mouth so she can swallow your yummy cum.

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So, I come over that day & see your dad standing outside. His mouth dropped as soon as he saw me, haha, it was funny. I gave him a nice tight hug & a big kiss on the lips. I felt his tiny cock press against my leg & it got rock hard right then and there! I slid my hand down his pants & grabbed it. Your mother didn’t see it but kept rolling her eyes. I jokingly said to your father, “Well, THAT’S a greeting!” I told him it must be the stress from the party. I said he should sit next to me & I’ll help him get a handle on things. Hearing me say that made him drip precum on my hands, haha. I zipped him back up, spanked his butt & pushed him in the house. I asked your mom for a tissue to wipe my wet hand. She didn’t even bother asking how I got my hand wet! She’s so stupid & oblivious sometimes. Your dad did not leave my sight! He sat on my right & you sat on my left. That’s when the real fun began! You had the cutest crush on me. Like father, like son. You kept holding my hand during dinner. It was so cute! Well, I guess I can tell you now where my other hand was that night. Don’t you remember your dad moaning? The other guests noticed too. My beautiful hand was wrapped around your father’s tiny stiff cock. Yeah, you could say I had my hands full with both of you. I barely ate. And he came so many times in my hand while I jerked his horny little cock. Your dad loved it. I was impressed that tiny dick had so much juice for me! Your mom was right to fear me all along. Your father wanted more than just hand jobs though. He stood up suddenly, grabbed my hand and said “We’ll be right back.” Once again, your mom was such an oblivious idiot! We went to the master bedroom and kept the door open to add to the suspense. (Simulated fucking part begins) I fucked your father in ways he’d never been fucked before! He ate my ass with such passion! I even sucked his little dick & let him cum in my mouth. When we finally came down my hair was messed but your mom didn’t even notice. I kissed her goodbye with your dad’s cum still on my lips. She noticed & her eyes went wide! She was mumbling & stuttering, trying to say something but she couldn’t. Hehe, and then I left.

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 Mommy Wasn’t Expecting This

Mmmmm you’re doing great. Kiss me some more. Mmmm I really liked that. See baby? Nothing to be nervous about. Did you like it? Mmm me too. I’m so proud of you! You’re a great kisser! So…anything else you’re curious about trying that mommy can show you? I know it’s kind of a scary time in your life. Wanting to meet girls, getting their numbers, going on dates, kissing and all that. I’m going to help you through it. Are you sure there’s nothing else I can show you? Fingering?!! Uh oh, I didn’t expect this! I didn’t think you’d want mommy to show you that! But I suppose it’s something you need to learn how to do properly. You can watch videos about it all day but you need hands-on learning. Okay, I’ll let you practice on me. But before I show you…I don’t shave all the time. Mommy has a little…well…a LOT of hair down there. Mommy’s pussy is super hairy. It’s normal and natural for hair to grow down there. You still want to touch me down there? Okay. There…you like it? Go ahead baby. Just relax. Don’t be nervous. Touch me. Do what you think would feel good for me. I’ll tell you what feels good too. Mmmm you like playing with the hair? Now slide your hands between my legs. Touch my lips, play with the hair…mmmm do it in circles, like this. I want us to kiss while you’re fingering my pussy. Mmm oh honey this feels so good. Just like that. Faster. Don’t stop. Omg you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop kissing me…please I want to cum while our lips are together.

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Hey, my son’s not home yet but you can hang out here and wait for him. Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat. No? Okay. Does your mom know you’re here? Okay good. I’m going to do my workout in here now. Want to join me? Hehe, just kidding…you can sit down and relax. Ahhhh these stretches feel so good. The intensity of these exercises really gets my body going. 3,2,1 hold it…ahhhhh that was a tough move. My muscles are burning…but it’s so worth it. How’s my ass look? Don’t tell your mom I asked you that question. I’m sure she wouldn’t approve. You’ve always been my favorite out of all my son’s friends. What? What’s that? You need to use the bathroom? Sure it’s right down the hall. Wait a minute, hang on…why are you covering your pants? Did you pee yourself or something? Move your hands away…you have an erection! It’s okay. You probably couldn’t help it…watching me bend over, showing off certain parts of my body while exercising. You’re a young horny boy, it’s natural. Don’t be nervous…relax. I’m a mommy and I know exactly how to take care of you. My son won’t be home for another hour…we’ll have time to get to know each other. I think you’re so cute, I always love it when you come over to hang out with my son. I know I’m your best friend’s mom but it’s alright…we’re not doing anything wrong…we’re just following our instincts. See? You’re still hard…I know you want it. You’re a virgin, right? Mmmmmm even better. Don’t worry, as a mom…I ALWAYS make sure to take REAL GOOD care of my house guests. I’ll make you feel at home…

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 Sonia Harcourt – Mommy Teaches son How To Flirt with girl

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 Virtual Sex Delilah Dee – Mom Catches Son Jerking Off 4k Porn

Mom Delilah hears a funny noise coming from her son’s room and goes to inspect it. When she opens the door, he tries to hide the fact that he was jerking off to porn, but he’s dick is out. Mom notices that he’s not even that hard and shows him what will really get him hard. He’s so shocked that he doesn’t even protest as his mom starts sucking his dick, fucking it with her tits and eventually makes him fuck her hard on his own bed! Wow… that escalated quickly!

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 Gartersex – Mommy Sauna Fuck Son Screaming Orgasm

Laying down enjoying a sauna when I hear the door open. I think it is hubby and ask him for a fresh towel when I get no reply I look up to see….it is my son NOT my husband. Naughty boy knows we have some time alone and wants to spend time with mommy. I instantly start sucking his cock and he is so horny for my mouth he pushes my head down making me gag on it and I love it. Bend over for him to fuck me and then he climbs on top of me and pounds my pussy until I have a screaming, body shaking orgasm.

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 Lady Fyre – Mother’s  sex Plan

Your new stepmother is concerned about your behavior at home. She’s read all the parenting books and understands that it’s normal for you to go through a time of adjustment, but she’s been with your father for over a year and thinks it’s time for you to warm up to her or get out. You’re technically an adult now, and if you’re going to keep making snide remarks & being passive aggressive, she’s going to recommend that you move out. You don’t really need financial support anymore, and having a job is great for building character… When it’s clear that you aren’t interested in having her as a stepmother, she suggests that perhaps if you can’t see her as an authority figure, you two should be “friends”. She’s never been good at being “just friends” with men though, which is how she & your father got together. She seduces you. Then she tells you her plans to divorce your father and take his money. You threaten to tell him, but she points to your cock & says, “If I can do this to you, a boy who is already suspicious of me, imagine what control I have over your father, a man who is so smitten that he’ll give me anything I want.” You have no choice but to stay quiet, knowing your stepmother’s plan.

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Penny Barber – Mom Takes Pity On Your Tiny Cock

Your date got tired of waiting and finally left. What is wrong, honey? You were so excited about your first date. Oh. That is just silly. It can’t be so little that you are scared to even go on a date. I am just going to take a look because I am sure your dick is not nearly as small as you think. Ok, well, even Mom is wrong sometimes. You really do have a tiny cock. It’s cute though and it sure does get very stiff. I think I know how I can cheer up my little man and his very little man. You penis is a little small for a handjob but I can give you a nice two finger job though. I bet you would also really love to find out easily Mom can fit your entire tiny thingy in her mouth.