Bettie Bondage – Surprise Creampie Boss fuck Me FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/11/17

Your new secretary Bettie is such a tease. She’s always wearing these tight little skirts and tops that hug her big breasts in a way that you can’t help but notice. You know the guy she used to work for, and he tells you that she’s a prude…but you know she’s in a hard place, and you aren’t above using that to your advantage. You bring her in for a little chat, and it doesn’t take long for her to realize what you’re telling her. Either she fucks you, and then you can talk about a possible promotion or, if she declines a deep dicking in the office, right now well, then, you can’t promise her much of anything. You wouldn’t fire the poor girl, but…well, if she’s so set on the position of office manager…she gets the picture, slowly and reluctantly pulling down her shirt to reveal those gorgeous tits you’ve been all but drooling all over whenever she comes in to ask you a question. Next her skirt, revealing she has no panties on under those nude fishnets. Perfect. Rip a hole right in them and make her show you her wet little hole…

First, you instruct Bettie on how to suck and tease your cock. She tells you she doesn’t even do this for her boyfriends, which thrills you, spurs you on, until you have her flat on her back on the floor of your office, watching as she slides herself down onto your cock, rocking her hips back and forth like she loves it, loves your cock and wants it deep. You almost laugh at what a slut she’s being, this so-called prude, a supposed cock-tease. She tells you that you have to pull out, and you think maybe you will, at first…but once you feel it swell inside you, you know where it needs to go…so what if she’s young, fertile, and not on birth control?…

Bettie Bondage – Virtual sex Powerful Woman Blackmailing Your Slutty Boss FullHD (1080p/

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Your boss is the biggest bitch. You really can’t stand the woman. For starters, she’s younger than you, received several promotions you were jockeying for over the last year when you’ve been there for ages…and talks to you like you’re an idiot. She expects an unreal level of perfection and acts so sanctimonious it’s unbelievable. So when you hear from a guy down in the warehouse that a few years ago, she got sloshed at the company Christmas party and took it in every hole from him and a few other guys (including a couple higher-ups…explains the promotions!), you know you’ve gotta get this leveraged against that bitch. You ask him for proof, goading him into sending you a grainy but damning photo from his cell phone of her on her knees, cross-eyed and covered in cum. You print it out and the next day, head to your meeting…
Predictably, she starts into you quickly, telling you how she expects more, she needs more, blah blah fucking blah. You pull the folded piece of paper from your coat pocket and set it on the table next to you, crossing your arms as she reaches forward and takes it, asking what it is as you remain silent. You watch her face as she opens it, confronted with the reality of this situation. Of course, she thinks you want the promotion. The one everyone knows she’s vying for. She thinks thats what you want, but really…you want much more than that. You want her, on her knees. Sucking your cock, taking your cum. You want to hate fuck her and hold this over her head for as long as you can! Seeing her quickly get on her knees, fighting barely at all as she takes you into her mouth…well, you can’t say you’re surprised. You’re just sad it took this long to figure her out!
She begs you not to cum inside her but honestly, does she really expect you to play nice, after all she’s done? You pump a thick load into her pussy as she pulls away, scooping your cum out of her cunt as she stares at you in disbelief.

Mixed Model Wrestling – Daisy Chainz – Mix Wrestling Brother against Army Sister who win ? FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/1/16

Scene One: Long deployment

Daisy has had her pick of men while in the army, but coming home for leave she’s horny and out of options. Maybe teasing her brother would make her feel better? She accidentally grinds against him and smiles at what she’s doing to him.

“Do you know I wrestled when in the army? I could show you some cool moves” Daisy says convincing her brother to wrestle her. “Scared of a little girl? Scared I might hurt you?” She asks. He tells her that he’s too strong and that he’ll hurt her. They get to the mat and Daisy schools him on how strong position and holds are over pure power.

Scene Two: Sister brings the pain!

He can’t believe his cute little sister is destroying him. She holds him tight and forces his face into her crotch. It feels so good controlling him and holding him tight. He rarely gets the upper hand on her. She puts him in a headlock and drains away all his strength.

“You just got lucky, let’s go again!” he demands. Turned on having a strong man in her control, Daisy reaches down and starts jerking him. They both moan in frustration and pleasure, stripping each other naked.

Scene Three: Are you going to use that?

They keep wrestling, their hot naked bodies grinding against each other. He puts his sister on all fours and fucks her from behind, unable to stop himself. They both know this is wrong but they fuck harder.

They wrestle and fuck for dominance. Using each other to get themselves off. They fuck each other hard, back and forth, Daisy on top and bottom until he shoots a big load all over her chest. Satisfied and exhausted they think about what they’ve just done.

Primals FANTASIES – Christiana Cinn – Magic Control Manipulating the Gullible Saleswoman HD (720p/

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Claire: played by Christiana Cinn

Door-to-door salesman of women’s products (lingerie/costumes/adult toys)

Visits and makes sales to groups of women at their homes at sales parties

Has a history of guys taking advantage of her gullible/agreeable/naive nature

Today Claire is going to the appointment she set up during the last party. Unfortunately for her, she gets the address mixed up…

Bettie Bondage – Virtual sex First Mommy’s Double Penetration FullHD (1080p/

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Ever since Dad enacted a “free use” policy in the home, you and your brother have been spending a lot of time with Mom. Every day after school, you both go into the living room and get your cocks jerked, fucked, and sucked by your gleefully subservient mother. Today is double penetration day: your mother mounts your brother and slides him into her ass while she faces you, fitting you into her tight snatch while she tells you how happy she is to be a free use mother. She rides and bounces on your cock until you fill her with cum, letting it drip out onto your brothers dick until he too fills her ass with a huge load.

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Your father passed away.and you should feel bad, but he was a real asshole. Your family is better off without him, and you think your mom is relieved to not have to deal with him anymore but when you find her in bed crying, you wonder if maybe there was more love there than you ever saw. “No,” she tells you through tears, “it’s not that he’s gone.he left us in terrible debt with some dangerous men.and I don’t have that kind of money! He ruined our credit so I can’t take out a loan or even a new credit card.and now the bookie is telling me I can pay it making a move. With you. A dirty one. Can you believe that?!?” Maybe it’s the highly emotional situation you’re in but your cock swells at the mention of it. You try not to sound too eager – the man is , and he was your father.but fucking his widow, your own mother.well, you’re practically dripping down your thigh you’re so excited at the idea. And videotaping it? Icing on the cake. You act disturbed, watching your poor mother struggle through telling you, before you tell her you’d be willing to do it. To save the family. You’ll do it, for her. She objects at first but as you lay it out for her: you’ll move away, free of debt. She can use you to apply for a loan, you’ll help raise your little sister. You can see the wheels turning in her mind as you spin a tale of hope, all with the intent to get your cock wet inside your mother’s holes. By the time you’re done laying it all out, she’s smiling and happy, ready to do this – for the family! Wow. There’s an outline the creep gave her, and you’re happy to see it has your mother spreading for you and talking dirty before riding your cock doggy style, dirty talking about fucking her son the whole time. Maybe it’s the fear of this dangerous man coming after her if she doesn’t do it right, but she seems really into. Really into it. She keeps stealing glances at you over the camera, and you can see a certain glint in her eye that makes you think maybe she’s enjoying this. When she cums on your cock, you’re all but convinced your mother is loving riding her son’s cock. The instructions are to finish across her face and tits, and you are proud when you hold out, only cumming when your gorgeous mother strokes you while begging for your cum.

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Added: 6/19/17

Supergirl followed a tracking device on a piece of stolen meteorite, leading her straight into the waiting hands of villain Maxwell Lord. When the meteor crashed to Earth, it was carrying something unique from Krypton: a powerful portion of pink kryptonite. As soon as Max pulls the seemingly harmless pink crystal from its secured case, Supergirl begins to feel its effects. The unique energy of the stone fills Supergirl with unquenchable arousal. Weak and desperate, Max clasps the kryptonie necklace on the helplessly horny heroine, telling her that this was all just part of his plan to make her into his girlfriend. She tries to fight it at first, but before she knows it, the overwhelmed superheroine finds herself begging for the villain’s cock to be inside her.

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Mommy walks in on her son jerking off with a pair of her panties. She is shocked but can’t help notice how big her son’s cock is. After all, it’s been several years since she seen his private parts. She becomes aroused as she licks and sucks on her boy’s hard and horny cock. So much that she mounts her dear son and rides his unit until she orgasms. Now it’s his turn so mommy strokes his cock with a firm grip whilst wearing her rubber gloves. In the end she allows him to secretly keep her panties for being a good boy and cumming so hard.

Goddess Kendall – Dirty Talk Incest – Kendall Olsen Confession for Daddy FullHD (1080p/

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Dear daddy, I have to confess I’ve secretly been thinking about you. I mean being with you. I know you can love me in ways I can only hope and dream of. No other boy or man is what I want. Only you. Haven’t you noticed my body changing daddy? I know you don’t want to make love to a little girl. I’m changing for you. All these new curves. Becoming a woman for you. Please hear me out Daddy.

Lady Fyre – Babysitter Milks Your Cock HD (720p/

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You’re in a cabin the woods on vacation but you can’t sleep so you’ve been trying to masturbate. Your little brother is in the room next to you, and you’ve kept him awake with your grunting. He woke up the babysitter to have her check on you, and when she comes in she realizes what the problem is. You’ve been trying to jerk off using two fingers, and she takes your cock out of your underwear & shows you how to use your whole hand. She tells you to pay attention because this is the only time she’s going to jerk you off. She explains that she really needs the job, and your parents were cool enough to bring her on the family vacation. If she can’t keep you boys quiet, she won’t get to come on more trips. You’re not cumming fast enough, so she shows off her butt a little. You still won’t cum, so she finally pulls out a bare breast. That seems to do the trick, and you cum hard with her hand around your cock. You were a little embarrassed when she first walked in, but this turned into the best family vacation ever.

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