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He took her to the bed, threw back the covers and gently pushed her onto it. She lay straight and stiff, not understanding yet. He parted her knees and she drew them up, instinctively, letting them fall apart, opening herself up for him.

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Juan” El Caballo” Loco has a new step-mom, Cherie Deville. Ever since she married his dad, she has been eyeing him. One day, she comes home and walks by his bedroom door only to catch him in the middle of a jerk session. She spies on him for a little bit, but then starts making her way inside his room. She creeps up without him noticing and covers his mouth as she slowly reaches for his cock. She tells him to make it quick before his father gets home. Juan pounded his step-moms pussy all over his bedroom, and finished it all up with a giant load right in her mouth.

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Angel Smalls got sent home from school. This tiny blonde teen went to school without any panties on. She was flashing her tight hairless pussy to the boys on the playground and even to her teachers in class. Her mother isn’t home so it is up to her step father to decide how to punish her. The man Angel calls daddy has decided that if this little girl is ready to show off her tight young pussy then she is ready to use it. With glee Angel services the grown man’s big dick. She loves being dirty and is excited for the opportunity to show that she can be better at sex then her Mommy ever could.

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Please punish me daddy! I was a bad girl and didn’t save myself for you. My asshole is still virgin though maybe you can try that? I promise you?ll love it. Gape your daughter good and I?ll love you forever :). Thanks dad!

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He turned me over so I was lying on my back, he grabbed my legs and spread them wide, you might feel an urge to squirt something on daddy but don’t worry it will be fine if you do…

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Sami Parker’s forgetful stepdad was late to pick her up from girl scouts. She waited there for almost an hour pantiless in the hot blistering sun! She wasn’t too upset though, but her stepdad still felt like he had to make it up for her. Sami was more upset that she didn’t sell any cookies today, but stepdad had a few pointers for her. He insisted she hike her skirt up and loosen a few buttons on her top. It made her look a bit slutty, but it was sure to make her cookies sell. If all that didn’t work, she would have to put her hand on the man’s crotch. This would certainly break him down to buy. She felt her dads hard dick, and even took things a bit further. She began to suck him, and eventually even spread her tight labias for him so he could ram her pussy. If she did this to every potential male customer, she was sure to reach her goal! Thanks for the help stepdaddy! Oh and your creaming icing like cum too, it was delicious!

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Nikki and Cory are lesbian lovers in bed talking about tonight’s plans when Cory mentions that she could go for some hard cock. Nikki agrees, but instead of going out to get some, why not just ask Cory’s son. Cory says she could never do that and Nikki convinces her that it would be the easiest way. Nikki will call him and seduce him while Cory hides and watches.

Cory’s son Chris comes over and Nikki wastes no time pulling off his shorts. “What are you doing” he protests. Nikki shuts him up by sucking on his large cock. Her head goes all the way down his shaft, sucking him like an expert.

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She tells him he can fuck her tight wet pussy and he pulls off her shorts. He slides his cock inside of her and fucks her on the bed. She moans with delight while he pulls down her top and grabs her large tits.

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