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Sis’s Spreads her Female Anatomy

Added: 7/13/17

Sis stop….this is embarrassing. Give that back to me!

Lol….no this is too funny. Tell me what you are studying??

No….I don’t want to say!

Why are you looking at a stupid fake diagram of a vagina? If you really want to pass your test, you should look at the real thing. Here look at my vagina….

Should we be doing this??

You want to pass….don’t you? Look, the clitoris is right here. Do you want to touch my clit? Here….I’ll spread it open so you can see more inside.

You are so wet… Do you like when I touch you?

Yes, but you can’t tell anybody.

Trust me…. I won’t tell anyone!

Your fingers feel good. Would you maybe want to put your dick in me, you know….just to see how that feels?

Are you sure??

Go ahead….take your pants off.

I can’t believe you are stroking my dick right now.

I want you inside of me….

FamilyManipulation – Bailey Brooke – Bunnies Brother Diary HD (720p/

Fuck Dating Other People, Let’s Fuck Each Other

Relationships can be hard! Not knowing who you can fully trust, and if that person really loves you enough to not break your heart…

I love my lil sis, but to be honest…she has a history of going after the “bad boy”, and for being naive in believing the lie’s that boys give her just to get into her pants. But one thing she
knows is that, I would never lie to her. So when she found out that her latest scumbag boyfriend cheated on her, she came right to me.

It just so happened that I was on the outs with my girlfriend as well, so I suggested that we have a beverage or two together….to help us both get our minds off .

After a few beverages, we were both on my bed rolling around laughing our asses off! You could tell that my sis was forgetting about her douche boyfriend, and me with my girlfriend.

(This is when things started to get interesting….)

Watch as my sis (who is looking so incredibly fuckable wearing nothing more than a tight t-shirt and panties that hug her perfect bubble butt ass) starts to get horny, after the two of us share
a bonding moment together.

Watch as she takes off her t-shirt right in front. Exposing her perfect breasts, and then does the same with her panties. At this point, I am so incredibly horny…all I want to do is stick my
rock hard boner as deep as I can into any open hole that my sister will allow me to!

The 1st hole that she lets me penetrate is her beautiful mouth. The way she used her tongue and how she stroked my cock with her hands as it slid in and out of her mouth, you could tell she was
really enjoying what she was doing.

But then it came time that she wanted her brother to penetrate her 2nd hole. She laid on her back and spread her legs open for me! She then took her fingers and spread her wet vagina lips as
wide open as her perfect slit would allow. She then asked me to pump my cock slowly into her so that she could feel ever inch of her brother filling up her cunt.

I fucked her real nice and slow, so that you could see my sister’s pussy lips wrapping around my cock as it slid in and out of her. But the hottest part was when she begged for me to cum inside
of her. She wanted to feel her brother’s swelled nuts release all his warm cum cream deep inside of her, and she didn’t care that I might get her pregnant.

So that’s what I did! I exploded every drop of my hot jizz as deep into my sisters open cunt as I could…and then watched some of it as it oozed back out of her perfect hole.

***Starring Bailey Brooke*** Creampie Finish!

The Tabooddhist – Melissa Moore – My Precious Father/Daughter sex FullHD (1080p/

Added: 1/27/17

STARRING: Melissa Moore

Young Melissa sneaks into her daddy’s room to watch him sleep. She knows it’s wrong, but she has started to feel differently about him, has begun to have urges that that are new and confusing.
As she looks down on his peaceful slumber, inhaling the familiar musk that floods her memory with times when he had bounced her on his knee and tucked her into bed, her usual feeling of paternal affection are usurped by strange, new desires. She feels a heat flare up between her legs, a wetness in her panties, as she pulls the covers back to reveal more of the older man’s body.
Uncertain as to how far she can go, she lays a hand on his warm skin, caressing his hairy chest and flat abdomen. When he does not awake, she grows bolder, nuzzling his crotch, tracing the outline of his growing erection through his boxers and inhaling the scent of his manliness. The feeling of the little girl’s warm, wet mouth as it engulfs the flared head of his cock, of her playful tongue as it laps at his shaft, causes the man to awaken, eyes going wide when his sees his baby girl sucking him. “Don’t be mad, daddy. Just let me take care of you and make you feel good.” He groans as she continues to worship his cock, filling her young mouth with his hardness and sucking his balls into her mouth. Understanding that his little angel is growing up, and in too much pleasure to stop her, he lets her slobber and drool over his big daddy cock. Responsible parent that he is, however, he can’t let her do all the work. Laying her on her back, he removes her pretty panties and buries his face between her legs to lick her sensitive baby girl parts. No one has ever done that to her and she gasps as his tongue roots around in her innocent and dripping hole. Face still dripping with his baby’s juices, he spreads her shapely legs and guides his cock into the tight pussy. He thrusts inside her, the snug walls of her cunt stretching around the thick length of meat that invades parts of her that no one has ever touched. Feeling a closeness to her daddy that she never has before, she cums, fleshy walls contracting around his hardness deep inside her. He feels good that he could make his little girl cum, but he needs his own release. Flipping her over onto her hands and knees, he grabs her soft hips and thrusts into her from behind. Moaning from the overwhelming sensations of daddy’s huge prick filling her, her cunt clutches at the rigid meat poking her womb, sending her loving daddy over the edge. Not wanting to paint the inside of his baby girl, he pulls out, his dick spurting jet of white cum, covering his sexy angel’s back with a warm puddle of cream. The young girl smiles at what a good girl she has become and curls up to drift off in daddy’s bed.

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Alura Jenson – Galactica Defeats and Drains Impulse XXX HD (720p/

Added: 6/26/17

Impulse arrives at the scene of a strange energy signature when stunning interstellar warrior Galactica emerges from the shadows. The fastest man alive, Impulse darts around the room, daring the alien conquerer to catch him. But with a mighty stomp of her boot, the cocky young hero loses his balance and fumbles to the floor. She digs her knee into his chest and chuckles, amused to find
that the young of yet another species are so overconfident and easily defeated.

Impulse awakes restrained, Galactica inspecting her prize. She tells the helpless hero that since he doesn’t know how to use his power, she’s going to take it from him. More over, he’s going to want her to do it. With every load she extracts from the naive superhero, Galactica grows stronger and more powerful. As she alternates riding his face and his cock, she tells Impulse of her
plans to rule the planet like a goddess, and he will just be the first of many heroes to surrender his powers to her.

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JERKY GIRLS – My doctor Fox hard domination Me FullHD (1080p/


Dr. Savanna Fox is seeing a Patient for the first time….to try and help him with his addiction to cigarrette smoking. As often happens…..male Patients of Dr. Fox are VERY distracted by the
fact that she is….well……SMOKING HOT!!!!! Dr. Fox is wearing fishnet Stockings, and She has Her Legs crossed, as She asks the patients some preliminary questions. The Patient doesn’t even
hear what Dr. Fox is asking him….as he is way to focused on Her Legs and Feet. Dr. Fox puts down Her note pad and teels the patient that the only way he will get over the fact that Her legs
are Spectacular….is to fuck them!!! So Dr. Fox instructs the Patient to take off his clothes….and Fuck Her Legs!!!! The Patient Fucks her Legs in many positions….until Dr. Fox decides it’s
time to force an Ejaculation…at which point, She sits on him and makes him Surrender a MASSIVE CUMSHOT!!! Now, they can focus on their session…….

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Little Hope Harper – I turned 18 I’ve been finding myself attracted to much older men FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/12/17

Mom Couldn’t Cum

When Uncle Jack was opening his new office Mom was supposed to go up and help him. Lucky for me something came up and she couldn’t make it so I went instead. Uncle Jack was a bit surprised to
see me but when he realized I was after the same thing as mom he relaxed real quick. Uncle Jacks big cock was soon in my mouth and then my wet little pussy. Uncle Jack made me cum several times that day including on top of his new table. Thats one day I was glad mom couldn’t cum cause Uncle Jack and I sure did.

Jenny Blighe – Public Fucking on a Boat with my Brother HD (720p/

Jun 16

Enjoy 30 min of naughty public action!! I NEVER do public vids, it’s always so risky to me, but something came over me this day! I absolutely loved the aspect of knowing so many people in the
houses around and surrounding boats could watch me suck him off and get fucked.

Little Hope Harper – Harper Weekend At Grandpas Was Better Than She Dreamed FullHD (1080p/

My Brother Came Too

Added: 12/14/16

While Daddy was away he asked me to get some files from the office and send them to him. A few minutes after I got there my brother showed up and startled me. Apparently Daddy called him about
the files too. Well you know how horny I get when Daddys out of town so I totally took advantage of my brother right there in the office. He bent me over my desk and pounded me pretty hard for a few minutes. He must have been pretty horny too since he came all over my ass and pussy before I could cum a second time. I guess it’s a good thing I’m going out after this, 1 orgasm just isn’t enough….

Little Hope Harper – Oooh Brother I want suck you dick FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/8/17

Hey little brother, are you that lazy you didn’t make your bed? I didn’t come in to insult you though. Mommy and Daddy are “cuddling” and I need some attention too. C’mon let me play with that
nice cock of yours. See you’re hard already so why you wanna act that way? I love how your cock throbs when it slides in my tight little pussy. You like fucking your sister don’t you? Oooh
brother you make me cum so hard, now its your turn. Thats it cum for me little brother, all over my hands!! Mmmm that should get me through the night, thank you!!

Kathia Nobili – Blackmailing in the office – Fuck that bitch BOSS mouth to keep your job FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/11/15

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This day is sucks for you! Your fucking car didn’t start and now you late for work, where you a have already enough trouble! And…sure!!!…Last thing what yo needed… are called into your boss offices! Doesn’t seems like it’s gonna be a pleasant talk!!!……….Well….I’ll be completely honest with you! I’m not happy ab out your work here! We making big cash but you didn’t take any part in that! You don’t selling…not making any profit for my company. So I will let you go….to find some better job for your self!!! What???….Well what the employer like you can offer to me?! ….I know you have family and everything….but could you give me some right reason…why should I keeping you working here?…I’m listening!…What are you doing? Why are you opening your pants?!!! Well….you want something for me and you are the one opening your pants?! Shouldn’t be that other way around!?…. I see….you hear how much I love the cocks! Is depends on size! Show me what you have there!Mmmm….not bad…really …..nice size! If you give me your cock to play…I’ll can consider to keep your job!…So come on…let me taste it and make your dick nice hard! So hard you can fuck my slutty moth well! I want your cock deep in my throat….push it…deeper…and muck my mouth!!! Good….that’s better!!! I love your balls…to lick them and suck them! SIT!!! I want to take that dick my way! And milk you out!!! Yeah…you gonna give me your cum and….YES…you can keep your job!!! But don’t think…this was only one time thing!!! You going to fuck my mouth any time I ask you to do so!!!