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Ever since I found out my uncle was actually my Son I’ve been wanting to get pregnant. I don’t know why but theres something about Having sons baby that really excites me. It all started one afternoon when Son accidentally came inside me. Something inside me got all tingly and I went baby crazy.

Every time I was around my time I would get super excited and go see Daddy. We would tease and please each other for hours. Every time we got together Son would give me massive creampies and I would cum soo hard. Creampie after creampie from Son filled me up and it looks like it finally worked.

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The family has movie night almost every week and its a lot of fun. Last week it was just me and Son watching the movie and we both fell asleep. I started having a very sexual dream and woke up playing with my Sons cock. Something in me started to tingle when I felt how hard he was and I just couldn’t stop myself.

Within minutes Sons cock was in my mouth and I was taking it very deep. Son woke up and was shocked but didn’t stop me so I kept going. My pussy was so wet I had to get him to fuck me so I stripped and sat on Sons lap.

I rode his cock hard and fast until I came hard then turned around so he could take me from behind. Daddy pounded my tight young pussy til I came again then he exploded inside me. Son must have thought I was on the pill cause he was shocked as I was. Hope I don’t get pregnant.

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Lots of fans have asked me to bring this here and now I’ve delivered. Here’s my 2014 GirlsGoneWild Naked Yoga scene! Enjoy this hot 5 girl hour long on milf lesbian orgy! This is the most girls I’ve ever had sex with at once and ALL of them are smoking hot babes!!

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Layla has been thinking about leaving her brother for a while. She was sucking my dick and he came home unexpectedly. Layla being the awesome girlfriend she is let’s him watch me pound her on the couch, on the coffee table and on the kitchen table where they eat dinner every night. I end up cumming on her tight, little pussy and she eats it with delight

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Son, I need to talk to you about something very important : girls. Girls are nothing but trouble. You’re a horny boy and you’re surrounded by pussy – every time I turn around you’re staring at women, even me, and I’ve caught you masturbating so many times that I’ve lost count.

I refuse to let my son ruin his life by knocking up some little slut. I’m going to cure you of that pussy obsession of yours, once and for all…

Mommy’s going to teach you to crave cock instead, son. Big, hard cock.

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Even you know or you can imagine…how bad feeling is to be or to go to the hospital. With all the doctors and nurses just coming and steering at you!!!
But not today!!! Everybody had or still having the dreams about nurses….beautiful….helpful…sexy…slutty!!! And your fantasy coming true!!! YES…with me..playing your slutty nurse all your dreams….even the naughtiest one!!!
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Your Mistress need to satisfied her self today….and use her devoted slave..YOU…for her dirty games! She start to tease you…..she knows you would do anything just to be close to her….just to have a bit of her attention! She command you to watching her….all that body…those high boots….but…today your Mistress in not in mood to torturing you…no…she has only one interest….your sperm….she want it…feel that worm juice and swallow all of it! She command you to take out your cock and make it hard…yes…she wants it rock hard before she will take you!!! Watch how she teases you…play with her whip….and do all she asking you for…otherwise……you’ll be punished!!! You promise to her, you’ll be devoted…best slave….SO BE IT!!!……Mmmm….that’s the way she like it…so big….so swollen dick to fulfill her mouth! To play with you!!! Yes…..give me your cock slave!!! I’m gonna blow your brain out!!! So tasty….just the way your Mistress likes it! But…here is something I’m gonna trying on you my slave… fingers just slide to you asshole….and then…slide them in…one…two! Yes…massage your prostate…..fingering your ass during I suck that hard cock of your! There is nothing you can do about it…that’s how your Mistress gonna make you cum today! Sucking and teasing your cock with her tongue……lick your balls and keep fingering….keep massage your prostate! Mmm….you are loving it…look…your cock got so hard….so fucking full…is look like it will explode! But not yet! ….Stand up…I said stand up…and push your cock to me! Good…now…open your legs…..the massage inside you will continue….I can’t have enough of that cock! But here is the time….time for my juice….time to completely satisfied your Mistress! Come on slave……give me your sperm…NOW…with the fingers in your ass and tongue teasing…..cum in my mouth! Mmmm……Your Mistress love that juice of yours…..swallow….all of it!!! Good slave!!!

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Family Manipulation Makenna Blue – Sexual dream and woke up playing with my Daddys cock SD (

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Your Mom Finally Went to Bed
I think I may have started something that I can’t stop… Lately my 19 yr old daughter and I have been spending a lot of time together, and bonding very closely. I really don’t let her drink much (cause she is under 21), but recently we have been watching a lot of sports together…and it’s hard not to drink while enjoying the games, so I admit that I have let her take the occasional sip here and there…

Maybe I’m the one who had too much alcohol, but after one of the baseball games that went extra innings deep into the night, we got to talking and we both shared some very intimate conversations. Somehow we got onto the topic of sexual intercourse, and before I knew it…one thing led to another, and I found myself making out with my daughter!

It was one of the steamiest kisses I have experienced in a long time! I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or just maybe it was just that I knew how wrong it was to be having an X-rated conversation my daughter…who by the way was wearing her pajamas which consist of a thin t-shirt that was almost see-through with no bra, that feel off her shoulder, and then little booty shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks.

After a few min’s of heavy kissing, I quickly came to my senses and told her that we couldn’t continue. She begged me to keep going, and showed me how wet I had made her. Somehow I had the power to say no, told her to go to her room….and then I went into my bathroom and rubbed out the most powerful jerk job of my life, cumming everywhere!

The problem is… Now she thinks its fun, and whenever we are alone she tries to temp me into doing what I so wanted to do the other night!

Watch as she teases and torments her poor father into saying yes and him succumbing to stick his hard throbbing cock deep inside her wet willing pussy. All while her mother is in bed in the other room!