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You never saw the butt so perfect like mine! So big…so hard…juts a perfect ball to play with! You need it…you want it!!! You want to cum all over my perfect butt!
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And I want you to watch

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You would finally make your fantasy a reality today. She’s completely unaware of your intentions, but it didn’t matter. You would defile your teacher’s irresistible voluptuous body and use her big round ass without her even knowing. That magnificently juicy ass you’ve been drooling over since the first day of class. You could barely stand the anticipation to make her your little booty shaking cumslut.
It’d only take a moment alone to wipe her mind blank, rendered utterly receptive to your perverted suggestions. As soon as you brandish the swinging pendulum, your teacher would descend into a deep trance. And then you’d have some REAL fun. Oh the things you’ll make her do, the filthy words you’ll makes her say, the dirty thoughts you’ll make her confess… and the cock you’ll make her CRAVE.
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Daddy, it’s so nice being home from college to see you. You’ve always treated me like a princess. Your princess. You know how much I love being your favorite girl, but I can’t stand to see you so stressed out over mom and how she neglects you. Let me show you how much you mean to me, and prove that i’m better. Don’t you know that I see just how amazing you are? How strong and sexy you are? You embody the perfect man and she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. Lucky me..and you! I propose an arrangement for us to progress our relationship, and be the perfect woman for you…in EVERY way. Trust me, i’ve picked up a few new talents while i’ve been away at school;) Don’t you love the way my sheer red lace lingerie and cute knee high socks cling to my sexy, toned body, Daddy? Let me show you what your girl has in store for you…

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Xev Bellringer Is Yours

You won the lottery to make Xev Bellringer yours for an entire weekend. She greets you in a skimpy little outfit and leads you upstairs to her room. It’s actually going to happen, everything you’ve done to her in those videos. And Xev wants you badly. The way she playfully plops onto the bed, spreading her legs to greet your body. The way she welcomes your touch, begging for you to fulfill your fantasies with her, right then and there. Kissing and licking your bulbous cock head, taking it into her mouth. You almost blow too soon… but she won’t let you… not until you fuck her.

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Your mom is… well she’s hot. It’s something your friends have told you all the time but you’ve never really thought of her that way. She’s just your plain old mom. But you’re becoming a man. You’re getting older…and for some reason you’re becoming possessive of her. It makes you angry as fuck when you see a guy start chatting her up in the grocery store… Or smiling at her when you guys go out to movies. You make sure you scare off any guy that tries to make a pass at her. They’re just not good enough for her.

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Daddy and I got to the woodshed a bit early for Gapetoberfest last year. Once we had the banner set up I figured we might have time to sneak in a quickie. Daddy was worried someone would see us but I was so howny I didn’t care. I started sucking his cock on the couch and Daddy soon forgot about where we were. I rode his cock for a few minutes then he took me from behind. Just as Daddy was about to cum we heard someone coming so he exploded inside me to minimize the mess. I hope nobody was recording that!!

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Ashley is in her bedroom when the monster attacks. She tries to crawl away from him, clawing at her bed while the monster pulls down her panties. The large white dick makes Ashley’s eyes bulge as it pushes inside her. That’s when she begins to moan in terror.

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