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Once again, your sister Janira barges into your room without knocking, and once again you’re wearing a diaper, as has been happening ever since Is My Brother Wearing a Diaper!? She starts to humiliating you, asking if this is how you spend ALL of your free time. But at this point, Janira starts getting a little curious as to why someone your age would actually CHOOSE to just wear a diaper like this. Your sister scolds you for not wearing the pink diapers she bought you and dressed you up in in Feminized and Forced to Cum in Your Diaper by Sister and Cousin and then asks you where they are. She has to try this out and see why you like it so much. Janira grabs one of the pink diapers, walks over to the bed, and begins taking off her current shorts, exposing her cute thong and sexy ass right in front of you! You feel your diaper get tighter as your cock gets harder watching your sister. She then removed the thong, letting you look straight at her juicy pussy and asshole as she diapers herself! You NEVER thought this day would come. You can’t believe your bratty older sister who takes every opportunity she can find to make fun of you is actually wearing a diaper WITH you! Once securely diaper, Janira asks what it is you what exactly you do while wearing the diaper…but you don’t need to answer, you both know where this is headed. Your naughty sister starts rubbing herself over her diaper, instructing you to do the same. It feels so good to pleasure yourself over your diaper, and seeing your sister do the same, encouraging you all the way through until you cum together, well it’s just an absolute dream cum true!

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Aubrey Sinclairs stupid boyfriend has been being so mean to her lately! She wants to get back at him, and who better to help than her lovely stepbro! She wants her boyfriend to think that she’s with another guy, so she sets up a photoshoot with her and big bro to make him jealous. Looks like it worked too! Aubrey definitely owed stepbro for this one, and she planned to make it back up to him on his birthday. Not only did she bring him an artisan cupcake, but also let him fuck her hot step pussy. She even swallowed his load too! Only to spit it right back out onto his dick for an extra special birthday surprise. A few nights later Aubrey came.

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What are you doing?!?! I’m on the phone with my boyfriend? Could you not be such a fucking creep! Are you seriously going to put your dick inside of me? I can’t believe this.

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Alex Blake is flirting with her friend Carolina Sweets’s stepbrother Kyle Mason when he calls his stepsister ugly. Later, the girls come up with a plan to fuck with Kyle’s head: They get naked and tell Kyle that they’re paralyzed and that they need him to use some lotion to massage them until they’re loose. Kyle drops the lotion onto Alex’s belly and rubs it into her tits and landing strip twat. When Kyle moves on to give Carolina the same treatment, the girls reveal that they can move.

Alex whips out Kyle’s stiffie and starts sucking while Carolina watches. Her stroking hands and slurping mouth entice Kyle to accept Alex’s blatant invitation when she spreads her thighs and invites him in. Watching the show they put on leaves Carolina horny and daring, and when she presents his ass to him in a challenge he gladly takes her up on it. Soon he is balls deep in Carolina’s creamy bare fuck hole, pounding away as Carolina moans her deep excitement. Eventually Carolina flips onto her back to watch Kyle fucking her, an unbelievable sight that somehow gets her hotter than ever.

As Carolina comes down from her powerful climax, Alex takes her place in front of Kyle on her hands and knees. His hips thrust overtime to please the blonde coed while she buries her face in Carolina’s creamy snatch to feast on her friend’s juices. When Kyle has played stud properly to completely satisfy Alex’s needs, the two girls get onto their bellies and work together to deep throat his big dick. Their combined efforts bring him off, priming him to shower them in a hot double facial of cum.

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I was only twelve when this all started and it was a very exciting time for me. A friend of mine had told me about masturbating and I spent all my free time trying it out.
I had found a few porno magazines in a garbage bin close to school and I would spend all my afternoons watching these wonderful naked women spreading their legs in stockings and high heels. Fingering themselves and grabbing their big luscious tits. Sucking big throbbing cocks or engaging in some lesbian games sticking their tongue and fingers inside another girl’s pussy.

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Dylan returns home one day to find a hot ass babe chilling out in his backyard. He asks his dad who she is, and it’s none other than his new stepsister Ella Knox of course! Dylan can’t stop staring at her and neither can his dad. After she catches them creeping, she decides to ease the tension by bearing all and letting them touch. This threesome turned into a family affair real quick. Ella had no problem guzzling down both of their cocks then getting pounded down by both of their dicks. This new stepsister is definitely a keeper! She guzzles down loads even better than mom does too!

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Brooklyn Chase gets spied on as she put on her wedding dress by her soon to be step son. She catches him and quickly invites him in the room for her last ride. This busty chick gives a great blowjob with tit fucking before she tells the guy to start fucking her. They almost get caught by the fiancee but she quickly dismisses him. We see her big tits bounce from multiple positions as she gets her pussy fucked hard.

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Juan is online with a willing hottie named Maya Bijou. When he asks the old “show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”, she is happy to show her amazing tits. In turn, he shows her his big cock. Maya is very impressed by what she sees. Then they are interrupted by a female voice calling down for lunch. To their surprise, the step siblings realize they have been web camming with each other. What a predicament! But Maya can’t take her mind of Juan’s large dick. She blows him under the table with the Mom on the other side of the counter. After the Mom leaves, they fuck on the dining room table until Maya receives a hot load on her pretty ebony face.

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When we got home, mom left on more errands. I took the opportunity to install mini-video cams all over the house including her bedroom and bath. I also installed cams in my sister’s rooms and the hall bathroom. I installed so many mini cams I had to make a drawing where all the cams were installed. I loaded the software on my laptop and I was ready to start viewing personal porn video of my mom and sisters. This would help me how, where and when to plan. I also got an idea of making money with these porn videos on the internet. All I had to do is blur their faces and any familiar body marks.

It was almost the end of the school holidays and it was a beautiful summer’s morning. Melody Mae in bed stroking her clit. “God, what am I doing?” She thought to herself. “Here I am a teacher; I have always masturbated on fantasies of having sex with any one of my students, male and female. The trouble is that over the last month I have fixated on one particular ex-student. I see my favourite fantasy lover everyday, almost every hour. I know he is physically perfect. I cannot help myself, I spy on him, I see him in the shower, in bed in the morning with a raging hard on, and I even watch him in the toilet taking a piss. I see him in every conceivable state of dress and undress! Hell, he is my son, David, and he makes my cunt drip just by walking into the room! What a fucking mess!”

Melody Mae thoughts evaporated as her husband Collin stirred and she reluctantly forced herself to stop playing with her clit. Collin, out of habit reached across to his partner of twenty years, sought out her breast, and mechanically caressed her nipple. He was certain that Judy had become a nymphomaniac. Over the last few weeks, his wife’s cunt was always saturated with her juice whenever he felt her. He smiled to himself as he deliberated that she was obviously fantasizing about his outstanding sexual prowess.

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My name is Anthony, Tony for short. I recently had my 22nd birthday, and I got lots of presents from my family and friends. What I did not get was what I have been wanting since I was 15 and started to notice my mother as a beautiful woman. My mom, Nicolette, is 38 years old and a very sexy blond with medium long hair and green eyes. Mom wears short flare skirts that really show off her long legs off and makes my cock very hard. Sometimes I see her in a bikini sunbathing by our pool and I wish I could just grab her and fuck her brains out. My father had split up with mom, so I didn’t have to worry about that at all, I didn’t even see my father. Mom is an attorney and is always very busy and never notices how I lust for her.