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After she catches you spying on her masturbating, stepsister Elouise makes you WANK in front of her…she wasn’t finished fucking herself and gets turned on by being watched, especially by her pervy stepbro! She pounds her WET CUNT with her big dildo while telling you to JERK YOUR DICK until you drain your balls…but she’s not finished with you yet!

Kimmie Morr – Moms Jeking Off (POV Incest Video)

Scene from Handjobs Across America #29.

Rachel is a hot older blond, a good friend of Dick’s mom. She walks in and catches him jerking off. He is embarrassed but she puts him at easy by stripping! She gives him a handjob and sucks him a bit too before he cums on her face.

BareBackStudios – Luke Longly, Kenzie Reeves – Father Manipulation Daughter FullHD (1080p/

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Nocturnal Love
Kenzie is in bed asleep, on her side, under covers, book beside her, bedside lamp on. She is wearing non-sexy panties and a top. I come in wearing PJ bottoms. I undress, stare at her for about
30 seconds. I move the book and pull back covers. I again stare at her for about 30 seconds. I very, very, very, slowly guides her on her back and very, very, very slowly pull open her blouse
and stare again. I slowly pull her panties off. She is now on her back with her legs spread. I then get on top of her guiding my cock into her. Her eyes pop open and opens her mouth to scream. I
clamp my hand over her mouth and really slam into her. I really slam in and out of her until I cum. After I cum, I kiss her and stroke her hair for about a minute and then leaves. Kenzie curls
up into a ball crying.

Tears and Cereal
Daughter is sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. I walk up behind her, not talking and then I start rubbing her shoulders. Kenzie tenses up/freezes, I start telling her how beautiful
she is and how much I love her. Kenzie does not move or make a sound but starts crying silently. I lift her up so that she is leaning over the table and I kick her chair away. She bursts into
tears and sobs loudly. I lean over her and begin to rub my crotch against her butt and reach around and start squeezing her boobs. I then lift up her skirt, and rip the panties off. She cries
out when I enter her and continues while I slam in and out of her. When I cum, I collapse over her exhaustedly for a bit, step away, zip up and leave her bent over the table. I walk away leaving
her to sob at the table…

Punished to Cry
Kenzie is sitting on couch reading. Dad comes in wasted, wearing blue jeans and a wife beater shirt. He speaks in his Southern accent. She looks up scared, he pulls off his belt and says. “You
little bitch! You’ve been talking about us haven’t you?” She cries out, “No Daddy, I didn’t. I promise!” He accuses her again and swings the belt at her legs. She cries and tries to get away. He
grabs her and throws her on the couch and starts kissing her hard on the lips. She tries to struggle out from under him but he yanks her pants down and bends her over his knee and spanks her
several times with his belt. She cries and begs. She of course begs “why” during this. After he cums he shoves her away and loudly tells her, “You better not tell anyone about us bitch. If you
do I’ll tell everybody what a little whore you are. I’ll tell everybody you begged for it. I’ll tell everybody it was your mother’s idea and she’ll go to jail along with me. You little bitch.”

Peaking in on my Daughter
Kenzie is taking a shower and forgot to close and lock the door. I peak in and see how she is doing…She just about finished, dries off, wraps a towel around herself and I leave the room. She
thinks she hears something, looks around and quietly heads to her room…

Just as she gets to her bed, I throw her down, rip her towel off and fuck her brains out…She if finally coming around. Kenzie yells at me to fuck her hard. I hold her down and fucking her
upside down and inside out and then from behind. I even do the pile-driver on her. Her whore mother could never do that…

Kenzie begs for my cum and I hold her hands behind her back…She is my whore now so I unload in her mouth. Like the good little slut she is, she swallowed everything…Maybe I should take her
shopping for some new clothes…Nah…

Ashley Mason – Taboo Start The Beginning First Anal Ashley HD (720p/

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I have been a long time member of a Taboo Forum. I post stuff about my desires with my son. On this particular day a few years ago, my son was using my laptop to study and stumbled across the forum that I am a member of. I was freaked out at first but I decided to talk to him about it and see what his thoughts were. Turns out he had the same fantasys as me. I asked him if he wanted to try some of the things I wrote about, he was all about it. I sucked his cock and fucked him until he shot a huge load all over my face. This was the video that started it all.

Fresh Incest Video – Meana Wolf – Fuck My Ass Daddy – First Anal Meana FullHD (1080p/

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First anal Meana, need watch all.

Daddy.. Are you finally going to fuck me today? Come on I’m tired of begging. Mom’s not home. Lets just do this already. You know I want it Daddy. I’ve been telling you for years how much I want it. Aren’t you tired of always looking but never touching? Aren’t you tired of always stopping yourself? I know you want my sweet little pussy. So come on and give it to me already. No? Hmm.well lets do something more wholesome instead. Would you like to hear a page out of my journal? It says “Tonight daddy came into my room and put his hand over my mouth. I tried to scream but he was too strong. He forced his big thick cock deep inside my ass and fucked me so hard I came even though I didn’t want to”. Oh what you don’t like that? I have hundreds more little entries like that and if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to take my journal to the police station and tell everyone that it’s true. So what do you wanna do Daddy? I mean what’s worse. fucking your own daughter in secret? Or getting arrested for fucking your daughter and never even touching me? You know that they’ll believe ever single word I say. You know why? Because all Daddy’s want to fuck their little girls. So give me what I want daddy. I know your cock aches for me. Just give in and fuck me. I want your cock inside me.inside my pussy. and I want your cock deep inside my ass.

Primal’s Taboo Sex – Tali Dova – Quality time with Dady and Mommy HD (720p/

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Tali is sitting down to watch a movie with her Mom and Dad. She gets a little curious and starts sucking her dad’s dick with her mom sitting next to them.

Bettie Bondage – Saving the Farm Movie night with Mommy FullHD (1080p/

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This is a continuation of Losing the Farm.
Your mother looked so sweet and gorgeous and heartbroken, on her knees sucking your cock. You loved the way it made you feel to control her like that. Her reluctance, the way she gave in and savored your cock and your cum. Her own son! You tried to hold back from taking it to the next step, but you ached to feel it. Your mother’s pussy. Wrapped around your cock, fucking and cumming inside the same sweet pussy that made you. You know its wrong but it’s all you want!
You tell her that the ten grand is hers, if she lets you fuck her. Just the once. You send her an e-mail about it, not knowing what she’ll say, but within a week you have your response. She tells you to fly down and visit again. When you arrive, she’s already dressed in just a robe, looking scared. She tells you that she’s willing, but you can’t cum inside her. She’s still fertile. You agree, knowing that she trusts you, and the pull out method. A good Christian woman. She even prays when you first enter the bedroom, asking for forgiveness for what she’s about to do. It makes your cock harder.
Once you have her lying on her back on your parent’s marital bed, though, you know you have to fill your mother with your cum. The thought alone sends strong shivers down your spine as you watch your mother fight the delicious feelings your cock is sending through her body. You watch the conflict in her face and her body, flushed with a confused arousal that makes it all the more delicious when she cums on your cock, twice. You can’t hold out. She begs you not to but you unloose your cum inside her and watch as her face drops and she squirms beneath you, pulling away as your load drips out of your mother’s well-fucked pussy.

Virtual Incest Video Bettie Bondage – Late Dinner with Mom FullHD (1080p/

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You’re in the kitchen when your mother comes in, wearing only a pair of tight jeans, heels, and a push up bra…strange. She’s smiling and bending over a lot, too. She tells you that she’s sorry dinner will be late, but Dad was helping her in the bedroom with…something. She smirks at you. Is she saying what you think she’s saying? No…but she is wearing just a bra in front of her own son…this is all very confusing.
“Oh hi sweetie…..I’m sorry I’m not completely dressed, but I was in a hurry to make you dinner. Your father will be gone for a while.” She bends down to get an apron from the cabinet, teasing you with her ass. She moves closer as you start to get hard, “Honey,” she says, “your dad and I just had sex, and my pussy is still wet and full of his cum…I love it when you stare at me and fantasize about fucking me. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck you!!” You can’t believe what she’s saying…she tells you that she always loved the way you got so interested in her privates when you were young and would follow her into the bathroom. “Come watch, sweetie, aren’t you still that curious boy?” she struts to the bathroom, teasing you with her cum filled pussy as she pees and touches herself. You’re hard as a rock as she tells you she wants you to add a load to her messy cunny. You practically run to the bedroom as she lays down and begs you to come fuck her.
As you start to stroke your cock against her wet pussy, she tells you how badly she’s always wanted this, wanted you. She tells you about how you’re going to fill her pussy first with your cock and then your cum. She’s a total cum slut, she confesses, and she needs both her husband and her son to fill her! Pulling you in deeper and urging you to cum, she admits that she isn’t on birth control but she wants you to flood her fertile hole. “Besides,” she purrs, “there will be no way to tell whose it is…you might as well give me your cum, son…”

Bettie Bondage – Breaking Mom’s Dry Spell Incest VideoFullHD (1080p/

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Your mom is chatting with you before a big date. She’s nervous – it’s been years. She’s dressed like a total slut in a tight fishnet top with just a bra underneath. She confides in you as you chat, confessing that she’s been so horny lately it’s hard to focus. She needs to get laid before she acts on some seriously dirty and wrong fantasies!! You can’t get her to admit what these fantasies are exactly, but if you’re not mistaking the situation, she’s really flirting with you. She must really need to get laid – you’re her own son!
Later that night, you hear her stumble in. It’s not too late, but you pretend to be asleep as you see her stumble into the living room. She beelines unsteadily towards your place on the couch. She lays on top of you, slurring her words as you watch her reach for the belt buckle on your jeans…
…You protest at first. Not really because you don’t want it. You totally do. You’re hard just seeing your mom’s tits pressed against your thighs. Her mouth so close to your cock. She unzips as you tell her no, it’s not right, but she’s a woman on a mission. A mission to fuck her son. You’re more than happy to oblige, giving only fake protests as she starts to stroke and suck you. She tells you that she’s going to take your virginity tonight, whether you like it or not, sitting back and straddling you to tease your cock with her dripping wet pussy. You can’t take your eyes off her as she strokes you against her wet hole before she begins to slide down onto your throbbing dick.
You can’t believe your first time is going to be with your hot as hell mom. All your friends are going to be so jealous!

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I’ve been talking to you about a mother-son roadtrip for ages. You’ve finally agreed to go along! I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this for so long…of course, I’m prepared for exactly what I’ve always wanted from you. The first night of the trip, I get out my special concoction formulated just for you and me…you see, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long, sweetie, and not just that, but I’ve wanted to feel my son’s cock explode load after load of thick cum into my cunt! This is the perfect opportunity to spike your water with something to keep you fast asleep and rock hard! It works like a charm and in no time at all, you’re to the world with a rockhard boner for me to stroke, suck, fuck and make cum inside my pussy not once, but twice! It worked so well, I think I might have to do this every night for the next week of our trip! What a good boy you’ve been. Maybe by the end of it, I’ll give you a little less of the sleeping drugs so you can enjoy the view of Mom bouncing on your dick!