Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Nikki Delano Supergirl: Interrogated and Broken HD (1080p/

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Supergirl was tipped off to the location of General Thorn’s compound and fights her way through to the man himself. His guard fires a barrage of bullets at the superheroine, but they bounce off of her like ping-pong balls. Just as she’s about to nab the villain, a firm gloved hand grabs her wrist. The General leaves Supergirl to fight the only woman who may just rival her strength: Major Malice. Not only has Major Malice been enhanced by the greatest scientists the organization could harness, those scientists have created a pair of special kryptonite-enriched gloves. Too many meddling Kryptonians not to have plenty of equipment on hand. It’s just enough to beat and bear-hug Supergirl into submission.

Supergirl comes to strapped to a strange chair. Major Malice has gagged her and strategically placed a powerful kryptonite-plated vibrator. For this part of the interrogation, the villainess tells her, she doesn’t get to talk. She can only moan, squirm, and scream.

One of General Thorn’s personal guards, Private Powers, arrives to transport Supergirl to the next interrogation room. But he’s not at all happy that she embarrassed him in front of his boss by effortlessly deflecting every shot. He tells her he’s going to teach her a lesson and rams his cock in her mouth. Supergirl tries to resist, but she is too weak from the first round of the interrogation. After he fills her mouth, he drags her off to be hung up.

Now Supergirl hangs from her wrists when General Thorn approaches. He brings in the kryptonite-played vibrator she has already become so familiar with. But even after amping up the strength multiple times, Supergirl still won’t reveal the source of her tip-off. He leaves her hanging and begging.

Major Malice enters with a kryptonite cock strapped on, and Supergirl gawks in horror. Major Malice jams it in Supergirl’s mouth and tells her that all of the kryptonite equipment, the strap-on included, has more than enough kryptonite to severely weaken the heroine, but they’re all diluted just enough not to end her life. After violating Supergirl’s face with the diabolical device, Major Malice mercilessly fucks the weakened superheroine until she begs for an alternative. In exchange for no longer being relentlessly rammed with her greatest weakness, Supergirl is forced to eat the villainess’s pussy until satisfied. Then major Malice, sitting atop her face, smothers her out.

Supergirl has been interrogated for days and is yet to break. But her spirit and strength is paper-thin. General Thorn calmly grills her for information as his personal guard viciously fucks her, wrapping his hand around her throat or holding her down when he wants to amp things up. Eventually, Supergirl just cannot take anymore interrogation. She gives up the name of her source, and the General rewards her by telling his soldier to decorate her face. Broken and hopeless, she now has all of the other soldiers to look forward to.

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Lately you use to go to sauna, to relax your self…but the place you were use to it is so busy..always!!! You don’t like so many naked people around you and specially old naked, sweating man…ufff!!! But one of your friend gives you a tip for the silent place…..where you can enjoy the warm almost by your self. Now if you think about it….funny story….looking back the time, probably you know why he was give you that tip!!! ……….When you arrive to the place, it was really quiet….even in the dressing room you were all by your self! You enter to the sauna…and…wow….the very hot woman! You did not expect that! She start to talk to you and she was a bit surprise too, as a young, handsome guy like you not use to coming to the place like that! She pool down her towel….you didn’t want to look but you couldn’t control your self…..she had so nice tits… is like your fantasy… and her alone in the sauna! In that moment your cock start to pumping under your towel….your MILF FANTASY making you so horny! You try to cover your self…but ….TO LATE!!! She already realize you are completely hard! You panic and wanted to leave as fast as you can but…..surprise! She start to flirting with you….and she wanted to see your dick! And now all the situation get even hooter…and not because of the sauna!!! She comes close to you and start to playing with your cock and telling you about her…well….weakness for the young guys like you! And from the dirty talk you quickly arrive to the point ……she bend over and start to suck your cock! Wow… was like a dream….the super hot milf seducing you! And even you were a bit nervous that someone could enter any moment… were in the heaven!!!The she sit on your cock and start to riding you….you always loved the older woman….they know what they do….and what they want!!! And the fact that you make this hot woman goading with your hard cock….this stranger woman who you don’t know even the name….she use you as her sex toy……this sauna experience was just FANTASTIC!!!!

Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Alora Jaymes Damsel in Distress Give me The Weapon HD (720p/

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Backstory: Lady Venom has learned of a new weapon being developed by the Justice Council to rid the world of her venomous grasp. Leading the project is none other than one of her rivals: Wunder

Gurl. Lady Venom has dispatched one of her henchman to extract the weapon’s location from Wunder Gurl..

Part 1: Evil comes knocking

Wunder Gurl is sitting in her living room, talking on her cell to another member of the Justice Council, discussing when to move the weapon for testing when she hears a disturbance at the front door; she excuses herself and ends the call to investigate. As soon as she opens the door, her head is grabbed and a cloth is thrown over her face; she attempts to struggle but is weakened by the chemicals in the cloth, allowing the henchman to force his way into her home! She struggles to get away and crawls to the couch however the henchman quickly bounces on her, pulling out his cock and jamming it down her throat. The henchman laughs as he interrogates Wunder Gurl as to the location of the weapon; too weak to speak, Wunder Gurl can only gag on the henchman’s cock as he face fucks her over and over. The henchman decides to have a little fun with Wunder Gurl and proceeds to massage her body through her clothing before pulling out her luscious breasts and licking them. Wunder Gurl moans and attempts to plead for the henchman to stop however she is still too weak. Becoming bored, the henchman decides to continue the interrogation in another room…

Part 2: Full Body assault

The henchman carries Wunder Gurl into the small guest room and throws her on the couch, where he continues to face fuck her for several moments. Not being able to stand the urge anymore, he rips open the bottom of her uniform and begins to bite her clit; Wunder Gurl struggles and attempts to fight him off however she is still too weak to be a threat to the henchman. He climbs on top of her, guiding his cock into her warm, wet pussy and begins to fuck her viciously. Wunder Gurl pleads for him to stop however the henchman merely mocks her as he continues his assault on her body.
The henchman fucks Wunder Gurl in several positions, questioning her as to where the weapon is located however she still will not give up its location. The henchman becomes annoyed with his prey and decides to turn up the heat and continue violating her in her bed room!

Part 3: Haven violation

Wunder Gurl awakens standing and restrained; she is weak and grabs her head as she looks around confused. Before her eyes can focus, the henchman grabs her by the throat and demands to know the location of the weapon; Wunder Gurl attempts to fight him off and begins to get the upper hand when he squeezes her throat more tightly, causing her to lose all her strength. The henchman quickly takes the opportunity to wrap her truth lasso around her neck. He moves her to the chair and continues the interrogation.

The henchman grabs Wunder Gurl’s hair and proceeds to fuck her viciously, mocking her as Wunder Gurl moans louder and louder. They switch positions several times until, against her will, Wunder Gurl moans loudly as her body forcibly orgasms. The sheer sound of her orgasm causes the henchman to laugh as he knows he is breaking her. Wunder Gurl attempts to catch her breath however the henchman proceeds to drag her out of the room to finish her off and get the weapon’s location!

Part 4: Give in…

Wunder Gurl is restrained on the couch in her living room; the henchman stands laughing at her and taunting her to her weakened state and know she will give up the information. Wunder Gurl curses the henchman and is defiant until the henchman bites her double D breasts, injecting poison into her system, silencing Wunder Gurl and weakening her even more. He releases her restraints; the henchman wastes no time forcing his hard cock into her pussy and fucking her for several moments until he once again begins a full on assault of Wunder Gurl’s body, forcing her to fuck him in various positions. The fuck until the henchman can no longer stand the sensation and grabs Wunder Gurl’s head as she jerks his cock over her; releasing a loud moan, the henchman sprays stream after stream of hot cum in Wunder Gurl’s mouth and all over her face. He uses his cock to rub the semen on her face as he asks one last time where the weapon is hidden. Wunder Gurl whimpers as she agrees to tell him the weapon’s location…

Primals Custom Videos – Alexa Rydell – Yoga Girl Meditating Mouth Fuck HD (720p/

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Beautiful girl is doing yoga and meditates. She goes very deep into he meditation. A neighbor comes over to ask her if he can take a swim. She is so deeply under that he has to see if he can do what he has always wanted. He fucks her mouth and she reflexively sucks back without over coming out of her meditative trance, even when he fills her mouth with cum.

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Virtual Incest Video – Bettie Bondage – Feminist Girlfriend Anal Fucked and Creampied FullHD (1080p/

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You’ve been taking this Women’s History course to fulfill some diversity gen ed at school. It’s a total bore but there was this really cute tattooed chick that you couldn’t help but chat up the first day of class. You guys ended up hooking up, dating…all that . She’s hot as hell but really uptight, which she says is her way of “fighting the patriarchy,” whatever the fuck that means.
She thinks you agree with her on everything, mostly because when she drones on you just nod and stare at her mouth, imagining what it would be like to fuck her face til she cries. She’d never go for that, but a guy can dream, right?

So she’s over at your place when she finds an old porno magazine you have in a drawer. You know, in case the power goes out and your phone dies. Desperate times, right? Anyways, you walk into
the bedroom and see that she’s flipping through, looking disgusted. No surprise there. She tells you how gross it is, how its exploitative and no woman could possibly like getting ass fucked or facialed. That’s all for the “male gaze.” You ask her what sex acts are for women and she smirks. She admits the magazine got her excited so why don’t you kneel on the edge of the bed and eat her pussy? That’s a real feminist act…

Her uptight, sanctimonious attitude has you riled up, and you can’t help but start to snake your tongue down to her ass. She squirms and asks what you’re doing but you can tell she likes it. You keep tonguing her ass as she moans and pushes herself towards you. You start to work a finger into her ass. She protests mildly but gives in easily as you work a finger deep inside her. You even catch her looking back at the magazine…that’s it. Mission accomplished, she’s done. You push another finger in and tease her ass until she begs you for more…looking surprised at her own desire, she begs you to fuck her ass.

Bettie Bondage – Cheating Mom Caught and Fucked Mom’s My “Someone Special” FullHD (1080p/

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Jul 31

You know your mom cheats on your dad. She’s a total slut. Everyone knows it. Your friends are always teasing you about it, and you can see the way she smirks when she’s texting someone…always when your dad is away on business. You know her “friends” are really boyfriends…and it drives you crazy with jealousy! You wish it was you, getting dirty texts. You wish it was you that she
stole away to the bedroom or the bathroom to talk to, to take dirty pictures for. You’ve looked in her phone before, you’ve seen the pictures: her with two fingers plunged in her pussy, then her tasting herself. Her bent over in front of a mirror…even her with cock in her mouth. So when you decide to come home early from a sleepover and hear some interesting noise from the bedroom, you know this is your chance. You wait outside the door, ready to confront her or her lover. Either its him, and you get him to leave and confront her later, or its her…and then you’ve got her right where you want her. Sure enough, she sneaks out of the bedroom and you’re there waiting. She tries to say its your father, home early from his business trip but you’re not falling for that bullshit. When you tell her what you want – her mouth, wrapped around your already throbbing cock – she is understandably taken aback. She insists that she wont, but you persist. It’s the only thing that’ll prevent you from telling your father. Nothing else. No, she can’t hire a hooker for you – you want her mouth. Your mother. You want your mother, humiliated and on her knees, sucking her son’s cock. Realizing she has no other choice, she drops to her knees and gets to work. You really underestimated what a slut she is! She greedily and sloppily sucks and deep-throats your dick, going to town and…enjoying it? Wow. You didn’t expect her to enjoy it but there she is moaning on your cock, confessing that she loves having two men in under ten minutes. You decide to push the matter, suggesting she take your cock in her undoubtedly sloppy pussy but she says no…before relenting seconds later. What a fucking slut. She bends over and takes you cock, telling you beforehand that she’s a little…messy…from her lover. You can’t believe it, but it turns you on to think of your slutty mother’s pussy filled with cum while she slams her ass back onto your cock. You watch her ride you while she confesses to loving it, loving the cum in her cunt, loving knowing that she’ll get another when she goes back into the bedroom. She gets on her back and begs you to fuck her like that, holding her legs back and humping like a bitch in heat until you fill her dirty hole with her second load of the night…but not the last

Virtual sex Bettie Bondage – Free Use Teacher Sucks Students Multiple Cumshot FullHD (1080p/

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Ever since the Free Use Act of 2017, school has been so much more enjoyable! Now that all women are free to be used whenever and however you (and any man!) chooses, you’ve had a perfect
attendance record. Today marks the first day for your new teacher, Ms. Bond. She’s unmarried and eager to please, completely accepting of her new role in American society. She starts the day by writing her stats (34DD-28-3Cool and her skill set on the board. Your last teacher wasn’t very good at deepthroat so you’re happy to see it listed on the board. You and your friends decide that you need a little morning pick me up and approach her together. She happily takes her jacket off, pulling down her dress to show her big tits (no bra, of course). She immediately reaches for your cocks, already out of your pants and erect. She smiles, telling you how happy she is to be here at your school! You watch her take your cock down her throat, jerking your friends off as she sucks and throat fucks you. She makes each one of you cum, moaning and stroking and worshiping your cocks. A shining example of the perfect modern American woman!

Virtual Incest Bettie Bondage – Best Friend’s Slutty Mom Fucks You FullHD (1080p/

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Jul 24

Your best friend’s mom has been coming onto you for weeks. You don’t want to say anything to him – how fucking embarrassing would that be – but you can tell she wants a deep dicking from your
young cock. Needless to say, you take every chance you can get to be alone with her. Today, you headed to his house to wait for him to get out of tutoring, only to find Mrs. Bond dressed in a
short dress, thigh high stockings and heels. She asks if you could help her put something away in the closet, showing you where she’d like it as she presses against you, her low cut dress giving
you ample view of her equally ample chest. She rubs up against you as she tells you how hard it is without a man in the house… Closing the closet door, she tells you that she needs something
from you. She needs to be fucked. Now. Right here, in the closet. Before anyone gets home and finds you. She begs for your young cock, reaching into your jeans and grabbing at your rock hard
dick, pulling it out and getting on her knees to orally worship your dick, taking you deep and sloppy before turning around, bending over and riding your cock. “God I haven’t had something this
big in months!” she gasps. “Months?” you ask. She confesses that she’s been fucking all her son’s friends…and when she’s done with you, she says…”Well, tell that son of mine he’s next..

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A laid back video, me naked except for nude thigh high stockings. I use my big 8″ cumming toy to fuck my pussy for you, telling you about how much I love to get creampied while I encourage you to stroke for me. I beg you to cum inside of me, using my cumming toy to fill myself and let it drip out while I gape my pretty pink pussy for you. I tell you all about how much I fantasize about being filled and fucked and cummed in while you stroke and cum to me.

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Our parents took my younger brother (who just turned 18) and I along on a trip to Europe with them. To save money my parents had my brother and I share a room together. We had been on vacation now for almost a week. Mom has kept us on a frantic pace sightseeing, so it’s been a busy week.

We had just got back to the hotel after having dinner and my brother went into the bathroom and changed into a pair black sweat pants then sat down on his bed leaning against the headboard to relax. I had sat down on my bed still in my short dress with the low cut front, stockings and heels and decided to see what was on television.