Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Son the Big Game HD mp4 [720p/American / Dirty South/clips4sale/Manyvids/2017]

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Football season is here and My son and I decided to watch the big game here last weekend. He pulled for the other team so I thought it would be fun to “bet” on the game. The rules were simple, everytime my team scored i got what I wanted and everytime his team scored he got what he wanted. He ate my ass and pussy, fucked me doggy and cowgirl and gave me a nice messy creampie. I sucked his cock and got it ready for my wet pussy.

Ashley Masons Play House – Mommy Wants to Borrow the Car HD [720p/American / Dirty South/clips4sale/Manyvids/2017]

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My car was in the shop and I needed a ride to the bar to meet my friends. I asked my son to borrow his car but he said no. I wrecked his car last year at the same spot. I HAD to meet my girlfriends so I decided to “Persuade” my son into letting me borrow his car. I stripped out of my dress, grabbed his cock and sucked him until he blew a massive laod all over my huge tits.

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Son has just become a “man” and has begun to notice Mom’s breasts and ass. Mom now feels like it’s time for her to introduce him to a woman’s body, she would rather it be her than some high school slut, right?? She takes SON into the privacy of her bedroom to show him some things and that quickly progresses into a hot fuck quicky, while she begs to be impregnated by her son’s seed.

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I thought my son needed help with a project for school, turns out he was looking up Sex positions. When I asked him why he needed to know about sex positions he said he wanted to fuck his girlfriend on Valentines day but didn’t know how. Of course, being the giving and understanding Mommy I am, I taught him well. I sucked him, then I had to pee so I took him in the bathroom with me to keep him hard. I let him fuck me reverse cowgirl, eat my butthole and fuck me up the ass until he couldnt take it any longer then he jizzed all over Mommys pretty face.

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There Is No Love Like a Mothers Love

Just like every day, mommy came to check how you day was.Not that good actually, but you don’t feel like talking about it.I can tell something is going on baby, you know you can tell me everything, i will always be on your side,no matter what happened and what you did.You tell her it’s about the girl you like..Mommys’ face changed, she seemed upset,almost jealous.You told her how you asked the girl out on a date,but she laughed at you..Not only that,she told all of her girl friends and they teased you all day in school.Mommy seemed relieved, she was almost smiling.Baby,there is nothing to be sad and upset about,i don’t even know why you need other girls when you have me.You know they could never care for you or love you like i do.Am i not giving you everything you need?What is it that you want,tell me,you know i’ll do everything to make you happy.She moved closer and started kissing your forehead,your face,your lips..You’re my perfect little boy,she said,and those little bitches don’t deserve you anyway.She was rubbing your thighs,and that felt good,you needed that..She was leaning forward,you could see down her sweater,her big round boobs were right in front of you.That got you hard.Mommy noticed,so she sat on you,she was moving her hips,rubbing her self against you.That felt good.She unbuttoned your pants..Let mommy take care of you,she said..She took it in her mouth,her lips felt so good down there.Baby put your hands under mommys’ dress,feel how wet mommy is between her legs.Then she took her panties off.She was breathing fast and moaning as you were sliding in and out of her..She placed your hands on her breasts..We will always be together baby, you don’t need anyone else,she whispered,and you were ready to cum.

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Mommie Diapers Your Erection

So, sweetheart, I’ve been noticing, as has everyone else, that you’ve been getting a lot of hard-ons. I know that you’re really embarrassed, so Mommie sat down and tried to think of something that we could do to help you stop. you have a hard-on right now? Oh god, I can see it! Can Mommie get it out of your pants really quick to have a look? I examine your erection, asking you lots of embarrassing questions about how you jerk off and even playing with you a little. I came up with what I think is a unique solution: diapers! I hope that the crinkling noise will embarrass you out of being hard. I mean, of course you won’t *like* wearing diapers. It’s worth a try, right? I unfold the big, thick diaper and have you lie down on it. However, your diapering turns into a cock massage with babie oil and then a straight up hand job! I tape up your diaper before you cum, but I keep rubbing the front of it to help you settle into your diaper. You start to make a funny face as Mommie rubs it more and more, harder and faster. How long do you think it will take for Mommie to give your diaper a wet, creamy center? Seeing that one diaper isn’t enough to desensitize you from cumming, Mommie decides to double diaper you! Maybe this will help you learn not to have accidents, almost feels like you’re getting hard again. I guess I’d better cancel your plans so that you can just stay home with me today.

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I come into my stepson’s room and catch him jerking off, so I sit on the side of the bed and decide to teach him the proper way to masturbate. Mommy knows best..even when it comes to giving my boy dirty talk, coaxing him to explode and make a big mess that I’ll be sure to clean up myself.

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Mommy Don playtime

Mommy and son have a little secret that daddy doesn’t need to know. Blowjob with cowgirl and taking a pounding from the side of the bed. Mommy just taking care of her little boy

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I miss you so much. You are at college and not coming home til Spring Break. This time apart has taught me that I need you. I need my baby boy in my life. I hope you are not flirting with too many girls. Mommy is all the woman you will ever need and after our special time together over winter break, has solidified in my mind I need you so much. I am making this video for you to watch along with me and follow my sensual instructions on how to touch yourself, as if mommy was right there with you helping you. I bought this special red hot lingerie too. So sit down, relax and follow my instructions honey. I can’t wait for you to be home from college. Mommy needs your touch!

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The Gym Makes Me Horny – Yoga Pants, POV Sex

We all get that endorphin rush from working out and it feels great when we’re done. For Reagan it does something. It makes her HORNY. A class of yoga or spin with lots of other hot women and all the hot guys during weight training. Typically Reagan would come home and pull out one of her fave toys and maker herself cum..but today the step son was home.