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Your dick gets so big when it’s hard. Look at that massive erection! It’s so inflated, with every vein standing out. Is all that cock really for me? Mmm, I want every inch you’ve got.
What if I told you I have a surefire way to make that cock grow even bigger? It’s true! I’ll show you how it’s done. Just stroke yourself while watching my soft, growing breasts. See how they get a little bigger as I massage them? The magic of my swelling tits will cause your cock to swell and inflate as well! Stroke your throbbing, growing cock and watch it expand until you need two hands to jerk it off. Watch it grow even bigger still, until your shaft is big enough to wrap your arms around, and your mushroom head is like an expanding balloon. Bigger, and bigger, and bigger you’ll grow with every stroke, until I urge you to explode your inflated load all over my heaving bosom.

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Custom clip. Last time I promised Tay a blowjob, I left him high and dry, with blue balls! I’m surprised he’s willing to try again. This time, however, I won’t lie about the outcome, no. I’m very honest… this BJ will be his last! The sheer hotness of it will cause his heart to give out. I will literally suck the life out him but, not before he signs everything he owns, everything he’s worth, and his hefty life insurance policy over to me! Would you d1e for the chance to get a blowjob from these luscious puffy lips? Would you give up your life just to feel my warm, wet mouth wrapped around you? Tay would! And he will! Hahaha.

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Needs To Grow Up Daughter

Violet Star is a young girl but her body is all grown up. Her Mommy has walked out on her and her step daddy and so it’s now time for her to take on some of the responsibilities of her Mother. At first the teenage girl thinks she will be cooking and cleaning, but her step father has other plans in mind. He has watched her run around the house showing off her big natural boobs for months. The older she gets the sluttier she dresses, and it’s now time for her to fulfill the responsibilities of the woman of the house. The young girl is shown how to properly please a man with her mouth. Then her panties are removed and her legs are spread. Violet has her tight shaved pussy filled up with her step fathers cock. She secretly loves every moment of being used as a jerk off tool, and is smiling with a face full of cum excited to take care of her step daddy every day from now on.

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I know you like my feet daddy. You even told me they were much prettier than mommies. Maybe if I start to massage you with them we can cut my study time in half? Please papa! I wanna use my feet to make you cum 🙂

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Gina Valentine is a sexy young Latina. She is home alone while her Mom is away and starts going through the new man in the houses belongings. She finds something from her step father’s past. A mold of his cock. The all natural teen finally sees what her Mom finds so attractive about this man. Gina wants the full treatment her Mommy gets. She sucks and fucks his big cock and sucks every drop of cum out of his balls she can get inside of her warm mouth.

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Step-Sis Smokes Step-Bro’s Cock

Kara Faux – I Think Daddy Missed Me SD (PeterNorth/2017)

I Hope Daddy Catches Me

Busted By My Step-Brother – Lyra Law – Brother I Want More And You’re Gonna Give It To Me SD (FamilyHookups/USA/2017)

Brother was a bit hesitant toward my advances so I grabbed his cock and sucked it hard. Brother spun me around and made me sit on his face while he ate my wet pussy. We tumbled into a hot 69 and I came really hard but I needed more.

I straddled Brother and rubbed his hard cock against my clit making us both even hornier. I rode Brother hard and fast, twerking and bouncing my ass until I came even harder. Before long Brother pulled out and creampied my ass cheeks bigtime. I hope he pulled out in time cause that was a small creampie he left!!

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My life just took some very crazy turns even I barely believe. Last week my parents went out of town and Uncle Jay was house sitting. Before he arrived I was snooping in moms room and found her diary. A few pages in and I discovered my Dad was shooting blanks so Uncle Jay knocked my mom up.

I was very upset but also turned on cause I’ve actually been fucking my Brother. When uncle Jay walked in and saw what I was doing he was shocked. After we talked a bit though it became apparent it turned us both on even more.

I took Brothers cock deep in my throat and got him really hard. I rode his cock til I came really hard then Daddy took control. He pounded my tight pussy like never before and exploded all over my bush. I’m so glad I read mommies diary, it’s really opened my thighs.

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I went out partying the other night and when I stumbled in Brother was sleeping on the pullout couch. Something inside me snapped and I was suddenly filled with strange desires. I felt like I couldn’t stop myself as I crawled onto the couch with Brother.

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