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I move in and marry your Dad just for his fat wallet ! He absolutely sucks in bed and his cock isn’t big enough or gets hard enough. He is out of town too! This is the perfect time to drop the big news on you! I’m getting it all!!!!! But if you want me to share my new fortune, you are going to have to please me….in every way I want! That means doing whatever I want to make that young cock cum for dearest step Mommy! ENJOY!

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Your being punished for your bad grades in school. You need the proper punishment and mommy needs a good alpha cock giving my pussy the proper stretching. Yes, I invited the school bully over to the house on this beautiful Saturday morning and your punishment is to watch him fuck mommy and spray his young, hot load deep within mommy’s raw pussy. I heard lots of other mommy’s have had him and now it’s my turn. I am expecting you to be a good boy and clean mommy up after he’s done. All the at school will know about this too!!!! HAHA! I am sure you will clean mommy’s pussy much better than you do in school! And if your grades don’t improve, mommy will be fucking the entire school’s soccer team!!! ENJOY!

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Scene Four: Late for School
They are laying together on their backs. Mom says, “We need to get up. I have to get to work and you need to get to school.” They stagger to the Kitchen. Before long he drops his pants and Mom opens her robe and they fuck on the kitchen table. He cums on Mom’s belly and she tastes he seed. Mom then says, “To Hell with Work, let’s stay home today.”

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Scene Three:
Melanie and Ricky are in bed together asleep, almost nude, under the covers, the Mother is on her back, the Son on his stomach. Ricky wakes up and stares at her for a while and then begins stroking her hair for a while before she wakes up. She wakes up smiles at him and then gets an upset look on her face and tries to get up. He throws the covers off of her and gets on top of her; she tries to weakly push him off and weakly whispers, “I’m sorry, Please.” He takes her hands and gently pins them over her head. He takes the head of his dick and starts masturbating her clit, he does this for a little while, she starts getting turned on. Looking into her eyes, he whispers, “Do you like that? Does that feel good?” She tosses her head back and forth, whimpering. He keeps on and she starts getting turned on. He asks, “Do like that? Do you want me to stop? Tell me if you want to stop?” She whimpers, “No, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” He keeps on until she cums with a loud cry. They stop, stare into each other’s eyes, laugh and have very vigorous sex in the missionary position. They cum together with loud cries, arching their backs in opposite directions and falling into each other’s arms.

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Scene Two: Walking to Bed
Ricky helps his Mother to her feet. The look into each other’s eyes and begin to kiss. They kiss their way down the hallway; her moving backwards, clumsily undressing each other and move to the bedroom. They finish undressing; she gets on the bed on all fours facing outwards, she pulls back and says, “No. I want you to fuck me, I want you to cum in my cunt. Fuck me up my cunt.” She turns around and he slowly enters her. He starts slowly but fairly quickly starts to really hammer her. He says “Is that it Mom? Is that how you like being fucked?” She answers with things like, “Yes, that’s it. That’s how I like being fucked. Fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy’s pussy!” When they cum/simulate cumming together, they cry out simultaneously, “OH GOD!” She collapses forward face down and he collapses on top of her.

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Scene One:
Mother and Son, Melanie and Ricky, enter their house; at night, dressed very nicely, in a very festive mood, very slightly wasted. Melanie says, “That was great! I haven’t had such a good time in forever!” Ricky says, “Hey some things are worth celebrating.” They hug warmly for a moment, the mother tries to pull back and then tries to semi-push him off. She stares into his eyes for a moment, slightly startled and searching with her eyes. She locks eyes on him, takes his face in her hands and they kiss on the lips, she pulls back with a shocked look on her face. They stare at each other, move slowly and gently into each other’s arms and begin kissing, slowly and romantically at first and then passionately. He slams her against the wall, she spreads her legs and grabs his ass and begins pulling him into her while starts to dry hump her. They make out for a little while, making out really hard with arms wrapped around each other. She reaches down, unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker and he pulls off her panties. They have sex against the wall, EVERY time Ricky thrusts up into her she cries, “Oh God!” He bends Mom over the couch and fucks her till they cum and they both collapse onto the couch, breathing very heavily.

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Dear Diary,

After Daddy came in my room that night I was on cloud nine. I spent days waiting for the chance to get him alone again. It finally came Saturday when Mommy went shopping and Daddy was gonna work on the garage. When I walked in he was playing pool all by himself so I asked him to play with me instead. Daddy took the hint and lifted me onto the pool table burying his head between my legs.

Daddy ate my pussy til I came then he lifted me over his head to really get his tongue in. When he put me down I started sucking his cock then he picked me up and slid it in my pussy. Daddy fucked me standing then bent me over his bike and really pounded my tight pussy. Daddy finished me off from behind while I leaned on the table and I felt like I was flying. Sometimes it’s great being a midget, Daddy can really get frisky with me being this small.

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Dear Diary,

The other day I was pretty horny and when I get that way theres only 1 solution, buttsex. I went to Daddys room and got right to business, I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I started riding Daddy and slid his cock in my ass. Daddy started pounding me pretty hard and came in my tight ass quick. I love it when Daddy cums like that.

Xo Olivia

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Dear Diary,

After that first time with Daddy I wanted to do it again but I was soo nervous. Daddy cumming inside me felt really good but I can’t afford to get pregnant. Needless to say I had to find a solution to make us both happy. I was touching myself earlier and when I touched my butt I got the perfect solution, anal sex.

I immediately started stretching my butt and as soon as I was ready I went into Daddys room. We started messing around and then I begged him to cum in my ass. Daddy was thrilled to do it and soon he was pounding away at my tight little ass.

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Dear Diary,

I went back to Daddys in the Summer of my 18th birthday. I knew he had a special bond with my sisters and I never really knew why until then. I found some memoirs and risque photos in my sisters room that really made me understand a lot. Apparently Daddy has been sleeping with my sisters and something made me want to too.