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Scene One: Montage

Ashly is in the kitchen drinking a cup of Orange Juice before School. Daddy is looking at her from the door way. He walks up behind her and begins to rub her shoulders and moves down to her hips. Ashly smiles and looks back but then dad opens her top and pulls her breasts out. He eases down her shorts and panties and slides his cock into her…

The next Morning, Ashly is sleeping in bed and Dad walks in. He tests to see if she is sleeping, lifts up her arms and legs. After no response he pulls down her shorts, lifts up her top and helps himself to his hot daughter.

Ashly comes home from school, she only wants to do her homework. Before she can turn the corner, Daddy stops her, give Ashly a big kiss and fucks her in the hallway. Ashly is now on her way to becoming a Submissive Daughter…

Scene Two: Forceful Kissing

Father and Daughter on the couch. They are struggling and the Father pins the Daughter down with hands over head with one hand and holds her face with the other hand while forcible kissing. Ashly Strongly struggles during this especially throwing her face side to side to avoid his kissing.

He lets go of her face and grabs her between the legs and squeezes/fondles her pussy Trump style. She (speaking for the first time) says, “Daddy please.” He lets go her to yank her shorts down. She takes advantage of this and tries to get away. He grabs her BY THE HAIR and throws her back down on the couch. He holds her down by the throat and unzips his pants. He gets on top of her and slams into her. She lets out a HOWL and eyes eyes bug out. He grabs her by the throat with both hands, she tries to pull his hands away with both of her hands while he screws her. He pants heavily during the time he is actually fucking her. Her eyes continue to bulge like he’s her. He cums and pulls out and says, “…that was so good.” While she curls up in a ball and makes sounds like she’s trying to catch her breath and sob at the same time.

Scene Three: No More Daddy

Ashly is standing quietly in the kitchen wearing her white one piece outfit, crying. Daddy gently tells her to undress. She says, “please daddy…” He repeats this several times until she relents and strips. She stands there for a moment nude when Dad approaches and rubs his hard cock into her…He tells her to spread her legs, when she hesitates, he shout, “SPREAD YOUR LEGS!”

He drops his shorts and screws her from the front and from behind. She cries and begs…He takes her to the couch and fucks her dogie style where he finishes on her tongue and she swallows every drop of Daddy’s love!

Scene Four: Pulled to the Bed

Frustrated with the progress of Ashly, Daddy pulls her to the bed by her hair. She is tossed onto the bed and stripped. Daddy slides his cock into her tight bald pussy and eases in. Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy places his hand on her throat, tells her, “shhhh and how much he loves her…” As he fucks her, he commands her what to say. Ashly begs Daddy to fuck her harder and harder.

He flips her over and bangs her doggie style. Again Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy slams into her from behind. He pulls her head back by her hair and she wants Daddy to finish in her mouth. Dad flips her over one more time and unloads into her mouth. Ashly swallows every drop and promises to be Daddy’s Submissive Slut for now on.

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Uncle And Nieces Poolside Misadventure

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No, I’m not ready to go inside yet. Mom won’t be home for like an hour anyway… No you can’t catch me… Now I’m naked and you can’t stop me silly. Haha look you have a boner, I knew you thought I was hot… But Uncle, I’m already doing it, and I know you don’t really want me to stop….

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I like my sister.. I like her a lot… And sometimes I like to watch her play with herself and I imagine she is playing with my cock instead of her toys… But if there’s one thing I like more than my sister, it’s the internet.. I found a butt plug online that’s infused with extremely rare and powerful pheromones that is supposed to make anyone who uses it completely submissive and open to any suggestion… I can’t wait to try it out…

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My friend recommended a male talent for me to film with, but when I answer my door I discover that it’s my Brother!! I’m really shocked at first and I can’t believe that she would send my own Brother round to film with me. But I really need to get this custom video filmed and I don’t have the time to get anyone else round. The custom video I’m filming is actually a Brother/Sister video too!! I double check with my Brother that he doesn’t mind and after getting over the shock, I decide to go ahead with it. I explain to him what we need to do and we begin filming. I can’t believe that I’m undressing you and when I see your cock for the very first time I can’t believe how big it is. You definitely are my “BIG Brother!” We go ahead and film the custom and I whisper that I can’t believe I’m actually sucking my Brothers cock. I say that we should probably practice before jumping into the rest of the video and I want to see how your cock feels inside of my pussy, so I jump on top of you and you fuck me. We film the rest of the video and you fuck your little sister in different positions including doggie style, before giving me a huge facial! You cum all over your little sisters face and then feed me every drop. Maybe I’ll have to get you to film more videos with me, Brother

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Daddy It’s Been Soo Long I Really Missed Stroking Your Cock

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I’m so glad this semester ended and I’m home with you for a bit. Daddy you know I couldn’t stop thinking about your cock the whole time. I really missed feeling you throb in my hands, can I play with you now Daddy? Ooo thats just what I meant, your throbbing so much in my hands. I just have to savor every minute, you don’t mind me going slow do you daddy? I just want to make up for lost time. Mmmm just what I’ve been missing I can feel you getting closer and closer until you explode in your daughters hands. Thank you Daddy!!!

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Dont Fuck My Little Sister

Blonde hottie Amber Deen gets angry when she finds her ex boyfriend sleeping in her house and gets supper pissed off mad when she realizes he is dating her younger sister. But the thought of her sister getting fucked by him turns her on in a big way. She gets horny as fuck and decides to make him cum from her incredible cock miking abilities.

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Little Schoolgirl Daughter Fuck Revenge On Bf With Dad

I see the girl you’ve been dating doesn’t treat you all that well… what’s up with that? Don’t make me fuck up your relationship – I’m your Daughter, it’s not that bad… let me suck your cock…

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Holly has a test at School….in her Sex-Ed class….and the test is on Handjobs. Holly doesn’t have a boy to practice on…..and if she fails the test, she will have to go to Summer School… she approaches her older Brother, Mark…..and asks him if he will let her practice on him. Mark refuses the inappropriate request from his little Sister, and sends her away. Holly is desperate, however….and she returns to Mark’s bedroom a few minutes later….this time….wearing lingerie!!! Holly begs her older Brother to let he practice on him….as she playfully rubs his crotch through his jeans. Holly uses psycology on her Brother….”Mark….if I fail this test…I’ll have to go to Summer School….which means I’ll be around here all Summer long….you don’t want your Bratty little Sister hanging around all Summer do you???”. Her plan works!!! Mark agrees to let his Sister Practice on him….as long as she promises not to tell their Mom or Dad. Mark pulls off his pants and lets his little Sister start to play with his cock. Holly confesses that she has never done it before….so Mark has to walk his little Sister through the whole process. Once she has successfully given her Brother a hard erection….Holly wants to know about the “White stuff”. Mark assures his Sister that the “White stuff” she is looking for will arrive soon, if she continues to Jerk his cock. To get an even quicker result….Mark tells his little Sister that she can place her ass on his face….and she does!!! Once little Sister’s ass is firmly placed down on older Brother’s face….a big ejaculation soon follows!!! Holly’s eyes light up when she sees the final result of her first Handjob….the White Stuff!!!

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You only turn 18 once, it’s time that mommy gives you the best B day present you could ever get, this is a night you won’t forget, pure taboo role play, 30 min vid has me being the biggest slut yet xoxox Korina

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This was a custom but no names are used, I am watching my own porn and giving my torso a footjob, I am so turned on that I change into a different outfit and I continue to pleasure myself, I catch my stepson spying and make a deal that he wont tell his dad about my naughty vids and I will let him watch me finish, I beg for his cum on my feet and as I am licking them clean my husband walks in catching us