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Sister caught fucking the dog – BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Sister caught fucking the dog - BuniBun FullHD 1080p

I fuck the dog and switch to my brother, not just the dog
You (brother) come home early from hanging out your friends and you hear moaning in the living room. Looks like my sister brought home someone and wasnt expecting me home early. Curiously, I decided to sneak up on her. I make my way near and what I see shocks me. It is my sister fucking the family dog. I stare in disbelief and quickly get my phone to record the situation. After a good minute has passed my sister finally noticed me standing there and starts panicking. She shouting why are you home early. But at that point the thought of getting caught while fucking the dog was too much to handle and you cum on the spot.
Fast forward a little, I’m in my room distraught at what I saw recently. My sister finally comes in my room along with the dog following her closely. She saying I that I may have many questions about what just happened. She is right so she says it just sort of happened. She says a few months ago she was really horny one night and she was trying desperately trying to get off fucking herself while watching porn. The dog was in the room at the time so with her trying to get she must of awoken the dog and not realizing. Next thing she knew was the dog licking her pussy. Startled by the dogs action she froze for a second, but let the dog continue licking her pussy. She instantly got off from the dog eating her out. After her orgasm she noticed the dog had a hard-on. So returning the favor she decided to give the dog a blowjob. Then from that night after things escalated. At one point, she fucked the dog out in the park while she was walking the dog.
After taking a minute to collect myself she then pleads me to not tell anyone. After some thought I have a wicked idea. I say I recorded that little session she just had so if she wants me to not spread it she has to agree to become my bitch too. She agrees reluctantly.
I tell her that I would like to see how dogs breed.
Knowingly she then starts to get on hands and knees and starts to entice the dog to mount her. It doesn’t take long before the dog mounts her. Doggystyle until the dog cums. Satisfied in what you saw, I start to get ready to train you.
I tell her to get on your knees. I take out my hard dick. Blowjob scene. Slapping the tip on you tongue occasionally and slapping face with toy too.
You ask if you’ve been a good girl and I say yes. Then she whispers to me that it wasn’t a safe day today and is certain to got pregnant. She also says teasingly Wonder who the father will be.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:22:04
Size: 436 Mb

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Onlyfans BuniBun – Sneaky fuck with your sister FullHD 1080p

Onlyfans BuniBun - Sneaky fuck with your sister FullHD 1080p

Your visiting family with your wife and your sister somehow crashes a home movie date between you and your wife and cuddles up with you under a blanket as you are all watching a scary movie. You dont want her there as your having a date with your wife but your sister wines and insists and cuddles up anyways.

Blackmail stepmom Titfucking & JOI – BuniBun FullHD 1080p

BuniBun - Blackmail stepmom Titfucking & JOI FullHD 1080p

***Starts out with JOI TO MY TITS only (its not a detailed JOI) and then progresses to tittyfucking which is much longer then the JOI*** ***You can see me reach for the cum ejector thing to get the cum to explode on my tits*** I refer to myself as “Mommy” instead of “stepmom” most of the time*** *** I say things alot like : “Mommy” “Good boy” “Milk your cock” “That fucking cum”*** ***PLOT:*** You see your new stepmom in the kitchen in her robe talking to someone on the phone, the conversation sounds naughty and you hear her telling whoever is on the phone that shes wearing some new sexy lingerie and that she wants them to come over because her husband and stepson (you) are gone all weekend. As she turns around she notices you and is in shock as she wasnt expecting you. She tells the person on the phone she will call them back and hangs up once she notices you. She confronts you and asks why your home when you were supposed to be gone all weekend and tells you nothing is going on with her and the person on the phone. However, she knows youve caught her and she confesses she has been cheating on your father with the next door neighbor. She says if your gunna blackmail her and tell your father that shes cheating that she will tell your father all your dirty secrets….like how you spy on her in the shower and sneak in her room to smell her dirty panties. She tells you to take out your cock and if you dont shes gunna tell your father how much of a pervert you are towards her. She starts telling you to stroke your cock to her tits and eventually she starts fucking you with her tits until you make a big mess all over her big juicy titties. I end the video not acknowledging the blackmail but more showing how much I enjoyed fucking you with my tits

Format: mp4
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Duratio: 00:20:46
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Virtual Sex BuniBun – Mommy Milkers FullHD 1080p

Virtual Sex BuniBun - Mommy Milkers FullHD 1080p

Your mom walks into your room dressed up in a cute skimpy hucow girl outfit, explaining to you that she just got it and wanted your opinion on how it looks on her. She knows youve been feeling a little down lately and knows how much you love hucow girls so she thought it would cheer you up if she suprised you by dressing up as one for you! she doesnt want her special boy feeling down so she does anything to cheer you up! She tells you she knows what will make this outfit even better, so she gets some creamy milk and starts pouring it all over her big milkers and playing with them while teasing you. She gives you a closeup view of her milky tits and tells you to suck on them a little and lick all the cream off while you start stroking your cock to her. She then gets on her knees and starts sucking your cock before she gives you a nice tittyfuck between her soft squishy titties. She cant take it anymore and she wants you to fuck her, you bend her over and fuck her and then she decides to ride you in cowgirl. While shes fucking you she tells you to breed her pussy and cum inside her giving mommy milkers a creampie.

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Mommy Needs A Good Fucking – BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Mommy Needs A Good Fucking - BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Youve been out and you get home and walk into your bedroom and notice your mom dressed up in sexy lingerie laying down all sexy while shes watching tv in your bed. She doesnt notice you at first standing in the doorway but when she see’s you she explains why shes in your room like this. She explains that since your father is always away on buisness trips shes always so turned on and is upset she cant get fucked. She also explains with that and the new ‘medication’ shes been taking has her hormones through the roof and shes been horny as ever lately. She needs to be fucked, and if it cant be her husband then she wants it to be her special son that shes so close with, you are the man of the house after all when your father is gone and because of that your supposed to take care of mommy. She notices your hardon and gets on her knees and starts to suck your cock. She then wants you to eat her out so she gets you on her knees and tells you how to start licking her pussy (no spreading) and to get it nice and wet before you fuck her. She cant take it anymore and tells you she wants to ride that cock of yours. She then gets you to bend her over and fuck her deep and hard and shes so into it that she doesnt even care if you cum inside her and get her pregnant, she wants to be fucked and have a load of cum inside her so bad that she doesnt even care about the consequences. You cum inside mommy and see a huge creampie drip out of her pussy. You both end laying down in bed with mommy telling you how good you were at fucking her, and that you should get some rest while she goes and cleans herself up while she gives you some loving mommy kisses before she washes up.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:29:40
Size: 1100 Mb

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Mommy’s Christmas present for you – BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Mommy's Christmas present for you - BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Hunny its Christmas, it’s time to wake up! Your mom comes in your room in a sexy Christmas outfit and tries to wake you up all sweetly, but you arent waking up. She knows exactly what to do, she crawls under the blankets and starts sucking your cock under the covers until you wake up. She crawls out form under the covers and says she knew that would wake you up. She tells you she wanted to suprise you for Christmas and that she knows how much of a “mommy/son” fetish you have from all that porn she has found on your computer, so she wants to make her special boy happy this Christmas and let you fuck her……but on one condition….you have to cum inside mommy and impregnate her. She gets ontop of you and starts slowly riding you until she starts getting really into it and rides you from behind giving you a nice view of mommys perfect ass bouncing on your cock. You then take her from behind fucking her in doggy (no toy, simulated) and finishing fucking mommy in missionary. She then tells you to cum inside her and that you gave her so much cum that you definatly got her pregnant and tells you merry christmas and how much she loves you

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:23:46
Size: 2138 Mb

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Freaky Taboo Family Christmas – BuniBun FullHD 1080p

Freaky Taboo Family Christmas - BuniBun FullHD 1080p

*** THIS IS STRICTLY BROTHER/DADDY ROLEPLAY*** *** SOLO VID*** *** I SAY “DADDY” Alot in this vid*** *** The handjob+BJ scenes are strictly with “my brother” then actual fucking scenes until end are only with “daddy”*** *** There are a few spanks in the last fuck scene*** *** PLOT:*** Its Christmas and your sister is downstairs peeking at the presents late at night, you catch her off guard as you caught her sneaking around looking at the presents. She notices a present that isnt really wrapped with no tag on it and she thinks its for her and wants to take a look at it. When she pulls its out she sees that its sexy lingerie so it must be for mom. Your sister really likes the outfit and wants to try it on and gets your opinion on it, however you get a raging hard on for her seeing your sister in lingerie and tell her to give you a handjob now or else your gunna tell on her for sneaking around with the presents. Your sister decides to go through with you and jerk you off but its taking too long and shes scared someone will catch you both. To speed things along you tell her to suck you off. She sucks you off and you bust a huge nut in her mouth to the point it spills out and gets all over the outfit shes wearing thats moms. Your father comes downstairs and catches you both and sends you off to your bedroom while keeping your sister downstairs. Your sister thinks shes gunna get punished but your father says he wants to see your sister in the lingerie so she shows it off to him. Dad really likes it on her and as punishment wants to fuck her in it for being a naughty girl. He fucks her in the lingerie thats supposed to be for mom while shes still covered abit in your (brother) cum and gets fucked until shes a good girl and cums. After cumming and being a good girl she wraps the present back up and puts it under the tree for mom.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:39:32
Size: 1477 Mb

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Virtual Sex BuniBun – Quarantine with mommy FullHD 1080p

Virtual Sex BuniBun - Quarantine with mommy FullHD 1080p

You see your mom in the kitchen in her robe and she tells you “Happy birthday!” and that she just finished making you your favorite birthday cake and if you want to sit down with her and have some together. You say yes but before you have some your mom wants to talk to you about something. She tells you she knows its your birthday and that you had plans to go to a house party your friends were throwing for you tonight but with the pandemic and quarantine going on your mom doesnt want you to go and tells you to stay home. She knows your upset about it, but tells you we can make your birthday special at home. She tells you she knows you were looking forward to going to the party because youve been stuck inside for so long because of the pandemic and that at your age you were probably looking to get some sex tonight with the girls at the party and realizes you must be sexually pent up and frustrated since being stuck inside so much. Your mom takes off her robe revealing very exotic and sexy lingerie telling you that you can have whatever you want tonight and that she knows how to be just as slutty as all the girls youd meet at the party. Your mom starts sucking you off until you give her a thick load all over her face.

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Virtual Sex BuniBun – Movie night with mommy FullHD 1080p

Virtual Sex BuniBun - Movie night with mommy FullHD 1080p

Hey hunny are you ready for our special movie night together? Ive really been lookign forward to it, I know ive been so busy lately with work and havent spent alot of time with my special boy. I rented us a movie I thought we would both like so let me get in bed with you and we can cuddle while we watch ok? We watch the movie and I see a sex scene already in the movie, I try to cover your eyes and say dont look but we decide to get over it and watch the movie anyways. Mommy can see your cock getting hard from the sex scene and mommy is getting turned on too. Mommy is curious to see what your cock looks like from under the covers and cant help but suck it….it turns her on so much that she tells you to fuck her until you cum inside mommys pussy.

Format: mp4
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Virtual sex BuniBun – Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret FullHD 1080p

 BuniBun - Mommy's Dirty Little Secret FullHD 1080p

You catch a glimpse of your mom in her bedroom dressed up all sexy and being naughty infront of her laptop. You cant help but look and get a little turned on seeing your mother that way, until she catches you spying on her. She confronts you awkwardly and uncomfortably since seeing her naked asking you werent you supposed to be out the rest of the night with your friends?! while you tell her your plans got cancelled so your staying home instead. She explains to you what she was doing, saying shes being doing some webcam modelling and other things on the side to make some extra cash to send you to college since mommy wants the best for you. As your mom explains everything shes been doing secretly on the side you start to get turned on. Mommy notices you have a hard on for her and she wants to be a good mom and help you take care of that. She tells you to pull it out for her and she starts stroking and sucking your cock making you feel good. She then wants you to fuck her, especially since you caught her camming and she didnt get a chance to finish cumming. You fuck mommy in multiple different positions until you blow your load of cum inside your secret slutty mom.

Format: mp4
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Duration: 00:39:38
Size: 1465 Mb

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