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Daddy has been looking forward to my 18th birthday and now I know why! He spoiled me with an “adult” themed party and presents! I love my daddy because we have a great relationship, we’re comfortable around each other but we’re not a “weird” daddy/daughter. Some weird daddies are turned on by their own 18 year old daughter’s bodies. Like they fantasize licking their daughter’s pussies! And some really do it! Isn’t that gross? My daddy is sweet, he gave me all these adult gifts like lingerie, a vibrator, a pussy pump, and a dildo, and he gave them to me because he likes to see me happy. He doesn’t even mind me trying them all out in front of him and he’s comfortable watching me cum! He gets boners but only because I’m a girl, not because I’m his daughter. It’s fun to tease him though, when I ate cake I rubbed it all over my pussy and teased that if he was blindfolded and put his face close enough to smell my pussy I bet he would think it was cake and lick it! But he’s not a weird daddy so he wouldn’t do that on purpose. I like how he thinks my pussy is cute without being weird about it, so because he’s so comfy, I’m comfy spreading for him and even saying his name when I cum because I’m so thankful for his gifts! My favorite gift was the pussy pump, it was so fun to see my tight little pussy swell up and get all puffy and sensitive, daddy said it was extra pretty and juicy! My favorite part of my party was giving myself my 18 bday spanks! Because daddy puts the vid on Facebook I had to put my panties back on, and I love how much daddy liked watching me spank myself. It was extra fun because after I show daddy my red cheeks and pull my panties back down to show him my pussy all covered in cake and icing again and I wiggle it in his face teasing that he should lick it! I bet he was so tempted to run his tongue up and down his daughter’s little slit and poke it in my tight little hole! Just kidding he’s not a weird daddy, he loved my barely legal body just the right amount hehe

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