A Wedding Gift From Your Step-Daughter - Ellie Skyes FullHD 1080p

It’s my step-dad’s bachelor night and I know his friends have hired a stripper to give them all head for his last night as a single man. However, I plan on being the one to make it his special last night.. My plan is to dress as a stripper and sneak into my step-dad’s bachelor party so I can give him and all his friend’s the best night of their lives! My plan had almost worked perfect too! But, my step-father totally recognized me.. he didn’t stop me though! Right as I was finishing off my step-dad and all of his friends there ended-up being a knock on the door.. It was the REAL stripper.. I quickly rushed out before anyway could say anything! This wasn’t the only special gift I had in mind for my step-dad either.. I plan on giving my step-dad my virginity as a wedding gift! I’m so excited too! I decide to give this gift early because I want my step-dad to be the one to make me a woman. I hear how pleased mom is by step-dad’s cock in the middle of the night and I get so jealous and fantasize about my step-dad being the one to fuck me with his cock. I want step-dad to make me a woman. A perfect wedding gift from your step-daughter!

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