Pocahontas Turns Into a Vampire And Masturbates HD mp4

Lovely Pocahontas is just reading and minding her own business when she starts hearing strange noises amidst the storm that has just begun outside. Suddenly a ghastly creature is headed straight for her, bites her neck and then disappears into the night! Pocahontas groans from the pain and falls onto the floor, clutching her neck. She goes completely limp. Hours later her eyes and mouth shoot open – her eyes a stark blue and her mouth bearing fangs! She licks her lips and seductively moves about the room, lustfully touching herself, stripping her clothes off and proceeding to pleasure herself! She stands up and rubs her pussy until she orgasms several times and finally sprawls out on the floor, licking her fangs and continuing to masturbate!

This is a super hot video, ESPECIALLY because Pocahontas said that this is her first honest-to-god REAL orgasm on camera!

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