Alex Blake, Brad Newman, Tyler Nixon, Vera King – Don`t Say A Word Act III SD mp4

What sort of storylines do you want to see with MMF scenes? And please do tell me if anyone else on this site wants to see MMF? SidewalkEnforcer: thank you. Justkil: Alex is hurt that her suspicions about Tyler being infatuated with his stepmom is true, so she seduces the dad and films it. That’s her whole motive, to film the sex between her and Tyler’s Dad. I was worried it was too obvious when the cellphone recording was literally right in front of Brad’s face. When Tyler comes back home (after blowing up Vera’s unanswered phone), he tells Vera, “Alex slept with Dad.” Vera loses it because he was acting so righteous, and cornered her into a confession that she didn’t want to give. Vera wanted to play both sides (in my mind, she’s the same as Tyler). I had a lot of fun with these characters. Sorry you guys didn’t love it as much as the first two acts. When I step back and look at this scene, I see things I like and things I don’t like. What I like: Brad’s performance. I love how scary he is. If we think about this guy, we probably know somebody like him. He used to be a successful man, valued by his boss, as the years pass, technology advances, but Brad still claims “old school business” is the way to go. His new boss, a young kid not much older than his son, cut his hours, and his job is in jeopardy. He mentions how “embarrassed” he feels, and for a proud man to admit he’s embarrassed, that’s huge. I think he’s looking to find self worth by helping a thankful single mom (Alex’s mom), and because he’s depressed, he’s distancing himself from Vera. I like the intricacies of this guy. It might be fun to make a story about a guy like him in the future. Tyler also did an amazing job, but doesn’t he always? I also loved the lighting in the first scene. The pressure was on to get everything shot during that beautiful golden hour (and you can see, it didn’t happen as the sun set), but it’s still gorgeous. The cons: The amount of swears in the first scene might subconsciously turn you guys off. Did you notice I try to limit the swears in our scenes? I could have spoken up and directed the swears out of this scene, but sometimes I’ll bite my tongue if I want to encourage new-to-us actors. We could have spent more time, more takes during the second portion for Vera’s dialogue, all of you guys know she’s fully capable of giving us a full range of emotions during her acting. Hopefully everyone likes the story overall.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 854 x 480
Duratio: 01:00:11
Size: 1347 Mb

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