Alex Legend, Penny Pax – The Wet T-Shirt Incident HD (720p/studio/51941/

A Mother and Son can only show their true love for each other in secret HD (720p/2017)

Added: 6/2/17

Includes: Penny Pax as your fantasy mother, Alex Legend, accidental boner, creampie

My son has finally graduated college and now he has the job interview of a lifetime. He’s a little bit of a late bloomer, and I have to confess that is my fault. I’m a single mother and I have raised him to always be cautious of my needs, to be sensitive, and attentive. I’m rushing like crazy to drive him to his interview when he comes in with my English Breakfast tea. I smile, it’s just like him to be thinking of me on quite possibly the most important job interview of his lifetime. I take a polite sip of the tea before grabbing my keys and it spills out onto my blouse, making the fine pima cotton stained.
I feel panicked. I can’t drive him to the interview looking like a slob, and I can’t afford to ruin my expensive blouse, I splash water on it. My boy averts his eyes. I look at him and ask him if he thinks it would be very noticeable if I just put a cardigan on over it? We’ve got no time for me to be choosing blouses, we must leave! I then see my son shifting his knee from one side to the other, I glance down and see that he has the biggest boner bulge I have ever seen. We have to forget about my blouse, we have a much bigger problem, my son can not walk into the interview with a raging hard on. He turns around in a hurry; I know what he’s thinking.. but no, we don’t have time for him to stroke his pee-pee. Mommy must show him how I can make it go down, just my wrapping my hand around it, and a couple flicks of my wrist and he will be oozing for me, drained and ready to be his best for the interview. I aggressively take down his pants and start to get to work. It’s not cumming. I look at my son and his face is red. I remember that he sees me as his mother and I need him to think of me as a whore for him to cum. I summon the whore within in me, the wild that got pregnant in the first place, and I am sucking and fucking him while he looks at me in awe. I will drain my little baby boy and he will win that interview.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:24:51
Size: 655 Mb

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