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Alternative Relaxation - Tyler Cruise, Lexi Luna FullHD 1080p 4

Lexi Luna is busy vacuuming when her stepson Tyler Cruise walks in from another room, looking a little bothered. It turns out that Tyler has a big test coming up and is having trouble studying because of all the noise Lexi is making with her chores. Would it be possible for her to stop cleaning for an hour so that he can keep his focus?

Lexi is fully supportive of Tyler’s attitude toward his studies, but she does find that he’s seemed much more stressed of late. He’s such a smart guy- why is he worrying so much about one lousy test? Tyler, however, reminds her that chemistry is his worst subject, so he needs to find SOME kind of way to get his thoughts in order and hone in on the subject matter. And with all the noisy vacuuming she’s doing, he can’t focus on ANYTHING.

Lexi puts a gentle hand on Tyler’s shoulder, soothing him a bit. She agrees, once again, that studying is very important… but there’s something else that’s EQUALLY important in college: having FUN. If anything, Tyler should try to let loose a bit so that he feels relaxed enough to study when the time is right. Maybe all he needs right now is a little break from the books and a little time with his fun-loving stepmom… And Lexi has JUST the thing that’s BOUND to release ALL of Tyler’s pent-up stress…

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