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My Fucking Sister Maxed My Credit Card

So I open my credit card statement and nearly have a coronary. $8000 !! My Sister sees my reaction when I read it and goes all awkward and has guilt written all over her pretty little face.

She fesses up but cannot see a problem. Furious I throw her over my knee and hoist up her skirt to give her a good spank. I don’t care if she is an adult, she deserves it.

The site of her almost bare ass and having her tits rub against my arm is giving me a hard on which she can soon feel. Jenny tells me she can feel my cock and is impressed by how hard and thick it is. She suggests some penance that would be much more fun for both of us.

Soon she has my cock out and her lips around it. She has always looked the part now I know she is talented too. She loves it, I can tell when my fingers slide into a dripping wet cunt.

She wants to ride my cock then fuck her doggy style. Fuck, she is awesome, so tight. Finally I can hold on no longer and she eagerly opens her mouth to shoot my load in. Fucking fantastic! I will have fond memories of this month’s card statement now.

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