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My brother is a virgin. He never had sex with a girl and has no idea how to get in ones panties, like no clue at all! I believe this is because he’s extremely shy and reserved and has no confidence in himself, like at all. He would like to have a girlfriend but is too scared to talk to a girl or even worse, to ask her out and to get things going from there. He’s spending all his time in the house, playing video games or reading and mostly isolating himself from the outside world. I’m a lot more open, socially and sexually, I had my first boyfriend a long time ago, when I was still an adolescent and am also sexually active for a while now. In the mean time I mastered my DeepThroat skills, my current boyfriend nicknamed me “deepthroat queen”, I discovered a lot of fetishes and I also became very open-minded and willing to try different things. This time my brother asked me to help him, he has no idea how sex with a girl should be, he’s used to masturbation, but when you masturbate you don’t have to convince your hand to do it Smile) I was a bit reluctant first, because he’s my brother and we never did such things together, I tried to explain him theoretically what to do, but apparently his virginity turned into a condition for him a long time ago… I don’t lead my life according to the traditional morality, I could say I’m amoral because I don’t like to be constrained by a set of absurd rules. So I decided immediately to offer him a BlowJob, knowing he would be impressed and also it would boost his confidence. He was a little confused and akwarded by my openness but very soon he started to enjoy what was happening to him. I was sure this will happen, and I felt special to be the first one who has sex with him. I wanted to show him my special talents so I DeepThroated his cock repeatedly, he had no idea I could do this and was very impressed. Exactly my intention! By sucking and playing with his cock I became naturally horny and started to think if it would be so wrong for us to actually have sex. I decided that I already took the step by sucking his dick, we were already involved in a sexual activity so going further would not harm anyone. I warned him not to cum inside, because this would be a real problem for myself and encouraged him to put it in and fuck me. I cannot still believe I fucked my own brother! Despite the fact he is a complete beginner he has watched some porn in his life and knew what to do, not that it would not have been quite simple: put it in, move back and forth. I liked it, well to be honest I was really excited by the idea I am fucked by my own brother so I came quickly! Because he had no experience at all we couldn’t fuck a lot, like I wanted to, after giving me an orgasm he went super excited and I rubbed his cock over my boobs until he came. It was a big load, it got also in my hair and completely soaked me, it looked liked he was saving his cum a long time for this moment.

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