Anal Humiliation for Lesbian Homewrecker - Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne FullHD 1080p 6

Anal Humiliation for Lesbian Homewrecker - Roxy Cox, Lenina Crowne FullHD 1080p 7

Roxy has been cheating on her husband and having an affair wih Lenina Crowne her lesbian lover. They are planning to run away together as Roxy has taken her husband’s money and they will be leaving for the airport together soon. Roxy is eagerly waiting for Lenina’s arrival looking out the window of her hotel room, finally she walks in and they both are so happy to be together again.

Hugging and kissing each other, Roxy really missed Lenina and now they want to enjoy themselves and start kissing intimatelystaring each other in the eyes, stripping each other out of their sexy tight dresses. Then they both take turns eating each other out, tasting their delicious juicy pussies with legs spread wide open till they make each other orgasm with pleasure. After that Lenina says she has a suprise for Roxy, she comes back in dressed in stockings and heels and wearing a strap on. She wants to fuck Roxy better than her husband ever could and bends her over the sofa and begins pounding her hard. Roxy moans as Lenina fucks her from behind, stretching her tight pussy collapsing on the couch as she cums and then they hear a knock on the door. Roxy says that must be room service with their food but is shocked to find her husband standing there staring at both of them. Roxy demands to know how he managed to find them, he has ruined their plans toescapse for good and now claims he will turn them into the police. Roxy is furious and he must be bullshitting, there’s no way he would go and do that. The husband now says he wants a blowjob, Roxy laughs and says there’s no way in hell she’s goingnear him again. But he wants Lenina to do it, Roxy is disgusted at his suggestion and can’t believe he would stoop this low to get back at her. The husband wants revenge on the lover Lenina for leading his wife astray, Roxy does not care about herself but Lenina will be named as an accomplice if she does not go along with it. Lenina eventually agrees to do it, to save Roxy from going to prison. Roxy thinks this is a sick idea and Lenina clearly hates it but the husband makes Roxy his wife teach her how to suck dick and they both touch and suck his cock extemely reluctantly getting upset and say enough is enough they did as he asked now just leave them alone. The husband laughs at them saying he’s nowhere near done, now he’s got something else for his wife’s precious lover, he’s going to fuck her and teach her a lesson. They know they can’t refuse or do anything about it, Roxy tells him to go easy on Lenina she’s never had a cock inside her before, the husband puts his cock near her pussy and if he’s going to fuck her there, but then quickly changes his mind and switches to her ass and pushes in. You can see the pained reaction on Lenina’s face and he begins to stretch her asshole and Roxy calls him a bastard for going for her tight ass. He really wants to punish this bitch for wrecking his marraige and knows it will hurt Roxy more having her watch her lover get her ass fucked, stretched and gaped wide open. He continues to fuck Lenina’s ass with Roxy protesting and trying to console her but it’s so big Lenina is struggling to get through this extreme anal punishment, spanking her and using her tight asshole. Splitscreen view during this part so you can see close up POV of anal penetration & Lenina’s face as she’s fucked hard with Roxy visibly upset from watching the whole thing. Roxy begs him to just cum inside her ass and finish already, she can’t bear to watch anymore and he creampies her ass and as he pulls out he spreads her ass cheeks as it gapes open so wide that Lenina is farting out all of that cum, dripping everywhere. As a final punishment he makes Roxy his wife taste his cock much to her dismay.

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