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Angel, a diligent and hardworking professional, finds herself trapped in the relentless grip of her demanding job. She dedicates long hours to her work, sacrificing precious moments of her personal life. Day after day, her boss piles on an increasing number of tasks, leaving Angel with no breathing space or time for herself.

In terms of her attire, Angel often wears a long pencil skirt, a remnant from her past shopping ventures, and ballerinas without heels.

Late one evening, the empty office provided a rare moment of solitude for Angel. However, her attention is unexpectedly drawn to peculiar objects: a stocking and a shoe, both of which lie amidst the scattered items in her boss’s drawer. The presence of these unusual items piques her curiosity, as she has encountered similar objects before and is familiar with their purpose.

In that moment, Angel’s mind ignited with an audacious plan. She recognized the need to break free from the suffocating chokehold of her overwhelming workload once and for all. The found things became a symbol of her newfound determination to take control of her professional life and create a more fulfilling sex life with her Boss.

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