Angel The Dreamgirl

A secretary is shown sitting at her desk typing on her computer while wearing business attire: a black suit with a knee-length skirt and a pair of black high heels. She has bright red lipstick and fine wavy hair. The view is switched to the perspective of another person who is watching her from behind. She doesn’t notice her as she is too focused on her work. She sneaks up to her and taps her on the shoulder.
She turns around, and it is then revealed that this person is actually her boss. She greets him, and he ushers her into his office, saying that he has something to show her. He closes the door behind them and locks it. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shiny pocket watch. The secretary now looks a little confused. He slowly moves closer to her and begins to swing the watch back and forth in front of her face. She is shown following the watch with her eyes, and she is slowly made to fixate on the watch.
A close up of the woman’s face and shoulders, she stops following the clock with her eyes and is now looking straight ahead, with the clock continuing to swing slowly back and forth. Her expression is one of surprise and fixation, her eyes are wide open and her mouth is open, but she slowly begins to relax as she slowly closes her eyes and her mouth contorts into a smile. She is now completely frozen.
The camera lingers on her face for a few seconds before returning to a wide-angle shot of her entire body. She is completely stiff as a statue, and she is in a stance similar to that of a Marine when in the position of standing to attention: her hands are at her sides and her feet are together with her ankles touching. Her facial expression does not change. It then cuts to a shot panning up from her feet to her face while she remains completely still.
The boss starts caressing her body up and down. He walks around her, still in POV, and caresses her ass. He opens one of her eyes for a few seconds to check that she is completely frozen, which is the case. He then starts unzipping his waistband. Cut to a wide angle shot of her entire body. Her boss gets on his knees behind her and starts fucking her between her legs.
This goes on for a few minutes before he gets back to his feet and then lifts their bodies up and places them on his desk (she stays in the same position and doesn’t move an inch). We then cut to a shot from her boss’s perspective as he looks up and down her body. He opens her blazer to expose her breasts. He then begins to slide his penis back and forth between her breasts while the secretary remains frozen. Cut to a wide angle shot of the secretary lying on the desk for a few seconds as her boss continues to fuck her breasts. After a few minutes, he takes his penis from between her breasts and begins to rub his penis all over her face, he pumps his penis faster and faster.
Cut to a close up of the secretary’s face, still frozen, and finally we hear her boss groan as he comes all over her face. A few seconds later, her boss calms down and gets off his secretary and onto the floor. He then lifts her body up from the desk and places her in the middle of the room, skipping the scene for a few seconds where we see the boss wiped the cum off her face. He snaps his fingers and the secretary snaps out of her freeze. She slowly looks around confused, asking what happened, but her boss just wipes it off as if nothing happened. He then tells her to get back to work and she leaves, completely confused as she wonders what happened.

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