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As to not spoil the surprises of this intensely sexy video, I will not describe each scene – but know that each one, you show up naked with that huge donkey dick hanging in between your thighs, teasing the fuck out of your own mommy who never gets any. You know this, you must be doing it to get a rise out of me! Well guess what – you’re right spot on. You’ve gotten a rise out of me and now I’m furious. You’re going to jack off that cock right in front of me while I worship that huge cock. Imagine – your mom doing exactly what you want JUST to get you to stop walking around the house naked!! What a way to get your way… so mom goes a little ham. She wants you to buttfuck her until you nut so she can get this whole situation over with. She doesn’t beg for it, instead she demands it and tells you over and over to come buttfuck her until she’s “talked you into it”. She’s a little relentless, she rides that fucking cock in doggy, encouraging you to pound her with that huge elephant trunk. And you do, pounding a load into her deep.. but you think it’s over? Of course it’s not. In fact, by this time we’re about halfway through the video. The problem is that even after buttfucking me, you STILL show up countless times around the house naked in front of me. Again, teasing and testing me! I punish you again, riding your cum out of those balls and squeezing it back out on your dick. And again, you show up naked in my bed and I’m like, um? But I’m going to get this over with, I’m over you walking around here naked. I jack off that big hard dick and talk filthy and worship that huge donkey dick. And finally it’s over, we call another truce and I wake up yawning and smiling hoping everything is alright with my boy today. Only… you’re…. fucking… naked…

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